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My Niece And I Are Lesbian Lovers--Part 1

A married woman falls in love with her 16 year old niece and plans to seduce her.
My Niece And I Are Lesbian Lovers--Part 1

My name is Jennifer, and I just turned thirty-eight last February. I am definitely getting old. Although I am happily married, I recently had the most erotic adventure of my life. My husband, David, played absolutely no part in it.

David and I moved to California from Durham, England, when we were both eighteen. We had no money and came to America to follow our dreams. I wanted to be a famous actress and David wanted to be a famous musician.

He acquired a job in food-service company and I became a waitress in order to make ends meet while we perused our dreams. David now owns the company. Talk about a “rags to riches” success story. Although I never became a famous actress, during my twenties, I was cast in a couple sitcoms (though they never actually made it past the pilots), and appeared in a few commercials and poster ads here and there. My story isn’t quite as a success story, as you can see, but David can’t complain. Okay, so he didn’t become a famous rock star, but he has his own recording studio in the house. He truly cannot complain.

I truly had very much potential to make it in Hollywood. I certainly have the height and looks. Oh how time passes, though. Although I have been recently depressed about my age, I’m pretty sure I still have what it. By “it” I mean sex appeal. It was always rather easy for me to lose the weight, even after my three pregnancies, and I have my speedy metabolism to thank. I am a five-foot-nine brunette with dark-brown eyes, have very firm medium-sized breasts, long, lean, yet muscular legs, and a flat stomach with noticeable abs. I work on this body at least two hours a day every day except Sundays. I look damn good for my age. I guess you could call me a milf.

My sister, Meredith, whom I have not seen in four years, asked me last year if she could send her daughter to stay with us so and finish high school here in California. Meredith has recently divorced and can barely manage to take care of herself, so I agreed as a good sister. I had met my niece, Alice, last time I visited and I knew she was going to be a beautiful young woman, she was such a cute little girl, but oh my, I had no idea just how nice she would fill in.

At sixteen, she is a precocious teen, but still has a little growing to do. She is going to be very tall, for sure. She is already catching up to me. Unlike me, Alice retrieved the more Swedish genes from our family, whereas I have the more Mediterranean look. I could easily pass as an Italian or even a Spaniard. Most of my past family came from Sweden, except for my great grandfather, who came from the Mediterranean areas. We’re not sure exactly from what country, since he grew up an illiterate orphan.

Alice, in the other hand, is light blonde with piercing blue eyes (which I fell in love with at first sight), and the most adorable little button-nose you’ll ever see. She looks much more Swedish than I do. Her lips are naturally pink and perky like a rose petal. She’s a skinny little thing, with long, very lean, yet muscular legs and petite breasts that suggest she is a swimmer. She also has the tiniest little waist you’ll ever see; and her little ass just begs to be spanked. For those big butt lovers, Alice will probably not appeal to you, but her cheeks are so very firm and protrudent, they are perfect for my appetite.

Before Alice, I never considered myself attracted to females, nor did I think I would have cheated on my husband. I simply love David way too much to have even considered being unfaithful, much less mess around with any girls. I am a catty-ass-bitch--always have been--and I pretty much hate all other females. I just don’t care for female company besides my close group of friends. Most women tend to kiss my ass a lot, probably because they wish they were me, but when little Alice arrived at my doorstep, her absolute pulchritude melted and transformed me into a girl lover. I became obsessed with her and became my own version of what I hate--a kiss ass--but I could not help myself. This creature is so pristine of defects, she seems more ethereal than mortal. I want to own her, I want make love to her, and most disturbingly, I want, or I wish I was her.

I love the way she dresses, too--usually sporting bracelets, watches, cute necklaces, and adorable quirky garments. The clothes she wears are very colorful, “punk-ish.” I love, love when she picks out nice skirts or short shorts to show off her scrawny little legs that should be in a fashion magazine, or when she wears belly shirts to show off her lean stomach and belly button piercings. She has a cute little frame that any girl would envy. She is, in fact, the envy of her school. Girls want to be her and the boys want her. Her style is well beyond the norms popular fashion and trends but mostly in the realms of fantasy. She looks like she could be the lead character in a comic book.

