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My kids are happy doing it

An incestuous couple do their mom a favor
Then they both shed a couple tears and gave each other a big kiss. That was bar none the most emotional breakfast I think any of us ever had.

“I love you so much sis,” Jack said.

“I love you a lot too bro,” Candy replied.

So my kids were in love, I always noticed that they were close, but this was something different though, they were so much more than just brother and sister. I saw them kiss like lovers who truly loved each other more than anything else on the planet.

“So do you two need some together time right now?” I asked.

“You are not gonna try and watch us are you?” Candy asked.

“No, go ahead and do your thing,” I replied.

“OK thanks mom,” Jack said as he took Candy's hand.

Then they both went into her room to make love. I said I wouldn't watch them do it and I wasn't lying, I didn't even bend that and just listen either. They were in there for about an hour, but I did hear the bed hitting the wall and some moaning as well. Truth be told, it did turn me on a great deal to hear that story, they were getting through it slowly, but it was a nice story. Of course the thing I wondered about most was, could she be pregnant? I mean condoms don't work 100% of the time, so it was possible. I wasn't gonna push the issue one way or the other, but I certainly did hope they would tell me when it happened. As I said they were in there for about an hour, then they came out probably as happy as I ever seen them in my life.

“So how are you two feeling now?” I asked as I was in the living room watching TV.

“Pretty good, can we ask you something?” Candy asked.

Then I paused the TV with the DVR and listened to them.

“Sure, what's on your mind?” I asked.

“Well if this too fast for you, let us know, but would you be OK if started having sex whenever we wanted here?” Candy asked.

“You mean just whenever you are both horny?” I asked.

“Well I guess just whenever, if it's 4:00 in the afternoon on a weekday or whenever, we've just been doing in on the weekends, and that has been not enough honestly. Weeks have been like months, so we wanna know if you'd be OK with it. If we didn't try and hide from you anymore,” Candy replied.

What could I say? I mean they started doing it as they were horny and they kept doing it for months after that, so this was obviously something they both really wanted.

“Sure of course, but I gotta know, are you planning on this getting something serious or what exactly?” I asked.

“Yes, before we were just sneaking around, and now we wanna actually start a relationship that's not just sexual. So I guess we'll let you know,” Jack replied.

“Well then, are you two start sleeping together too?” I asked.

They both just smiled as if I wouldn't like it.

“Would you be OK with that too?” Jack asked.

“Well yes, but just one thing though if you wouldn't mind,” I replied.

Then they both looked at each other for a minute.

“What?” Candy asked.

“I wanna get a really close look at you two,” I replied.

Then they looked at each other once again, they weren't sure what to say to that honestly.

“You wanna watch us have sex?” Jack asked.

“Yes, I wanna see it up close and watch the people I love most make love, you obviously have some really big connection with each other, and I just wanna see it,” I replied.

So they looked at each other once again and gave each other a kiss.

“Fine, we're comfortable with it, we've had sex like over 100 times now, but we can at least do it in my room right?” Candy asked.

“Yes, that’s fine,” I replied.

They both turned to each other again and began making out. Then my pussy got really wet immediately, it was like magic. They both leaned down with him on top of her on the . They wrapped their arms around each other and just made out passionately for a few minutes. It was so damn hot, I was tempted to get naked and join them honestly.

“Well I think we're both turned on, so why don't we move this to the bedroom now?” Candy asked.

“You bet sis,” Jack replied.

Then he got up and put his hand out. Candy took it and we all went to her bedroom. She got on the bed as he stood right in front of her.

“So, do you mind if I blow him first before we make love?” Candy asked.

“Sure, whatever you like to do to really get in the mood,” I replied.

Then they just leaped into 'very comfortable' and she undid his pants. She pulled out his cock and began blowing him.

“Oh yeah sis, make it feel good for me,” Jack said.

I got a very close look at this and my panties were soaked beyond belief. I saw my daughter blowing my son and they were not only enjoying it, but loving it as well, even with an audience that they knew they had. His pants fell to the floor and she began licking his cock. I looked down towards her crotch area and noticed she was wet as well. This wasn't lust, but the love they had for each other. They were truly that comfortable doing it right in front of me like that and I was a little surprised at least. Then Jack took off shirt as well and he was completely naked.

