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My Son Jay - part 7 Jay takes charge

Pops passes and Jay has to take a stand
My night was filled with lovely dreams, dreams of Jay taking control. Did we really do what I think we did yesterday? My body screamed as I tried to move, erasing any doubt about what took place yesterday. I felt Jay in bed beside me, his legs on mine and his arm around me. As I tried to move he mumbled in his sleep and pulled me closer. I looked at Jay lying beside me thinking, ‘the young man that yesterday was my son, is now also my Sir. Who could have predicted this? Dad was right; Jay is the right one to take his place. Jay learned well this weekend, but he has so much more to learn, and I am looking forward to the lessons.’ It was morning now an I had to push those thoughts out of my head; it was time to get up, Jay had school and I had to work.

“Jay honey, its time to get up, you have school, time to go shower young man.”

I watched as he stretched and yawned, I love him so much. I just hoped his training doesn’t interfere with his normal life, could he have a normal life after this weekend? Jay tossed back the covers and leaned in for a kiss.

“Slut, come kiss your Sir.”

I kissed his lips and brushed his hair from his face. “Now go shower, I’ll get breakfast.”

It felt strange yet good to hear him refer to me as his slut. I only hoped Jay could handle it and remember our new relationship needed to be kept secret from the outside world. My thoughts were cut short by the ringing of the doorbell, I put on my robe and went downstairs to the door. Two uniformed Police Officers were standing outside. My pulse quickened, my first thoughts were, ‘Oh my God, somehow someone knew what happened between dad, Jay and I and had reported us to the police’.

“Ms Johnson… Ms Fay Johnson?”

“Yes, I am Fay Johnson,” squaring my shoulders for what was going to be coming next.

“Ma-am, we need you to come with us, there’s been an accident and well there is no pleasant way to put this, it’s your father ma-am, he’s been hurt and he is asking for you and Jay to come, he is at the county hospital, we will take you.”

“Whaaat?” my mind relieved it wasn’t about this weekend, but shocked that dad had been in an accident. My knees went weak and wanted to buckle, I felt Jay come up behind me.

“Mom? Mom, what is going on? “

Just as Jay put his hand on my shoulder I collapsed, falling back against him instinctively he caught me.

“Mom, what’s the matter? Talk to me, what’s wrong?”

Fear rich in my young son’s voice, his uncertainty showed through his façade of him trying to be strong for me.

“Sweetie, there’s been an accident. Its Pops, he’s been hurt. These Police Officers will drive us to the hospital to see him, go on honey, get dressed and hurry please.”

I asked the officers if I could be excused to get dressed myself. I stumbled up the stairs to my room, not able to think, not able to function properly. I wanted to scream, to cry, I was lost; I thought ‘what will I do without Dad, without my Sir. Maybe I shouldn’t have called him to come over to help me with Jay. This is all my fault. If I hadn’t called him for help he would be at home right now, having coffee with his friends at the local coffee shop, where he likes to go and visit.’ Talking to myself ‘Girl, when you fuck things up, you really fuck things up don’t you. How could you be so selfish always needing to have dad come rescue you? Now he’s in the hospital. Stupid, stupid girl, what the hell’s wrong with you, that you can’t do something as simple as talking to your own son? But no, you had to call Daddy’

I heard Jay at my bedroom door, knocking softly, “Mom are you ready?”

“I’ll just be a minute Jay, go on down.”

I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to pull myself together. My dad was lying in the hospital in who knows what condition, and my 17 year old son was downstairs, I needed to be there for him. Pops had been the only dad Jay had ever known. This was going to be hard on him and I needed to take care of Jay, I didn’t want anything to happen to him too.

The officers helped Jay and I into the squad car. On the way to the hospital I tried to get details of the accident, but the Officers explained they didn’t have any information, they weren’t at the scene, they were sent to pick Jay and I up. They said the investigating Officer would talk with us more when we got there. I stopped asking questions and just stared out the window, ‘why can’t they go any faster? What’s wrong with them? Don’t they know my Dad is hurting and needs us there with him?’

The Officers took us straight to Dad’s room, there was a nurse there and she said we could stay but not too long, as he was very weak. Dad opened his eyes and tried to lift his hand but didn’t have the strength. I rushed to his side and took his trembling hand, tears slipped down my cheek. He looked up at me for a moment and tried to smile. I felt helpless. Here in this bed lay my rock, the man I lookd to for everything.

