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My Son Jay - part 10, getting ready for a new start

mom has a little fun on her last day at the old job
It was still early evening when Jay and I returned home. Jay ran to the door of the Escalade opening it, offering his hand to help me out. Careful not to make our neighbors aware of our new relationship, I took Jay’s arm and he escorted me inside. Once the door closed Jay pulled me to him, embracing me in a loving hug, kissing me with a lover’s passion, murmuring how much he loves me and how proud he is that I am his mom, his lover, his sub, his slut. My cunt was still turned-on from the restaurant; the day had been full of very pleasant surprises and Jay’s expression of emotion sparked an instant need in my cunt, I wanted him inside me as soon as possible. I couldn’t help moaning as I melted into Jay, I needed him so bad.

“Would Sir like to take his slut to the playroom?”

“Not tonight, tonight I want you as my mom, my lover, not my sub slut; I want to make love to you.”

With those words Jay took my hand and led me upstairs to our bedroom. He started to slowly undress me. He gently kissed and nibbled my shoulders as he pulled the sheer blouse off me. He kissed down to my breasts; my nipples were so hard they were hurting but Jay was careful not to touch them, not yet. I told Jay how bad I needed him inside me, how bad I was aching to be fucked. He only chuckled…

“All in due time mom, just enjoy”

Jay unzipped the back of my little skirt pushing it down over my hips, the skirt falling to the floor at my feet; I carefully stepped out of it. Since I had removed my panties and bra at the restaurant, I was now standing in front of Jay in just stockings and heels; my thighs moist from the juices of my cunt. Jay walked me backwards, having me sit on our bed. He gently stroked my nylon covered thighs with his fingertips which caused me to spread my legs wide, he could easily see how wet I was, anticipating him inside me.

Now Jay undressed in front of me, pushing my hands away when I tried to help, telling me no touching until he is ready. Now naked, he instructed me to lie back, a hand on the inside of each thigh holding my legs open. He started licking and kissing the bare flesh just above the thigh highs, moving ever so slowly toward my cunt.

“Now I get to taste the sweet cunt you used to tease the hell out of that poor waiter. You had him so distracted he couldn’t do his job; I bet he went to the restroom and jacked-off as soon as we left. I wonder if he could see your swollen clit?”

I have always been a little self-conscious about my clit, when I am fully aroused my clit resembled a small cock. It very obviously protrudes from the hood more than an inch. I think this was the first opportunity for Jay to really examine just how big my clit is, I felt shame he might think me some kind of a freak woman. But, he quickly calmed those fears.

“Mom, you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen, only in videos online of course. The ones in the videos are supposed to be the best, professional cunts getting paid to be on display; but yours mom, it is perfect, the way your outer labia swells and your inner lips are so pretty, like the wings of a butterfly. And your clit, you have a wonderful big clit. I discovered from watching the videos I love a woman with a big clit. Some women in the videos, their clit is so small you wonder if they even have one; but yours, it stands proud as if to say ‘suck me’.”

Jay’s tongue touched me, I wanted to scream for him to just fuck me, but I bit my lip allowing him to take his time. Each flick of his tongue on my clit sent shocks through my body. The tip of his tongue felt like a torch touching my exposed bud. Oh fuck, I was so horny, couldn't he just fuck me? Jay pulled my cunt lips open and pushed his tongue inside me, fucking my cunt with his tongue like a cock. My back arched and I raised my hips, pushing my cunt harder against his mouth, Jay now had his arms around my thighs holding me as he increased the pressure on my cunt and clit with his mouth and tongue. I had to grab onto the blankets to keep from squeezing his head with my legs to hold him there, never wanting him to stop…. except to fuck me.

“Oh fuck Jay, eat mommy’s cunt; make me cum baby. Oh god, mommy needs to cum so fucking bad. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Right there, oh fuck yes! Right there, right there, bite mommy’s clit!”

