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My Sister Gill part 3

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I spend another weekend with my older sister Gill and discover a new side of my sexuality.
It was 1980. I was 16-years old and somehow had found myself in a surreal set of circumstances.

Over the last two weeks I had managed to end up having sexual relations with my older sister Gill. She was 23 at the time. Gorgeous body, great looks and in my eyes the fittest woman I could ever hope to meet. She was married to Tony. He seemed completely oblivious to what was happening – or so it seemed.

I stayed at Gill’s house most weekends and had done for the last couple of years. Over recent months I had found I was becoming very interested in my sister in a sexual way. I knew it was wrong, but hormones are hormones and I had plenty of them. I often fantasised that the girls in the porn magazines I was reading were Gill. I often dreamed of fucking her. I found myself staring at her when I perhaps shouldn’t, and often developed a hard-on in her presence.

The problem was that Gill was a very sexual girl. She knew she was gorgeous and didn’t mind letting people know. She wore the shortest of skirts, loose open top blouses and shirts with no bra, skin tight jeans displaying a most glorious camel toe.

I had started to lust after her quite badly and she knew it. I hadn’t realised, but over the last few weekends Gill had started to ‘accidentally’ let me see more of her than I perhaps should. I had ‘bumped’ into her in just her bra and panties on the landing. I walked into the kitchen to find her in a see through nighty with just skimpy knickers underneath. I had witnessed very heavy petting sessions between her and her husband Tony and heard them obviously fucking in the bedroom next to mine.

Finally one Friday night I walked in to see Gill and Tony lying on the sofa with Gill’s hand wrapped around Tony’s rather large cock and him nuzzling on her tits. Although they covered up with a blanket when they saw me, I realise now that they perhaps took their time and made sure I got a good look.

As a 16 year old boy these activities made a great impression on me. I was by now constantly horny and clearly not thinking straight. That night I stood intently outside their bedroom door and listened to them make love. Two minutes after hearing Gill pant, “Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Mm… Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” I found myself standing in the bathroom with my own cum soaking through the front of my trousers while my completely naked big sister sat on the toilet having a wee and smiling at me.

That was almost three weeks ago. Since then I have watched her have sex with her husband, watched her masturbate while she watched me wanking in the shower and most recently she sucked my cock and I made her cum with my tongue as I tasted my first ever pussy.

I did say this was a surreal set of circumstances! But the even stranger thing is that throughout most of these activities I found myself wearing Gill’s lingerie. I lost my blow job virginity wearing a red bra and panty set with black stockings. The alarm bells should have started to ring when I realised I was now fantasising about the forthcoming weekends activities but in my fantasies I was usually wearing bra and panties, stockings and a nighty as I fucked my big sister.

I had spent the whole week wearing Gill’s used knickers underneath my school uniform and each night I wanked myself off into them. I couldn’t wait to get back to her house at the weekend as I knew she had promised me a special treat while her husband was away. I was secretly hoping this involved me wearing her clothes.

Friday night arrived and as usual I said goodbye to Mum and Dad and set off cycling over to Gill’s place. My Mum mentioned how nice it was of me to go and keep Gill company while Tony was away. My heart was pounding before I even set off. It was a good hours ride and I cycled as fast as I could.

I got to Gill’s about 5:30 and she was waiting for me at the door. I was already shaking with anticipation and as I threw my bike down in the back yard and walked towards her my cock was starting to swell, my teenage hormones taking over.

As Gill closed the door I turned around to look at her. She was certainly dressed for the occasion. I can clearly picture her now, my jaw just dropped as I gazed in amazement.

Shiny black PVC stiletto boots running right up to mid thigh led to a short span of naked creamy white thigh capped by a short black mini skirt which didn’t hide much at all. Above this was what I now know to be a basque. At the time all I knew was it made her tits look huge. Her short black hair was pulled tight into a pony tail. She looked fucking hot!

“Hi Pete.”

I responded with silence. I couldn’t speak. I just stared and looked her up and down.

“You like it then?” And she did a twirl. “It’s my favourite costume; Tony loves it and usually fucks me all night long when I dress like this.”

“I … ah God Gill, you look stunning. So sexy.”

She reached down and slowly lifted the front of her skirt. “Look, I shaved just for you!” She stood there legs apart holding her skirt up.

She wasn’t wearing any panties and I stared straight at her shaven pussy. The small dark patch of pubic hair that used to sit above her pussy had gone and I could clearly see her tiny clitoris and hairless pussy lips.

“Okay lover boy,” she smiled. “Let’s get you ready for a weekend of fun. First a shower I think, you sweaty pig!” and she laughed out loud. “But I have a surprise for you in the bathroom. Come on.”