“Fay” I barely heard him whisper, “Fay, trust me one last time, allow Jay to do for you what I have been doing, don’t try to take the command away from him, continue with the lessons. You have been wonderful, loyal and loving to me all these years, it is Jay’s turn now. Fay, I fear my time is soon, I need you to know I have loved you, adored you since you were first born; I loved you as a child and I love you now. Don’t let it go Fay, you need Jay standing strong with you now, you need his help to make it through. Trust me one last time my girl, I love you. I have always loved you and I always will, trust me and trust Jay, he will take care of you now.”

“Oh Dad, Dad, don’t talk like that, you’re not going anywhere. I need you, Jay needs you. Daddy…”

“Shush , quiet now, give me a moment with Jay.”

I left Jay alone with dad. I wondered what he would tell Jay that I couldn’t be present. I paced the hall waiting, concerned for Jay, he had so much information to absorb from the weekend, and now his Pops lying in a hospital bed, what else could dad expect of Jay.

“Jay, now that we are alone there are some things you need to know, just in case I don’t make it out of here. First off, do you remember that locked room in the basement of your house, the one your mom told you is a room she had built for me, so I would have a place to go for privacy when I was there? Well, it isn’t just my room, it is also a playroom that is why you were never allowed inside. From now on it is your room too, your playroom to use with your mom, and a room you can to escape to for privacy, your mom is only allowed inside upon request and to tidy up at your direction. I want you to go inside and explore the things in the room; you will be exploring many aspects of this new dynamic with your mom. I have left an instruction book for you inside with directions and diagrams for some of the things in the room. I encourage you not to use anything inside, without first reading the instructions for it’s use. Some of the things you see there might shock you, but they are necessary tools for you and your mom to use and share in your relationship. The key for the lock is on the key ring along with the key for the riding mower.”

“Pops, are you sure, are you sure I am ready for all this? This past weekend, now you here in the hospital, its too much Pops. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Jay you can, you have too. Your mom’s life practically depends on it. Just take your time, go inside and look around, if the instructions aren’t adequate, I am sure you can look on the Internet and find out anything else you want to know. It is up to you to take care of your mom, you’re only 17 but you are the man of the house now.”

“No Pops, you’re still here, you take care of me and mom.”

“Jay, like I said, I feel my time is soon. Yes, I am here but just in case I don’t make it, it is up to you to take over, take control. Promise me Jay, promise me you will do it?”

“I promise Pops, I won’t let you down, but, I know I won’t need to do anything for a long time, you’re not going anywhere”

Dad smiled at Jay, at the naivety of his youth. Dad knew chances were he would never leave the hospital alive. Dad motioned Jay to him and he hugged Jay as tight as possible, whispering to Jay

“I love you son, I am so proud of you. Jay you can do more than you think, just remember all the things we have done together, there were lessons in our activities together”

“I love you too Pops, please don’t go anywhere, I need you, mom needs you”

Dad released Jay, “now go get your mom, they aren’t going to let the two of you stay much longer”

Jay finally appeared in the hallway motioning for me to come back into dad’s room. Nothing else was said about my and Jay’s new relationship, we talked about old times, about things Jay got into as a kid growing up. We laughed, we cried, we held hands, we hugged. It all came to an end when a nurse came in and told Jay and I we would have to leave, she had medication to help dad rest.

The hospital provided a cab to take us home but we couldn’t stay there, Jay and I both felt we belonged at the hospital. I called work and made arrangements with Jay’s school letting each know neither of us would be there tomorrow. I grabbed a few things and helped Jay prepare to spend the night at the hospital. Jay drove us back and we settled into a family waiting area near dad’s room.

The night was long, and unlike Jay, I had a difficult time getting comfortable enough to sleep. I looked over at my new Sir, my sweet son, sleeping so peacefully. Jay didn’t deserve all this put on his shoulders but there was no one else. I was also worried about dad, I knew things were bad. While Jay was in the room alone with dad I had a talk with the investigating officer of dad’s accident. It wasn’t just an automobile accident; dad has passed out behind the wheel. Then dad’s Dr joined us explaining they feared it was dad’s heart. Dad was stable for now but they planned on running more tests in the morning.

