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My Mother's Plaything

Kris describes an evening in the life she leads as her mom's lover -- and very willing submissive.
My lover Sera and I are relaxing together after a satisfying fuck in the dorm room we share. Her strap-on cock rests on the end table, still glistening from a very intense workout.

She smiles winsomely and murmurs, "Hey, Kris... tell me about your mother again."

"What about her?" I play it coy, lifting an eyebrow.

Sera scowls. "You know, girl. The things you guys do together."

"Jesus," I laugh. "You can't get enough of hearing that, can you?" I glance at her breasts, still showing signs of the playful love bites I'd left on them.

Sera flashes me a bad-bitch grin. "It gets me hot." She slowly runs a hand up my thigh in a way that is clearly intended to stoke my passion all over again. It's working, too.

I place a hand upon Sera's, halting her in mid-stroke. "Sure, babe, I'll tell you, but please -- stop doing that, or I'll never finish."

She holds up both hands in surrender, smiling wryly. "Ho-kay... I'll be merciful. For now, at least."

I lean in to kiss her luscious mouth, then whisper, "You can fuck me again when I'm done..."

Sera's eyes seem to penetrate my soul. "Huh. You just let me worry about where and when we fuck." She lies back, cupping her breasts.

I study her thoughtfully. "Remember when I first told you... about me and Mom?"

"Do I ever!" she grins. "I also remember how nervous you were."

I nod. "That's true. I've never told anyone that, you know. I was scared that you might, well, freak out. Maybe even get pissed at me."

Sera laughs. "Not even close. I was so fucking turned on that I couldn't get you naked fast enough." She slips into my arms, and we kiss hungrily. Lost in my passion for her, I reach down to cup my lover's ass, pressing my thigh between hers. She is already wet, ready for action.

But then she pushes me away, a determined look on her pixie-like face. "No, not yet. Tell me about you and your mother... then we play."

I wince. "God, you are brutal." Rolling onto my back, I sigh, "But I always do what you want, don't I? Hell, I might as well be back at home with Mom."

Sera licks her lips. "You love it, though." She reaches out to take the tip of my breast between two fingers. "And you should know better than to talk back to me like that, girlie."

Her fingers pinch my nipple hard, and I gasp, seeing stars. Jesus, I felt that right down to my clit. In fact, it had nearly been enough to make me come. That's why I was so smitten by Sera -- she could play my body like a virtuoso.

I stare at her, unable to speak, hoping that she would give my other nipple the same treatment.

Instead, she rolls onto her back, placing both hands behind her head. "Enough fun and games, babe... it's story time." Her voice is low and seductive, but something in Sera's tone makes it clear that she means to be obeyed. "C'mon, honeypie, let's hear all about your mother. The way things are when you go home."

So I tell her.


I'm sprawled across my bed, idly reading a book of poetry. Rainer Maria Rilke, actually, from his Sonnets to Orpheus: a poem called "Spanish Dancer," that I find almost unbearably erotic. I press my thighs together, drinking in the words.

...she twirls the floating skirts with daring art into a whirlwind of consuming flame...

That's when she walks into my room, wearing a white see-through nightgown. My reading is suddenly forgotten as I see the look in her eyes -- that special look, the one that says Mommy's in the mood for loving.

Slowly I rise to stand before her, heart hammering in my chest, the book falling unnoticed to the floor.

Her eyes burn into mine as she takes my hand, holding it for a moment, her thumbnail lightly scratching against my palm. Then the breath is wrenched from me when, with a sudden hard tug, she pulls me against her body, taking my gasping mouth in a kiss that quickly becomes hot, urgent.

I wrap trembling arms around her waist as she thrusts a probing tongue between my lips, her stiffened nipples pressing against me through the gauzy material of the nightie. Then she breaks away. Her lips, now moist from kissing, curl into a knowing smile.

"Hello, my sexy little angel... how are you?" she says softly, a fire banked deep in her eyes.

"Better... now that you're here, Mommy." I answer shyly.

She draws me to her for another probing kiss, all the while rubbing her full, round breasts against my slighter ones. Her tongue explores my mouth as she reaches down for the hem of my Pixies t-shirt, then pulls the garment up and off, carelessly letting it drop before her mouth claims mine again. I feel her fingers brush my nipples, making them tingle. This erotic spell she casts upon my body never fails to excite me, and I moan into our kiss.