Jay’s words muffled from him eating mommy’s pussy…

“Cum mom, cum for me, cum for your son. Squirt your hot cunt cum all over your son’s face. I want to drink you mom, feed your son your sweet woman cum!”

I couldn’t hold back, hearing Jay’s words sounding so hot, nasty and taboo. My body tensed, my hips grinding my clit on Jay’s tongue, a river of cum flowed from my cunt, the release felt like a dam burst. I screamed as a flood of juices splashed onto my son’s face.

“Oh fuck Jay, take it baby, drink mommies cum from her cunt. Fuuuuuuuck yesssssss. My son is making mommy cum, I can’t stop, I’m fucking cuuuuuming, fuck me, oh fuuuuuck me!”

Jay’s tongue never stopped licking me, lapping up all the juices coming from my cunt. He was licking as if my cum were honey and he didn’t want to miss a drop. As my orgasm subsided I started to catch my breath. I thought, ‘oh fuck where did my son learn to eat pussy like this, he certainly knows how to please a woman and drive her crazy with lust’.

Jay pushed on the back of my thighs, “Mom, scoot up onto the bed, make room for me.”

Crawling up beside me, Jay pulled me close cradling my body next to his. My body still trembling from the intense orgasm my son had just given his mom. His soft warm young hands caressed me as my breathing slowed; but he kept me aroused by gently pinching my nipples and running his fingers through my dripping cunt.

“Mom, have I told you how beautiful and sexy you are? How lucky I am to have you as a mother?” Jay softly kissed me; I could taste my cunt on his lips, “Have I told you how much I love you?”

Wrapping my arms around my son, I looked him in the eyes, “Jay, not always with words, but you show me every day how much you love me. You show me how much our relationship means to you, you make me feel beautiful, cherished and loved. I am proud to be your mother, your lover, your sub and your slut.”

I felt Jay’s hard cock oozing precum onto my thigh, I reached for his cock, and I wanted to taste him. He pushed my hand away saying, “No mom, tonight it is about you and your pleasure, I need to show you how much I love you, how much I appreciate the gift you have given me.”

Jay raised and moved over me, the head of his cock pressing against the dripping wet lips of my cunt. My body clenched anticipating him entering me. Slowly the velvet head of his cock parted my cunt lips and slipped inside. My cunt had been aching for this all day, he felt so big stretching my cunt open. My cunt lips closed tight on his cock caressing the shaft as more of his cock slid inside me.

Once Jay’s cock was buried completely inside me, his balls lying on my ass, he kissed me softly, lovingly, then whispered, “I love you mom, I love being inside the pussy which gave life to me. It feels so right to return where I started, a special feeling between only you and I; a feeling a mom can only share with her son.”

Jay’s hips started to move, his cock pulling out, then slowly sliding back inside his mom’s horny cunt. His groin ground against my clit, I lifted my ass off the bed to meet him pushing in; but, his motions were slow and steady setting the pace for the night. My son was making love to his mother not fucking her, I knew society says this is so wrong, but Jay making love to me felt so right.

The intimacy, Jay’s slow rhythmic movements were driving me crazy, his hard cock filling me then my cunt empty each time he pulled back. It was like a slow burn to orgasm, keeping me on the edge but not enough to cause me to cum. The sexual desire was building in me, the tension of being held on the brink of orgasm for so long, aching for the release only he can give me. My groans and moans of needing to cum echoed off the walls in our bedroom, begging him to fuck me and make me cum. Thankfully, Jay took pity on me and picked up the tempo, driving into me harder and faster, talking to me, taking me even closer.

“Mom, fuck my cock, fuck your son. Feel my cock as it drives into you taking you over the edge, cum for your son mom, cum on my cock. Your son wants to feel his mom’s juices coating his cock, cum for me mom, cum for your son, cum on your son!”

I wrapped my legs around Jay’s waist pushing my cunt up onto my son’s cock. My cunt muscles’ squeezing his cock as my cunt was cumming. My son was fucking me like I had not been fucked in a long, long time; slow and gently then hard and fast.