It was the early morning hours and I had finally managed to doze off when all kinds of bells and alarms went off in dad’s room. I sprang to my feet as numerous medical personnel rushed into dad’s room. I tried to get inside but a nurse told me it was best if I stayed outside, and prayed. Jay was still asleep; I swear he could sleep through a war. I woke Jay and told him what I knew about dad, which wasn’t much. We sat and held each other, then held hands wiping each other’s tears.

Soon the alarms stopped, I hoped for the best until everyone started coming out of dad’s room, the expression on their faces told me it wasn’t good, then the Dr came over to us.

“Ms Johnson, I’m sorry, there wasn’t anything else we could do. There must have been a clot and it moved, causing a stroke. We couldn’t bring him back enough to make it to surgery, I am so sorry. The hospital clergy is on his way to talk with you.”

I collapsed into jay’s lap, crying, screaming “No, no, no, he can’t be gone”

Jay didn’t know what to say, he tried to comfort me the best a 17 year old can. I just couldn’t stop crying, I felt my world had collapsed. The hospital clergy came and took us to a private room; he talked with us about the steps that would need to come next, as well as counseling us trying to not make our loss any more traumatic than it had to be. He gave us information we needed to make arrangements for dad. Only thing is, I had no idea what he was saying, I still couldn’t stop crying, Jay stepped up and told him he would take care of everything.

The next few days Jay made the necessary arrangements for his Pops. Sad to say, I was no help at all. First thing I did when I got home from the hospital, was open a bottle of whiskey telling Jay it would help me calm down, all it did was get me drunk numbing the pain and preventing me from helping Jay. I had a problem with alcohol years ago; but, with Dad’s help had stayed sober ever since he rescued me from Jay’s father. I couldn’t control my drinking, so all it took was one drink and I was right back where I was so many years ago. So, that is where I stayed the next few days at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey, as Jay took care of things. I was even drunk at dad’s funeral, dad would have been so ashamed, I know Jay was; but Jay did what had to be done, he represented our family well.

Dad’s funeral was Thursday afternoon and that night I really threw a pity party for myself. Jay tried to help me, begged me to put the bottle down, but I couldn’t stop. I pushed him away telling him he didn’t understand, treating Jay like a child. I drank until I passed out in my bedroom. I woke once during the night, Jay had pulled the covers over me and was cuddled into the curve of my back. I quickly drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, or I should say afternoon, I woke; my head hurt, my eyes would barely open, I felt sick and rushed to the bathroom. After emptying everything in my stomach I called for Jay, no answer. I couldn’t really blame him after what I did last night. I splashed cold water on my face, pulled on my robe and went downstairs to make a strong pot of coffee. I looked around the house for Jay, I called, still no answer. His car was outside so he had to be close; I decided he must have gone for a walk, maybe he needed time alone to think.

Over an hour and a pot and a half of coffee later, I was startled when Jay popped out of the basement door.

Sorry mom, I was down in Pops room, I needed to feel close to him, and I felt that would be the best place; I didn’t mean to scare you.”

I was so glad to see Jay was ok, but the anger of my loss prevented me from showing my relief to Jay, instead I snapped at him “I was worried sick, why didn’t you leave a note or something?”

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to worry you, I really didn’t go anywhere but the basement so I didn’t think I needed a note.”

I couldn’t help myself. I took my hurt and anger out on Jay “You should have left a note but you didn’t even care, you had me worried sick. Young man, things are going to change around here. You won’t move unless I know about it!”

Little did I know how much things were going to change and not in the way I was talking about.

I guess I pushed Jay too far, he had pain and anger of his own, and he jumped back at my tirade with a side of Jay I had never seen before.

“Your damn right things are going to change, and they are going to change whether you like it or not! And as far as you being worried sick about me, the only thing that has made you sick is all that damn alcohol you have been drinking.”

Jay and I got in an argument, I said some things I shouldn’t have, Jay stood his ground, but he could tell I was in no condition to have a rational conversation. Jay ended the argument saying he needed to go to school to get his assignments he had missed being absent for dad’s death. He told me we would settle this when he got home, and I had better stay out of the bottle. As a matter of fact, he was going to get rid of anything alcoholic before leaving telling me I had better be cleaned up and waiting for him when he got home. Things changed tonight!

