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My son Jay, Part 5 - The transition begins

Jay gets his first glimpse at his mommy slut
Thank You Sir Ryder Your ideas are invaluable

The unmistakable sounds of Jay trotting down the stairs echoed thru the house. Sir instructed his slut to sit in the chair; at first sitting with her legs crossed like a proper lady, but with the dress so short crossing my legs exposed my thighs and curvature of my ass. The thigh highs barely came to the bottom of the dress when standing, but sitting like this there was plenty of skin between the hem and the tops of the thigh highs.

As Jay walked into the room, he stopped dead in his tracks, having never seen mom dressed this way. He started to speak, but Sir called Jay over to sit on the sofa beside him. They faced me, Jay looking me up and down, clearly confused what was expected of him, what he was to do.

“slut, stand and show Jay what he has to look forward to.”

Jay’s face quickly grew red as he protested,

“Pops, please don’t call mom a slut, she isn’t a slut, and she is my mom! That is mean of you to call her a slut”

“Jay, I am not calling her a slut, she is a slut, it is her role. A role she has learned to accept, a role she knew she has always been, a slut to powerful men. I merely gave her permission to be proud of her role and taught her how to keep it under control. It is a term of endearment, not a derogatory term. It is a term she will gladly accept you calling her, a term she needs you to call her. Only you will refer to her as ‘mommy slut’.”

“Pops, I can’t do that, I can’t just call my mom a slut. It isn’t right?”

“Jay, not only is it right, it will be your relationship with your mom from now on, a relationship she needs, and she needs you to take over this role in her life.”

“And Pops, just what role is that?”

“Jay, you will be her Dom...”

Jay interrupts,

“Her Dom? What do you mean her Dom? What the hell is that?”

“Just listen and learn Jay, you will see this is what your mom needs. You will have complete control of your mom, but, this control must be used carefully, always showing respect and appreciation for her role as your sub, your slut.”

“Now Jay, from now on she is not just your mom, she is here to serve you, she needs you to tell her what to do, without your direction she will be lost. Your direction also includes having her do things for you, she gets her pleasure from pleasing you. And, she has strong sexual desires that must be satisfied or she will end up going elsewhere to fulfill them, thus the title of slut, which she answers to proudly. She is always to do as you ask and when alone with you, as Dom and sub, she will only speak when spoken too. But, you must never use this control for abuse. Now it is time to ask your slut to do something for you.”

“Get me a soda from the fridge.”

“Yes Sir” Not what I was expecting to be asked, but I could see Jay was nervous and not exactly sure what to do. I did as asked then sat back down in the chair and crossed my legs like before.

“Very good Jay. See, she will do whatever you ask. Now, tonight she is not only here to serve you by getting whatever you want, she is also here to serve you with physical pleasure as well, any way you want.”

“But Pops, I can’t do this. Not with my mom, not with you here.”

“Jay, do you love your mom? Do you want to see her hurt? She needs you, she needs this, she needs to be treated as the slut she is by you, if not you, she will find someone else. Do you want a stranger treating your mom this way, a stranger who will probably only use, and abuse her, with your mom eventually being hurt, being hurt both mentally and physically?”

“Yes Pops, I love mom and want to take care of her, I don’t want her to be hurt. If this is what is best for her I will try to do it. Pops, where do I start?”

“Ask her to do something, anythingthat you would like tohave a girl do for you, anything that you would like.”

I could see Jay thinking nervously, stuttering as he started to speak, I didn’t know what to expect.

I felt uneasy also, but like dad said, I knew I needed this, Jay had to find the strength and courage to do this. Even though Jay is my son, I wanted him to succeed, I would do anything for him.

“Mom, I…..”

“No Jay, as your sub she is not ‘mom’, she is your sub, your slut and is to be treated as such”

“Sl…. slu….. slut, uncross your legs and show me your, um….”

“Jay, say it, talk like you would if you had a girl from school willing to do anything you want, your wish is her command.”

“Ok Pops. Slut, uncross your legs and show me your pussy.”

I uncrossed my legs and spread them wide, however, Jay still could not see my pussy due to the narrow strip of material of the G-string covering my cunt.

“Jay, keep going.”

”Turn around and bend over showing me your ass”

I did as directed. I stood, turned around and grabbed the back of the chair, bending over showing my nice round bare ass to them with the thin string tight between my ass cheeks. Just for kicks I shook my ass at Jay hoping to urge him on.

“Pops, I don’t know what to say next, help me?”

“Ok, son, I didn’t expect you to get this the very first time. Slut, take off your dress.”