“Oh fuck, your making mommy cum Jay. Fuck your mom; fuck her like it is the first cunt you have ever felt. Oh god, mommy’s cunt is the first cunt your cock has ever felt; show mommy how much you love fucking her cunt baby. Cum with me Jay, cum with your mom, fill her slutty cunt with her son’s seed. Give mommy her reward for being your sub slut; mommy is your slut baby, mommy is your whore, I will do whatever you want just don’t stop fucking mommy. Fuuuuuck meeeee Jay, fuuuuck your mommmm!”

I heard Jay groan as his cock grew inside me, the head flaring, I knew he was going to cum too. He drove his cock into me even harder, his cock sliding in and out of me like a piston, our bodies slapped together loudly. He grunted as he pushed his cock all the way deep inside me.

“I’m cumming mom, I’m cumming! Oh god yessssss, I am going to fill my mother with her son’s cum. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck; take it mom, spread your legs wide welcoming cum from your son’s cock!”

Our bodies tensed as our warm fluids combined, pushing past Jay’s cock running down the crack of my ass pooling on the bed beneath me.

“Oh baby, my sweet, sweet son, mommy loves you so much. Jay, I love you like I have never loved a man before.”

I pulled Jay down on top of me, holding him close; both our chests fighting for air. As we started to relax he rolled to the bed beside me, pulling me to him tucking my head into his shoulder. When we finally caught our breath we talked about the meeting at Carl’s office that day, the shock of learning how much dad was worth, how secretive he had been with the business side of his life and the possibilities the future now offered both of us.


The next morning Jay was up first, showered, dressed ready for school by the time I opened my eyes. He looked at me and I could see guilt in his eyes for having to leave me home alone, he asked if I would like him to stay home and cuddle with me, asked if I was ok.

“Jay, I am ok, go on to school. You have missed so much already with dad passing, you need to go; besides, we want to make sure you pass all your course and graduate this year.”

“Are you sure mom? I do need to go and get all my stuff out of my old car so they can take it away today. Mom, I am grateful to Pops for the cars and the house for us; but, I’m not sure about moving into the farm house. It’s going to be hard for me, hard for both of us with so many memories of Pops there.”

“Jay, we will be ok, we have each other for support when the feelings of missing dad starts to overwhelm us. Now go, go on to school, make mommy proud. Jay, I love you more that you could ever imagine.”

Just then the phone rang; Jay answered it then handed it to me. “It’s Jen from Carl’s office.”

She introduced herself then asked if Jay and I could join her Tuesday afternoon to shop for clothes like Carl had mentioned. I asked Jay if Tuesday afternoon would be a problem for him. Jay said he could join us after school. I was excited, I hadn’t been clothes shopping in quite a while but I was a little concerned what outfits Carl and Jen had in mind.

Jay kissed me good bye, went to his room to gather his books and ran down the stairs and out the door. I missed him already. I missed my son, my lover, my Dom.

Downstairs, naked as dad requested and now the same for my new Dom Jay, I was looking in the fridge for something to eat, the cool air from inside made my nipples hard. I was somewhat surprised, my nipples getting hard was making me horny again for my son’s cock to be inside me. I had to put those thoughts out of my head as I also needed to get ready for work.

I quickly showered and got ready for work, wearing the same conservative clothing required, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t change a few things since I wouldn’t be there much longer. I left a couple extra button unfastened on my blouse and put on a sexy matching lace bra and thong set. I pulled on printed thigh highs and selected a pair of ‘going out’ fuck-me heels. While still very much covered I felt sexier and when I walked into the office, I walked with a bounce of extra confidence.

To my surprise they already knew I would be leaving the end of the week and there were no hard feelings, actually most were happy for me. Carl had called and let them know I was leaving. Just how much influence did he have? Just like that I was changing firms and my current employers weren’t upset. I didn’t have to give a notice, didn’t have to train someone new, didn’t have to apologize, and didn’t have to give a reason for leaving.