Luckily, she thinks I’m cool. She loves hanging out with me, so we became close friends very soon. She tells me all of her deepest secrets, her obsessions, crushes, fantasies, and I tell her of my own--except for the fact that I worship her. I visit her many times a day in her bedroom as she works on homework, or whatever, and distract her from her studies and hobbies. I can’t help it.

I have now tasted her and have become enslaved. Her scent and the taste of her skin is so intoxicatingly addicting. My complete satisfaction depends entirely on her.

The addiction began one sunny day, when I knocked on her door. She didn’t answer, which was unusual, so I opened the door and let myself in. It is my house after all. She was laying face down on her bed, working on something on her laptop and listening to music on a pair of thick headphones. I noticed a few clothes scattered about the floor, a teddy bear on her pillow, CD cases, and most importantly, her amazing physique on the bed, of course. The only garments on her were a very thin reddish thong and a tank top. The backside of the thong was shaped like a heart. How cute.

She was swaying her skinny little legs to the beat of whatever she was listening to and was oblivious to the fact I was standing directly behind her, gawking at the perfect roundness and perkiness of her butt cheeks. They were mostly snow-white and free of tan with mottles of pink on the center areas of each cheek. She had two freckles at the top of her left butt cheek. Her amazing ass was practically exposed to my viewing pleasure. She was clinching her pretty little feet and I wanted to kiss them.

I was going to stand there as long as I could and enjoy the fantastic exhibition. I thought I could frighten her as a joke and considered giving her a little spank. She was my best friend after all, and those are the kinds of things best friends do. However, I was a bit insecure of what she would make of it for the fact that I was twenty-eight years older than her and, most importantly, her aunt. She is practically a quarter my daughter. I wasn’t yet sure if we had become personal enough for something like that to be taken jokingly without sexual innuendo. Of course I wanted to spank her purely because I wanted to spank that little ass, but I did not want her suspect that.

As I walked closer, slowly, looking as far as I could at the middle of her butt, wishing she would budge, and that perhaps her cheeks would wiggle a bit and open up enough for me to take a peek. I imagined myself pressed against her buttocks, feeling the softness of her tender skin against my cheeks, inhaling the luscious odor of her young pheromones secreted by the pores on her ass cheeks, and finally, spreading her ass open like a book. I imagined her little ass hole to be cute , tight, and pink.

I felt a little sick, I must admit, fantasizing about my niece’s ass hole; but as I’ve mentioned before, I was becoming addicted. Fantasizing about Alice was the intoxicating poison. Tasting her would be the antidote. I needed to taste her if I was ever to be satisfied with my life.

In the end, I gave her a pretty good spank. The “spank” resonated through the room walls. She squealed and juddered her body in startle, turning around to me. Her face was priceless. We had a good laugh.

“You crazy bitch!” she cried. “My music was up loud. I didn’t hear a thing. You scared me!” she yelled as she stood up.

“I’m sorry, but you looked so vulnerable. I hope it didn’t hurt too much.”

“It did a little. You beware, now. I’ma get you back. Watch your ass at all times.” She was rubbing it. The front of the thong she was wearing had an aperture in the front in the shape of a heart, exposing skin dangerously close to her pussy realms. I could see the shape of her pussy jutting through the silky texture of her skimpy underwear.

You can spank me whenever you want, I thought.

“Did you leave your hand mark on my ass?” she asked as she turned around showing me her butt. Indeed, my hand print was imprinted on it with a red hue. I laughed.


She kept laughing. “

“My boyfriend is gonna ask about that.” We talked for a while as we usually did. She told me she was going to take a life drawing class which consists of drawing people in the nude. Apparently she needed permission from me because she was only sixteen. She said that I should take the class with her, that it would be fun. I would take advantage of any situation to spend more time with Alice, so I gladly accepted the invitation.