“There is my sexy brother, and she seems to like it,” Candy said.

Then she stood up and took off her shirt. He put his arms behind her and took off her bra. After that he got down on his knees and pulled down her pants and her thong as well. He stood back up and they took a very good look at each other.

“Well this is new sis, we've never done it knowingly having an audience before,” Jack said.

“Well I think we can get through because of how much we love each other and love making love, are you up for it?” Candy asked.

“You bet your sweet ass sis,” Jack replied.

Then she laid down on the bed and he put on a condom.

“You gotta practice safe sex,” I said.

“We do,” Jack replied.

Then he got on top of her and slowly inserted his cock into her. She immediately let out a few moans of great pleasure. They just looked at each other with some very lusty eyes and he began thrusting his cock in and out of her.

“Oh, this is so hot,” I said.

They looked over at me and saw that I had my hand in my panties. I was masturbating like mad and I think everyone in the room was enjoying every second of that as well.

“Why don't you get naked mom? You've seen us, maybe we wanna see you too,” Candy said.

“I can do that for you two,” I replied.

So I began taking off my shirt and pants. I slowly pulled down my soaked panties and took off my bra as well. As I was naked, I leaned up against the wall and continued to masturbate while they made love to each other. They both held each other really close as he was slowly thrusting in and out. They kissed each other numerous times all over each others faces and told each other they loved each other many times. I saw her nice boobs going up against his chest, and that was another hot sight. They began making out as they both closed their eyes. He put his hands right behind her head and she put her hands on his butt. They made out like that for about 5 minutes, then he broke the kiss.

“I love you sis, now I'm gonna put on a great show for mom over here and I'm gonna get rough now,” Jack said.

“What took you so long?” Candy asked.

Then they kissed again and he put a little space between the two of them. He began ramming her really hard and she began screaming loudly.

“Oh fuck yes Jack, jam your cock inside me now, jam it in there and let mom cum everywhere,” Candy screamed.

“I will sis, now take it and I'll make your pussy sore again, I'll get it really sore,” Jack said.

He put his hands under her as he kept thrusting his cock, and the whole time they were maintaining eye contact, they did that fairly well honestly, it was like they almost forgot I was there and they were both in their own little world for a little while. That was when I just couldn't hold it, I began moaning loudly and I exploded all over the floor.

"Mom certainly liked the show," Candy said.

The show was so good, I honestly wanted to stop watching.

“Well, I'm gonna give you two some privacy now,” I said as I grabbed my clothes.

“Wait, where are you going, don't you wanna watch?” Candy asked.

“Well not anymore, you two clearly have something really special here, you two can have sex whenever you want, you can do it in the living room at 5:00 in the afternoon if you want, I won't mind,” I replied.

“You mean 4:00?” Jack asked.

“Yes, and remember if you get pregnant, tell me right away,” I replied.

Honestly I felt like I could start stealing their thunder after awhile, I didn’t wanna do that, so I was gonna let them do their thing, but they had another idea.

“Mom, wait a minute,” Candy said.

“What?” I asked.

Candy got up completely naked, and came over to me. Then she did something I didn't see coming, she kissed me.

“You wanna join us just this once? You wanna have a threesome with son and daughter?” Candy asked.

“You wanna have a threesome with me?” I asked.

“Well we're incestuous, you are a sexy lady, so why not pull you in just this once?” Candy asked.

"How can I say no to that?" I asked.

Then Candy kissed me again and brought me to her bed, luckily she had a queen sized bed, so there was enough room for all three of us. I got on the bed with them laid in the middle. All of the sudden they both started licking and sucking on my nipples a bit. I wasn't sure how or why this was could be happening, but I didn't care, we all were very horny, so I guess that's always a wild card, you never know what could happen exactly.

“So, this is just gonna be once then?” I asked.

“Why, you want more mom?" Jack asked.

“I'll let you know when we're done,” I replied.

Then they both just kept licking and sucking on my nipples. It was probably the best feeling that I ever had in my life, I had my daughter sucking one of my nipples and my son sucking on my other, what could be better? Then Candy's hand went a little south and began finger fucking me a bit as well. I let out moan after moan and my pussy was getting very wet.

“Damn mom, if I didn't know any better I'd say you like having sex with your kids, is that true?” Candy asked.

“I'm getting there sweetheart,” I replied.