I had no real work assigned to me that day; my work was distributed between the others. In fact, the next two days most of my time was occupied in the office of whichever lawyer of the firm happened to be in the office at the time, chatting and telling me how much I would enjoy working for Mr. Jones. And the subtle sexy things I had done didn’t go unnoticed; the attorneys seemed to want to keep me to themselves for the short time I had left there. If they didn’t know my hair and eye color already, they certainly didn’t notice it the last two days. Their eyes danced from my cleavage to my legs then back to my cleavage, for two days I think that is all they saw of me.

Thursday night I told Jay how the attorneys had ogled me the past two days. Jay found the attention I was receiving a turn on and a boost to his ego; but, only after I assured Jay I belonged to him and him only, that the attorneys with their high profile positions and thick wallets could never make me be unfaithful to my Sir. With all the attorneys had going for them, this sexy horny slut belonged to her son.

Jay had asked me to dress sexy Friday, my last day, none of my usual business attire, He seemed to want to really make the attorneys hot for me, have me tease them, Jay knowing they couldn’t have me. What could they do, fire me. Jay picked a sexy short blue wrap dress from my closet. The wrap showed lots of cleavage at the top, and at the bottom it opened with each step giving a peep of my inner thighs almost to my pussy, and with the fishnet lace-top thigh highs Jay suggested the tops would certainly be visible. Shoes would be blue six inch pump heels with two inch platforms in front. Jay had me search for a black ribbon choker that fit tight around my neck, again signifying to me, that I was owned by him.

When I asked what underthings my sir would like me to wear, I became anxious when he replied ‘none’. Jay had seen how my tits sway back and forth in a loose top, my nipples staying hard rubbing against the fabric; and this is how he wanted me to keep the attorneys turned on all day with the teasing. As if that wasn’t enough, I was instructed to cross my legs often allowing the dress to open very high on my thighs, and when I was moving my legs I was to give the attorneys a quick glimpse of my bare cunt. When I started to protest Jay reminded me there was nothing to worry about, I start with Carl on Monday and besides, if they said anything to Mr. Jones, about my dress or actions that Carl not only approved, but preferred I expressed my sexual side.

That night Jay had me give him a blow-job and he ate my cunt teasing me, holding me on the edge of orgasm for over an hour but denied me the pleasure of cumming. He said he wanted me horny and turned-on for tomorrow. Jay already knew me too well, he knew that when I am horny I am less inhibited and will show and tease more than usual.

Friday morning, I woke to Jay eating my cunt, taking me to the brink of orgasm again, and then smiling a devilish smile as he went to shower and get ready for school. I smirked and glared back at him.

“Enjoy your day mom!” as he walked away laughing.

I wasn’t sure what the day had in store for me but I did plan on enjoying it. I showered and got dressed; Jay had an excellent eye for making his mom look sexy. Seeing myself in the mirror I even turned myself on; I slipped a hand between the opening created by the wrap and felt my pussy, already moist and horny anticipating the day ahead.

My phone chimed on the way to work, once parked I checked it, a text from Jay.

“Drive them crazy mom, my cock is hard thinking how sexy you look.”

I text back, “Thank you Sir, I am horny as hell because of you! xoxoxo Mom.”

When I walked into the office there was a huge banner ‘We Wish You the Best’. Everyone had gotten there early to make this day special for me; but, when they saw how I was dressed they all stopped, then clapped, even a few catcalls and whistles from both the guys and girls. I got a hug from everyone and a couple of ass grabs from the head partners. I blushed politely pushing their hands away. There was cake and champagne for everyone, there wasn’t much work going to get done today.

