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My sweet step brother will always love me

part 3 of 3 where a step brother and sister know they will love each other forever
I couldn't believe what I just heard. Did she just suggest something Jake to have sex with her?

“Come here Jake,” Britney said to Jake.

Jake got up and came over to her.

“I want your dick inside me,” Britney said.

Jake looked at me, he was conflicted, so I came over to him and gave him a big kiss.

“Do it Jake, it can just be a one time thing and my mom is unbelievably sexy,” I said.

“Are you sure?” Jake asked.

“Yes, we'll always love each other,” I replied.

He was still a little worried, but he was OK. So they started kissing each other as they were still on the floor. I started to get a little jealous and Steven saw that, so he grabbed my arm.

“The couch is free Paige,” Steven said.

Before I did anything with Steven I needed to tell Jake something, so I whispered something to him.

“I love you,” I whispered in Jake's ear.

As I was about to go back over with Steven, Jake stopped me.

“I love you too sis, more than anything,” Jake whispered in my ear.

We kissed again and I got on the couch with Steven. I still felt a little bad though, but I managed to give Steven a kiss.

“Don't worry it's just sex,” Steven said.

“Good because I love your son, he is the best guy on the planet," I replied.

I laid down on the couch and Steven got on top of me. He put his dick inside me I let out a moan.

“Damn Paige, your pussy is a little tight,” Steven said.

He leaned down and gave me a kiss as he started thrusting his dick in and out of me slowly. My boobs were shaking a little and then he began thrusting a little quicker. The pleasure was great, but my mind was on Jake, so I took a look at Jake and Britney.

“Yes take it Britney, moan as loudly as you can,” Jake said as he was pounding my mom doggie style.

I tried my best to ignore it, so I looked towards Steven and I put my arms around him. He was really close to me and my boobs were leaning against him. A minute later he put some space between us, put his hands on my boobs and gave them a gentle squeeze to make me moan.

“Get that cock inside me Steven and fuck me hard,” I said.

He went in and out as quickly as he could and really made me belt out some moans.

“Fuck Steven, that feels so good,” I said.

I was breathing in and out about as steadily as I could and my heart was pounding.

“I love you Paige, even though I'm just your step dad, but I'm really glad you love my son too,” Steven said.

“Well he's the sweetest guy I ever met,” I replied.

Steven and I actually made out for a couple minutes and I knew I didn't really love him quite like that, but the sex was great. He leaned down a little and he started licking and sucking on my nipples. That titillated me, but he wasn't as well as Jake though. I heard Britney moaning really loudly, so I looked over there and I saw Jake eating her out. Now that made me jealous, but I bit my tongue though.

“You wanna moan like that Paige?” Steven asked.

“Yes I do,” I replied.

Then he got on his stomach right in front of my pussy and began eating me out. He also stuck one of his fingers into my pussy and licked it gently numerous times.

“Come on Steven, you can eat me out better than that,” I said.

Jake looked at me as Steven began eating me out again and I mouthed 'I love you' to him. He blew me a kiss and mouthed 'I love you too' back at me.

“You two really are in love with each other aren't you?” Britney asked.

“Yes we are,” Jake replied.

Jake began eating her out once again and I think I was close to cumming. I put my hands on his Steven's head and he stuck his tongue inside my pussy even deeper. I couldn't help but start screaming.

“Holy shit!” I screamed.

“That's a good sign if she screams,” Jake said.

Steven had his face in my very wet pussy and I was getting ready to explode all over his face. It looked like Britney was gonna beat me to the punch though, she was screaming really loudly. Both Steven and I looked over at them, and Britney came all over Jake's face.

“Holy shit Jake, you know how to eat pussy. Paige you are a lucky woman,” Brittney said.

“Thank you, although he is a sweet guy,” I replied.

They kissed again and watched Steven and I do it. A minute later Steven hit my g-spot and I just couldn't hold it anymore.

“Fuck Steven, I'm gonna cum too!” I screamed.

I came all over Steven's face.

“Wow, did I tell you how lucky you both are?” Britney asked.

“Yes I know, the best part is, we love each other a whole lot,” I replied.

“No arguments here Jake, don't let this one get away,” Steven said.

“I'll never let this one get away dad,” Jake replied.

After that we all relaxed and tried to catch our breaths for a minute.

“Wow, we should do this again,” Britney said.

“Sorry, but I'm a one woman guy,” Jake replied.

I got up and took Jake's hand. I brought him up with me and gave him a huge kiss. It lasted for over a minute and was one of our best kisses ever

“Wow, they are not faking,” Britney said.

“You could say that. He is the sweetest man I ever met and I wanna spend the rest of my life with him,” I replied.

I was in love honestly, and the love was mutual, so I did it something huge.

"Jake, I don't have a ring, but I'm asking you, will you marry me?” I asked.

I knew it wasn't tradition for the woman to ask, but I did it anyway.

“Yes, I will marry you Paige,” Jake replied.