She abruptly pulls away, leaving me tottering on quivering legs as she stands before me: my strong, beautiful mother. Oh, Mommy, I adore you.

"Undress me, Krissy," she demands.

With shaking fingers I slip the straps of the nightie down over her shoulders, baring the creamy orbs of her breasts. She shrugs the garment to the floor and steps from it, leaving her nude but for a pair of black panties that are tied together at her right hip.

I reach for the string to undo the knot, but she stops me with a firm hand on my arm.

"Not yet," she says. "Kiss my nipples first... lick them." As she speaks, she clutches the back of my head and guides my face into the jasmine-scented warmth of her breasts.

There is no need for her to force me to do this, as my mouth is already watering to taste her rosy nipples, yearning for the thrill of feeling them respond as I suckle. Somehow, though, her roughness always makes it better, makes me need her all the more.

I kiss wildly at the soft flesh of her breasts. Then her grip relaxes, and I can now suck a taut nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue in circles around the pink bud before I switch to the other, repeating the process.

Suddenly she pushes me roughly onto the bed. I lie there trembling, wanting her so badly I can taste the very need within me, tart and sharp.

With a knowing smile, she grasps the waistband of my gym shorts and slides them down and off, revealing my jet-black thong, the one she bought for me last month. Then stepping back, she undoes the tie that fastens her panties and peels away the skimpy garment with a single gesture, leaving her body completely bare.

A whimper escapes my lips at the sight of her naked beauty, especially the honey-hued thatch between her thighs that I worship.

Kneeling next to me, she slides her hand inside my thong, seeking my wetness -- and finding it. Though she says nothing, I can tell she is pleased to feel how excited I am.

The tip of her finger slowly slides along the length of my shaved slit. I gasp from her touch, balling my hands into fists, and she slips that finger into my vagina as she climbs on top of me, taking my lips in a crushing kiss.

The weight of my mother's body upon mine is exquisite. I suck at her tongue as it explores my mouth, my body rocking in time to that probing finger as she works it in and out, in and out.

Then I moan in sweet agony as she withdraws from me, delaying my pleasure. She brings the moist finger to my lips.

"Suck it," she commands. I do so, loving the taste.

Rising to her feet, she murmurs, "Good girl," then slowly tugs the thong down my quivering legs, leaving me naked but for my socks.

Slowly, she kneels between my thighs and lightly kisses what she knows is hers, fully aware of how thrilling it is for me when, without warning, she becomes gentle. And when that happens, I wait for the harder, forceful loving that, sure as night follows day, is to come.

A tiny cry escapes me as her lips tenderly brush against my throbbing vulva... and then she suddenly covers it with her mouth as if intending to consume me whole, licking, nibbling and sucking at my bare slit. I buck crazily in response, breath hissing through my clenched teeth, grabbing at the sheets as the sensations that race through me grow in intensity.

In the midst of ecstasy my lips silently form the single syllable: cunt. Outside this bedroom, my mother frowns on me using coarse language, but here and now, the hard sound that names the warm, secret place between my thighs is a poem of purest love. I mouth the word again: cunt. 

Her mouth glides up to the very top of my slit to take the clitoris between her lips, that fleshy key that unlocks the magical place inside where all the best feelings are. I freeze, body taut, all but forgetting to inhale -- then she nibbles gently at the pink pearl.

An searing flash of white fire roars through my frame, and I can feel my back arch in response as an orgasm consumes me whole. "Oh Mommy yes! I'm c-coming!" I scream.

I am lost to my mother. My body is hers to command, and she takes me over a rollercoaster of rapture that seems to wrench me this way and that. Every time the pleasure seems to diminish, a kiss or lick from her loving mouth has me gasping in renewed delight. Finally she raises her head from my sex, licking her red, red lips. Through a blissful haze, I hear Mom laugh lightly at her conquest.

Lying down beside me, she pulls me to her and kisses me roughly, letting me taste myself. My tongue emerges to circle her mouth. Finally she draws away, giving me a very significant smile.

I know that look, know what it means -- and I shiver in anticipation.