Of the five partners in the firm, only one had to be at court; and he was only gone a couple hours. Each wanted to spend private time with me, they looked at me as if I wasn’t dressed at all, and I loved it! As expected my tits swaying kept my nipples rock hard all day, which reminded my cunt how badly Jay had built my need for orgasm.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent saying good bye, to each of the partners one by one in their individual offices. They flirted of course, how could they not the way I was dressed, which was only encouraged by me uncrossing and crossing my legs as instructed by Jay causing the shyest of the partners to choke as he sipped his champagne. All but the shy partner invited me out for dinner, which I politely declined; but only made my sexual need even worse.

Thinking back to Jay’s text, ‘Drive them crazy mom’, I stepped up my part of the flirting when in the office of the most arrogant and narcissistic of all the partners. I allowed the wrap opening of my dress to slide way past the tops of my stockings when I crossed my legs. After seeing his reaction and him puffing his chest out farther, him thinking he had a chance of getting into my son’s pussy; I teased even more. I helped my dress open even more by discreetly pushing the material off both thighs; my dress now open almost to my waist. I relaxed how I had my legs crossed, knowing he could now easily see up my dress, knowing for sure I wasn’t wearing panties.

When I uncrossed my legs and sat with them slightly parted, showing him my swollen horny cunt he moved directly in front of me resting his ass on the front of his desk, his cock obviously hard; and big! No wonder he was so arrogant around women, he had the equipment to back it up. Without realizing it, I was biting my upper lip as I stared at the bulge in his slacks. He stood boldly ‘adjusting’ himself then walked to the door locking it.

Walking back he touched my shoulder, oh god it felt so good, I was so horny. He ran his fingers from one shoulder to the other across the front of my chest pushing the top of my dress open wide almost causing my tits to spill out. When his hand went from my shoulder to my hair, gently grasping a handful, I almost came right there. I am such a sub, a slut and so horny, this was all it took, he was taking control and I am weak when it comes to a man taking control. My mind said I must resist but my body wasn’t stopping him. I moaned as his grasp in my hair got tighter.

“You like that don’t you Fay!”

It wasn’t a question, but a statement, he knew I liked it.

“Ohhh yes Roger, that feels sooo good” as I leaned my head back and cooed a lustful moan.

“I have watched you the entire time you have worked here Fay, I saw that sexy body you kept hidden underneath your conservative business suits; and today you confirmed it. You are a sexy little slut. I have wanted to fuck you for a long time.”

“I know you have Roger; I noticed the way you looked at me and tried flirting with me.”

Had Jay made a mistake sending his slut mom to work so horny, dressed so revealing? Roger’s hands and nasty talk had turned the tables, I was no longer in control, and this wasn’t just teasing anymore. I was horny and needing cock. Roger pulled my head back even farther, then he kissed me; and I kissed him back. I groaned and spread my legs wide, thrusting my hips as if fucking when his teeth went to my throat, light bites down to my chest. Roger was hitting all the right spots. He reached between my legs and felt how wet my cunt was; I pushed my cunt against his hand. Fuck, he was driving me crazy!

“Just as I always thought Fay, you like it a little rough. Now I am going to get some of that sweet little pussy before you leave.”

“No Roger, you can’t, I can’t; it’s not going to happen”, but I still wasn’t doing anything to discourage or stop him.

He pushed the dress off my shoulders causing it to fall to my waist, my tits now completely exposed as my breathing became heavy, my chest rising and falling pushing my full tits out begging for attention. Still pulling my hair; he rolled, pinched and pulled my nipples with the other hand. I groaned even louder. Roger, knowing he needed to keep me quiet, pulled his tie from around his neck and used it as a gag. He grabbed my hair again and pulled my head back sharply as he stepped between my knees spreading my legs; the bulge of his cock in his slacks was only inches from my face.

“You like this don’t you Fay; you see how big my cock is in my pants, you want it don’t you?”

“Uh huh” is all I could mutter through the gag.

“Take it out Fay, you know you want it.”

I muttered again through the gag “Uh huh.”