We kissed each other passionately and our parents clapped. They were nice enough to buy us some rings as well. So we planned the wedding and had it in a church. We invited all of our friends and had once hell of a time there. Of course at the wedding, we had our dance as well. As everyone watched I had to get some more things off my chest.

“Have I told you how much I love you lately?” I asked.

“No, tell me,” Jake replied.

“I love you step bro. Ever since we were introduced, you have been so sweet to me. Even when we were teenagers you caught me sneaking out a few times and you never turned me in. You always let me have first dibs on the bathroom and let me have the front seat, even though I was only your step sister,” I replied.

“Don't sell yourself too short, you made me love you too. You took the rap for me breaking that vase when I was 12 and you were 10, and I guess we were there for each other when people broke up with us too. So maybe it was fate,” Jake replied.

“Maybe, now give your wife a kiss,” I said.

We kissed each other once again and our parents made sure to take a shit load of pictures. I took his last name, so I was Paige McLean then. To think my future love was just in the other room the whole time. Maybe it was just him being so sweet that made me start really loving him. 9 weeks later we got a surprise, so I came into the bedroom when I got home from work one afternoon.

“Hey sweetheart, how are you doing?” I asked.

“Fantastic, I got this great lady to marry me,” Jake replied.

“Hey, I proposed to you. So I got you to marry me, not the other way around,” I said as I got on the bed with him.

“Sorry sweetie, it won't happen again,” Jake replied.

“Good,” I said just before I kissed him.

“Why are you in such a great mood?” Jake asked.

“Well I just happen to have a surprise for both of us,” I replied as I handed him an envelope.

He opened it and it contained a picture. Of course he smiled as he looked at it.

“Are you serious?” Jake asked.

It was my sonogram picture.

“Yes, I'm 9 weeks pregnant,” I replied.

He kissed me very passionately as he pulled me on top of him. We both had sparked some tears for a few minutes and he felt my stomach as well. A minute later our parents dropped by and came into our room, at least we were clothed that time.

“Hey, what's wrong? Did you have your first fight?” Britney asked.

“Hell no,” I replied.

“Then what's wrong?” Steven asked.

I got up and showed them the picture. They just starred at it for a minute and sparked some tears too.

“You are pregnant?” Brittney asked.

“Yes, 9 weeks along now. I think it happened on our wedding night,” I replied.

“Well holy shit sweetheart, we didn't know you were trying,” Brittney said as she hugged me.

“We weren't, but we'll love our baby more than anything,” I replied.

Jake got up and we all had a group hug.

“That didn't take too long Jake,” Steven said.

“I know dad,” Jake replied.

So we got a bigger place so we'd have room for the baby. Of course our parents did help out. Our new place wasn't huge, but it was good enough for us. As I was a full 39 weeks along, I had our baby girl and we named her Katie. So we were married in our own house with our daughter Katie McLean, but our parents still made sure to visit us though. I was feeding Katie, with a bottle about 8 weeks after Katie was born.

“Hey how have you three been?” Britney asked.

“Good, we're a little tired, but we're good,” I replied.

“We're glad to hear that, just don't become strangers to us,” Steven said.

“We won't dad,” I replied.

Once I married Jake, I started calling Steven dad and Jake started calling Britney mom. We were comfortable with it, so really we just started one day and went with it. They stayed for awhile, but they left eventually.

“Well it's always nice to get visits from mom and dad, but damn,” Jake said.

“Not in front of Katie,” I replied.

“Sorry,” Jake said.

We kissed once.

“I love you,” Jake said.

“I love you too and I must say I'm impressed, you are still sweet to me, even with another female in the house now,” I replied.

“Well I try my best,” Jake said.

I sparked some tears, so he kissed me once again.

“So you are truly happy?” I asked.

“Yes of course I'm sweetie, I have you two and we have this house. How could I not be happy?” Jake asked.

“Just asking. A year ago you had a your own apartment and now you are married to me with this beautiful girl,” I said.

“So, let me get this straight, you just named to the two best things in my life and you are unsure if I'm happy?” Jake asked.

“I guess not,” I replied.

Whether or not it was fate doesn't matter. We were both happy together and had a baby girl with each other. We weren't sure if we wanted to give Katie a brother or sister or not, but I'm sure we'll talk about it one day. He is the sweetest guy in the world, so maybe he'll do it for me and we can be even happier, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it though. Now I'm a full time mom to Katie and she is growing up fast. We're already talking about school even though she is only 1 now. Jake works and makes sure he is home in time for dinner. With a baby our sex life has gone down, but it'll pick back up soon.

Other then that, we're very happy together and so are our parents as well. We haven't heard anything about them ever having a kid together, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball. We still have to our first fight, but given how much we love each other I know we'll work past it. We've talked about telling Katie we're are step brother and sister or not. We don't know what to do yet, but that's another bridge we'll cross when we get to it. So whatever comes our way now, we have each other, and sometimes we still do call each other bro and sis.

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Great Story hope to get a part 4

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