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My Tech-Savvy Geek of a Daughter

Outsmarted by my tech-savvy daughter
My daughter Tanya and I have been alone now for a couple of years. My wife just up and left one day with one of her girlfriends and now living together in another city all together.

When Tanya turned sixteen, six months ago, I tried to cheer her up by getting her a new computer with all the bells and whistles. She was ecstatic when she got it. She set it up in her room right away. Since then I barely saw her in the evenings. She was always on the computer chatting to her friends or doing homework. Occasionally, she would tell me that she chatted with her mom; this seemed to make her happy.

I really did not worry about her on the computer so much. She had only a few friends and this was away for her to keep in touch with them. You see, Tanya is somewhat of Techie/Geek. She is always spending her time looking at new gadgets and computer programs. Although she is my daughter and I love her dearly, she is not what I would call having cheerleader looks and body.

She is somewhat scrawny and seems very small breasted. She does have long legs, although they are skinny legs. She has long black hair, usually done up in a ponytail, wears black rimmed glasses and very little make up at all.

Her eyes are the captivating feature; like a clear emerald green. It would be her eyes and personality, which would have to snag her a boyfriend.

About two months ago, I noticed she started to change what she wore around the house in the evenings before she went on her computer. She went from a loose fitting sweatshirt to more of a tight t-shirt, no bra underneath. Her nipples pressed through the tight t-shirt. There were hardly any other curves outlining her tits. It almost seemed that she was flat.

She changed her pajama bottoms or sweat pants to a short skirt or just tight denim shorts. At times when she sat across from me, I could see her camel toe outline in the shorts.

It was at this time that I really started to wonder. One day while she was at school, I installed a wireless web cam in her room to see what she was doing on her computer. I did not want to spy on her getting dressed etc. The thought did get me hard though.

For the first couple of nights I went to my computer and turned on the web cam as soon as she went to her room. All I saw at that time was her sitting in front of her computer chatting with her friends. I saw no need to keep watching and turned off the computer.

After I lay in bed thinking about her, and thinking about what she would look like nude. I would masturbate myself with pictures of her in my mind. I would think about sucking her nipples and playing with her pussy. Inserting my cock into her and giving her an orgasm.

On night, I left the web cam on while I went to have a shower. When I came out, I looked and almost fell over. There she was nude in front of her computer chatting on line to what looked like a porn cam site. I was so astonished that I almost went to her room and yank out her computer system. As I watched, I could see her playing with herself and massaging her small tits. I just looked and started to jerk my self off.

From that night on, I went to my room about 15 minutes after she went to hers. Wanting to catch the porn she does and not the friend chatter. Through the web cam I watched her strip and chat with men who were cam to cam with her. I saw men cum on cam while she watched. Couple of times she would get up and stretch almost in full view of the hidden cam I had placed in her room.

Her slender body looked so smooth. I noticed that she had taken to shave her cunt. A few times, she would pull her pussy lips apart while she was standing in front of the hidden cam.

I had started to watch her get up in the morning and get dressed. She would then come upstairs with a big smile and kiss me good morning on the cheek. It was not long before she started to kiss me on the lips in the morning. I thought nothing about it.

When I got home from work, I would go change in my room, turn on the cam to see what she was doing.

Lately I started to notice that she was intently watching what looked like a prerecorded cam session of some person masturbating. The cam picture was small so I could not make out the details.

Tanya had then started to wear just a bra and panties or her two-piece bikini around the house. Seeing her little mound of tits always seemed to make me hard. I did not say anything. I was a turned on by this and liked seeing her this way. I always went to my room to jerk off.

After a week or so, I was in a state where I could not wait for her to go to her room. I started to go to my room first, turn on the hidden cam and strip. I would sit in front of my computer and slowly jerk, waiting for her to sit down in front of her computer.

This night was different. I noticed she had changed the position of her monitor to face the hidden cam. I watched her come into her room and she just stripped right away and played with her pussy. She then inserted a finger into her and took it out. She sucked her finger after. I almost came right there. This was new for her. I was waiting with anticipation to see what she would do next.

She faced her monitor and turned on the computer. She did not sit, but bent over showing her ass to the hidden cam. She had a nice round ass. As she waited for her computer to boot up, she placed her hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart. She then took what looked like a large dildo and inserted it into her ass, pumping her self. When her computer finished booting up she removed the dildo and sat down. Her back facing me, but I had a clear view of the top corner of her monitor.

I started to feel sorry for her as I watched. I guess she had no boyfriend at school and this became her sexual relief. It did not stop me form jerking my throbbing cock though.

I watched as she opened a cam window with some thing already happening in it. As she moved the cam window to the top portion of the monitor that I had a clear view of, my jaw dropped.

There I was jerking off. She turned and smiled at the hidden cam, stood up and disappeared.

I stopped and thought oh shit what have I done. Suddenly I heard her run up the stairs. I grabbed my bathrobe and started to shut off the computer. I was thinking of what to say to her. Nothing in my mind would absolve what I had done. I started to be ashamed.

She burst in, buff naked and jumped into my arms. She kissed me on the mouth and said, “It was about time I stopped spying on you and let you see what I was doing.”

I stood there, “spy on me,” I responded quizzically.

“The first ting I did when I got my new computer was to buy a wireless cam. I hid it in your bedroom with a full view of your bed. I watched you masturbate yourself for weeks before I noticed on one of the recordings I made that you unpacked a wireless cam yourself and walked out of your room.” She said. “When I saw you do that I started to look to for that cam. Once I found it, I wanted to make sure that you saw enough of me to keep masturbating and eventually want to fuck me. When I was sure that you were getting there, I started to wear skimpy clothes for you to make you hornier. I hope you are not mad at me?”

