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My Lovely Sister: Part VI: Being In Service

Still upset with her brother, Mandy finds a punishment for Kyle.
Monday, July 6 th , 2009...

I was still tired, come the following morning. Being so nervous about the price of my sister's silence had kept me awake most of the night. What was even worse that the fact that Mandy hadn't said a word to me all morning. She hadn't even looked at me. Early in the afternoon, Mandy had called her best friend, Danielle, and spoke in the other room, so as to keep me out of the loop. Suddenly, she slapped her cell phone shut, approached me with determination, and grabbed me by the arm.

“Come on,” she said, still walking and now dragging me along.

“Where are we going?” I asked her, but she didn't answer. She simply hauled me to her car, tossed me into the passenger side, and climbed into the driver seat. Again, she said nothing during the whole drive, which was to Danielle's house. I had met her a few times before, and found her quite beautiful herself. She had a slender body with nice curves, and perfectly perky C-size breasts. She came outside to greet Mandy and I, dressed in black slacks, matching open-toe high heels, and a tight, silk, neon-pink blouse. Her bleach-blond hair was split in the middle, and resting upon her breasts, and her lipstick made her sensual lips match the color of her blouse.

“Hello, Kyle,” Danielle said to me with a smile. Like my sister, even Danielle's voice was soft and sweet. “I hear you like wearing girl's clothes?”

“Yes,” I replied quietly, almost mumbling.

“That's 'yes ma'am',” Mandy corrected me, and I corrected myself. Mandy turned to Danielle. “Well, shall we go in?” Danielle then turned back to her front door and led my sister and I inside.

All the windows in the living room were closed, and the blinds and shades were shut up as well. There was a box on the floor, just in front of the couch, with female clothes that I assumed I would be forced to wear.

As soon as the front door was closed, Mandy and Danielle went to work and stripped my clothes from my body. They were rather forceful about it, making it a point to be unpleasant.

Nonetheless, I could not help but get a little aroused. Now standing naked in Danielle's living room, she opened the box and pulled out two small straps. One of them she tied around my waist, the other around the shaft of my cock. She tied it tight enough to secure it, then pulled the other end between my legs and connected it to the back of the strap on my waist. Like this, my dick would remain tucked between my legs.

Danielle then returned to the box and drew from it a pair of white, satin panties. “Put them on,” she ordered, tossing them to me. I nodded and quickly bent over to step into them. “Slowly,” Danielle reminded me, both ankles already in the leg holes. I paused for a moment, then began slowly lifting them into place. They fit me quite snug, especially with my almost erect cock tucked in.

One-by-one, Danielle continued to toss me items, making me put them on slowly. After the panties was a pair of opaque white pantyhose, followed by a white petticoat slip, and a white, lacy cupped bra. Next was a black french maid's dress, complete with a white apron on the skirt, and a pair of black, five inch pumps. Finally, Danielle put a black wig on my head, which hung to my shoulders, was split in the middle, and had bangs that reached my eyebrows.

“Now you're ready,” said Mandy.

“Ready for what?” I asked apprehensively.

“You're going to be our maid today.”


It had simultaneously been the most humiliating day of my life, yet so arousing. Mandy and Danielle continuously teased me with desiring looks, knowing it would arouse me, and near gropes that never happened. Later in the evening, I walked into the living room, carrying a soda can in each hand. I set them on the coffee table in front of the ladies, but did not stand up straight afterward; I was rock hard, and standing up with an erection tucked between my legs would hurt like hell.

“What's the matter?” Danielle asked me. Without saying a word, I looked pleadingly at my sister.

“Don't look at me,” Mandy said. “Answer her.”

“I'm...” I stammered, but couldn't bring myself to say “horny”.

Danielle smiled. She knew what I was trying to say. Slowly she stood to her feet and stepped behind me. She put a hand on my back and firmly bent me forward all the way, until my hands were touching the floor. Suddenly I felt a soft hand, caressing my smooth, pantied ass. My breathing sped ever so slightly as her fingers began moving between my legs, over my g-spot, and onto my hard cock. “My, my,” she said in a sensual tone. “You are horny!”

As if given a command, Mandy headed for the bathroom at those words. She returned with a clean, Poise panty liner in one hand, and a folded handkerchief in the other. She rolled the panty liner backwards and shoved it in my mouth, then tied the handkerchief around my mouth so I couldn't spit it out. Danielle slowly peeled back my pantyhose and panties, pressing her body against mine as she untied the straps on my body. With those removed, she gently guided my dripping erection forward so I could stand straight, then pulled my underclothes back up, snug to my body.

“Do us a favor,” Danielle whispered in my ear, still pressing her body against mine. Of course, now she was slowly grinding her pussy to my ass, while rubbing me between my legs.

“Cum for us,” Mandy whispered in my other ear, holding my hips and slowly grinding her pussy against my hard on. Between their bodies and the satin panties, I found that I didn't have as much stamina as I once thought. As soon as my sister told me to cum, I began squirting my load right into the panties, and probably through them.

“MMM!” I suddenly cried out, and they knew it had happened. However, they kept grinding! I tried to beg them to stop, considering it was too much, but I was still gagged.

“Cum again,” said Danielle, as if making a simple request. “Cum again!” she screamed, almost in ecstasy, as their grinding sped up. I could feel the cum sloshing around in my panties, dripping out into the pantyhose. Suddenly, I was screaming in arousal as I shot a second load.

They finally stopped, but I could already feel my cum slowly sliding down the inside of my leg, nearly reaching my knees. What was most humiliating was the fact that I was to wear those cum stained panties and pantyhose until I went to bed that night, and was not to shower any sooner.

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Posted 27 Feb 2013 19:14
His sister and her girfriend think they have him, but I suspect not. Just keep reading to find out.

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