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My Son Jay part 6 the transition continues

Jay finally finds out what its like to have a slut of his own
The next morning I felt beside me and again dad was up first. The smell of fresh coffee wafted up the stairs filling my nostrils. My feet now on the floor, I instinctively reached for my robe but then remembered what dad had said. I staggered down the stairs my eyes still foggy and unfocused. Dad was watching some Sunday morning news show sitting in his favorite chair I had bought especially for him when he visited.

“Good Morning my slut”, I thought you were going to sleep all morning.”

“Good morning Sir, how long have you been up?”

“I have been up a couple hours, I knew you were tired last night and you needed your rest for what I have planned for my slut today.”

“Oh, and what does my Sir have planned for today?”

“You will find out soon enough, I am not going to reveal anything until it is time, teasing my slut and keeping her in suspense is part of the fun!”

“Oh Sir, you always were a big tease, even when I was a little girl. You would never give me hints what I was getting for Christmas or the presents on my birthday; teasing me by saying it is something I have always wanted then it would be something totally different, something I hadn’t asked for, something much, much better. You have always known me so well and known what I needed verses what I wanted. Shall I wake Jay and start breakfast?”

“No, we will take care of breakfast later. Sir wants his slut to take a long shower, making sure she is squeaky clean, and then return here for your next instructions. Of course slut is to remain naked until given permission otherwise.”

“Yes Sir, see you in a bit.”

Back upstairs I decided to poke my head into Jay’s room and check on him. He was still asleep but like most young boys, and many men, his cock formed a tent under the sheet. The slut side of me wanted to feel his cock in my mouth again, but Sir had not given me permission, I tore myself away and went to the shower.

The hot water sprinkled my body, I was careful to make sure every crevasse was clean just as Sir asked. While I dried my hair with the towel, I heard Jay exit from the hall bathroom and bounced down the stairs. I was a little disappointed he was already awake, as I was hoping to get the chance to wake him again this morning, the same as I woke him yesterday. I finished in the master bath, chose a pair of sexy CFM heels, that pushed my naked ass up and made it look great as I walked. It was mid-morning now as I carefully took each step of the stairs, joining dad and Jay downstairs.

Hearing my heels clacking on the hardwood floor, Jay turned and even after Friday night and all day yesterday, he still had a shocked expression on his face, to see mommy naked except for the heels. Only this time he smiled.

“Damn mom, you look great!”

“Why, thank you young Sir that is kind of you to say,” flashing Jay a flirty smile.

Jay seemed very pleased that mommy was flirting with him, and mommy was walking around naked in front of him, like it was natural, like something I had done all his life. Dad spoke up before I sat down.

“Slut, get yourself and Sir a fresh cup of coffee and get your young Sir a glass of juice.”

“Yes Sir,” and I turned and went back to the kitchen. I heard dad talking with Jay but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Returning to the den I handed dad his coffee and joined Jay on the sofa handing him his juice. Dad asked Jay if he had any questions about the past couple days.

“My only question is are you sure mom is ok with this and…” turning looking at me “do I really have total control over you now mom?”

Dad answered first “Yes Jay, she is fine with this, not only is she fine with it, this is something she needs, she must have. If it isn’t you, it will be someone else, and your mom and I both agree, the person to Dom your mom must be you. She belongs to you now; you have total control over your mom, total control within the limits I just gave you. Take the list to your room and study it, memorize it if you have to, as it will be the basis for your relationship with your mom now.”

“Yes Pops, I want to make both you and mom proud of me, I want to do the best I can.”

“Your mom and I will prepare breakfast while you study the list, I will call for you when it is ready.”

Jay disappeared up the stairs as dad and I went to the kitchen. Dad made small talk, giving the new family dynamics a rest, asking how my job was going, and how Jay was doing in school; what were Jay’s plans after graduation. Almost an hour had passed when dad yelled upstairs for Jay to join us at the table. Out of respect when Jay entered the room I stood, and didn’t sit until Jay was comfortable, and had everything he needed to eat his meal.