The next day, as usual, I went up to visit her. This time, she wasn’t there. I took the opportunity to snoop around. I felt like such a perv, but for Alice, I really was the biggest perv. I noticed the thong she had been wearing the day before on the floor. Of course I picked it up and shoved my nose into its silky texture. I inhaled the aroma and sighed with my eyes close. Alice’s scent was in my hands. The thong was an extra-extra small. It made me feel fat. I was a medium size, which is great for somebody my age, but that was some tiny little thong in my hand. I gave it a few more whiffs. It smelled so good. There was a light-brown pubic hair on the crotch area of the thong. I now knew the color of her bush. The pube was short, which suggested that she kept it trimmed. On her dresser, I found a condom wrapper, proof that her boyfriend had been sneaking in at night. Eventually, I left her bedroom, leaving the thong back on the floor the way I had found it.

We began the drawing class the month after. On our first few drawing classes, we drew some females and one male who happened to be very unattractive and chubby. As we drew, we poked fun at the diminutive size of the poor fellow. It was a bit of a bummer that we could not enjoy the view of a more attractive male. However, the next day, a gorgeous black man entered the class room and unrobed. He had the body of a mythological god. He should have been called “The God Of Cock” for obvious reasons.

“Damn, look at that thing,” she whispered to me.

I couldn’t help but giggle a little. I turned to her and noticed her mouth was slightly open in awe. It was adorable. She didn’t even know she was doing it, but her jaw was certainly dropped in amazement. I placed my hand under her chin and shut it to prevent her from drooling.

“Wow there, drooly.”

She turned to me and punched my shoulder. “Shut the fuck up!” she whisper yelled in a laugh. It was the kind of punch I used to give boys when I was flirting.

The massive man stood in a sort of pedestal and posed like a man should. He stood well above six feet, and his biceps, triceps, pectorals and abdominals were enthrallingly protuberant. He had a full sleeve on his left arm and some more tattoos on his chest and back. As if his massive, ornamented, muscular body wasn’t intimidating enough, his head was shaven, giving him that extra oomph to his rugged sex appeal. His dick had a massive vein running across from his foreskin all and across the shaft, which connected to more veins on his lower abdomen. I have to admit, the sight was making me excitedly hot.

Alice was also noticing these things as her stare showed. I noticed she made quick eye contact with him. She was a beautiful girl, of course he would try and eye-fuck her. Alice is a very confident girl, but I could tell that this man gave her the chills and intimidated her. He checked me out, too, but I was more interested in Alice’s actions than his.

I began to draw the man’s figure, although I am a horrible artist. Alice, in the other hand, is actually a pretty decent one, but when I peeked at her work, I noticed she had only been drawing the penis. Thing was, she had drawn it fully erect. She looked at me and smiled.

“Watch this,” she whispered.

She looked at his face, waiting for his eye contact, and when he did look at her, she flashed him the drawing. His face expressed shock but he gave her a sensual smirk and then returned to his professional poise. Alice then looked at me and smiled mischievously.

“He’s so hot!” she whispered at me as she nudged me with her elbow.

After the class, we exited and walked to the parking lot. The black man was standing by a permit machine.

“Oh my god, that’s him! He wants my sack.”

“Oh, really?”

“Hell yeah! He was eye fucking me all through class.”

“That is so true,” I agreed.

“I’ma get his number,” she said. “Hold on,” she added.

She walked up to him. Her head was barely the height of his pectorals. I wondered how in the hell she would be able to handle such a man. I could see they were exchanging numbers. What a bold little girl. She walked back to me in a modeling style, swaying her hips back and forth rhythmically and sensually. Unfortunately, it was all for him and not for me. She had a naughty smirk on her face, signaling to me that she had obtained his digits.

We kept walking to my car.

“I’m gonna fuck him,” she said.

“Oh my god, Alice! How old is he?” I asked.

“I dunno. I don’t care. He’s fuckin’ hot!.”

“What about… your boyfriend, whatever his name is?!”