"My, my, what a firecracker you are, sweetheart," she purrs. Then her tone shifts, becoming hard. "But I didn't give you permission to come, did I?"

I blush, averting my gaze. She grabs my chin, forcing my face up to hers.

"Don't look away from me," she says, with that quiet, dangerous tone that makes me feel all trembly inside. "You know that you're my plaything. Mommy's love toy, to do with as she sees fit." My heart races as I shakily nod my head. "Say it!" she snaps.

"Yes, Mom," I gasp, voice thick with excitement, "I -- I am your toy..."

"That's right," she says, reaching down to pinch my left nipple. I let out a moan of pain. Or pleasure, it's hard for me to say which.

"Turn over and lie across my lap. Mommy has to punish you now," she murmurs.

I'm already tingling from head to toe, thinking of what is to come as I squirm around to assume the position she wants, stretched across her naked thighs, burying my face in the cool haven of the sheets. I lie submissively, sex throbbing as I ready myself.

"Now, Krissy... Mommy's going to spank your hot little ass," she tells me. "You'll get five smacks for coming without my permission... and five more because it pleases me to see your beautiful bottom turn red."

"Oh no, Mommy! Please -- that's too much!" I sob, not meaning it for a second.

"Silence, girl!" she hisses. "You know your cunt will be dripping when I'm done."

Then she begins.

The feeling of her hand against my bare bottom is incredible, each slap an explosion of pure pleasure. I wail out loud with each stroke, as if I really were in agony. She continues to spank me, taking her time, making every blow count. My nipples are so hard they ache, and I feel my buttocks jiggle with every smack of her hand. I'm clutching the sheets, biting my lip until the spanking is over, trying not to let myself come again.

Finally the last delicious blow is struck -- and I lie there, spread across her lap, sobbing with delight and trying to make it sound more like pain.

"Shhhh, honey," I hear my mother say, and feel her tenderly caress my sore bottom. "What an obedient girl you are," she croons as her hand slips between my slightly parted thighs. She was right, of course -- my cunt is dripping. "Mmm... that's my little love."

I moan and move against her fingers as they explore the folds of my pussy, finding clear evidence of wantonness. My need for release has renewed itself with a vengeance, as if she hadn't just brought me off minutes ago.

But now it's her turn. I can sense what she needs, what she wants. She's now ready for me to bring her off, eager for the forbidden caress of a daughter's mouth.

First, of course, I must ask permission to please her.

"Please, Mommy," I meekly implore, "please, may I have a treat?" I so desperately want to show her my love. The rich scent of her sex thickens the air. It tantalizes me, drives me wild.

She turns me over onto my back and crawls up to kneel above my face. She straddles my head and lowers her pussy to within inches of my lips -- but then she pauses, just out of reach. I cry out in frustration, my mouth watering for her.

"Beg me," is all she says, a stern note in her voice. And I do.

"Oh please," I gasp. "Please let me taste your pussy, Mommy. I'll be such a good girl, I'll do anything you say! Please, Mommy, I adore you... I want to love you so much."

Satisfied, she lowers her cunt to my already open mouth. I press a kiss into her wet heat, thick pubes tickling my nose as my lips part and my tongue emerges to slip inside her.

"That's it, lick my pussy. Oh, yes. Just -- ooh -- like a good girl should," she gasps.

I make love to her flower, rolling my tongue around inside. Then I trail my way up to the clitoris, teasing it with a few light licks, then back down to lap at her cunt once more. She is flowing freely, the creamy fluids coating my lips and chin.

I eat her for a long while, slaking a thirst for her pussy that seems to have no limit. The taste of my mother is ambrosia, the warmth of her sex against my mouth a lover's caress. I wish I had the strength to pleasure her for days on end.

After a few minutes of my oral loving she is about to come, I can feel it. But before that can happen she stops me, then turns around and faces the other way, her apple-round rump right above my mouth.

Her hands reach down to part both cheeks, revealing the cleft of her anus. "Now my asshole," she breathes.

Without hesitation I dive in, licking and kissing at her crack, my tongue gliding up and down between her buttocks.

"Ooohhh... now, p-put your fingers inside me!" she demands.