My cock was raging in my cycling shorts. My heart was pumping faster than ever before and I followed Gill up the stairs. Three steps behind her I could clearly see her naked ass and pussy as she climbed the stairs. All sorts of thoughts raced through my mind, but not once was there a thought that what we were doing was wrong. Nor did I suspect that Gill was following a carefully calculated plan.

In the bathroom the bath was already filled with steamy soapy water. A little stool sat by the bath.

“Let’s get you out of those sweaty clothes and into something a bit sexier.” With that she started to undress me. I wriggled out of my shorts and my cock sprang into view. “Ever ready Pete!” she declared wrapping a hand around my shaft and working it back and forth.

She stood back. “Now, before we go any further, you know I shaved my pussy just for you?” I nodded yes and followed her hand as she picked something up from the sink. “Well I think it’s only fair that you do the same for me.” She held up a razor and twirled it back and forth between here fingers.

“What? I don’t need to shave,” I said like an idiot.

She looked down at my throbbing cock, “You do down there Pete. Let me shave your cock and balls, then we can be smooth together!”

I looked down and she was right. My cock was jutting straight out of a big fat hairy bush. I could hardly see my balls for hair.

“But men don’t shave their …” I felt a hot hand reach around my cock as Gill sank to her knees in front of me. She slowly slid my foreskin back exposing the purple head of my cock. She leaned forward and slowly started to lick at my knob. My knees buckled and I almost collapsed.

She looked up hand still wrapped around my cock, eyes pleading. “Please?”

How could I say no? “Okay sis, but it better not hurt!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve done this plenty of times before.” And she winked.

The next 15 minutes were certainly very pleasant. She covered my cock and balls in soft white foam and carefully set about removing my bush of pubes. Every now and then she would wank my cock with her hand covered in slippery foam. My hard on raged more and more as she worked around my balls.

I was surprised when she went a little further than my balls and started to lather right down between my legs and work her way towards my arse hole. I wasn’t going to argue though, it was a wonderful experience. She got me to spread my legs and bend over as she shaved all around my butt. She had her arm through between my legs wanking my cock as she worked.

She stood up, razor in foam covered hands. “All done.” She caught my gaze and smiled that sexy smile, “Jump in the bath then babe and I’ll go and get your clothes.”

It didn’t even cross my mind to ask what clothes. I was in the bath and soaping my body as fast as I could.

I climbed out of the bath and started to dry myself. Running my hands over my erect cock it felt strange yet very nice to be hairless and smooth all around my balls. I know I was only 16 but I seemed to have had hairy bollocks for years and now I was back to looking like a young boy yet to reach puberty – except perhaps for the rather large pulsing cock!

Gill was back carrying a few bits of clothing. She held up what looked like a black bra and knicker set. “You don’t mind do you? I bought them especially for you.”

Of course I didn’t mind, I had been hoping she would let me wear her lingerie again. “No, no. I like it”.

“Here let me help you.”

She really had gone to town and by the time she had finished I was dressed in stockings, suspender belt, black thong panties and a matching bra. She then held up a rather short looking black dress with white lace and frilly bits.

“Just your size,” she said. “Nice isn’t it?”

At the time I had no idea, but now I know this was a classic French maid’s outfit and complimented my stocking clad legs beautifully.

I stepped into the dress pulling it up and over my shoulders. I began to feel very sexy as I looked down at myself and Gill zipped me up at the back. She reached around and felt my cock under the dress; it felt wonderful as the smooth silky panties caressed my cock and balls. She put her hands on my bottom and whispered “God I want to fuck you Laura!”

“Who’s Laura?” I stammered.

“You’re Laura,” she said, “You’re my little sister Laura.”

Stepping back she reached under a little table and pulled out a large bag. Reaching inside she said, “And to finish it of …” and she pulled out a pair of shiny high heeled shoes in one hand and what looked like a blonde wig in the other.

I stared speechless. Wearing some knickers was one thing, but she’d put me in a dress and now she wanted me to wear a wig!

“Please Pete; it’s one of my wildest fantasies. Come on give it a try.”

I thought nothing of the fact that she had a pair of size 9 stiletto heeled shoes or even that she had a blonde wig. I didn’t even wonder why she had these clothes that would have obviously been too big for her.

She helped my put the wig on and to step into the shoes. I was a little wobbly on the heels and walked like a pregnant frog at first, but as she took me over to the full length mirror I gasped at what I saw.

Looking back at my from the mirror was a sexy young lady. I know it was really me, but I looked so hot and I felt incredibly sexy. Not just randy or horny, I felt sexy. I felt attractive. I felt … like a woman.

Gill stood behind me and started rubbing herself up against me and groping my bottom. In the mirror we looked like a pair of lesbians, although I have to admit I was a little flat chested compared to Gill!

