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My Lovely Sister: Part V: Caught!

Finally getting careless, the inevitable happens.
Sunday, July 5 th , 2009...

Granted it was still the weekend, but my job had been made extremely easy this day. Mandy had to work a few hours at her job, and my parents had been invited to a local church by a friend of theirs. Afterward, they would go out with their friends to lunch. I had plenty of time. However, I knew I would no longer be satisfied with the used things in Mandy's laundry hamper. I had to search her closet this time.

With my legs shaved clean from my morning shower, I bounded into my sister's bedroom—still naked—and approached her open closet. I looked at the things that were on her hangers; blouses, dresses, various jeans and skirts. For some reason, nothing seemed to be catching my attention. Then suddenly, I found a most curious item. There was a box in the back of Mandy's closet, that seemed to be hidden behind everything. My curiosity peaked, I pulled out the box and placed it on the bed. When I opened it and took a look at its contents, my arousal seemed to spike thousands of levels. It was a black, six-piece lingerie set!

With pre-cum already excreting from my cock, I quickly found the panties and stepped into them. They were satin, which helped me keep my erection, trimmed with lace along the waistline. Next, I stepped into the six-hook garter belt, and slowly worked the thigh high stockings up each leg. These were also trimmed with lace, though they held five inches of it. By this point, I wasn't quite sure I would be able to go on; the stockings made my legs feel so silky, and the panties were soaked through with pre-cum. There was a front-hook corset that fit my slim body perfectly, and a lacy bra to match the panties which I positioned about a centimeter above it.

Seeing the final piece was like striking gold: a pair of black, satin elbow gloves.

I turned, looking at myself in Mandy's full-body mirror. I had soaked so far through the panties, that their black color did nothing to hide the wet spot. Beyond that, the panties were a bit small for me, causing my hard-on to pull them tight to my ass. Unable to stop staring at my own reflection, I grabbed my pantied cock and stroked it hard. I didn't even bother to start slow as I usually did, I was too horny for it.

As I continued to stroke, I moved my feet apart and stood with my legs wide open. With my free, hand, I began caressing my own ass. I slapped it a few times, calling out my sister's name with each slap. Finally, I licked my gloved middle finger until the satin material was nearly dripping, then slipped that hand beneath the panties. Masturbating at an extremely fast pace now, I leaned forward slightly and began sliding my finger into my asshole.

I was so horny that I didn't even hear the footsteps approaching the door. The next thing I knew, there was my sister, standing there looking on in angered disgust, as I began shooting my load into her panties. It quickly soaked through, and became heavy enough to drip onto her carpet.

“You nasty little pervert!” Mandy yelled at me. I wanted to run, to get away from her, but I found myself unable to move. She grabbed my arm as tightly as she could, and pulled me from her room.

“Mandy, wait!” I pleaded, sure that she was going to throw me out the front door. Much to my surprise, she did not. Instead, she threw me into the laundry room.

“Now you listen to me, you freak,” she said with authority. “You're going to wash those, dry them, and fold them. And you are not to come out of this laundry room until you do.” With that, Mandy slammed the door closed.


I had wanted to masturbate again, but I knew if I didn't get the washer started in a timely manner, my sister would know exactly what I was doing. I was in enough trouble as it was. The problem with that was the fact that I was still rock hard when I carried Mandy's clean, folded lingerie set out to her in the living room downstairs.

“How long have you been squirting in my clothes?” Mandy demanded of me. At first I didn't answer. All I could do was stutter. “How long!?”

“A few days!” I quickly answered. “Please, don't tell mom and dad about this. Please!”

Mandy stopped and thought for a moment. Then she approached me, snatched the lingerie set from my hands, and tossed them gently to the couch. She grabbed my hair with a firm grip and pulled hard, tilting my head back, and stood close enough to press her body against my erection.

She moved her lips close to mine, teasing me, but did not give me the satisfaction of a kiss. “Fine. I won't tell,” she whispered. “But my silence comes with a price...”

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Posted 27 Feb 2013 19:07
Finally he is caught but at what price. Got to keep reading to find out. Great series.
Posted 18 Jun 2012 03:22
excellent stories, caught wait for the next part.

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