“Jay, what do you think of the list, any questions?”

“Pops, half of the stuff on the list I have never heard of.”

“Don’t worry Jay, your new slut and I will help you with anything you don’t understand.”

The rest of the conversation was dad asking Jay what happened at school that had him so frustrated Friday afternoon. Jay explained there was a girl in his science class he’d had a crush on for months, trouble was she was a cheerleader, and Jay was somewhat of a bookworm and a geek. Jay had finally gotten the courage to talk to her, and ask her to the spring dance. Jay explained, she gave him a look as if to ask who did he think he is, a geek asking a cheerleader to the dance. She gave him a flat ‘no’, but the worst thing is, she told the other cheerleaders, and all of the football team about the geek thinking he could ask a cheerleader to the dance. Jay explained he was crushed, embarrassed, and humiliated in front of the entire school; and for what, simply asking a girl out. Jay said he was through with the girls, girls are pretentious bitches, and who needs them anyway. Then Jay looked at me, realizing I am a ‘girl’.

“But not you mom, you’re different, you’re grown up, you’re the best! The girls at school only wish they were as sexy as you.”

I blushed, “Thank you Sir, but I don’t think so”. While I know I am a fairly sexy woman I don’t think I could hold a candle to the tight body of a high school girl.

“Its true mom, all my friends think you are a MILF, they talk about you all the time, telling me how lucky I am to have such a sexy mom.”

“Jay, if they only knew how lucky you really are, to have a mom that is a slut for you, that needs to be a slut for you, a mom that wants nothing more than to please you in any way you want.”

“Yeah Pops, I am the luckiest guy in school” and Jay turned to me and smiled, mouthing a silent “Thank you”.

I smiled back and answer “You’re welcome Sir” with no sound, only moving my lips.

“Now Jay, I need you to go upstairs and shower, I have a big day planned. You still have more to learn about your new relationship with your mom before I leave later this afternoon.”

“Ok Pops” and Jay politely excused himself from the table.

Jay really had grown into a nice polite young man, and I know I am biased, but if the girls would take the time, to see through the high school geek persona they would see jay is also a very handsome young man. I smiled with pride as I heard Jay taking the stairs two at a time up to his room.

Once Jay was gone, dad began to explain the plans for the rest of the day. The thought struck me that after today Jay and I would be alone until next weekend when dad said he would come back to check on us. Jay and I had to take advantage of every minute we had with dad today or we would be lost when he left. I helped dad clear the table, then went upstairs to the master bath as dad had instructed. I gathered my razor and shower gel and slipped into the hall bathroom where Jay was still in the shower. I startled Jay when I spoke; he obviously hadn’t heard me come in.

“Mom, what are you doing in here, I am in the shower.”

“Sir, after the past couple days, do you really think seeing you naked in the shower is an issue?”

“No, I guess not, but what are you doing in here, what do you want?”

“Your grandfather sent me up here to help you.” and I pulled back the shower curtain. Jay’s eyes were as round as saucers when he saw me holding the razor and the shower gel.

“Mom, what do you plan on doing with that, if you need to shave your legs can’t you do it in your bathroom?”

“I have already shaved my legs this morning; I am here to show you what a man is to do for his lover or lovers.”

“And, what is that mom?”

“Today, you learn about ‘man-scaping’, a woman doesn’t care for hairs in her mouth when she is sucking cock, just as most men don’t like a thick furry bush when eating pussy. And, there is another advantage to man-scaping which, you will agree with when I am finished; it is the simplest way to get what appears to be an extra inch or more to the length of your cock.”

“And, how do you plan on doing that mom?”

“Hold still and spread your legs,” I got in the shower with Jay. His cock was almost completely hard from just the two of us talking. Applying an ample amount of gel to my hands I spread it all around Jay’s groin and halfway up his cock. Then I took the razor and moved toward him with it.

