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My Niece Allison (Part I: The Media Room)

I like to think I can control myself but a man can only control so much
An Uncles surprise

I like to think I can control myself but a man can only control so much, can’t he?

My name is Rick. I am 36 years old and still in good muscular shape (not an abercrombie model but I still catch the ladies eyes when I take off my shirt) thanks to a good workout routine.

It was summertime and I realized that I had never taken my kids to the beach. My son is nine and my daughter is twelve and they had been asking to visit the beach for several months now. I decided the week after school let out I would take them.

Being nice, I thought I would invite others to join us. Called around and no one could join us on the short notice I gave them. I then asked my sister-in-law if she would let her kids ride with us since they couldn’t get away that weekend. She agreed and my niece and nephew were existed to be joining us. My niece turned sixteen just a few months ago and my nephew was just a couple years behind her.

The car was package this morning and we were off to the beach. Not just packed with supplies but five people in one car. The trip to the beach was fun, we played the alphabet game (multiple times) on the way there spotting signs with words that started with an A or licenses plates. It certainly helped the time go by.

At the beach I start unpacking the car. I got out the shovels and pales that I had brought along with the folding chair I brought for myself. I had no plans on swimming in the ocean, I just wanted them to have a good time.

The kids shed their clothes and ran to the water. I grab my kindle and find a good spot to relax in my chair. I guess I was so busy unpacking the car I didn’t notice what my niece was wearing. As I looked up from my kindle to check on them I thought to myself, “Wow, who is that with the kids? Holy shit it's my niece!" I thought to myself.

Let me describe my niece Allison to you.... She is about 5’1” and under 100 lbs. She has dark brown hair and eyes with a EMO look going on due to her choice of dark eyeliner. No odd piercing thankfully, her parents wouldn’t allow it! Her breasts are small but a very cute A-Cup or maybe a small B cup. She has a beautiful clear and pale complexion and it would be tough to say whether her angelic face was best asset or her incredible bubble butt.

When I looked up at Allison in her purple bikini I was shocked to see just how much of a woman she had become. Though she was my niece, I felt those lustful feeling and thoughts brewing within me as my cock started to awaken. I tried to concentrate on the book I was reading but could no longer concentrate no matter what I tried.

A few minutes later Allison decided to join me. She gathered the shovel and pales and started creating a sand sculpture. She flashed me a smile as we started to chat. I’m not sure if she was trying to show off or had no idea what she was doing but she was bending over right in front of me and shaking her little ass all around me. She was soo happy to be there and said so multiple times.

I stunk out my camera and took photos of her and the kids. More of her than anyone else trying not to get caught. I then caught a video of her dancing and laughing to some music on the radio. She was beaming with joy. I had never seen her so happy.

On our way home we stopped at a hamburger place and all eat a custom made burger the way we wanted it.

After we returned home and the kids crashed out, I downloaded the photos and videos from my camera. I got several great shots, some blurry ones and a few surprises. I was being very bad and successfully shot photos of Allison in positions I would not want anyone else to see. My favorites were her on her hands and knees, crawling with her ass pointing at me and one with her legs spread wide open. Oh wow! I could see the contours of her young womanhood with her bikini bottom. Definite masturbation material. I was getting so hard reviewing these shots. I locked my office door and took my erection in my hand while reviewing the next photo. Then a video of her dancing came on, it was priceless. It caught her dancing to Jet's Cold Hard Bitch. She jumped and wiggled on the screen, my hand stroked my cock and was ready to explode when she bend straight over at her hips and wiggles her ass at me a bit. My hand was a blur on my cock as that image of her ass helped me shoot rope after rope of hot jizz all over my hand.

"I'm going to Hell" I thought to myself...

I finished copying the files and had to get away from those images. I knew those thoughts were not right but couldn’t help myself.

The next day I took them home and got my usual thank you hugs from my niece but this time she hugged me a little tighter.... or was that just my imagination?