I undid the tie at my waist, pulled the top open, and off my shoulders allowing the dress to fall to the floor. Instantly I felt so exposed, standing there in my sexy lace bra, G-string, thigh highs and fuck me heels in front of my dad and son. But, I felt the slut side of me taking over my body, my cunt was growing very wet in anticipation.

“Jay, take a seat in the chair. Slut, give your new Sir a proper lap dance.”

“Yes Sir.”

Jay passed by me and sat down. Dad clicked a sexy song on the stereo. I started by putting my hands on the back of the chair, his head between my arms. I leaned in and brushed my bra covered tits against his face. I could feel the fuzz of his young beard against my sensitive skin. Reaching between my breasts I unclasped the bra. I seductively pulled each cup from my full firm tits, exposing my already erect hard nipples. Straightening my arms back, the bra fell to the floor. I pulled Jay’s face hard between my tits, thinking it wasn’t that long ago he was suckling at my breasts as a child.

I turned and pressed my ass down in Jay’s lap, feeling his hard young cock straining against his pants, against my ass cheeks. I slid my fingers into the waistband of my G-string pulling them from my hips, then bending at the waist I lower them to my feet in one quick move. This gives Jay a good look at my cunt, wet and glistening only inches from his face. After turning around I sat in Jay’s lap, ground my cunt against the huge bulge in his pants, then, I kissed him, I kissed him as passionately as I had ever kissed a man. I don’t know what came over me but it felt so right, not to kiss my son but to kiss my Sir. I stood and walked around behind the chair, behind Jay, stopped and looked at dad. I was completely exposed now except for the thigh highs that had the word slut from thigh to toe and the cum-fuck-me heels.

“Very good my slut; now Jay, what would you like next?”

“I would like some more of what I had last night, is that ok/”

“Of course it is Jay, but you will need to tell her.”

“Mom, I mean slut, I want more of what you gave me last night.”

“Yes Sir.” I dropped to my knees in front of my son, unfastened his pants and released his hard cock. The head was shiny with precum and I swear it was even bigger than last night. I swirled my tongue around the head savoring the taste of the sweet clear liquid oozing from his cock. Sliding my mouth down working the edge of the head of his cock with my lips, I felt Jay’s body jerk and his hand instinctively move to the back of my head. Whether he knew it or not, he was pushing my head down, causing more of his cock to disappear inside my mouth.

I felt hands on my hips, it was dad lifting me to my feet and spreading my legs. I wanted to look around and see what was going on behind me, but Jay’s hand had a firm grasp of my hair, so I had no choice but to continue making love to his cock with my mouth. I felt dad’s cock sliding between the moist velvet folds of my cunt, then pop inside. When he pushed all the way inside I gasp, which must have startled Jay causing him to realize dad had joined us.

“Pops, what are you doing?”

“Never mind son, she is our slut, for now, she will get to enjoy the attention from both of us. You like that don’t you slut, you want it that way don’t you?”

All I could do was mumble “Um hum” with my mouth full of Jay’s cock.

“Oh my god, I never dreamed this would happen to me. The person I have dreamed about all my life, the most beautiful sexy woman in the world is mine, ours. I am gonna cum, I can’t hold back any longer!”

And with that Jay’s cock spurted in my mouth, his young balls had already built up an enormous supply of cum from last night. I choked and cum spurted out my nose. Dad was no help either, each thrust of his cock from behind kept Jay’s cock deep in my mouth. I continued to suck until Jay’s cock softened, Jay pushed me away due to his cock being hyper-sensitive from just having cum.

Dad pulled out and led me to the sofa. He guided me back and spread my legs wide; lowering between them he easily slid back in my now soaking wet cunt. I hadn’t even cum yet and my juices ran like a river from me. Dad was pounding into me now, harder than usual, talking nasty to his slut, obviously putting on a show for Jay showing him how it is done.

“Take it slut, you love cock don’t you, you need cock, you have to have cock and cum to live don’t you? Tell him slut, tell your new Sir what you need”

“Yes Sir, I am a slut, I need cock and cum. Jay/Sir, your mom is your slut now, and you can have whatever you want anytime you want. I am your mommy slut to use any way you want, I live to please you. Please Jay/Sir; will you take care of your mommy slut?”

“Yes mommy slut, I am looking forward to learning more of what you need, and taking care of you, this is going to be the best times of my life. Slut, will you really do anything I want, anytime I want? I can have your mouth, your pussy, even your ass if I want it?”

“Yes Sir, it is yours, all you need do is ask, I want to give you anything you want. I am yours, all of me, heart, body, and mind.”

Evidently this was more than dad could handle, his body stiffened and he pushed in hard. My proclamation of loyalty and obedience had spawned an orgasm of my own.