Jay had been in dad’s room, looking over the things in the room, reading through the instruction manual. Jay was planning on assuming the role dad had instructed him he should take with me. Jay had things he needed to take care of, and then tonight he was going to take care of me just as dad had made Jay promise he would. But, I slipped back into my stubborn self, as soon as Jay pulled onto the main road; I searched the house for any alcohol I could find. Jay had forgotten about the brandy I use for cooking. I took the bottle with me upstairs.

The more I drank the bolder I got. I would show Jay who is boss, I wouldn’t be here when he got back, and he wouldn’t tell me what to do. I took a shower, shaved everything, put my makeup on not to look nice, but to attract attention, a lot of attention; then so much perfume I smelled like a whorehouse. I pulled out an outfit dad had bought for me, an outfit that was never meant to be worn in public.

The outfit, starting at my feet, was a pair of pink 5 inch strappy heels with a cuff around the ankles, a too short ruffled light blue skirt, a pink blouse with buttons halfway down the front. Now for the intimates, thong panties with matching lace pushup bra both the same shade of blue as the skirt; tan thigh high stockings lace at the top barely hidden underneath the hem of the skirt. I accessorized the outfit with a thick chain anklet, a necklace that hung just right drawing attention to my deep cleavage created by the bra and dangling earrings, reaching almost to my shoulders. Dad said I called me slut; well tonight I was going out to be that slut for dad. I was going to make him proud; besides, I didn’t deserve anything better, if I hadn’t been so weak and called dad to come over he would still be alive. Yes, I knew this wasn’t true but I couldn’t shake the guilt, there had to be someone to blame and I am weak, the one to blame was me.

I turned up the bottle, the last of the alcohol disappeared from the bottle into my mouth as I looked at myself in the mirror. In my state of mind I thought this is what I needed to do, I looked great, I looked like a slut. I spoke to myself in the mirror as if someone else was speaking

“You look great girl, you are dressed like the slut you are, dad would be proud”.

With that said, I needed to leave. I had to be gone before Jay got back. I was in no shape to drive, but I grabbed the keys to my SUV anyway and sped out the driveway. Fortunately the bar I had in mind was on the outskirts of town and it was all back roads, where the cops rarely patrol this time of day. I really don’t remember much of the drive there.

It was late afternoon, and not many people there, but I was on a mission. I needed attention and I was going to get stinking drunk; something which I already was well on my way too when I stumbled inside and slid onto the barstool. I yelled to the bar tender for the first of too many drinks. The drinks went down easy, too easy. The place started to get crowded, as late afternoon gave way to evening, then early night. Sure, one guy after another came over, how could they resist considering how I was dressed; but they were all too nice and that just didn’t catch my interests.

Then, I heard a voice from years ago behind me… “So Fay, with your dad gone I see you’re up to your slutting around again. I heard about your dad, sorry.”

It was Jay’s biological father Frank, I hated the sight of him, and the expression of sympathy wasn’t at all sincere. He was patronizing, everything he said, was intentional to get a rise out of me, which it did. I was too drunk to resist him.

“You son of a bitch, don’t you say a damn thing about my dad, he is more of a man dead than you will ever be alive!”

“Well now Fay, I see you haven’t lost that nasty bitch mouth of yours, sounds like you need someone to shut it for you like I did years ago; and, daddy isn’t here to rescue you now.”

I swung my arm around to smack his face, but considering the amount of alcohol I had consumed, it was a pitiful effort, one easily stopped by Frank’s big rough hand. He squeezed my wrist hard, and even though I hated this man, through his grip it all came back, instantly he had control of me like we had never been apart. I was his to do with as he wished; it was evident in my eyes as my expression changed. Seeing this Frank took control like nothing had changed.

“Bitch, you’re still the same, you’re mine and you always will be mine”

Frank twisted my arm forcing my hand down as he pushed his way onto the barstool next to me. He ordered drinks; Frank knew what would assure my submission. I still cursed him, but I was helpless to do anything about what was about to happen, and Frank knew it.