Seeing Allison in a new light

Months later it was late winter when a weather front had came in that day. Allison and my daughter were goofing off in the house since it was too cold for them outside. The weather channel said it wouldn’t get above 40 degrees and the wind was bone chilling. I didn’t blame them for not wanting to go out. I did not want to go out there either.

For hours I could hear them in my daughter’s room giggling, playing music, on the computer and laptop. They spent most of their time on multiple social networks online.

I like to watch movies and football whenever I take time to relax since I have a rather stressful career. We had just moved into our new house in December, just before Christmas. I purchased this house because I fell in love with the media room. It had stadium seating, a great sound system/media center, a huge 70” theater screen, wet bar and I had an theatre style popcorn maker installed. That room was my man cave with some of my favorite movie posters on the wall and other film memorabilia around it.

While I was watching a college game I had DVR’ed Allison came running in the media room. “Uncle Dick, like my shorts??” she said as she entered the room. She thought it was funny to call me that the past few months. I didn’t mind.

She was wearing a pair of my daughter’s shorts that were much too small for her. Allison was about a size 0 or 1. My daughter is 4 years younger than her and smaller.

“Looks like they’ve shrunk! I can see your ass hanging our honey.” I commented.

She giggled and replied, “I’m wearing some of Chloe’s shorts, aren’t they cute on me though??” She said turning around away from me, arching her back and shaking her butt. I immediately started feeling something I knew I shouldn’t be feeling. Not for my 16 year old niece at least.

She left the media room and I exhaled roughly. I thought to myself, “Oh My God, my niece just shook her ass at me.”

Previous to this my niece and I had always be close. While my EX (her aunt) and I started dating she was only maybe one or two years old. She did not like ANY male figures other than her father being near her then, but when I came around everyone was shocked that she would run right up to me and always wanted me to hold her. Around the age of four or five her mother told me that she has said “Uncle Rick is my boyfriend”. Years went by and we remained close despite her aunt and I divorcing.

By the time she became a teenager we bonded more because of she enjoyed my taste in music, she loved my rock playlists. Her parents never thought twice about her sitting next to while listening to my iPhone or iPod with me.

I went back to my game and tried to forget about it.

Its started to get late and I enjoy watching movies late at night. I had the kids all get their bathes while I ordered pizza for us. We all ate standing in the kitchen, washed up. The kids didn't want to join me for a movie so they returned to their rooms to play. I made my way to the media room.

I was in the mood for a comedy so I queued up a new release from Netflix online. I liked sitting at the top of the stadium seats, so I got myself comfortable. As the first movie ended I made my way around the house to check on the kids. My daughter and her friend were past out. My nephew and son were past out as well in his room. Allison was awake still so I invited her to watch the next movie.

Twenty minutes into the movie Allison moved from the front row up to my position on the top row, wrapped in a blanket. “Uncle Dick, can I move up here with you? I don’t like scary movies.” she whispered looking at me with sad puppy dog eyes. I nodded yes.

As she climbed on the couch she opened the blanket around her and I noticed the very tight white tank top she had on and white cotton panties with a batman logo on them. I could tell she was cold too as her nipples were poking through her top. She was re-adjusting the blanket as she sat down laying under my arm and placed her head on my chest. I was wearing some loose pajama bottoms and no shirt. When she laid her head on my chest I felt my manhood awaken and swell a bit.

I just got my second look at my sexy niece. I tried focusing on the movie but then Allison continued to shift her half naked body under her blanket. She moved her arms to my lap and around my thigh and I felt my cock twitch. "Crap!" I thought, did she see it? The more I tried not to think about my niece and her sexy little nubile body, the more I did!

A few seconds later my cock sprang loose. Allison must have seen it move. She moved her head slightly in its direction to look then looked up at me. I must have turned ten shades of red. I felt like the room instantly got twenty degrees warmer!

Allison whispered, “Did it just... I mean what was...” I had to interrupted her. “I’m sorry honey, it has a mind of its own sometimes. You don’t have to cuddle if...” now it was Allison’s turn to interrupt, “No it’s ok, did I do that?”