“Mom, no, you’re going to cut me with that.”

“Now Jay/Sir, I have been doing this for longer than you have been born, don’t you think I know a thing or two about shaving genitals? I won’t cut you, I will be very careful. I would never harm my Sir’s beautiful young hard cock,” and I lovingly kissed the head of his cock tasting the sweet precum oozing out.

“I guess you’re right mom, and I did notice you are shaved completely smooth down there, it looks so damn sexy mom; do you think any of the girls at school shave their pussies?”

I answered him, as I began to shave his now very hard cock, “Yes Sir, I would say most of them do, especially considering the tiny bikinis they will be wearing at the beach this summer. And besides, for most it just looks so much neater and cleaner.”

Jay watched intently as I carefully removed the curly hairs from his cock and balls. When I finished, I rinsed the remainder of the foam from his body, and stroked his now smooth cock and fondled his sensitive bare balls.

“Now Sir, what do you think, with the only thing different you are shaved clean wouldn’t you agree your cock looks at least another inch longer?”

Jay snickered “Damn mom, you’re right, I look huge now!”

“Yes Sir, a wonderful smooth huge hard young cock.”

I continued to stroke the full length twisting my hand as I worked my fist up and down. I moved my mouth closer, causing the head of Jay’s cock to force my lips apart, pushing my mouth farther down the shaft. I was so hungry for his cock I began sucking with a vengeance, sucking his cock like my very life depended on it. It must have been the new feeling, or my hand and mouth being in contact with his cock for so long now, Jay was soon filling my mouth with his sweet young cum. Jay gasped and lost his breath when I pulled off his cock, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue showing him my mouthful of his white seed; then I tilted my head back and swallowed hard, opening my mouth again to show him I had swallowed it all.

“Sir, you are to go to your room, get dressed and wait there until your grandfather calls for you, and then you are to come to the master bedroom.”

“Okay mom, what are we going to do next?”

“Just do as your grandfather tells you. W/we have to take care of you always referring to me as ‘mom’, your grandfather and I talked, from now on I am either ‘slut’ or ‘slut mommy’, you may even refer to me as ‘whore’ or ‘whore mommy’ but, only as mom when we are in public with people we know.”

“Yes mom, I mean slut mommy.”

I grabbed a towel and headed for my bedroom, and I heard Jay go to his room soon after. Dad was waiting for me in my room. Dad had the sub-bench placed in the center of the floor. Jay had asked numerous times what the sub-bench was; I didn’t know how much longer he would believe it was a yoga device for exercise and meditation. Today Jay would find out the true use for the sub-bench.

I dropped to my knees, lowered my forehead to the floor, stretched my arms out on the floor in front of me palms up. I assumed my submission position in front of my original Sir.

“You have done well my slut; Sir is very proud of you, now take your position on the bench.”

I stood and climbed onto the bench, it resembles a sawhorse somewhat designed so I lie chest down on the length of it, padded benches on each side for my knees. My ass and cunt were exposed and easily accessible. The top piece was thin where my chest touched, forcing my full breasts apart hanging down on each side. Dad placed leather cuffs on my wrists attaching them to hooks on each side forcing me to stay kneeled on the bench, my torso resting on the top board. Then he did the same to my ankles, and another just behind my knee. The top board ended at my chin. Dad placed a strap across the back of my neck preventing me from lifting my head. It is no accident my mouth, cunt, and ass are at the same level as Sir’s cock allowing Him to use any of them any way He chooses. Lastly Sir placed a blindfold around my head and over my eyes. I heard dad leave the room and call for Jay from the hallway. I knew Jay had joined dad in the room when I heard dad giving Jay instructions but due to the music playing in the background, I couldn’t understand what was being said. The room was quiet now, except for the music, when I felt tassels from the leather flogger tickling down my back to my ass.

“What does my slut need?”

The voice was obviously from my dad to which I honestly answered.