“I’m not gonna tell him. Justin’s an idiot. He won’t find out. I cheat on him all the time.”

I actually already knew this from her stories. I don’t know why I even asked. “But he’s freakin huge! You’re so tiny.”

“So? I definitely want to try. If It hurts than whatever. Guess that’s what I get for being a slut.”

“What did you tell him, anyway?”

“I asked him If he liked my drawing and he said it was very accurate. Then I told him I wanted a closer look so I could get the details right, so he said that I should get a feel of it, too, and make a life size drawing. Then he gave me his number.”

“Alice, you are one naughty little bitch. You need a whoopin.”

“Don’t be my mother, aunt Jenny! I’m taking advantage of having a cool as hell aunt. I want to have fun.”

“I’m not saying don’t do it, but you definitely deserve a spanking.”

“Oh, my mom would spank the shit outta me if she found out. She thinks I’m her little sweet Alice like from Alice in Wonderland... like all I do is sing to the flowers or something. I prefer fucking boys.” She giggled.

“Wow,” I said.

Later that evening after dinner, I met her in her room. “Auntie, you need to get out. Come to a party with me tonight. I’m taking Marcus. You really should come,” she said.

“Who the hell is Marcus!?” I asked.

“The big black guy from art class.”

“Oh.” I laughed. “Uh, I don’t know about that. What am I gonna do at a high school party? I’m a married woman with children, Alice.”

“Oh, yeah huh? It’s actually a college party.” She laughed. “Sometimes I forget that your a married mom. You’re a hot mom, Auntie. I wish you were single. You’re such an awesome friend. We could have so much fun together. I bet you would get all the boys. Boys my age drool for older women. Maybe you should just come and pretend you're single. You look really young, anyway. You could probably pass as a college student. There’s nothing wrong with that if you don’t actually do it.” She giggled. “Tell uncle David you want to keep an eye on me or something.”

As much as I knew it was inappropriate, I just had to go on an adventure with Alice. I was willing to lose it all for this girl.

Later that night, I drove to the house where the party was being held. It was filled with maybe one hundred college students in their early twenties. “How do you know all these people?” I asked.

“I don’t. I only know Ashly. She invited me. She’s friends with the guy who’s throwing the party.”

Ashly is Alice’s other best friend. She’s also sixteen and attends the same school as Alice. I guess you can say I am jealous of Ashly. She is a very attractive young girl, the perfect but inferior compliment for Alice.

As we walked through the house, I could feel eyes on us, mostly boys, probably taking our clothes off in their imaginations. I was nervous. I hand’t felt this terrified in a long time.

Ashly greeted us in the living room.

“Marcus is gonna be here in a little bit. You should talk to a boy or something.”

I know Alice was suggesting I only make small talk and just hang out and meet people, but deep down, I knew Alice would not talk if I did happen to do something terrible. In fact, I had a feeling she wanted me to.

Boys after boys were coming up to me, making terrible one liners, some of them better than others, until one actually catch my attention. He was tall, cute, twenty one, and very polite. There was actually intelligence radiating from his personality. I felt he would be an appropriate person to talk to.

Ashly and Alice disappeared as I talked with this strange boy. An hour passed, and, Ben, my new college friend, was on the edge of the ice breaking small talk. It was a matter of minutes before he made his move. No matter how polite and classy a boy this age may seem, in the end, they all want sex.

Indeed, he made his move. He told me I was beautiful and kissed me, sinking is tongue deep into my mouth. There was absolutely no soul in that house who knew who I was, so I was safe there to do what I wanted. I was officially cheating on my husband. The feeling was thrilling and to die for. The guilt building up in my stomach quickly turned into passionate lust as we walked out to the patio and hid behind a little tree next to a wall. It was private and good for a quickie. I had been drinking a bit so my judgment was not at its peak.