We spent the next two hours swapping insults, but Frank felt me up at will. His hand slid underneath my skirt to the tops of my stockings. He made rude obscene remarks, I called him every nasty name I could think of, but he didn’t stop, and he knew I wouldn’t make him stop. He even slid his hand between my legs right there at the bar, pressing his knuckles hard against my cunt. I gasped, almost losing my breath. I was his, he had me, and he could do anything with me he wanted.

Frank ordered me to go to the restroom, remove my bra and thong panties, and course I did as he asked. When I returned he hung my bra across one of the lights over the bar as if it were decoration, and twirled my panties in the air, as if they were a trophy he earned from great conquest. Frank reached over and unfastened all the buttons on my blouse, pulling it open, allowing anyone nearby a good look my tits and most of my nipples. To make matters worse, before he pulled his hand back, he pinched each nipple hard through my blouse, causing them to become instantly erect, easily seen poking against the fabric.

Having thoroughly exposed and embarrassed me in front of everyone at the bar, Frank drug me off my barstool and onto the dance floor. Once there he twirled me during the faster songs causing my skirt to fly up, showing everyone there I had no panties on, and during the slow songs he either had a hand on my ass, pulling my skirt up or a hand down he front of my open blouse squeezing my tits, letting everyone know I was a complete slut. The sad thing about all this was, my cunt was so wet; my juices were dripping down my legs and I was aching to be fucked. I would have let Frank fuck me right there on the dance floor had he asked me too. But what he did do, he pulled my hand around to the crotch of his jeans, and placed it on his cock, which was hard and long, straining to be set free. I couldn’t pull my hand away, I slid my hand from top to bottom then back up again. Then a voice spoke, it was my voice but I don’t remember saying the words

“Frank, I need to be fucked so bad, Frank I need you, I need your cock inside me; get me outta here and fuck me.”

Laughing Frank spoke back

“Bitch, I knew you hadn’t changed, you’re the same easy whore I’ve always known, get you drunk, treat you like shit and your legs spread like warm butter.”

I pulled back to slap him and again he easily caught my hand, turned me around and pushed me toward the door.

“Let’s go slut, its time I take back what is mine. Once you get my cock inside you again, you will do any fucking thing I say and this time I don’t have to worry about daddy fucking things up.”

I acted like I was struggling, called him an SOB, but I wanted him inside me, and he was right, without dad I would be his again. During my drinking binge I had forgot all about Jay and I, and Frank had no idea that even though dad was gone, I now belonged to Jay. But, at the bar it was just me and Frank.

Out in the parking lot Frank pushed me toward his truck, but instead of opening the door and getting in, he pushed me to my knees by the side, pulled out his cock, grabbing me by my hair he pulled my mouth onto him. On the way to his truck I had noticed others going to their cars, or just standing around talking and we were in plain sight of most of them but it didn’t bother Frank.

I tried to protest spitting his cock out long enough to say “Not here Frank, not in front of everyone.” This only got a more firm grasp of my hair and he pushed his cock in deeper preventing me from saying anything else.

“Shut up and suck it bitch. They all seen you in there tonight, they knew you were a slut out to pick up a cock; just look how you’re dressed, the minute they saw you they knew what you are!”

And with that I gave in, I stopped resisting, Frank was right, I am a slut. Frank could do as he pleased. He pulled my mouth back and forth on his cock, fucking my mouth like a cunt, he wasn’t really interested in a blowjob, he was putting on a show for the others, showing them he could do anything he wanted with and to me. And truth was, this is what I wanted, what I needed and Frank was giving it to me.

I could hear cat calls from other guys “Fuck the slut” “Put it in her throat” “Suck him bitch” “I call seconds with the sloppy whore” “Show us them big tits” and that was some of the nicer insults. When Frank thought they had enough of the show, he pulled me off his cock, jerked me to my feet and ripped my blouse open giving the guys the good look at my tits they had been yelling for.

“Now bitch, I ain’t gonna waste a shot of cum here in the parking lot, we’re going back to your house where I am gonna give you the fucking you have been missing all these years”

Frank opened the door and pushed me up into the seat. He reached over at will on the drive to my house and squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples, my torn blouse left in the parking lot of the bar. He pulled into my drive, I didn’t even notice Jay’s car nor did I think of Jay. It was as if Frank had hypnotized me, I was his, all I could see or think about was Franks cock sliding into my horny cunt. I fumbled with the key for the door until Frank took them from me.

