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My Sister Changed III

All right. My last story ended with the ridiculously hot Ally coming over wearing very little.

A little more about Ally:

I stood in awe as Ally stood in front of me wearing her lingerie. My dick grew from 6.5 inches to at least 7 inches just seeing her. Apparently my sister was quite clear with our intentions. Ally sauntered into the room, giving off the impression that she owned the place. She looked from me to my sister taking in both of our naked forms. I did not know if they had been together before, but I was enjoying what I was seeing. Ally walked up to me, looked down toward my cock, and I saw a faint grin come across her face.

Continuation time:

I leaned towards her and she ran her hand across my chest, then just a finger across the back of my neck, making me twitch in anticipation, and the hair on my neck stand on end. Even with my sister, one touch had never had such a pronounced effect on me. And it wasn’t even to my cock.

She walked past me, eyes glued to my sister’s naked frame. She walked up to her, shed what ever little clothing she had on, and without saying a word, Frenched my little sister. I felt a combination of jealousy, defensiveness, apprehension, and mostly, horny as hell. These two girl might have been the hottest I have ever seen, and were making out in front of me. I didn’t want to intrude, the sight was too beautiful. Soon enough, the maneuvered to the couch and this make out session continued horizontally. My sister was clearly the passive one in this relationship, and not nearly as confident as she had been during our make out sessions and sexual play.

Ally moved her hands around my sister’s chest stomach, back, and finally came to settle between her legs. She was definitely experienced with women, or a natural. She did not go straight for fingering. Instead, she teased around Melissa’s cunt, slowly stroking across the pussy lips, never penetrating. My sister was shivering in anticipation of her fingers penetrating her womanhood. Ally however, didn’t give in. She continued her methodical and teasing petting of my sister’s cunt. My sister soon caught on, and began moving her own hands around Ally. Not as daring, my sister settled for Ally’s nipples and started tweaking them, and massaging the breasts. Ally’s demeanor changed noticeably at this change from my sister. She started to penetrate and finger my sister with two fingers. She changed depth and speed and angles of attack. This chick knew what she was up to. I still stood there, mouth agape, waiting for a point of entry. Apparently, Ally was thinking something along those lines as well. She broke the kiss with my sister and said “will you get over here and fuck us? I could really use a cock about now.”

She was definitely quite the aggressor. But, not wanting to refuse the invitation, I gladly joined the party. I decided that I’ve had my sister a lot and would continue to have her for the rest of the weekend. Therefore, I decided to be a gracious host and tend to Ally’s needs. Ally was on top of my sister, so I picked her up, moved my sister over, and laid down on the couch so Ally could do whatever she had in store for me. Well, this was more in my sister’s comfort zone, so she became somewhat aggressive too. She got up and walked over to me. She lightly traced my cock with her finger, and sat down placing her pussy lips over my face. Ally decided that I could use some release and she wanted her lips and tongue to be the cause of it. Knowing that my sister was all warmed up, I decided to bring her to an orgasm as quickly as possibly. I started licking and sucking and probing her cunt. I found her clit and bit and sucked on that. Finally, to send her over the edge, I blew some air directly over her cunt, and she lost it. She screamed, moaned, convulsed, and thrashed over me as she unleashed a torrent of sweet girl cum over my face.

My sister’s blow jobs were good, but she was definitely rivaled by Ally. She started with just the tip in her mouth and my balls in her hand. She lightly massaged my balls as she sucked on my tip. Then she introduced her tongue. This was amazing. Swirling and slashing and going up and down and having no pattern at all made the pleasure unpredictable and unreal. She got off of my cock and licked the underside of my penis like a popsicle and every time she got to the head she would give it a little swirl with her tongue. She seemed to be a cock loving bitch. After my sister came all over me, she joined Ally between my legs. I don’t know if you have ever had two ridiculously hot girls who have amazing tongue talent licking and sucking you. But if you haven’t then you should. The both were licking up and down and all over. But the most magical part of it all was when their tongues touched. It seemed to ignite a passion between the two of them that I felt on my cock. They started kissing each other, not over my cock, but through it. They were reaching their tongues around it to get to the other person’s mouth. The feeling was indescribable. The sight was even better. Their kiss broke and they both focused on me. Ally took the penis and Melissa my balls. Ally was working her magic deep-throating me and Melissa was sucking my balls. They had both been massaging my balls before, but two hot wet mouths on my two most sensitive organs was incredible. I looked down and without warning I blew my load. All 6 shots into Ally’s mouth. My sister seemed a little disappointed that she didn’t get some of her favorite drink so Ally was more than willing to share. They made out and swapped my cum for a good minute or two. My deflated cock soon rose to attention again.