I could not believe it. Here I thought I was watching my daughter, instead, she was watching me watch her. “I am not mad, kind of relieved actually,” I said.

“Good,” she said. “Now can I see your cock up close?”

With that, I took the bathrobe off and stood there.

Tanya moved closure and took my cock in her hand. She started to look at it and almost inspect it. She pushed it up to look at the underneath side of the shaft. “It feels so smooth dad. Oh, it is getting harder and larger. Wow.” She exclaimed.

“Well you do turn me on,” I replied.

“Really, I do dad.” She said. “That makes me feel good. I probably will not see a cock or balls for a long while, other than yours. I mean, I am not a popular girl at school, in fact kind of a geek. I wanted to have a cock in real life before I turned seventeen. I started to plan the whole charade to get you to fuck me. You will fuck me, won’t you?”

“Are you sure?” I replied.

“I know you have not had any sex since mom left. Well unless you say, masturbating yourself is having sex. I wanted to have you release your sexual tensions and I thought who better than with me.” She said. “Beside I will no longer be a virgin then.”

“I would like you to show me how to pleasure a man,” she continued.

With that, I took her hand and sat her down on my bed. I sat down beside her and placed her hand on my hard cock. “Now just massage it like this,” I said as I guided her hand up and down my shaft. “Squeeze a little bit when you come up. That way when I do cum, you will enhance the squirt of cum. Do not start doing it fast off the start. I think boys like a slow motion to get going, and then finish with rapid strokes. Well that’s the way I like it.”

As she kept stroking I placed her other hand on my balls and let her play with them at the same time. I could feel the build up starting. I stopped her hands.

“Honey, are you sure you want to continue?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said in between her panting. “I am feeling really antsy now dad, my pussy is tingling.”

I noticed her cunt was starting to glisten as her juices started to flow.

I stood up in front of her. My cock throbbed from anticipation of what I wanted her to do next. “I want you to suck it. Place you mouth on my cock and slowly slide it in as far as you can. I may cum, you do not have to swallow it; you can spit it out.” I said.

She just placed her mouth over the head and slowly slid it in. She kept going until the whole cock was in her mouth. It must have been touching the back of her throat. She started to move her mouth in and out and sucked. I could hear the sucking noise she made. She started to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock.

I came with an explosion. I was sure she would gag and spit cum out. Instead, she kept the cock in her mouth and started to swallow. As I got soft, she took my limp cock out of her mouth.

“Wow that was warm. It tasted a little salty, some thing like my pussy juices after I masturbate. Thanks for showing me, dad.” She said.

“I am not finished yet. It’s your turn to have pleasure,” I replied. With that, I lightly pushed her back onto the bed and started to kiss her nipples.

She started to wiggle and squirm. Her breathing became harder and faster. I slid down and pushed her legs apart. I separated her pussy lips, exposing her clit. I started to lick her. She started to move side to side. I inserted my tongue into her and she tossed her head backward with a moan. She tasted great and I could not believe how wonderful she smelled. Her pussy felt like silk on my tongue. I was getting excited just from the feel.

She was tossing more and panting faster; I started to get hard from just the thought of entering my daughter. I stopped and she moaned. I moved up and kissed her on the lips. “Are you ready for it,” I said.

She just nodded her head yes, her eyes closed.

I placed my legs between hers and spread them apart. She actually would make a great gymnast; she seemed to be able to spread her legs a great distance apart. I reached down and moved the head of my cock to her vagina; her pussy was opening up from her spreading her legs wide. I pushed softly.

The head went in easy from her being wet. I started to push a little more. She squirmed more. I with drew and pushed back again, making sure that I entered her slowly. With each movement, I was able to penetrate a littler further. Her slight frame was tight, but it accepted me fully. I could feel the pressure of her vagina against my shaft. Making it feel tight. Once I was all the way in, I pumped a little faster. She came immediately, squeezing her pussy around my cock making me shoot my load into her.

Spent like that, I just flopped on top of her. Then I rolled off.

“Oh my,” she exclaimed. “That was great. I want to do it again and again with you.”

“Easier said than done,” I need time to recuperate. I am not as young as I used to be.”

We lay there for a while and then dosed off. I woke up when I felt her move off the bed.

“You ready for more?” she asked. “I am. I have some thing to get us going. Our own home made porn.”

I watched as she booted up my computer then moved around the screen and folders until she found what she wanted. She started a replay of the whole episode of us. She had her cam record the whole thing.

I watched with her and started to get hard again. She looked at me and smiled.

My Techie/geek daughter had outsmarted her old man using technology and she knew it. I could not wait until to see what other recording she had of me, and what we will be recording together in the future.

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Posted 10 Jun 2013 22:30
Hot story. Good luck in the comp.
Posted 05 Jun 2013 06:50
Very nice story and build up at our age they out tech us every time really believeable.
Posted 27 May 2013 17:57
creative premise, well told
Posted 25 May 2013 04:20
Great story. Love to see a part two. 5
Posted 23 May 2013 14:44
Great story. No mention of her feeling any pain when you broke her cherry? Had she done it herself? Pasrt 2 ASAP. "V=5+++."
Posted 23 May 2013 12:10
good story can't wait for part 2
Posted 23 May 2013 10:18
great story scene were right as real men can't last that long like some story say was good
Posted 23 May 2013 08:53
Great story! Love it when the supposed innocent ones take charge
Posted 23 May 2013 06:49
Now that is a good daughter............. and a good story........
Posted 23 May 2013 06:39
nice build up... need more sex!
Posted 23 May 2013 04:22
Good story... Nice ironic twist... since the sexual part of the story was somewhat brief, I am hoping there is a sequel.
Posted 23 May 2013 01:55
Gret build up... loved the twist. The sex scene could ave been longer.

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