We made our way to the bedroom. Walking wasn’t easy on those heels, but I felt so sexy dressed like this and I was so excited with the anticipation of what was coming next.

I headed for the spare room (my room). “It’s okay Pete. I’ve got a surprise for you in my room.” and she held out her hand. I took it and we stepped into the main bedroom.

The lights were low but I could make out some strange objects lined up on the bed. At first my innocent mind couldn’t figure out what I was seeing, but then it dawned on me. These three objects looked like plastic cocks. They went up in size from small to much bigger than my own cock, and the biggest one even had balls and was sat in some kind of harness.

Gill reached for the smallest one, holding it in her hand an slowly wanking it she looked at me and said, “You know I said you aren’t allowed to actually fuck me …” I stared at the plastic cock in her hand, “Well there’s nothing to stop you fucking me with this is there?”

My heart skipped a beat. My head was racing finally settling on an image of Gill on all fours with that plastic cock sticking out of her pussy.

“How do you want me Laura?” She slid onto the bed dildo still in her hand. She lay on her back, knees raised and feet planted firmly on the mattress. Her pussy was slightly open, I could see the pink wetness between the lips. She reached down with the dildo and started sliding the tip up and down her slit. I was mesmerised.

I clambered onto the bed kneeling in front of her watching intently. My hand crept below my skirt and started to rub my throbbing cock through the silkiness of the panties I had on. As I watched Gill changed the angle of the dildo just slightly, her pussy lips parted and the head of the plastic cock slipped between. She moaned a little and pulled the cock back out. In and out it went, each time a little deeper.

Here I was dressed as a French maid, kneeling on the bed in front of my older sister who was slowly fucking herself with a 5 inch plastic cock. I so wanted my real cock to be entering her wet pussy like that.

She was clearly enjoying herself. Her eyes were closed and her hips thrusting in time to meet the ins and outs of the dildo. By now I had unhooked my cock from my silky panties and I was slowly stroking my shaft in time to her hip movements.

She opened her eyes watching me. “Oh I want you to fuck me Laura.” I raised up on my knees and shuffled forward expecting to settle between her thighs and slide my cock into her. “You know you can’t put your cock in me, fuck me with my dildo, use the bigger one.”

The dildo she was using plopped from her pussy. I reached for the middle sized cock which was very similar in size to me own cock. Slowly and gently, with some guidance from her hands I worked the cock into her pussy. The sight was awesome as she lay there legs spread and I slowly worked this large dildo in and out of her in time with her moans.

She raised her legs and drew her knees up to her chest exposing her slit to me even more. She hooked her arms behind her knees and said “Don’t stop Laura, I’m going to cum.”

I increased my thrusting and she responded back with grunts and moans. Her stomach was tensing and relaxing, I could see her pussy sucking at the cock between her lips. “Ohh …” she gasped, “Ohh … that’s it, ahh … it’s coming, oh yessss …” she tensed, she released her legs using them to lift her whole body up off the bed. She went stiff, “Fuuucckkkkk!” she wailed. She was visibly trembling.

As she suddenly thrust her hips upwards the dildo slipped from her cunt. Two seconds letter a large jet of fluid shot from her pussy lips, followed closely by a second smaller spray all landing on my dress and stocking tops. She flopped down to the bed, panting heavily as a light stream of fluid escaped from her pussy.

I went to put the dildo back between her lips. She stopped me. “No! Not for a minute. Wait …” She panted, “Oh God you made me cum.”

I stroked my pulsing cock as I waited, the view was amazing, her legs so wide, her pussy glistening from her cum. I looked down at myself, her wetness was all over me. Her breathing steadied as she came down from her orgasm.

“I think it must be your turn now Laura.” She said still breathing heavily. I still couldn’t get used to being called Laura, but I wouldn’t let that get in the way of our fun. “Here, take your knickers off and lie here just like I did, get your legs nice and wide.”

Gill shuffled out of the way and I sat my naked ass into the wet patch she had left behind. Gill settled herself between my thighs. Her tits were out over the top of her basque and she looked so hot. She gently began to massage my cock and balls.

“Mmmm … needs a bit of lube love.” And she leaned over for a bottle on the cabinet. She smeared the lube all over her hands and poured some on my cock and then began her work again. I was in heaven. She was beautiful, so sexy and sitting there between my thighs stroking my erect cock. I was past caring that she was my sister and this was wrong.

I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations until I suddenly felt something new, something strange. “What!” Without me noticing she had lubed up a finger and inserted in my tight anus. I wiggled, “No! What you doing?”

“Relax Laura, relax and enjoy.” And she smiled that smile. That trust me little brother smile. “You probably don’t know but if I get my finger just right your orgasm will be far more intense and go on for ages. Trust me.”