“I need my Sir to use me; I need to feel attention and control from my Sir.”

A sharp strike from the flogger landed on my ass.

“Oh thank you Sir, slut needed that, more Sir, please, more.”

Another strike landed on my ass. I assumed the strikes were from my dad, but I wasn’t sure if it was my dad or Jay. An image of my son striking my ass with slut mommy bound to the bench popped into my mind. My own son taking control and whipping me! Oh My God! The thought turned me on like I had never felt before! At that moment I couldn’t have loved my son more. With images of Jay striking me I began to beg.

“Oh yes, please Sir, please use your slut, I am here to please you, I need to feel the pleasures of your whip against my skin.”

I hear a gasp, which had to be from Jay, his surprise at his mom talking this way. I still wasn’t sure if Jay was delivering the strikes or if he was just watching his grandfather whipping his mom. Another strike hit my ass, a little harder this time causing sharp pains from each tassel. There was a pause then another strike hit my ass, even harder this time. My ass was starting to burn from the impact of the tassels.

“How does my slut like having her ass beat by her son, her new Sir?”

Oh My God!!! Hearing that, me now knowing it was Jay whipping me, I almost came instantly. I had no idea my reaction would be this strong to Jay taking control of me.

“Your slut mommy loves it Sir, thank you my new Sir, please may I have another.”

I was so horny now needing to cum, I was squirming against the top rail of the bench, trying my best to rub my clit against it, needing to cum so fucking bad even though I knew I could not cum until given permission. Still, my animalistic need had taken over, and I was trying to do anything I could to rub my clit against the top rail. The strikes continued to get harder; my ass feeling like it was on fire now.

“Back off some son, the idea is to continue the whipping. With the force you are delivering she won’t be able to take it for very long before you actually hurt her.”

What dad couldn’t know is, with the state of euphoria I was in at that moment, I felt I could take it as hard as Jay wanted, and for as long as he wanted. The ache in my cunt only caused me to need more. I begged…

“More Sir more, please don’t stop, your slut needs you more than you could ever know.”

Hoping my son was understanding how much mommy needed him, how much slut mommy needed him as her Sir. A few more strikes, not as hard as before, and my ass was truly on fire. I could only imagine how red my ass was. The strikes stopped, my ass was burning, the next thing I felt was a cool liquid being drizzled across both ass cheeks. Soft hands began massaging creamy coconut scented lotion all over the red welts on my ass. Only Jay would have such soft hands. I let out a loud moan feeling my son’s hands lovingly touching mommy’s ass. The lotion cooled the burn from the flogger, but the heat was deeper than just at the skin, the heat radiated through my body collecting in my cunt.

“Enough for now son.”

And the room was quiet again except for the music. Then I heard footsteps, steps behind me and steps in front of me. I felt the head of a cock touching the lips of my cunt, and lips of my mouth at almost the same time. Oh My God! I was in heaven, being used by the two men I loved more than anything else in the world. The opportunity to please and show them both how much I needed and loved them, I was overwhelmed with emotion, and I felt tears well up in my eyes.

The cock at my cunt slid in first, as I opened my mouth wide inviting the cock between my lips. I was surprised at how similar the cocks felt, and with nothing else touching me, no sounds or voices I actually didn’t know whose cock was where. The cock began fucking my mouth, shallow at first going a little deeper each time; but the cock at my cunt pushed all the way inside in just a few strokes.

I tried to scream, “OH FUCK!!!” with my cunt being filled so quickly, my body jerked hard almost cumming.

A voice said, “Don’t cum yet slut, you do not have permission to cum.”

The ironic thing is, the voice was Jay’s, and the voice came from in front of me. Dad was in my cunt, yet Jay was the one controlling the scene. I mumbled a “Yes Sir” as best I could around Jay’s cock. Jay grabbed my head and pushed his cock in farther, catching me by surprise and causing me to gag and choke. He pulled back to allow me to breath, and then pushed back in.