“Cum with me Sir, please oh please give your slut your hot cum, I want it, I need it.”

Dad grunted loud and emptied his cum deep in my cunt just as I gushed soaking both of us. I can’t remember when I have cum so hard. My whole body shook, I actually think I blacked out for a few seconds. When I could see again dad was fastening his pants and Jay’s cock was standing hard and proud again. Somehow my legs were still spread wide and Jay could see his Pop’s cum running out of me and down my ass onto the sofa.

Dad looked at Jay, “Son, put that thing away for now, we haven’t had dinner, our slut will take care of that later.”

Dad did let me catch my breath, then he instructed me to get dressed for dinner. I gathered my clothes to head for the shower but dad stopped me.

“No slut, you will wear the outfit you had on, your Sirs are taking their slut out tonigh,t and she will be dressed appropriately.”

Dad helped me stand and when he did cum ran down both legs. I asked dad to let me clean up but he instructed me the cum running down my legs only added to the proper look of a slut. I pulled the G-string over my cum soaked cunt, snapped the bra around me, adjusting my tits inside, then slid the dress over my head. Dad did at least allow me to attempt to brush the ‘just fucked look’ out of my hair. When I returned dad and Jay waited for me at the door.

Thankfully dad is a kind and considerate man, he chose a nice restaurant with very dim lighting. Only the three of us knew about the cum running down my legs, well, except maybe for the couple sitting by the door, where the light was better. His mouth fell open and his wife kicked him underneath the table for looking at the obviously just fucked slut.

Dinner was uneventful but for even more cum slipping out around the fabric of my G-string onto my chair. Whoever sat there next was in for a big surprise! Jay asked more questions about the dynamics of our new relationship and dad calmly answered as best he could. This was something where time and experience would be the best teacher.

The ride home turned out to be a little more exciting than dinner. Dad had me sit in the back with Jay. I must have dozed off, tired from the activities of last night and during the day. My legs must have fallen apart exposing my cum soaked G-string when I fell asleep, and I thought I was dreaming, when I felt a hand sliding up my stocking clad legs. In my dream the hand was sliding up the inside of my thigh, past the tops of the thigh highs brushing along the bare skin moving higher, until the fingers pressed the wet material against my clit. I remember moaning and opening my legs farther to allow the hand better access, but I still thought it was just a dream until the fingers pulled the G-string to the side and slid inside me. Fuck they felt so good!

I hunched my cunt onto the fingers and sunk farther down into the seat, moaning eyes slightly parted. It wasn’t a dream. The fingers inside me were my son’s fingers and he was picking up the pace fucking them in and out of me. Oh damn it felt good! I decided to continue the ruse of being asleep only slightly parting my eyes.

Dad had adjusted the mirror to see me, he knew I wasn’t asleep, he had been watching the entire scene. He knew what Jay was doing and also had seen me turn my head toward Jay. Thankfully traffic was light and dad didn’t have to pay close attention to the road. I needed to squirm so bad, Jay’s fingers were bringing me close, ever closer to orgasm. I looked to the mirror and dad saw me looking. He shook his head ‘no’. Dad knew I needed to cum but he wasn’t going to give me permission.

My cunt was on fire now aching to cum and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. I couldn’t hold still any longer and when my hips jerked forward it must have startled Jay, he quickly pulled his hand away. I guess he didn’t want to be caught taking advantage of mommy, asleep with her legs spread, her G-string covered cunt easily accessible to him.

Jay’s fingers quickly sliding out of me was both painful and a relief, painful because my cunt ached for more and a relief because I couldn’t have held out much longer, without cumming, permission or not. I closed my eyes tight, tensing every muscle in my body trying not to scream. Soon my cunt started to calm, and I was almost asleep again when dad pulled into my drive.

Once inside dad realized I was worn out and he knew Jay needed sleep also. Dad sent Jay to his room and in my room, dad helped me undress and into the shower. I quickly washed and joined dad in bed. Cuddled next to his strong body it wasn’t long until I was dreaming for real. The events of the last 24 to 48 hours repeatedly running through my head.

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Posted 23 Nov 2012 12:14
A wonderful piece of work. One of my absolute favourites of all time. I can hardly wait for more.
Posted 21 Nov 2012 13:38
Fantastic chapter. Absolutely live your stories - incredibly hot and sexy!
Posted 21 Nov 2012 00:01
Posted 20 Nov 2012 21:15
Wonderful series... Keep them coming! 5++
Posted 20 Nov 2012 21:06
Beautiful. The next chapter will tell more of Jay being a Dom to his Slut/Mom, & her being his Slut, right. Cain't wait. "V=5++++."

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