I relaxed a little and took in the new sensation of her finger in my ass. She worked her other hand up and down my hard shaft. I felt her finger moving around inside me. I felt very full, a strange sensation. I thought I was going to piss all over her but then the fullness turned to pleasure. My cock was on fire, wave of pleasure after pleasure. I felt cum dribble from me. I looked down to see Gill milking cum out of me, yet I hadn’t reached orgasm. This was almost like one long orgasm.

I threw my head back as another wave of pleasure passed over me. I felt her pull her finger out of me.

“You need to get in a better position for me.” She lifted and pushed my legs back so my knees were tight on my chest, so that I was in the same position she was a short while ago. “Hold your legs there and relax Laura, this will be nice. Close your eyes and trust me. Just relax and let the pleasure take you.”

She started massaging my cock with one hand and rubbing my tight ass hole with the other. I felt her pressing at my hole. I relaxed and felt her slip her finger inside. A few seconds later and the feelings were back. I was cumming, but not quite getting there. It was intense but so nice.

“Stay there and don’t move. Keep your eyes closed you little tramp.”

I felt her moving around on the bed and then she was back massaging my cock.

“Keep your eyes closed, no peeking!”

I felt her fingers at my bottom again. She was pushing my legs back against me. I relaxed; I knew I wanted her finger inside me again. I felt her pushing and then I just felt so full, my anus was burning, hurting and I started to cum, my cock erupting with a spurt of spunk all over my dress.

I opened my eyes to see Gill looming over me, almost on top of me with a huge plastic cock sticking out from where her pussy should be. Her ‘cock’ was embedded in my ass and I couldn’t move. She held my legs tight against my chest. My cock was erupting in the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Spunk was flying and she started to fuck my ass with her strap on dick.

I wanted to stop her, this was disgusting. But the pleasure was just too much. My cock had finished spewing cum all over me but remained hard, still pulsing as Gill fucked me. I held onto my legs giving her better access to my tight hole. She leant over me and started kissing me as she thrust her hips. I felt like I was Laura, a woman and being fucked by a beautiful man.

My legs were over her shoulders; she was thrusting hard and fast into me lifting my butt off the bed. I loved it. I was lost in a sea of orgasm, pain and pleasure.

“Oh fuck Laura, turn over I want you from behind,” she whispered. She slid out of me and started to turn me over with her hands. I didn’t question her anymore and simply got onto my hands and knees.

She was at my ass again, sliding the monster cock inside me. It went in deep, deep enough to make my eyes water. I reached down for my cock and started to wank as she started to thrust in and out of my arse.

In my mind I wasn’t wanking my cock, I was stroking my big clit and wet pussy. Gill held onto my hips and fucked me hard and fast. A few minutes later and I was cumming again, spunk falling onto the bed. Gill slowed her thrusting and then pulled out of me.

“You are a real woman now Laura. You’ve been fucked and made yourself cum because you were being fucked.”

I fell onto the bed exhausted. Gill fell by my side and we cuddled up together drifting off to sleep in each others arms …

I dreamt of things I had never imagined. I was a woman, I was called Laura and I dreamt of Gill fucking me, only in my dreams Gill became a man. She became bigger and hairy, she was a man in womens clothing and fucking me with a big fat cock. I was on all fours being fucked from behind …

I suddenly woke to find Gill sucking on my cock and I was coming hard into her mouth, spurt after spurt of jism hit the back of her throat and she took it all.

As my cock softened she slid back up the bed, spunk dripping from her lips. She smiled and kissed me, her tongue entered my mouth and she shared my salty load with me. And I loved it …

I knew we had another 2 full days alone together. I didn’t care what we did. Everything we had done tonight was wonderful. I knew I could trust Gill. I didn’t understand why I liked these things, why I wanted to be a woman or why I liked her fucking me. It just felt right.

Gill rolled over and I snuggled up behind her my sticky semi hard cock pushing into her soft bottom. I reached over her and my hand settled onto her large strap on cock.

“I love you Gill.”

“I love you too Laura.”

We drifted off to sleep.
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Posted 28 Sep 2012 14:22
Your abilities seem endless as to what we have wanted since our discovery of our inner-self...thank you
Posted 15 Sep 2012 14:57
Breathtaking!!! MMMM you made me cum in my panties honey!
Posted 23 Dec 2010 09:58
wow! so fuckin hot and sexy mmm you got me nice and hard, I wanta sexy sister like that! hehe
Posted 10 Dec 2010 09:05
Waiting for chapter 4... Really hot story series...
Posted 10 Dec 2010 08:39
You will have to wait for chapter 4 to see where this goes, but there is quite a twist to come
Posted 10 Dec 2010 08:02
Great, big sis is a lot more kinky than he could've imagined. If she won't let him have her pussy, can he at least do her in the ass?? V=5.

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