“Take it slut, I know you can take more, you took all of my cock in my bedroom the other night. Take it bitch, I know you love it.”

I moaned agreeing with him, I did love it. Dad was fucking my cunt hard, the need to cum so strong I was hurting. Thankfully I was bound to the bench good or each thrust from dad would have pushed Jay’s cock even deeper into my throat. My two Sirs got into a rhythm so their cocks filled me from both ends at the same time, then leaving me empty at the same time. OH FUCK! I had never felt so good, felt so loved and wanted to give so much as I wanted to give at this moment.

With Jay’s hands still holding my head he was fucking my mouth as if it was a cunt; long deep strokes, getting faster.

“Are you ready slut, are you ready to cum?”

I gave a loud excited moan indicating my answer; feeling the orgasm right at the edge, I groaned in pain needing to cum so bad.

“Ok slut, cum with me, oh DAMN, your son is going to fill mommy’s throat with his cum! You are my slut mommy now, you will give your son your mouth, and your pussy anytime I want. And believe me mom, at my age I my cock will need you every day.”

I felt his body jerk, his cock swelling even more, he pushed all the way in and held it there Jay’s cum hitting my throat and sliding down without me having to swallow.

“Cum now slut, cum on Pop’s cock, flood that old cock with your slut cum. Cum bitch, let go slut, I want to feel your cunt cumming all the way in your throat.”

In an instant my cunt exploded, I cum and just kept cumming, I couldn’t stop. My juices were running down my thighs, running down the bench pooling around my knees on the cushioned pads. I screamed pushing Jay’s cock out of my mouth. His cock still cumming the last few strings landing on my face.

Dad pulled out of my still quivering cunt, causing a strange empty feeling, a feeling of need to be filled. I begged him to put his cock back inside me. My body jerked as if I was having a seizure, the orgasms were still so strong and my cunt with the aching need of a cock back inside.

“Not tonight slut, tonight the only cum you get inside will be that of your new Sir; mom being used and filled by her son.”

I could hear dad’s hand still stroking his cock, he moaned and hot cum landed on my back, all over my back. I was now covered in cum from head to ass. I heard a camera click. With dad still cumming on my ass it had to be Jay. Oh My God! My son was taking pictures of his mom, his slut mommy a submissive slut covered in cum. The camera clicked over and over, turns out Jay was using his phone to take the pictures.

“Fuck yes my slut, I am going to enjoy looking at these pictures in class, my mom helpless at my mercy to use as I please covered with cum. I could get rich selling these pictures to my friends, they have told me they have had wet dreams of you helpless available for them to fuck. Don’t worry though, these are mine, and I am mature enough to know the trouble that would cause. These pictures are for my eyes only”

My mind had panicked at the thought Jay could show the pictures to anyone, his school buddies, the pictures getting back to their moms; oh no, their dads too. Their dads already looked at me with lust in their eyes, them enjoying that I am always to dress to say ‘Yes, I know I am sexy, you know you want me and I am as good as I look!’ I could only trust and hope Jay would not share the pictures with anyone, he did say he knew the trouble it would cause.

The room became quiet again but for music and footsteps. Dad and Jay were whispering to each other behind me. I felt the tip of my hard rubber dildo press against my cunt, the one that is huge, the one I use when I am super horny and need my cunt stretched and completely filled.

“Like this Pops?”

“Yes son, just like that, twist it, turn it, going deeper each time. Slut will let you know when she can’t take anymore, keep going, deeper, deeper.”

Oh fuck, my cunt was being stretched to its limits. So full, so fucking full, feeling so fucking good! Another orgasm was quickly building, I knew as soon as the rubber cock hit bottom I was going to cum. Dad could tell by my moans what was happening.

“Keep going son, slut is getting close. I want you to see a cunt, your mom’s cunt when she cums. There is nothing like watching a cunt clamp down on whatever is inside when it cums. Go faster son, in and out, deeper, she is almost there.”