As if in a trance, my hands went to his belt, unfastened his slacks and slid the zipper down; then reaching inside his underwear I fished out one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. He was no longer than Jay but much thicker. Using the precum already dripping from the head, I stroked him feeling the strength of his thick hard cock. Roger removed his tie from my mouth, my lips parted, I flicked my tongue side to side and pulled the head of his cock toward my mouth; just as my lips touched the head my phoned chimed bringing me back to reality.

I reached for my phone and it was a text from Jay that simply read “Sir loves his slut”. I let go of Roger’s cock and sat back in the chair. What was I doing, I couldn’t do this to Jay, I didn’t want to do this, not without Jay’s permission, I belonged to him. Yes, I was horny and needing cock, needing fucked but I wasn’t going to do this. I had no interest in Roger; for the most part I always thought he was an arrogant ass who treated women like just another accomplishment he deserved.

I let go of Roger’s cock and excused myself. He protested asking ‘what the fuck’. I pulled my dress up over my shoulders and straightened my hair best I could. I grabbed my phone and headed for the door.

“Fay, what the fuck was that? If this is your idea of a fucking joke, it is cruel as hell. Where the fuck are you going?”

“Roger, I never meant too… I mean I wasn’t teasing, I can’t, I’ll... I’ll be right back, I promise.”

I rushed to the ladies room and texted Jay, ‘We need to talk.’ In a couple minutes Jay called.

“Sir, I need to tell you something.”

“Slow down mom, what’s wrong?”

“Jay, I was teasing like you asked, I was having fun. I was so horny. I let Roger get too close and he grabbed my hair. I couldn’t resist I was so horny. Jay, he felt my cunt, your cunt; he felt how wet and horny I was. Then he kissed me and bit my neck, he pinched and pulled my nipples. I lost control Jay. Before I knew it I had his cock out and it was at my lips when you text. Please don’t be mad Sir, please?”

The tone in Jay’s voice changed, it wasn’t so much concern now.

“Slut, where are you?”

“I am in the ladies room at the office Sir. I ran out as soon as I got your text. I didn’t actually do anything Sir; really, I didn’t. But I promised Roger I would come back when I ran out. What do I do Sir, I have to go back and tell him something, I promised?”

“Mom, I’m not happy about this. You said you weren’t attracted to any of the attorneys there.”

“Jay, I’m not. I don’t want any of them, I want you. I am weak Jay, I let him get too close and I was so horny, once he had his hand in my hair he had me. I am weak Jay. I am so sorry. What do I do? Can you come get me?”

“Mom, are you in any danger?”

“No Jay, I am safe.”

“Mom, I have a test next period and I lose twenty-five points if I miss it without a previously approved excuse. I am barely carrying a “B” in that class the way it is, I can’t afford to lose the twenty-five points unless you’re in danger.”

“I am safe Jay, I understand, but what do I say, what do I do? I have to tell Roger something; and I need to say good bye to the others?”

“Slut, you got yourself into this, and neither I nor Pops is there to bail you out. Since you’re safe and not in any danger, do what you have to do to get out of this and I will deal with your slut ass when I get home; understood?”

“Yes Sir, I am so sorry. I will do whatever I have to do to. I know I upset you Sir and I am so sorry.”

“I have to go mom, see you when I get home. Be careful; I love you mom.”

Jay was truly mature beyond his years; even though he was upset with me he still told me he loved me. I cried. I didn’t deserve him; he deserved someone better than me. I sat down for a few minutes and thought how I would deal with Roger. I didn’t have to go back, I didn’t owe him anything but I had made a promise. Besides, Roger had now discovered my secret that I am a weak horny slut who will give in to sex with any man who takes control.

But no more, not after today, I belong to Jay. But I had to make sure Roger didn’t start spreading any rumors about me throughout the professional law community. People can think whatever they want but I couldn’t have Roger telling what had happened, how easily he brought the slut out in me.

I walked into Roger’s office, closed and locked the door.

