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My Mother, My Lover

Fill Mommy with your come.
I am still stunned that it happened. Here, I thought I was going to get laid, and all I got was dumped.

"How can women be so cruel?" I asked myself as I was walking up to my house. "I can't believe I got sucked in so easily."

"All she wanted was the free tickets to the concert. As soon as we got there, she took off to be with her friends. What a waste." I said to myself. "Guess it means another night of going home to surf the net and whack off."

I was so totally dejected and depressed that I left the concert before it got started. When I finally walked in the door at home, I wasn't prepared for the sight that awaited me. There was my mother totally naked leaning over the back of the arm chair with Mr Robinson, the next door neighbor's cock stuffed all the way up her hairy cunt. The dirty bastard was grunting, holding on to her hips and fucked her as hard as he could. She was loving it so much that she was actually lifting and squeezing her tit with one hand and fingering her clit with the other. 

I stood there long enough to hear the animal noises she was making as she bucked her wide hips to meet each of his thrusts. The sight of her having raw open sex totally pissed me off. "How could she?" I asked myself. "How could she be giving it away like this when I am so horny that I can't stand it any more? Why can't she look after her own son instead of him."

I was so upset and confused that I had to get out of there. I slammed the door so hard on my way out that I thought I tore it off the hinges. I jumped into my car and drove off. After cruising around for about an hour, I had finally calmed down enough to return home. When I walked back into the house, my mother was sitting on the sofa in her bath robe crying. I instantly became upset again. What right did she have to be upset, I was the one that every one dumped on. It seemed that the whole world was pointing at me and laughing. I felt like such a loser.

"Why are you crying? I mumbled. My mother wouldn't reply.

"What do you have to cry about? It looked to me like you at least got to have a good time tonight." I said again, feeling no compassion what so ever.

"You were getting laid and all I got is another case of blue balls. I am fucking done with women." I said uncaring that I swore in front of my mother.

"What do you mean blue balls, I thought you were going out with that new girl Becky?" my mother asked between sniffles.

"Well, I thought I stood a good chance to get laid myself for taking her to the concert, but she just went and dumped me like they all seem to do." I explained.

"So that's why you were home early and caught me in my compromising position?" my mother said now as her crying subsided.

"What compromising position? You were getting fucked Mom, plain and simple and I saw it all." I replied with bitterness in my voice.

"Oh Chris, I am so sorry you had to see that, I am so ashamed." My mother said with great concern. "It's just that I get so excited some times that I need the closeness. I need the passion."

"You mean you get horny some times don't you." I said in a direct tone.

"So he did he make you come while he was fucking you earlier?" I asked.

"That's no question to ask your mother." she said alarmed.

"Well, did he? I have a right to know, I mean I did see every thing." I replied in a stern demanding voice.

"No" said my mother now realizing that she better answer or I would likely flip out again. "After you left, he was so nervous that he went soft. I even tried my best to get him aroused again, but he wanted nothing more to do with me." Mom said sadly.

"So how did you try to arouse him?" I asked wanting to know what my mothers sexual preferences were.

"You know, stimulated him?" Mother replied in her shyness.

"No damn it. Tell me, what did you do to try and get him hard again."

"OK, OK, don't get upset. I tried sucking his penis." My mother said now opening up more.

"Do you like sucking cocks Mother?" I asked formulating a plan.

"Yes, I do, but I don't think I should be talking to you about this." Mom replied. I moved closer to the sofa where Mom was sitting. From this vantage point I was able to look down the neck line of her loose fitting robe and could see a generous portion of her breasts.

"So you love sucking cocks huh? Well how about having your cunt licked, do you like that too Mom?" I asked

"Yes." Mom whispered as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Her shyness now being pushed aside by her horniness.

"You're still horny aren't you Mom?" I asked. "He left you all horny and unsatisfied didn't he?

"Yes, he did. Yes I am still so very horny." my mother confessed.

"Look Mom." I said unzipping then pulling my raging hard on out of my pants. "See, I am ready to please you, and I sure as hell won't leave you unsatisfied."

"Chris, my god, what are you doing?" my Mother asked not taking her eyes off my cock.

"I am going to make you cum. I am going to make us both cum" I said.

"Open your robe Mom." I demanded. My mother took the strap of the robe in her hands but then hesitated.
"Do it." I demanded again. "You know you want it as bad as I do."

"Here, stand up." I said as I took my Mothers arms and helped her to stand. The motion caused her robe to untie and fall open, revealing her dark bushy patch and ample cleavage. She was naked underneath the garment. I held her back slightly and let my eyes take in the sexy, sultry sight of her dark pubic hair. She quickly tried covering my view by placing her hands over her pubic patch. I grabbed them and forced them apart, pinning them to her sides. The action cause her robe to gape open even more giving me a good look at her extremely hairy cunt..

Don't move your arms." I instructed in a stern voice.

I lifted one hand now and slipped the robe off her right shoulder to completely exposing her breast. I gasped at the sight of her huge brown nipple. I then lifted her heavy breast in my hand and leaned forward to suck it. Mom moaned and held my head to her. Instinctively, I dropped my other hand directly to her pussy. I slid my finger down her hairy pubic bone to her slit. I was shocked at how totally soaked she was. My Mother was so sexually aroused that my finger easily separated her folds of her wet warm center and slid right up into the hot passage. She instinctivly bucked her hips which caused my finger to sink deeper yet into the channel that I had last touched 18 years ago during my birth.