Dad knew me so well; he knew I was going to cum very soon. Jay continued to fuck my cunt until; until he had it in as far as it would go, I screamed!

“Oh DAMN, OH FUCK, I AM CUMMMMMING! Fuck me Sir, fill your slut’s cunt, OH DAMN OH FUCK!!!”

I cum so hard everything went black. I didn’t know what happened except the next thing I knew, I could see, the blindfold had been removed. Dad was sitting in a chair in front of me smoking a cigarette but where was Jay? Also, my cunt was empty, no dildo no cock.

“Dad, um Sir, what happened, what is going on? Where is Jay?”

“Don’t worry baby, Jay is still here, he is ok. You gave him quite a scare.”

“What do you mean I scared him, I would never do that on purpose, what happened?”

“Baby, you cum so hard you passed out. Jay thought he had killed you with a dildo!”

Dad chuckled, with his age, and experience he knew what had happened but he found Jay being shocked humorous. As dad talked to me, I felt Jay’s hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks. Then, I felt his warm breath blowing on my cunt. I jumped when Jay’s tongue touched me sliding between my swollen cunt lips. I had forgotten how good a young tongue licking me felt. Jay’s tongue was hard, the tip pointed rather than blunt or flat like a lot of men’s tongues. He was poking my cunt, parting the lips, flicking side to side and up and down. Dad stopped speaking to me and momentarily turned his attention to training Jay.

“Son, don’t forget to push your tongue as far inside as you can, swirling it around as if trying to lick icing off the inside of a tube. And, don’t neglect your slut’s clit for too long, she will be aching to be touched there, the clit is best way to make your slut cum.”

Jay was a very good student, even though there is no way he could have gotten more than an inch or two of his tongue inside me, it felt like six inches of a flexible firm cock moving around inside me, Oh god I wanted more and dad was right, my clit was so hard, aching to be licked next; and Jay didn’t disappoint. He pulled my cunt wide and flicked my clit, electricity shot thru my body. I was moaning loud, trying to push my cunt back on his face. When Jay sucked my clit between his lips I thought I would go into orbit, I screamed.

“Yes Sir, right there, right there, harder Sir, suck harder, bite me Sir, bite your slut’s clit.”

Jay followed my direction and bit down; then pulled my clit with his teeth.

“Oh My God Sir, that feels so fucking good, I need to cum Sir, may your slut cum, please Sir please?”

Jay pulled his mouth off my clit long enough to answer, “tell your Sir what you are slut, what are you to your son? Tell me and you may cum, beg for it telling me who you are!”

“I am your mommy slut Sir, your mommy whore, I will do anything you want Sir, ask me, ask me to do anything just please let your mommy slut cum. I am hurting Sir, I need to cum so fucking bad!”

Keeping his mouth connected to my cunt Jay mumbled a muffled “Cum slut mommy, cum on your son’s tongue, feed your slut cum to your son.”

And cum I did, my cunt gushed, I thought I might drown my son; but, I could not get away, and Jay did not pull his mouth away. He just kept on sucking and chewing on my cunt. Not since letting that nerd in high school lick my cunt on a dare, had I had my cunt eaten so good; damn, he was a nerd, but he sure knew how to eat pussy. Perhaps all that porn Jay had been watching on the Internet wasn’t such a bad thing after all, he had learned very well what to do with his tongue.

I squealed for Jay to stop, when I couldn’t take anymore. He pulled his mouth off my cunt and stepped away, then handed something to dad. With the angle of my head I couldn’t tell what it was. I was amazed how hard Jay’s cock was as it bounced when he walked; but I guess I shouldn’t have been so amazed, thinking back to how quickly a young man can fully recover after cumming. Jay moved back behind me and once again his hands grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart. Then I felt it, I felt my son’s cock pressing against my wet swollen cunt. Oh My God, my son’s cock was about to enter the place from which it originated.