Ally and Melissa were getting into each other again. Soon they got into the 69 position, and my sister was eating her first cunt. I knew she was more comfortable around cocks, so being the loving brother that I am, I inserted my cock into Ally’s cunt and started fucking her. Hard. She started moaning into my sister’s cunt and I was getting double stimulation. Ally’s tight cunt, and my sister’s tongue. I could feel every part of her pussy and she was working her vaginal walls around my cock. She had amazing control of what was going on. She started to moan, and couldn’t hang on to my sister’s cunt anymore. Since she wasn’t getting the stimulations she wanted from Ally, she suggested a change in position. Ally soon mounted me and started riding me. Melissa sat on my face, and started kissing Ally as I fondled one tit on each girl. I had my cock in a pussy, my tongue in another, and my hands on two perfect tits on two different sexy girls. I was in absolute heaven. How I held on to give each girl an orgasm without blowing my own load I will never know, but it was the most intense fuck session ever. Melissa started shaking on top of me, as I was congratulated with her cum. Ally was grinding, bouncing, and doing stuff I never thought possible. When my sister was done cumming, she got off my mouth and started kissing Ally again, but gave me the most incredible view of them. I had a view from below that showcased tits and the two most beautiful girls I had ever seen making out. I forgot for a second that I was inside of Ally, and I had stopped thrusting. But this gave me a slight break, and allowed me to hold on longer. I started viciously tearing into that cunt making her moan into my sister’s mouth. Even that couldn’t silence it. Soon enough, the view and the feeling got the better of me and I came harder than ever before. Mine and Ally’s juices mixed together as they pooled out of her pussy after our simultaneous orgasm.

Then, Melissa surprised me. She tackled Ally off my cock, and spread her legs wide. She dove into that gorgeous cunt that I had just ravaged and enjoyed a mixed drink of mine and Ally’s cum. This erotic sight caused my cock to jump yet again. I had just been sucked and fucked for two hours, and my buddy below was ready for round three. Praised be youthful recovery. It was only fair now that I fuck my sister. I mean, she hadn’t felt my cock inside her today. Knowing I would last long after cumming twice within the last two hours, I was able to start off strong and keep pounding. No going slow in this romp. This time, Ally flipped over, and sat on my sister’s face as she ate her cunt. I continued ravaging my sister, and started kissing Ally. This triangle was even better than the last one. I was treated to a sight of my sisters tits bouncing in rhythm to my thrusts, and Ally grinding into my sister’s face. I was able to grab both tits and this time, my mouth was occupied with Ally’s. She was good at everything. She could fuck, suck, kiss. Damn, I could not believe my luck.

My sister started to show signs of an orgasm coming up. Her face was contorting and she started to buck wildly. As soon as I saw this I exited her pussy.

Now I know what your thinking. Who in their right mind would pull out at a time like this? She lets you cum in her, and she is ready for it. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Well, I was not even close to cumming. So, I pulled out, and rammed into her ass. The shock was felt by all. She groaned and yelled in pain and pleasure. Lucky for her, I was well lubricated and was able to get in quite easily. She was close before but this new intrusion sent her over the edge fast. She started cumming like I had never seen or felt before. Ally noticed the difference as Melissa increased her attack on Ally’s cunt once I entered her ass. As she came, and came, and came, I became closer and closer to cumming. Ally must have noticed this, and jumped off my sister’s face as soon as she came. Ally licked me every time a spot of my cock left Melissa’s ass. When I was close, I announced it, Melissa told me she wanted it in her ass, Ally told me she wanted it on her tits. I combined the two, and the first two ropes were in my sister’s ass and she loved it. The next 3 ropes were all over both my sister and Ally. Both of their tits were covered in white sticky cum.