Candy kissed me once again and we made out for a couple minutes. This was probably as out there as it got honestly, it was beyond kinky and weird honestly, but I knew all three of us loved it though. Then as we were making out Jack got on top of me and slowly inserted his cock into my pussy. I immediately let out some loud moans.

“Oh fuck yes Jack, it's so big inside my pussy, thrust it for me, will you Jack?” I asked.

“Ask and you shall receive mom,” Jack replied.

He began thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy as those two began making out. Another point I never said to them was this, they were delaying something beyond wonderful: an incestuous threesome by not telling me, now that’s insane.

“But don't make her pussy too sore, she is getting up there a little now,” Candy said.

“Hey, I'm not that old, 49 isn't 79 you know,” I replied.

“She didn't mean anything by it mom,” Jack said as he got really close to me.

He kissed me once as well and I wrapped my arms around him. Then he began getting a little rough with me as well. I already remembered when my pussy was sore from having so much sex with their father. He may have cheated, but he knew what he was doing sexually though. So I thought sex with their father was great, but obviously he didn't think so. When we did do it, it was amazing, it seemed like nothing else mattered, and I just felt the same feeling as I was having sex with my kids right then, simply amazing.

“We love you mom, even if we do move away, we'll still love you, remember that,” Candy said.

“I know that, you are my two favorite loving kids, and I love you too,” I replied.

“We're your only kids though,” Jack said.

“Exactly,” I replied.

Then he leaned his head down a bit and began licking and sucking on my left nipple. It was very kinky to literally see it going on right in front of me. Then Candy began kissing Jack on the cheek a few times and began pinching my other nipple, between the both of them I was feeling very titillated and just wanted more. So I put my hands on his head and made him start sucking on my nipple really hard. I had no choice but to moan really loudly.

“Holy shit you guys are so fucking good,” I said as I moaned a bit.

Then they both kissed me once and Jack began moaning loudly.

“Oh someone is gonna blow,” Candy said.

Then he pulled out, ripped off the condom and came on my stomach. As if there was always gonna be something better happening every couple minutes, I loved that too. My own son just sprayed my stomach and it was another great sight to see.

“Well thank you for that, I appreciate that Jack,” I said.

He laid next me and Candy got down over my pussy. Then my own daughter began eating me out.

“Wow Candy, I had no idea,” I said.

“Anything for my mom or brother,” Candy replied.

She spread out my pussy lips and made me moan really loudly as she began moving her tongue around inside my pussy. I never had my pussy eaten by a woman, but she might have been swaying me to become bi-sexual at least.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yes Candy, stick your tongue inside your mother's pussy as deep as you can,” I said.

She did just that for me as Jack kept licking and sucking on both of nipples a bit. Between both of them, I couldn't hold back for very long, it was like trying to swim when you got 2 big metal balls chained to your legs, you just can't swim for very long. Plus I hadn’t had a lot of sex then, so I just couldn't hold up the way I used to. Then I began moaning really loudly.

“Oh shit, now I'm gonna blow!” I screamed.

Then I came all over Candy's face.

“Wow mom, you are some kind of woman,” Candy said.

"I had no idea that you could eat pussy," I replied.

"Well, enjoy it, I'm not gonna be eating any other pussy," Candy said.

Then they both cuddled with me a bit.

“Thank you both, I appreciated that, probably the best sex I ever had,” I said.

“Your welcome,” They both replied.

That was the first, but not the only time we had a threesome. It seriously was the best sex of my life bar none. I seriously saw that they were passionate about each other. A couple months later she finally told me, she was pregnant. So then Jack proposed to her, they got married about a month later. Now I'm looking forward to being a grandmother, even if it'll be an incestuous baby. I still just wish they told me sooner, but as always better late than never. I guess it just means this: you never know just what your kids are up to at night.

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Posted 05 Mar 2012 02:06
Now my cock is hard..... guess I will have to do something about it
Posted 04 Mar 2012 16:54
i would love to read candy and mom got pregnant
Posted 04 Mar 2012 16:15
great story ! loved it
Posted 04 Mar 2012 09:22
Cant wait to hear when mom gets pregnant.
Posted 04 Mar 2012 09:20
5 STARS+++++
Posted 04 Mar 2012 08:49
Read all three so far, very good indeed

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