I let it slip out before I could stop, ‘No Jay no, you can’t do that, I am your mother!’

I don’t know what all dad had told Jay, but he was playing the role of Dom perfectly. A hard smack from Jay’s hand fell across my already burning ass.

“Shut up slut, here you are not my mom, you are my slut, my slut mommy to use as I please, and you know you want it, you need the cock of your Dom inside you. You have been over me for 17 years, and you have done a wonderful job; but now, it is my turn to be over you. I will take care of you, but also, I will also control you the way you so desperately need in your life. I will take your cunt or mouth anytime I want, the way you need to be taken!”

At that point, Jay grabbed a handful of my long hair and pulled the back of my neck firm against the restraint holding my head down; as he pulled my hair he pushed his cock inside all the way. My eyes flew open wide as I screamed. It wasn’t until then I realized what Jay had handed to dad. Dad had my video camera recording it all.

“No dad, no Sir no, please? You can’t video me getting fucked by my son, it isn’t right, what if someone sees it?”

“Fay, you know Jay likes to watch porn, and what better porn to watch than porn starring his slut, his slut mommy, moaning and begging for her son’s, her Sir’s cock to fuck her and cum inside her. You must trust your Sir, this will be part of Jay’s private collection; I am sure there will be many more in the future. Just enjoy my sweet slut, Sir will enjoy you anyway he likes but Sir will also respect you and the relationship, understand?

“Yes Sir, your slut understands, I am Sir’s to use as he pleases, I need him to use me, and in return he will always respect me, respect us. Thank you Sir for explaining and reassuring me I will be safe with my new Sir.”

Now Jay joined in, with another hard smack to my ass, bringing my attention back to my son expertly fucking my cunt; but this time he didn’t stop with just one smack, he continued with one after another as he fucked me like a master cocksman. All this power transition must have really been a shot to his ego. Jay was showing me he was now in control.

“Yes Sir, fuck your slut, take her, show her she is yours, show her you can have whatever you want. Oh My God, yes Sir, fuck me, give it to me Sir, your slut cannot live without your cock and cum.”

It was at this time dad spoke up, counseling Jay.

“Ok son, stop with the smacks to her ass, I think she got the message. You only want to show your slut who is in control, but you don’t want to hurt her. Even though she is your slut you still must respect her; remember it is your job to protect her and how can she feel safe if her Sir pushes the play and dominance too far until it becomes abuse.”

“Yes Pops, sorry, I got carried away. I understand what you mean, I will never abuse my slut.”

Then Jay turned all his attention back to me, his first piece of ass.

“Oh fuck slut mommy, I never knew pussy would be this good. I had imagined even dreamed of fucking, but damn, your pussy feels better than I imagined a pussy would feel. Fuck slut mommy, it isn’t only my friends who think you are a MILF, I had fantasized of this moment so many times, and now it is finally happening. Mom, I am so glad you are my first, it is only fitting a boy’s mom is his first, mom turning her son into a man. Thank you mom, thank you, and now you are my slut; I can have this anytime I want. Not only can I have it, you need it from me, you need me as your Sir to make sure you are taken care of and well and truly fucked. And mom, I won’t let you down, I will make sure your cunt stays sore from my cock fucking you.”

Jay never missed a beat the entire time he was talking, his fingers dug into my hips as he slammed into me, our bodies slapping loudly together. I was kind of shocked when Jay said I was his first. I thought no boy could make it to the age of 17 without losing his virginity considering all the slutty looking little girls I see at Jay’s school. I swelled with pride that I, his mom was his first. Knowing this urged me on even more to make sure his first was as good as it could be.

“Fuck me Sir; fuck your slut mommy, the woman who is taking your virginity. Show your slut how much you enjoy your first cunt. Fuck me Sir; fill your first cunt with cum. I need it Sir, I need your cum in me so bad, I need your cum in me to show me I am yours. Claim me as yours with your cum. Fuck your slut damnit, it is your cunt Sir, take me, use me!”