“Here whore, give me the key, now start stripping, I want to see that nice ass of your wiggling in front of me as you walk up the stairs to your room just like I remember.”

I did as asked, but there wasn’t much left to take off, just the skirt which I quickly stepped out of. I left the stockings and shoes on, I remembered Frank liked that. We weren’t quiet as we made our way to my bedroom, I don’t know how Jay couldn’t have heard us, but, right now I wasn’t thinking about Jay. I was the easy slut Frank described, I needed fucked by any man that would take control and treat me rough.

Frank pushed me back on the bed and dropped his jeans to his ankles, the bastard didn’t even undress. He jumped between my legs and shoved his cock inside me with no consideration if my cunt was ready or not. Of course being the slut I am, his behavior had me soaking wet, slick and ready for entry. He slid all the way inside and started fucking me hard, he was fucking me with a vengeance, he really was out to reclaim me as his slut. Again, my old desires arose and I was soon fucking him back, my legs around his waist pulling him in even farther.

“Fuck me you son of a bitch, fuck this slut, give this bitch your cock. Fuck it you wimpy bastard, this whore needs a real man!”

“Yeah, that’s it bitch. You haven’t lost a thing after all these years; your pussy is just as good as I left it. Bet you ain’t had a real man since daddy run me off. Talk to me whore, you use to talk like a porn star, tell me I am the cock you can’t live without.”

“Fuck it you sorry bastard, you’re a sorry ass but I need your cock, I can’t live without your cock, give it to me motherfucker!”

What I hadn’t realized is Jay had hurried home after going to his school; he had just missed me leaving by minutes. Jay had stayed up and waited for me as long as he could. He had even made dinner for us but put it away when I didn’t come home. When he couldn’t wait any longer he went to his bed, turns out he didn’t feel right going to my bed without me. Jay was restless worrying about me and had heard Frank and I come in. His first emotion was anger at me for staying out, obviously drunk, bringing home some guy to fuck me, and he thought I got what I deserved. But, Pops words kept running through his mind, and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he got up and burst into my room. I didn’t even notice due to being lost in the impending orgasm that was just about to go over the edge.

“Mom, what the fuck is going on? Who is this asshole?”

Frank stopped and jerked around to see who was talking “Oh, and who is this, is this that pussy son of ours, the son your dad took away from me? Now that I am back, I will whoop his ass into a real man.”

Before I knew what happened, and catching Frank by surprise, Jay tackled Frank off of me both of them landing on the floor. Jay had Frank’s arms trapped in a bear hug and Frank’s jeans had his ankles bound. Jay pulled Frank to his feet, forced him out the door and shoved him down the stairs. Frank landed at the bottom and Jay was on him before he could recover from the fall, Jay grabbed Frank by the hair and dragged him to the front door, opened it and threw his sorry ass into the yard.

Outside Frank stood up “Son, that ain’t no way to treat your dad. Looks like I am gonna have to teach you some respect.”

“Look you son of a bitch, Pops didn’t raise no pussy, you saw how easy it was for me to throw your ass out of my house and I can do it again; and there’s more where that came from.”

All those years with dad, the memories started coming back to Jay, dad had wrestled with him many times; at the time what Jay thought was just play was actually dad teaching Jay. Dad had not only passed on mental wisdom to Jay, he had passed on physical wisdom as well. Jay standing up to Frank caught him by surprise, Frank is an asshole but when it comes down to it, he is just a bully, a coward who backs down when someone stands up to him. Frank mouthed off at Jay, continuing to call him a sissy, a pussy, telling him he wouldn’t ever amount to anything, but Jay showed maturity way beyond his years. He calmly let Frank ramble on but made it perfectly clear that if he ever saw Frank around his mom again, there was a .44 magnum bullet with Frank’s name on it and the tone in Jay’s voice left no doubt Jay would do it. Frank was still mouthing off as he got in his truck and spun out of the drive. Frank didn’t know what to think of Jay standing up to him like that and wasn’t about to find out if Jay would follow through on the threat. Jay had stood up to Frank the same way dad had stood up to him, and we would never have a problem out of Frank at our house again as long as Jay was here.

But, Jay’s night wasn’t finished; he still had me to deal with. He was still fuming when he topped the stairs and stomped through my door. Still in just stockings and heels I was sitting in the middle of my bed, my legs pulled to my chest, my head on my knees crying.