Mom was so sexually charged that she took my wrist in both hands and held it still as she shamelessly started fucking my finger that was buried deep in her cunt. Her grunting and moaning convinced me that she would do any thing I asked of her. I put my hand on the top of her head and pushed her down gently but firmly to her knees.

"What are you doing?" My Mother protested.

"You know what I want. Just do it Mom." I said forcefully. "Too late to turn back now" My Mother now let her excitement over take her as she wrapped her fingers around my aching cock. She timidly stabbed her tongue out at the tip of my cock, teasing me. All the frustrations I had with women over the last several months finally came to a boil. I took her head roughly in my hands and held it as I thrust my hips forward shoving my cock deep into my kneeling mother's mouth.

The first thrust caused her to gag. She then took my hips in her hands to try and control the depth of the penetration. It didn't work, the second thrust was even deeper and she gagged again. Mom now adjusted herself on her knees, changed the angle of penetration slightly and she received the next assault with ease. This time she actually pulled my hips forward till her nose bumped against my belly.

"Holy fuck, my Mother does deep throat." I though to myself. "This is unbelievable.

"Lay down honey, that will make it much easier." My mother said in a low husky voice.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and laid back on the bed. I watch as Mom slipped her robe off her other shoulders leaving her totally naked and open to my gaze. She noticed me staring at her very hair and wet cunt. She smiled then spread her legs so I could clearly see her long protruding inner cunt lips. I gasped at the sexy sight.

"You like that huh?" Mom asked.

"Oh fuck yeah." I said. "I like it so much I want to taste it."

"Oh yes, I was hoping that you would say that. It's been so very long since I have had a man's tongue down there." she said in a low husky voice. Mom got up on the bed facing me, then still on her feet, squatted over my face. My mother looked down at me as I began to lick her juice covered pussy. She actually had to spread her huge tits apart to look down and be able to see my eyes.

"Mmmmmmm yes Chris, lick me, lick my pussy." Mom said between gasps.

I curled my hands up and over her meaty thighs to reach Mom's cunt lips. I separated them to allow me open access to her blood engorged clit.

"Oh gawd." Mom howled the instant my tongue touched her sensitive spot. "Yes, thats it." she hissed. "Now faster, lick me faster Chris. I'm gonna cum. Yes, yes yes ahhhhhhhhhhh."

As she reached her orgasm Mom's ass jerked violently causing her to loose her balance. She landing with enough force on my face to ram my nose directly up her spasming cunt. Mom yelped then reached down, took my head in her hands forcing it even deeper to her slit as she ground her hips back and forth flooding my face with her cum.

"Oh Chris, that was wonderful. Gawd, where did you ever learn to lick pussy like that? Oh baby. I want more." Mom said totally out of breath. With out saying a work, Mom slid down my torso till her still contracting cunt was over my rock hard cock. She reached down between her legs and aimed my cock into her. She was so wet that as she squatted, my cock slipped in like a knife through hot butter.

"I was finally in her. I was finally fucking a woman." I thought to myself. It seemed like I had waited for this moment all my life and it couldn't be with a better person. My mother was a true sex goddess. The sounds she was making as I was fucking her, the little kitten noises, the moans, the deep guttural rumblings that came out of her throat were enough to make me come even with out being deeply sheathed inside her.

Her skills and abilities were some thing I was sure not many possessed. I loved the way that on each upward thrust, my Mom would clench her cunt walls as if not wanting my cock to leave her cunt empty. The feeling was exquisite. Like her cunt was actually trying to milk my cock. I was very close to cuming when Mom finally brought her face to my lips and whispered.

"Come inside me. Cum inside you mommy's cunt." Mom said in a dirty, slutty tone. The dirty way she said those words were enough to cause my cock to spurt.

"There, thats it Chris, fill mommy's cunt with your cum. Mmmmmm." Mom started coming a second time while I pounded her as hard as . As her hips bucked, I could feel my juice flow out of her drenching the both of us. When our spasms subsided, Mom rolled off me and laid her head on my chest and casually began sucking one of my nipples as she held my softening cock. I took one of her tits in my hand and began caressing her. Feeling the weight and mass of her huge mammary.

"There, now didn't I tell you that I would make you come?" I said in an authortative tone.

"Oh baby," said Mom. " That was fantastic. I haven't cum like that in years. How was it for you?"

"Holy shit Mom, you sure know how to fuck." I replied not caring how crude I sounded. I had a suspicion that the dirtier I was to her, the better she like it.

"I think we have started some thing here that is perfect for the both of us." said Mom in a serious voice.

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to get her to totally open up with me.

"Well, we just proved that we are both as horny as the other and need one another." she said matter of factly.

"You mean we both like fucking." I said with out hesitation.

"Say it." I demanded.

"Say what?" my mother replied starting with her shyness once again.

"Look, if we are going to fuck on a regular basis, I intend to be your stud and you will be my slut, and I want my slut to talk as dirty as I do. So say it."

"Yes Chris, your mommy loves to fuck. Mommy loves to fuck her little boy. " she said looking me in the eyes.

I knew now that she and I would do any thing the other desired. So begins our new life.

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Great story. Loved it.More.
Posted 15 Jan 2011 22:41
Yes, tell us more. This was just the beginning. "V=5."
Posted 15 Jan 2011 16:35
great story. enjoyed it.

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