My nasty talk got to Jay, his body jerked and he pushed in hard, holding his cock still, I knew what was coming next.

“Yes Sir fill me, fill your mommy slut, I want to sleep with your cum inside me tonight, oozing out of me reminding me of my Sir becoming a wonderful lover, my son, my lover!”

Jay groaned, moaned, and even sounded like he was in pain, as he pumped another load of cum from his cock. I was cumming too, pushing my hips back trying to get as much of his wonderful young cock inside me as I could. I’m not sure if it was because my cunt gushed so much or so much of Jay’s cum was inside me, but with each thrust from Jay’s cock juices splashed out of my cunt like splashing in a swimming pool. I was soaked from my ass to my feet and I knew Jay had to be soaked also.

Soon Jay stumbled back and sank to the floor, breathing hard, gasping for air to return to his lungs same as me. Dad placed the camera on my dresser and unfastened the restraints. He helped me to my feet, holding me steady on my wobbly legs. Dad guided me to the bed and assisted me as I lay back. I needed rest. I curled up and must have dozed off; I didn’t mean too but I was so satisfied and relaxed sleep came easily.

I woke to dad kissing me bye, it was time for him to go. I stood, hugging dad tight.

“Thank you dad, you have always took such good care of me, I don’t know where I would be had it not been for you, but I do know it wouldn’t have been good, it wouldn’t have been good for me or Jay. Thank you dad, thank you so much for this, for making sure I am taken care of. You are right Jay is the best and only one to take your place.”

Dad and I shared a kiss, not only a father daughter kiss, but a kiss that can only take place between friends, lovers, a Dom and his slut. Dad turned to leave.

“I talked with Jay while you are asleep, he has a better idea now of your need to be a sub, and I think he has a good enough understanding to make it until I come back Friday. I left him with some instructions to practice this week, and I also showed him some sites on the Internet that should help answer any questions until I get back. By the way, Jay is downstairs fixing you a sandwich and soup for dinner. I told him that even though he is your Sir it doesn’t mean he can’t do nice things for you to show his appreciation and love for you. Good night my sweet slut, I am so proud of you.”

I walked dad to the door and I watched as he drove away. Then I went down to the kitchen where, even though it was only soup and a sandwich, Jay had a nice dinner set for me. Our conversation was more loving than it had been in a long time. I could tell Jay really loves his mom, not only in a Dom/sub-slut way but in a close, personal way two people never want to be without the other,

Jay got his things ready for school the next day as I gathered my things for work in the morning. Jay came into my room to say good night.

“Jay, Sir, you going to your room seems rather inappropriate after today don’t you think.”

“I don’t know mom, what are you saying?”

“Jay, Sir, I am saying you should sleep here with me tonight; and I am not saying for just tonight, from now on we will never sleep separate again. I love you Jay, I love you Sir, I want you, and I need you to always be by my side from now on.”

Jay didn’t protest and he slid in bed beside me. I cuddled next to him, I felt safe. I knew dad had done what was necessary to take care of me. I kissed Jay good night in a motherly way, then a kiss to show him I loved him as my Sir and my lover.

“Good Night my loving Sir, I love you so much”

Feeling the warmth of his body against mine we quickly drifted off to sleep.

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Posted 19 Dec 2012 16:57
I agree with Vik333, and TJoker. this is a fanfuckingtastic story!does Jay ever tap, mommy's ass? that would be the cherry on the cake!
Posted 25 Nov 2012 10:30
Posted 24 Nov 2012 03:36
I have a mere suggestion; how about a little crisis along the lines of either one of Jay's friends dad or somebody at work trying to grope her while being alone with her, but where Jay can show his protective side of his newly dominant position.
Posted 24 Nov 2012 03:27
The high standard throughout this series is truly incredible.
Posted 24 Nov 2012 00:14
Beautiful. This was the best of the best. Thank you. Hope there is more to this saga. "V=5x5."

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