I reach around her body, my hand blindly seeking, then finding her cunt. I wriggle two digits into her, deep as I can get them to go.

"Fuck me, Krissy!" she moans, her hips already starting to pump against my thrusting hand. I happily oblige.

My tongue presses into the sweet star of her anus in a hopeless attempt to enter the rectum. I can never fully penetrate her – Mom's asshole is too tightly clenched for that -- but she loves the way it feels when I try.

I recall how shocked I was the first time she ordered me to lick her there, even though I had already tasted her pussy and loved it. Of course, my hesitation only made my mother all the more determined to have her way. So she pushed me onto my back and pressed her ass into my face, speading her buttocks to reveal the dark pink jewel that awaited the caress of my tongue.

Needless to say, I quickly came to love rimming her. Something about it seemed so wild, so downright nasty, that it thrilled me more than any of the taboo games we played. I remember thinking about it the next day while with my Women's Studies group, wondering how the other girls would react if I suddenly told them, I licked my mother's asshole last night.

My fingers pump in and out of her pussy, my tongue circles her rosebud, and her body trembles atop mine while I pleasure her two holes until, once more, she is very near to orgasm. But again she withdraws from me, climbing off to kneel by my side.

I picture how I must look at this instant: dazed, lips parted, the whole lower half of my face wet with womanly fluids. I can only hope that the sight pleases her.

Then she bends down to whisper to me, her lips brushing my ear. "I want to fuck your ass now, girl... get up and on your knees."

I quickly assume a kneeling position, presenting my bottom to her. My buttocks are still warm from spanking, and I shiver as she gently strokes them with her long, elegant fingers. They slip in between to tease my anal cleft, and I sigh blissfully as how nice that feels.

But she has other plans for my ass -- and I hold myself stock-still as she carefully mounts me, draping one leg over me to rest her cunt against my crack. I can feel her pubic fur grazing my cheeks, tickling my anus... and wait with bated breath for Mom to fuck me, like she promised.

My face is pressed into the pillow as she begins to move, working her sex into my butt with small strokes that gradually grow larger as she finds a rhythm. I love the weight of her upon me; love the feeling of her hot, wet flesh crushing into my outthrust ass; love the warmth of her thick juices, oozing into my crack, then slowly trickling down my quivering thighs; love the harsh sound of her rasping breath as she takes me.

"I'm fucking you, Krissy," she pants, reaching around my body to stroke my nipples to aching stiffness. "Do you like being fucked by your mother?"

"Yes," I gasp, "yes, Mommy. I love it -- love when you fuck me." It's amazing how potent the word fuck is when you're saying it in the heat of lesbian incest. I savor the taste of it on my lips, stammering, "Fuck me, M-Mommy... ooooh, fuck me harder!"

Instead, her body comes to a rest, and the moist fire of her sex is taken from me. I might be disappointed, if I wasn't aware that she had yet to climax. Instead, my excitement only continues to simmer as I wonder: what game does she want to play now?

"On your back," is all she says. I quickly comply.

My mother towers above me, a vision of strength and beauty. As ever, I'm smitten with adoration by the sight, desperately eager to give her anything, everything she wants.

She caresses my cheek, and a surge of pleasure wafts through me at this token of affection. "I want to try something new, Krissy," she murmurs, transfixing me with her gaze. "All you have to do is lie there."

She moves up to the head of the bed and slowly straddles my head. I raise myself from the pillow, lips parting as I move in to place an open-mouthed kiss upon her cunt. But she stops me, firmly grasping my shoulder.

"No," I hear her say. "Don't move... stay completely still -- that's what I want." I lie back again, detecting the fierce need in her voice. "I'm going to fuck your face, child. If you behave, and let me have my way, perhaps Mommy will give you a special gift."

I lie quietly, heart thudding in my chest. I'm not sure exactly what my mother is about to do to me, only that she doesn't want me to move. But oh, Mommy, if you only knew how hard it is to lie beneath you, gazing up at the glistening pink flesh, nestled within a tuft of brown curls -- breathing deeply of your luscious scent and needing to take you in my mouth, but forbidden to do so...

Then her hot, wet flesh descends onto my face, pressing against my closed lips.