Ben was kissing me sloppy, swirling his tongue and practically fucking my mouth. His drool was streaming into my mouth. He was drunk and quickly losing control of his actions, becoming sloppy. It definitely was getting raunchy. His hands were all over my tits, as he sank them underneath my bra and pinched my nipples. I moaned a little and bit his lip enough to wound it. I could taste his blood. He liked it. I could tell by the way he grabbed my ass that he was as horny as they get. He then sank his fingers into my midriff and caressed my torso up and down, eventually unbuckling my jeans. Afterwards, his hand met mine and he took advantage to lead my fingers onto his crotch. I had already gone that far so I figured rubbing it would’t make it that much worse.

I was becoming very excited. I could feel my juices oozing out my cunt and drenching my panties. Images of cock began polluting my thoughts. I thought, “Why not?” Putting a dick in my mouth is nothing compared to actual penetration. I had already cheated, why not just do it right? Fucking him then became more of a possibility.

“Fuck it!” I thought. I unbuttoned his jeans and shoved my hand in his briefs. His dick was long and stiff. I held it in my hand and jerked it slowly, gripping his shaft firmly and pulling his foreskin as far down as it could go, and exposing his head entirely. I then squeezed some pre-cum out of his dick, tapped the tip with my finger and licked the cum off.

“Yummy. You like that, baby?”

“Fuck yeah!” he responded.

“Mmm…” I hummed. You taste good, Ben. I want some more of that. I want a lot more of that. Do you think you could give me a big load of that later, baby?”

“Yeah,” he groaned.

I knelt down and began sucking him. I did so for about twenty minutes until his pre-cum was looking like soapy lather around my mouth. It was bubbling around my lips as his shaft slid in and out if my mouth rapidly. My saliva was oozing down my mouth, stringing down my chin and onto the floor. That’s how hard I was sucking his dick. It was definitely a hot mess. He began thrusting it harder and harder until I felt his head hit the back of my throat. My eyes filled with tears as I gagged. He the shoved it all the way in until his entire dick was in my mouth. It felt so good and hot in there. It was big and thick. His head was poking at my throat as he pressed my head hard onto his crotch. I began to choke as he finally released me. Large amounts of my spit mixed with cum streamed out of my mouth like strings. He then tapped me on my cheek and told me I was a good girl.

I giggled. “You wanna fuck?” I asked looking up at him.

“Hell yes!” He cried.

He lifted me up and I felt his fingers slip inside me. I was now getting fingered by this strange college boy. My cum was oozing down his fingers and onto his hand. He then turned me around and pushed me against the wall. I spread my legs apart and let him finger me a little from behind. I turned my head a blew him a kiss as he finger fucked me. Then, he began feeling his pockets in search for a condom.

“Not here,” I said. “Let’s go in your car,” I suggested.

We made it to his SUV where I straddled him in the back seat. We fucked for about thirty minutes. I bounced on his dick like a silly goose as he lifted me up and down, spreading my ass-cheeks. “Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, splat,” was the sound of my ass slapping on his thighs over an over. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,” I murmured over and over. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, mmhhmm, mmhhmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.” I was a moaning mess. We hardly exchanged words. It was all grunts, moans, squirms, and groans, as he pounded me in his car harder than David had ever fucked me.

It was mostly a quickie, though, as there was no opportunity or space to get creative in his car. When he was going to cum, I took off his dick and took the condom off. Although the taste of his dick was bitter because of the condom lubricant, I allowed him to convulse his shaft in my mouth and squirt his goods inside. He had a massive load. It was at least three of David’s loads, which I had not swallowed in years, I should note. Ben was delicious. I savored and wallowed every last drip, even licking the remains off his dick and squeezing ever last ounce I could get. He left me wanting more.

Afterwards, I gave him thanks and told him I wasn’t interested in seeing him again. He was polite and allowed me to leave.