So what did they do? They embraced, and rubbed their tits together, rubbing in what cum they could. As they broke the embrace, Ally took one of my sister’s tits in her mouth and sucked all over it. She took up all the cum that was on my sister’s body. Both girls let out a groan, and my sister mimicked Ally’s moves and took up sucking Ally’s tits. The sights and feelings from those two and a half hours were just too much for me and I passed out. I don’t know if the girls kept going afterwards, but I couldn’t cum again if I tried. I must have slept for about 3 hours after that.

Now, I know most of these events are foreign to most people, and they were to me before today. Before I fell asleep, I had experienced heaven on earth like 12 times. I had fucked my sister multiple times, eaten breakfast out of her, gotten a dual blow job, and had been involved in a threesome with amazing looking freaks. There cant be a feeling better than that right? WRONG!

I woke up to another dual blow job. As soon as I was hard and awake, I felt a pussy slide down my cock. Then it got off. Then another one got on. Then it got off. My sister and Ally traded turn mounting and fucking me for one stroke each for a good 15 minutes. I had enough stimulation to have that feeling that I was going to cum, but not enough constant stimulation that I came. This feeling lasted for FIFTEEN MINUTES. This was how I woke up. Best wake up call ever. I needed release, and unfortunately I couldn’t fuck both of them continuously at the same time. This was the best dilemma I had ever been in. To hell with it. I had my sister mount me, and Ally lick my cock and her cunt. Ally’s blowjobs topped my sister’s but my sister’s cunt was second to none. This was the best of both worlds. I came within 5 minutes and my sister’s cunt and Ally’s face were both covered white. I was wide awake now, but I seemed to have fucked both girls into a near coma. They passed out, and I am not the kind of guy to take advantage of a sleeping girl, no matter how hot.

I looked at the clock, and realized how late it was. After this session of fucking, I wanted nothing more than to just lay with these two on either side of me all night. So I carried them up to my room and got in between them in my bed. I slept soundly, unable to wait for the next morning. I awoke to both girls saying their pussies were too sore for sex, but they wanted me so bad. I was kind of sore too, so we just lay there and spooned. I realized that the love in my heart for my sister was growing, but there was something else there too. A new love. For Ally. I took my sister aside and told her. She was more than ok with it. She suggested that we start dating and that the only stipulation was that she had to be included at least half the time when we fucked. I agreed whole heartedly. I wanted some alone time with Ally to tell her so I went back to my room and slid in bed next to her. My hard cock was nestled against her ass cheeks. I kissed her neck and told her that I loved her and wanted nothing more than to fuck her every day forever.

Do you want her reaction? Give me a good rating and I’ll write a part IV.
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Posted 19 Jul 2010 09:14
Still maintain the ridiculous heat as the first story and each following.
Posted 20 Aug 2009 19:58
omfg awesome
Posted 20 Aug 2009 04:02
brilliant writing made me ever so wet!
Posted 17 Aug 2009 18:40
That was ridiculously hot!!!
Posted 17 Aug 2009 15:22
I apparently have a very active imagination. Its not all that hard to write it, just have to use a shit-ton of detail to make everyone feel like they are witnessing it...I'm assuming you guys want a part IV?
Posted 17 Aug 2009 11:48
freakin hot
Posted 17 Aug 2009 10:46
Seriously dude, where are you pulling this from. You're really good.
Posted 17 Aug 2009 04:55
This is the best series I have Ever read! More Please!
Posted 16 Aug 2009 16:52
Another great episode from you! (5)
Posted 16 Aug 2009 02:55
Damn fine!!!!

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