“Welcome back slut, I knew you couldn’t resist my big cock once you got your hands on it.”

“That’s right Roger, I came back, I couldn’t resist. Now, are you ready to experience what you have, up to now, only fantasized about?”

“Fuck yes baby, I’m ready!”

I took Roger by the hand and led him behind his desk and pushed him back into his chair. I slipped my dress off my shoulders and squeezed my tits.

“You like these Roger? Did you like the feeling of these? They’re wonderful aren’t they? But, you want more, you are interested in more than my nice big tits aren’t you?”

“Fay, you know any man would love your wonderful firm tits; fuck, they are even better than I imagined. But, I have felt them already, now I want more.”

Roger reached for my arm but I pulled away. Still squeezing my tits I put my plan into action. Jay said to do whatever I had to do; well; this is what I had to do to make sure Roger didn’t cause any problems

“Oh Roger, you had me so wet and horny before, I have to have your hard cock, I have to feel it inside me. I want to taste you first.”

I dropped to my knees in front of him. He hadn’t fastened his slacks so all I had to do was pull the zipper down. Hooking my fingers in both his slacks and underwear I slid them to his ankles. I grabbed his cock licking the head then pushed my mouth down letting his cock force my lips apart. I must admit, his cock did feel good in my mouth; I was going to enjoy this in more ways than one. Soon slurping sounds of me sucking his cock like a vacuum filled the room and Roger began to talk softly.

“Oh fuck Fay; you really know how to suck a cock. I came to my office many days and jacked off thinking about how good your soft pink lips would feel on my cock. Now that they’re there for real, they feel even better than I imagined. Fuck me Fay, keep going; take my cock deep baby.”

I didn’t disappoint him; I pushed my mouth down until his cock popped into my throat then I swallowed causing the muscles in my throat to massage the head of his cock. This just about drove Roger over the edge.

“Oh fuck, oh damn! I can’t take much more of that baby. You keep that up and I am gonna cum. But I know you won’t make me cum, you got to have this big cock in your tight little whore pussy before you leave.”

I pulled my mouth off him, this was working perfectly. I had Roger right where I wanted him, thinking he was still in control.

“You’re right Roger; I have to feel that monster cock inside me. Are you going give it to me, are you going let this slut ride your big hard cock?”

I stood and let my dress fall to the floor as I was talking, then I sat on Roger’s desk in front of him fingering my cunt.

“Whatever you want baby, ride it, me fuck you; I just know you can’t resist feeling this big cock stretching you.”

I pulled open one of the drawers on Roger’s desk. Roger had asked me to get him a writing tablet out of his desk a few months ago and I discovered a little secret hidden under the tablets. No doubt something he had used with female summer interns when he was giving them ‘professional advice’ behind closed doors.

“How about we use these?” I suggested as I dangled a set of handcuffs in front of him.

“Oh hell yes! You’re even kinkier than I thought. Come here baby and I will put them on you.”

“Oh no, these aren’t for me, they’re for you. Once I lower my cunt on your cock I don’t want any interruptions while I am riding your huge meat.”

To make sure I wouldn’t get any objections, I pulled Roger’s hand between my legs and let him slide a couple fingers inside me. I might have been playing a game with him, but I am still a slut; and sucking his thick hard cock had me dripping wet. I spun Roger’s chair around and pulled his hands behind him. Thankfully there was an opening to run the chain that connected the cuffs through and soon Roger’s hands were bound behind him securing him to the chair.

“Oh damn Fay; this is fucking hot! Give me that pussy baby, ride this cock. You’re going to be a pegged whore once this cock is inside you; you will be mine; coming back for more anytime I want!”

