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My Stepmother Ch.4

Tags: affair, incest
An outdoor adventure

  The next morning everyone got up early. My Dad got ready to go fishing. I was prepared for him to ask me to go, but he surprised me. Lin wanted to go down to the beach/swim area and he didn't want her to go alone. He asked me to go with her to keep her company, but also watch out for her. He packed a lunch and said he would see us tonight. It was barely light outside when he left.

Lin and I had the whole day to ourselves. We took our time and packed up to make a day of it at the beach. Lin made a picnic lunch. I put on my swimsuit as she did. She had a cover-up on so I didn't get to see it yet. I drove around the lake to the road that led to the beach. It was a nice well maintained area but really wasn't crowded. It was a beautiful day and I asked her where she wanted to set up. She smiled and said somewhere private. I found a smooth place between some rocks that was hidden from the rest of the beach. There was plenty of sun and we could walk down to the water if we wanted to.

I laid out the blankets and arraigned things. I looked up and saw Lin remove her cover-up. She was wearing a black bikini that took my breath away. The top could not hold her 32EE breasts. They were spilling out the sides and the two small triangles just covered her nipples. The bottoms were tiny and split her cheeks. When she saw me looking she spun around and asked if I like it. I barely could croak out a yes. I looked around and didn't see anyone else within sight.

She laid down to get some sun. She was on the pale side and asked me to rub some lotion on her so she wouldn't burn. I was more then happy to assist. She started on her stomach and I rubbed the lotion on her back working my way down to her ass and legs. I made sure I didn't miss any areas. She was enjoying the massage I was giving her as I worked the sunscreen in. I finished and we laid together in the warm sun.

After about an hour she turned over and asked me to do her front. I rubbed the lotion in her uncovered areas paying attention to her flat stomach and her legs. She asked me if I thought she would look better with or without tan lines. I had to only think for a moment and said without. She smiled and reached behind herself and untied her top. Releasing her huge tits she tossed it aside. I stared at them and the started to massage the lotion in them as well. She smiled and moaned a little as I worked on her tit flesh.

Her boobs were amazing. They were so huge on such a slim body. I had plenty of lotion on them but I couldn't help myself and I continued to knead and squeeze them. She asked me if I thought it would look better if her bottoms were off and she tanned there too. I agreed of course and helped her to take them off. It was risky but I didn't care if we were caught. I worked the lotion into the new areas that were exposed. Her lips were swollen and puffy and she was bare except for a small patch above her slit. When I was done I laid back. She suggested that I take my swimsuit off and get an all over tan. I looked around and didn't see anyone so I peeled them off. My cock was semi hard and growing.

We both were trying to soak up the sun and not get to distracted. We were both nude and laying very close to each other. I still couldn't believe I was able to do this with my Stepmother. I loved her and cherished any moment alone I could have with her. I was daydreaming about the future when I felt her hand on my cock. I lay still as she stroked it to full hardness. She was leaning over me and I felt her warm lips kiss my cockhead. She started to lick it and tried to get it in her mouth. It's quite big and she had to work. Somehow she was able to open wide enough to get it in her mouth and some of my shaft as well. She stroked the rest using her saliva.

The warm sun and her warm mouth on my cock felt so good. The thrill of doing this outside and in public had my heart pounding. She was actually getting more of my cock in her mouth. She was really slurping and using her hands to stroke me. I couldn't take much more. This was the first time she had done this and I was close. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

I said, “Lin, this feels so good, I'm getting close. I'm going to shoot soon.”

Instead of backing off she sped up with a purpose. I let things happen and lost control. I felt my load rise up. I held it back for a short moment and then exploded. I usually shoot a lot and this time was no different. She tried to keep up, swallowing quickly, but was overwhelmed. Some of my load leaked out of her mouth but as soon as I finished she licked anything she missed off her hand and my shaft. I was breathing hard as she let go of my softening cock. She stood up and smiled at me then turned toward the lake and walked down to the water. I was still reeling from a fantastic blow job and when I realized what she was actually doing she was half way to the lake. She was nude and anyone on the beach or near it would be able to see that.