I hear my mother gasp as her hips shift, and she rubs herself languidly along the line of my jaw. The thick essence coats my mouth, moistening my cheeks as she wields her pussy like a paintbrush. Panting with lust, she lowers herself more firmly onto me, working her sex up and down the lower half of my face. Even my nose gets buried in her liquid heat.

A shudder of pleasure runs through her body, sparking a similar reaction in me. She pauses in mid-motion, drawing a slow, trembling breath before her hips begin to pump again.

I open my eyes to gaze up in awe at this goddess of a woman as she rides me, head thrown back, frantically groping at her breasts with one hand. Now she is grinding her cunt into my face, fucking me just like she said -- there really is no other word for it.

Her vagina is so wet that it squishes as she rocks against my mouth, and my nostrils fill with the rich aroma of her sex. The scent intoxicates me, makes my head reel.

I can hear her speak. "Oh, yes, Krissy... let Mommy fuck her precious little mouth... my sweet fuck toy... feel h-how wet my cunt is for you... oh, God yes, my baby lets m-me fuck her so -- so good... oh, yes. Oh. Oh -- my -- f-f-f-fucking GOD--"

And suddenly she starts to convulse and buck atop me, coming all over my face. I'm soaked from it, dripping with the warm wine that flows from her vagina. I can barely breathe, but don't care. I want her here, sitting on my face, using me as an instrument of pleasure, blessing me with her climax.

Her pleasure hits an unimaginable peak, and a choked scream escapes her lips -- then she slowly relaxes on top of me, slumping to one side but still perched upon my face.

"Kiss me," my mother whispers. "Kiss my pussy, angel."

I understand what she needs from me now -- gentle loving, nothing too intense -- so I nestle between her thighs, tenderly kissing her sex. Soft, childish kisses.

My face is suddenly bathed in coolness as she raises herself from me, then bends down to kiss my mouth, humming with delight as she licks the wetness from my lips. She sits up to gaze down upon me, and my heart soars as I take in the pleased expression on her face.

"Well done, my sweet," she purrs, crawling between my spread legs. "You were a good girl, so here is the gift I promised."

She lowers her face to me and takes my cunt into her mouth, pressing her tongue inside. I'd been so occupied in pleasuring her that I had almost forgotten how desperately my own body was crying out for release. But you knew, didn't you, Mommy?

With her wonderful mouth she honors me, gives her daughter the sweet, sweet prize of a mother's love -- and suddenly I'm coming so hard that I actually black out for a few seconds.

When I come to, I'm cradled in her arms. The fever of her violent lust is now broken, and now all is warmth and tenderness between us. My mother, my lover. My mistress.

"I love you, Mommy," I whisper.

She rolls over, drawing me into her embrace. "I love you too, my beautiful child," she sighs, caressing me all over. Her mouth finds mine, and we gently kiss.

We spend the rest of the night cuddled together. Then in the morning, I awaken to the sight of her adoring eyes, gazing into mine. She reaches out to touch the tip of my nose, then we hug one another tightly. No words are needed.

We share a bath, lovingly washing away the evidence of last night's loving from each other's bodies, then pad hand in hand into the kitchen to make breakfast, the two of us still naked.

As we feast on pancakes, eggs and bacon, we chat about the neighbors, my classes, celebrity gossip, and the weird noise that her car makes whenever she takes it on the highway. Except for the fact that neither of us is wearing a stitch of clothing, we could be any average mother and her college-age daughter.

Two hours later, she drives me to the train that will take me back to campus, sixty miles away. We exchange adoring glances and whispered endearments the whole way to the station.

And as she hugs me just before I board the last car on the train, her hand snakes beneath my skirt to quickly touch me between the legs. "Something to remember me by," she smiles.

As the train pulls away from the station, I peer from the window to see her wave at me from the platform. My sex still tingles from that brief touch, and I find myself wishing I'd waited another day before returning to school, already hungry for more of our forbidden games. Leaning back in my seat, I tell myself, Ah well, there's always next weekend.


"Jesus," gasps Sera, her head hitting the pillow next to mine, "you nearly suffocated me, babe!"

"Sorry, c-couldn't help it," I pant. "That... that thing you do to my clit, where you pinch it with your lips... Jesus, it sets me off like a, a fucking volcano!"