Turning the chair back around, I thought about leaving then, but I was both selfish and an evil bitch. I turned my back to him and straddled his legs. I grabbed his cock and directed to my horny cunt. Yes I was curious what it felt like, just how much it would stretch me? But I also wanted to give Roger the ultimate tease. I lowered my cunt onto his cock, slowly working it inside until I was sitting all the way down in his lap. He did have a nice cock; my pussy was stretched to the max. I started bouncing up and down on his cock, letting him get a good feel of how this slut could fuck, feeling my cunt squeezing his cock coaxing cum from his balls.

“Fuck me bitch, fuck that cock, you can’t get enough can you? Fuck yes! You’re cunt ain’t gonna be no good for any man’s cock but mine from now on!”

“That’s where you’re wrong Roger.”

I stood up pulling my cunt off his cock.

“No baby, don’t stop. I was about to cum; please don’t leave me like this.”

I turned around placing my hands on each side of his chair staring him in the face.

“Roger, this cunt belongs to only one man, and it isn’t you. He is more man than you will ever dream of being. Now, you just remember how good this cunt felt on your cock, because you will never get that close to it again. Every time you see me from now on you will remember how good this cunt felt and you will ache because you didn’t get to fill it with cum. You will remember how you only got a little taste but was left high and dry. Well, not dry, you do have my sweet pussy juice all over you.”

I slipped my dress over my head, picked up the keys for the cuffs.

“Damn it Fay, where do you think you’re going? Leaving me with blue balls is bad enough, but you have to open these cuffs before you leave.”

“Roger, I don’t have to do anything you say anymore. And, if I ever hear you tell anyone what happened here today, I will make sure you regret it. Do you hear me, do you understand me?”

Then I snapped four or five pictures with my phone to make sure he wouldn’t say anything.

“Roger, you know I am going to work for Carl Jones, right? I think if either he or I ever hear you said anything, Mr. Jones will know what to do with these pictures to make you regret it. Oh, by the way Brenda will come with the keys in a few minutes to let you go, and if you know what’s good for you, you won’t tell her anything. Brenda and I have become quite close while I worked here, I know I can trust her; I know too much dirt on her for her to say anything about what she finds. You better just let her guess what happened here.”

“Please Fay, let me go, I won’t say anything; please Fay, please?”

“No Roger, I saw you fuck over too many people over the years I worked here, I don’t trust you. This way I also have Brenda to say who got fucked, and it sure wasn’t me! ”

I turned and walked out his door closing it behind me. I went to Brenda and slipped her the keys, telling her Roger was ‘tied up’ in his office; she looked at me and we both laughed, evidently she knew a set of keys for handcuffs when she saw them. I hugged her neck telling her she was my best friend in the office and I was going to miss her, and that she might want to go check on Roger.

I went through the office telling everyone good bye and just as I finished Brenda was coming out of Roger’s office with her phone in her hand. She held it up toward me; she obviously wanted some pictures of her own. Now Roger would never treat her as a piece of shit again either. I laughed as I stepped outside, still laughing as I pulled away.

However the laughter didn’t last long, the reality of facing Jay when he got home was sinking in. I knew I had done wrong; I had to learn to control myself and not let any man besides Jay control me ever again. I was Jay’s slut, and his only, I would have to face whatever punishment he decided was proper for what I had done.

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Posted 15 Aug 2013 06:00
I love your use of the word "cunt."
It's a turn-on and suits the tone of the story.
Posted 18 Jun 2013 16:47
An awesome story, I love mom/son fuckfest stories anyway, but this is a good one. I discovered this series at #10 so now I'm back to the start to enjoy them more fully! 5 Stars from me!
Posted 05 Jun 2013 21:03
great story really worth the wait hope u keep going
Posted 26 May 2013 09:13
That was so nice
Posted 25 May 2013 07:31
Most enjoyable reading, good detail building to a nice climax
Posted 21 May 2013 11:18
great story hope you keep it going.
Posted 20 May 2013 17:47
Awesome. Fay you are a complete Slut & Whore. You were bad and also good in the way you finished off Roger. Yes you'll pay for it when you get home, but Jay is worth it. "V=5X5+++."

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