I whispered in her ear that the sight of her undies combined with her head in my lap had sortof excited me. At this point I was actually so nervous I was shaking a bit.

She smiled at me then I got the shock of my life, she laid her head on my stomach and with her hand she gently stroked my penis through my pajamas. I gasped and she looked up at me with a mischievous grin.

She started lightly rubbing the fabric covering my cock, watching it grow. For the next 20 minutes she kept me hard by gently stroking my cock. She never said a word, just stroked it while watching the movie.

My balls were starting to hurt. I started to stand up but she quickly blocked me and looked at me with a worried look. I whispered, “Honey, if you keep rubbing me I’m going to cum” she smiled and giggled quietly as I continued, “That’s not funny, this isn't right. We shoulldn't be doing this sweetheart." she reached her hand into my pajamas, wrapping her danity hand around my shaft. I gasped and wanted to cum so badly!

Allison’s eyes lit up! “But I want to! I’ve sucked my boyfriend a few times. He likes to watch me swallow his cum!”

With that, I think my cock grew another inch! I could not believe she had gotten away from her parents long enough to be alone with a boyfriend. Later I found out how.

She did not wait for me to say anything. Allison slid my hard cock out of my pajamas (I did not wear any underwear when I wore my pajamas). I used her blanket to block anyone from seeing her in case someone walked in.

It was everything I could do to keep from cumming when I felt those soft 16 year old lips touch my cock for the first time. My heart raced, I was breathing hard and trying not to make a sound and alert the entire house as to what she and I were doing.

Allison sucked on the head a moment, enjoying the large amount of pre-cum she had helped produce while rubbing me. She swirled her tongue around the head then licked down the shaft and back up to the head. Allison slowly repeated her way up and down my shaft before reaching for a handful of my swollen balls. Licking the sack softly and alternating one then the other in and out of her mouth. This was both pleasure and pain. I want, no needed a release. Allison opened her mouth wide and sank down taking about half my 7-inch erection. I put my head back and closed my eyes as they rolled to the back of my head. This was heaven! And I just bought myself an express ticket to hell!

She picked up the pace getting most of my cock in her mouth. I felt the cum rising in my balls, I took a deep breathe. The room felt like it was spinning so I squeezed my eyes shut then dropped the blanket, grabbed the back of Allison’s head and blasted my load in her mouth putting my cock in the back of her throat. She choked and coughed a moment. But I sent stream after stream of my salty seed into her wonderful mouth.

Worried I opened my eyes to scan the room. No one appeared to be stirring in the house. That was a relief!

By the fifth spurt Allison started giggling and cum started dripping from mouth down her chin and on to my stomach. She swallowed quickly once and caught the last few spurts and swallowed again. Allison raised up to me, kissed me passionately, sharing a little of my cum with me, and asked “How was that?”

I was at a loss for words.
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Posted 04 May 2013 10:09
Excellent. Have a cousin that i would love to be with. She is 51 now and we have never had a chance to be alone. We are both devorced.
Maybe this summer. "V=5++++."
Posted 13 Oct 2012 05:40
Nice scenario and quite well described. I'd like to read the next part. But please check the spelling carefully before posting.
Posted 08 Oct 2012 19:14
Ooo I enjoyed this story, a nice build up and written well, it made me wet for sure!
I hope there will be a part two with more of the teasing from the niece..but id like to see uncle give her what a tease deserves!
DM x
Posted 05 Oct 2012 10:52
my,what a lucky uncle ,lucky ,lucky uncle,you are!!!

Posted 04 Oct 2012 11:36
I really enjoy your writing Conroe! xo Morticia
Posted 04 Oct 2012 05:31
alright great story, lets hear more!!
Posted 03 Oct 2012 22:21
Great story ......
Posted 03 Oct 2012 21:15
Nicely built up!
Posted 03 Oct 2012 15:59
I like this. It is hot,hot,hot! Made me hard as a rock!

Posted 03 Oct 2012 15:29
Wow, execellent work on this one. It was very hot and also really well written

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