Sera rests her chin just above my breasts, hitting me where it counts with those bedroom eyes. "Oh, well... that just shows how much I get into hearing you talk about your mom, sugarbuns. Brings out the nasty girl in me." She licks her lips, now sticky with my essence.

I lazily stretch my limbs. "Mmmmmm... good, 'cause I do loooove that nasty girl."

She studies me thoughtfully for a moment. "And you two still fuck every weekend, huh?"

"Yeah. Well... sort of. I'm still Mom's property, after all -- she fucks me."

Lying back, Sera places both hands behind her head, staring dreamily at the ceiling. "God, I don't know why thinking about that gets me so damn hot." She snickers. "I wouldn't fuck my mother with a dog's cock. 'Course, she's a hoity-toity society cunt."

"Is she good looking, at least?" I query, rolling over to nuzzle the soft hair that grows under Sera's arms, now somewhat moist from her workout between my legs. God, she smells great.

She shrugs. "After about half a million bucks of cosmetic surgery, she looks like a plastic doll to me. Hey, stop tickling!" She shoves me away from her armpit, then glances at the snapshot of Mom propped on my desk. "Your mom is way sexier than mine could ever be... I'd let her do me any old day."

I grin. Time to spring the surprise I've been saving up since this morning...

"You really mean that?" I murmur.

Sera sits up, lifting an eyebrow as she studies me intently. "Well... yeah. Sure. Why d'ya ask?"

I lie back, casually placing a hand over my cunt. "I called Mom this morning, just after class. Told her about you and me."

"Um... so, what did she say?" Sera is trying her best to keep her voice cool and detached, but I'm not fooled -- I can sense her rising interest.

Oh, she wants to meet you," I purr, teasing my slit with a fingertip. "She said, and I quote, 'I want to get to know this little friend of yours. Bring her home with you this weekend'."

Her mouth drops slightly open as she digests this little tidbit of information, then she hesitantly asks, "Um, when you say she wants to 'get to know' me -- you mean...?"

"Come on, Sera." I fire back. "You know exactly what I mean. My mother wants to fuck you."

I wish I had a camera at that moment, to capture the thunderstruck expression on my lover's face. "Ho-lee shit," she whispers. "So... well, what does that involve, exactly?"

"Well, you'll have to leave that take-charge personality of yours behind," I murmur. "In my home, there's only room for one top bitch, and that's Mom. She calls the shots."

Sera muses, then nods. "Okay... sure. Hell, it sounds kinda interesting, being a bottom for a change." She gazes evenly at me. "I might have to be a little... hard on you, after we get back. Can't have you forgetting who's top bitch in our relationship, can we?"

I'm feeling a low throbbing, deep down in my cunt. "Seems fair," I meekly reply.

Sera lies back, staring thoughtfully at the ceiling. "Anything else I should know?"

I edge closer to my lover, already thinking about going down on her again. "Yeah. Whatever clothes you have that make you look the youngest? Pack those. Mom's way into the little-girl look. And, um, speaking of which... you need to shave your pussy."

She sighs. "Yeah, I s'pose that makes sense." Twisting her neck to peer at me, she points at the tuft of hair in her left armpit. "Do I have to lose this, too?"

"Dunno," I shrug. "Guess you can leave it for now. Mom might order you to shave it off, though. And don't even think of telling her no if she does."

"Damn... your mother is one serious dom, huh?"

"Serious as a heart attack, babe."

Sera props herself up on an elbow, facing me. "There's one thing I want to know. How sure were you that -- well, that I'd go along with this little lesbian orgy?"

"Pretty sure," I answer.

She nibbles her lower lip thoughtfully. "Well... what if I'd said no? Told you your mother could go pound sand up her ass?"

I laugh. "Oh, I'd get you to come along somehow. I have to bring you home with me, she said so!"

Her eyes narrow. "You have to?"

"Yeah." With that, I reach for Sera and roll onto my back -- pulling her on top of me, where she belongs. Gazing deep into her eyes, I whisper, "Mommy's orders."

I feel my heart soar when Sera crushes her mouth to mine, giddy with happiness as my lover's hunger rises to envelop me once more.

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Simply excellent.
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Hot story you have written here loved the plot

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