I watched her dumbfounded that she would be this bold. She waded into the water and when deep enough lowered herself until only her head and shoulders showed. I was standing up now and she smiled and waved me to join her. I hesitated looking around to see if we were alone. I saw some people but they were a long distance from us. I shook my head and quickly walked down to the water. My big cock was flopping around as I entered the warm water and made my way out to where she was.

We laughed and hugged enjoying the freedom of being nude in the outdoors. We played in the water and stayed low enough that when a few boats past they couldn't tell we were nude. She had her legs wrapped around me and was rubbing her pussy on my recovering stiff cock. I was about to shove it in her when she let go of me and started toward the shore. Seeing her walk out of the water without a stitch of clothes on was amazing. The water dripped off her perfect body and I would have followed her anywhere.

I came to my senses and hurried to get out of the lake. We made it back to the blankets and laughed at our risky adventure. I kissed her and pinched her rock hard nipples. I could tell she was as worked up as me. There was nothing more that I wanted then to have my hard cock in her. She knew this as well and got up on all fours presenting her ass to me. I moved up behind her on my knees. Her big tits were hanging down rubbing the blankets. I grabbed my cock and started to rub the big head across her slit. She was oily from the lotion and her pussy was wet. Without saying much I pressed my cock into her entrance. This was animal sex. We both wanted it so bad.

I didn't care who saw us I was shoving this in. Seeing her from this angle with her small shapely ass I laughed to myself that I could actually fit in her. When my cockhead touched her entrance she pressed back into me. Her lips spread and slowly started to suck me in. Suddenly my cock slipped in and pushing forward I got about half of my 10 inches inside. She arched her back and tossed her hair. Grabbing her hips I pulled then pushed and hit bottom. We were fucking, my Stepmother and me.

I loved fucking her like this. I was in total control. She was being taken from behind. I possessed her. I was slamming my cock in her not caring about anything else. I had to get it all in. She was taking the onslaught but whimpering some. She knew she was mine. I grabbed her hair as I plowed her. She would never be satisfied by another cock after mine. My big balls were slapping her clit. We were making a lot of noise but I didn't care. I think she had a few orgasms but I was lasting a long time.

Every now and then my cock would go all the way in her. Something inside would stretch and allow a deeper penetration. I grabbed her hips and made her mine. As I pulled out her tight pussy would grab onto my cock and not want to let go. This friction was getting to me and my cock swelled to as big of size as it has ever been. I was her stud and I was going to breed her. She was mine, her pussy was mine. The primal male in me cried out as my cock drove deep and erupted my load inside her. She had no control over the situation and I knew she didn't want any. My cock pressed past her resistance and filled her womb up.

As I stopped spurting she collapsed forward and I landed on top of her. The intense fucking dazed us. I came to my senses and rolled off her pulling my cock out with a pop. She rolled toward me and we held each other for a long time. After a rest she suggested we eat the lunch she made. I was starving and agreed. We sat there naked eating and laughing. After lunch we laid in the sun some more and when the sun dropped we packed up and got dressed. Making our way back to the car we drove back to the lake house.

When we got there my Dad wasn't back from fishing yet. After a shower Lin started dinner. Dad got back and that evening things seemed like normal. Except I was fucking my Stepmother. Lin and I managed to fuck one more time down at the dock that weekend. We headed home on Sunday and I hoped for some resolution to the future.

Over the next week I was pretty busy with work. I had to make a decision soon about college. At the end of the week I went into the kitchen one afternoon. Dad was gone but Lin was there. She was sitting down at the table. I sat down next to her and took her hand. She looked up and smiled at me.

“Will,” she said, “I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant.”

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Posted 09 Feb 2010 09:46
Wonderful...I love the ending... Please continue....
Posted 05 Feb 2010 09:54
Great story. Can't wait for the next in the series. TERRIFIC!

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