I went back inside the house searching for Alice, for it was getting late. It took me while to find her. I searched all over the place and eventually went upstairs. I opened every bedroom and found couple after couple deep in sexual acts. I knew this slutty bitch was bound to be fucking Marcus in one of the rooms. Indeed, I found her in the fourth bedroom, straddling Marcus on the bed, bouncing up and down on him as her friend Ashly sat on his face. My goodness, I did not expect to find that. I knew she had messed around with Ashly but this was ridiculous. She looked at me and kept bouncing with her hands on his abs. Ashly also turned to me with a smile as Marcus ate her out. She actually waved to me. Marcus just kept eating Ashly out and disregarded my presence.

Although it was quite dark in the room, there was enough light for me to get a good look at the scene. Alice’s breasts were simply beautiful and perky. I stood there glaring at them as she waited for me to say something. Her nipples looked so pink and pretty, too. Time seemed to have slowed down as I observed her fuck. Watching little Alice ride a big black man was the hottest thing I had ever witnessed. Her legs were comfortably and grippingly set on him--her feet set on the bed upside down and her toes clutched inward. I noticed a little patch of pubes she had left unshaven. It was so adorable. There she sat, on a big black dick, completely naked. My lovely niece--my little slut’s gorgeous body finally exposed completely for me to appreciate.

“Give me twenty more minutes,” she said in a moan.

“Ok, I’ll wait for you in the car,” I answered and left. I would have loved to have stayed and watched but that would have been awkward. Gosh how I wish I was Ashly.

She ended up taking thirty more minutes. She stepped into the car and gave me a big smile. “Well, well, well…” I said.

She laughed. “Shut up!” Sorry I took so long but Marcus takes a really long time to cum. I am in so much pain. I don’t think I can even walk. Ashly got the worse of it, though. That bitch took it in the ass. Oh, but it was worth it. I’ll do it again, for sure.”

“My goodness, Alice, you are a brave one.”

“Oh, my god, Auntie, you have cock breath! You didn’t!”

I giggled. “Oh, man, that’s embarrassing. Yes, Alice, I fucked that boy.”

“No… WAY! Oh… MY GOD! Aunt Jenny, you cheated on uncle David!”

She was laughing as she said this. “I know, I know, I can’t believe I did this. This is big. This is a big deal. Alice, you have to promise…”

“Aunt Jenny, I swear I won’t say a word to anybody. You are my best friend and our secrets will go down with us to our graves. Auntie, It’s ok, I know that David has been your only lover. That must be very hard for you. You probably feel repressed and frustrated. This might even be good for your relationship. It’s ok to have some fun while you still can. My lips are sealed, I promise.”

As ludicrous as that sounded, this sixteen year old was actually pretty smart. Sex with a stranger later ended up sparking a lost passion between David and I.

Alice then threw herself onto me and gave me a hug. “I love you, aunt, Jenny,” she whispered.

“I love you too, Alice.”

Then she kissed me on the cheek and nuzzled into my neck, wrapping her right arm around me and pressing her forearm against my breasts.

“I’m sleepy,” she said in a yawn.

“Go ahead and take a nap.”

I too was wearing a low cut shirt, so her bare arm was making contact with the summit of my breasts. It was cold but I loved the way it felt. She buried her hand in my armpit and very lightly cupped my left breast into her hand, clinching my shirt with her fingers. For the entire ride, she kept slightly caressing my ribs with her fingers. She would sometimes make it down to my midriff and her hand would be on my bare skin underneath my shirt. She was half asleep and probably didn’t realize she was making me horny, but I could not know for sure what her intentions were. I held her in my arm as I drove and ran my fingers through her silky hair. She maintained her tender lips on my neck and left her moisture upon my skin. At one point, she ended up licking her lips, and because her lips were on my neck, her tongue happened to glide on my neck.

“Best friends forever?” she whispered, half asleep, speaking onto my skin. Her breath was hot on my neck. It tickled me enough to give me goosebumps. I wanted her to kiss me so bad. We were as close as we had ever been. I looked at her chest where her extra low V-neck T-shirt exposed plenty of cleavage. Her teenage breasts were so plump and tender looking, I almost crashed into a tree because I was gawking at them too long.

“Best friends forever,” I responded.

To be continued…

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