“I am so sorry Jay, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I don’t know what happened. I am so so sorry Jay.”

“Look slut, that is what you are, you proved that tonight, it is just like Pops said, you can’t be trusted on your own, you will just fuck things up. And, you have forgotten, I am not fucking Jay, I am Sir to you, it is ’Yes Sir and No Sir’ to you from now on! I am the one in fucking control, you are my slut and no one else’s!”

Jay was superbly pissed, and rightly so, I had done the worst thing I could have ever done to him; I had relapsed back to my old ways, and with his asshole father no less, how could I be so stupid?

“I am sorry Sir, I don’t know what to say, and I screwed up. I screwed up royally. I disrespected you, I disrespected dad. I am just a fuck up, a worthless slut. I killed my dad and now I have killed my Sir inside. What can I do, how can I, how can we go on from here?”

“Slut, you didn’t kill your dad, it was his time to go; he knew it. Evidently he felt it that is why he turned you over to me last weekend. And as for us, we will make it through this; Pops didn’t spend all those years teaching me for nothing.

First off, this will never happen again, you will never forget who you belong too! Until we get our relationship established, your every move will be monitored by me and you will do nothing except for work and home without permission. Now, the next thing you need to do is get in the shower and scrub every bit of that asshole off the body that is mine. Do not come out until you are clean, none of his trashy smelly ass left on you.”

“Yes Sir”

I unfastened my shoes, unfastened the anklet, removed the necklace and earrings and pulled off the stockings, sliding off the bed I quickly walked to my bathroom. My walk was surprisingly stable, my buzz gone, perhaps scared out of me by the control Jay showed as my Sir.

“I will be waiting for you when you get out; there are things we need to talk about.”

“Yes Sir”

I turned the water on and began to wash, I scrubbed until my skin was pink, trying to cleanse myself of Frank’s filth. I finished and after drying with the towel, I started to wrap it around me not used to being naked in front of my son, almost forgetting Jay was not simply my little boy anymore, he is now also my Sir. The power and control I had given to dad was now Jay’s. I threw the towel over the shower rod and walked out to face the penance of my Sir. Jay was sitting on my bed; he looked as though he had calmed down some.

“Sir, are you ok? What are you going to do with me Sir? Slut knows there must be punishment for my actions. Are we going to be ok Sir?”

“Yes, we are going to be ok. Now listen slut and listen good, like I said this will never happen again, right?”

“Right Sir, it will never happen again. I was hurting Sir, I lost my dad, I didn’t know what else to do; but what I did was wrong, I know that.”

“I don’t want to hear any excuses! You were supposed to be the more mature adult here; I lost someone I loved too, I lost the only dad I have ever known; you didn’t see me go out and do something stupid, and put my life in danger. Yes, there will be punishment, but not tonight. I read Pops’ notes in the manual, and tonight is not the right time to do anything. Pops says for a proper Dom there is a time to show restraint and a time to show control, and a time for punishment. Get your ass in bed; we will deal with how to handle this tomorrow.”

“Yes Sir”

There was nothing else to say, I crawled into bed like I was told. I wasn’t sure if Jay would sleep with me or go to his room; but again Jay showed maturity, he slid in bed in front of me allowing me to snuggle against his back. Hopefully this was a start to build and show Jay how much I love and respect my Sir.

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Posted 22 Jan 2013 21:47
i love it. The writing and story line is amazing wish it can go on forever
Posted 06 Dec 2012 14:29
This is so unfair that you are making us wait until the next chapter for the slut's punishment. This is very well done.
Posted 28 Nov 2012 16:54
Excellent. The previous comments say it all. Continue with this series. "V=5x5."
Posted 28 Nov 2012 15:40
i just started this a few days ago and i reading along with this its amazing series and it got me wanting more keep doing your thing and cant wait to see whats up next
Posted 28 Nov 2012 14:49
This series is definitely not the simple run of the mill. Superb is the word which is closest to do it justice.
Posted 28 Nov 2012 13:28
This is an excellent series. There are trials and conflicts. They are full of emotion and passion. You write well. The language is simple easy to read. The story grabs the reader and hangs on until done. Great accomplishment. Keep it going.

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