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Mysterious Sister

My parents were driving me crazy. I wanted to take a semester or two off from college and they weren't having it. Understandable, but still stressful. At twenty years-old, I was tired of being a freeloader in our house, and wanted to work full time for a little while and make some money for myself. Basically, my parents and I were simply getting sick of each other. 

My reliable twenty-three year-old sister, Kristen, came to the rescue. She lived in her own apartment nearby, and on a Friday evening phone conversation with her, she surprised me.

"You know what, Jesse? Why don't you come over and hang out here tonight. Get out of the house for a little while. Did you eat? I'll make something, or maybe we'll get a pizza."

I thought about it for a few moments. I had only been over her apartment a few times in the past year that she lived there, but never to "hang out", mostly for a quick visit with my parents or something. I didn't want to intrude upon her, but she sounded sincere, and it seemed like a nice idea. I would rather spend some time with her than my friends, who could be stressful in their own way.

"Alright, sounds good, I'll be over in a little while. But, pizza? I was hoping for a nice steak dinner, ready and waiting when I got there."

She laughed. "You bring the steaks, I'll make them."

"And don't forget the candles on the table, and wine."

"Okay, now you're pushing it. Just get over here."

We both laughed and after we hung up the phone I got ready to go.


While driving to her apartment, I decided to surprise her and actually bring two steaks, so I stopped at a supermarket and bought them. It's not like I was going to toss them at her and make her cook, I figured I would help and we would make dinner together. Maybe it would be fun.

I arrived, and after we said our hellos, right away my attention was inappropriately drawn to my sister's white pants. For whatever guy reason, I have this thing for snug white jeans on a girl, and that's what she was wearing, along with a soft and fuzzy light-blue sweater. Her shiny golden-brown hair rested over her shoulders and on her back. She looked nice.

"You have to be careful about taking a semester off from college," she was telling me as we prepared dinner together. "Sometimes people never go back. Then again, these days a degree doesn't mean an automatic job anymore..."

We went on and talked about my situation with my parents and everything else, and I was already struck by something. We were two adults talking, instead of the bickering, immature teens of the old days. I hadn't spent too much time with her the past three years because she was busy with college, and now living in her own clean and cozy apartment. She was different. Now, she was an independent woman, responsible, sensible, and making dinner like a pro, which I must admit I found attractive in a platonic way. I had to say, I was impressed by it all. The stress was leaving my body simply being here with her and listening to the solid advice she was giving me.

After everything was done and the table was set, we sat down to eat.

"Wait, I forgot something", she said, and rose from her chair to go into her bedroom. When she returned she put a candle on the middle of the table, a fat, blue, New York Giants candle. The football team. I bought it for her a long time ago, kind of as a joke, back then I was trying to turn her into a Giants fan and get her to watch games with me. She smiled as she lit it.

"You said you wanted a candlelit dinner. There you go."

I smiled. "I can't believe you still have that."

"I saved it."


"I don't know, I guess I thought it was cute that you bought me that."

That she said it was "cute" gave me pause, but, I moved on. "Um, where's the wine?"

"That I don't have."

"Some host you are."

We ate our makeshift candlelit dinner and engaged in enjoyable, free flowing conversation. 

Later, we sat on the couch and watched her favorite show that she had recorded, this sort of zombie mini-series called The Walking Dead.

"Me and my friend Emma usually watch this together on the weekend," she said. "I love this show."

"I watched some of the first season, it's pretty good for a TV show. Although I think I've had about enough of zombies. And vampires too. Why didn't Emma come over?"

"You're here. I'd rather watch it with you anyway, she's always asking me what's going on. I'm like, aren't we watching the same show?!"

I laughed, and was happy she preferred to be with me instead of her friend. "She still could've come over while I was here."

"No, believe me, you don't know Emma, she would probably flirt with you the entire time."

I was flattered.

"Really? Let me see a picture," I joked. Actually, I wasn't really joking, but she brushed off my request with a smirk.

As the show went on and the zombies loomed, something was nudging me from the corner of my mind, and with persistence it traveled to the forefront of my consciousness. I glanced over at my sister, now immersed into the show. I could have sworn I detected a little jealousy about Emma potentially flirting with me. Another little thought pebble joined the conversation. She said "cute" before, that it was "cute" that I bought her the Giants candle. I continued staring at her from the corner of my eye, trying not to make it obvious. Honestly, she looked pretty, but it wasn't only that. This whole atmosphere, of being with her in the privacy of her own apartment, eating a candlelit dinner together, talking freely as if we were old friends, rekindled the affection I'd always felt for her. Even the way she was sitting with her legs up and off to the side, and her liking this zombie show, was cute. 

I flinched when her head quickly spun in my direction, and my eyes darted back towards the TV in a split second, but probably too late. She must have sensed me staring at her. Okay, that was awkward.

The show ended and a loud commercial came on, thankfully overshadowing my little dilemma. It was getting late, about ten p.m., and I didn't want to overstay my welcome. The thought of going back home gave me a stomach ache.

"Alright," I said and slapped my knees. "You're probably going to bed soon. I guess I'll get going. Thanks for-

"I'm not going to bed for awhile, it's Friday night," she interrupted. "It's up to you, you can stay."

"Can I stay, like, forever? Ahh, it's so nice here. I'm free!" I put my hands in the air.

She laughed and caressed her mouth with her fingers as if she were contemplating something.

"You know what, why don't you sleep over? You can if you want, I don't mind." She shrugged. "Send Mom and Dad a message that you mean business, haha."


"Seriously Jesse, I don't care, you can sleep on the couch. I don't think I have anything that will fit you to sleep in, but... whatever, it's up to you."

I tested the couch by patting the cushions, and I really didn't care how comfortable it was, the decision was already made.

"Alright, screw it, I'll call mom and tell her I'm staying here. Forever!"

We both laughed, and as we did, I took a quick mental note and added this to the evidence pile, along with the "cute" Giant's candle and the Emma jealousy scandal. Now she wanted me to sleep over. Either I was imagining things, or my sister was being extra nice to me for some reason. I was probably imagining things.


Now that we knew I was staying, we got some pillows and blankets and made ourselves comfortable on opposite ends of the couch. I had to stay dressed in my jeans and shirt because she really didn't have anything to wear that would fit, and being polite, she kept on her regular clothes as well, and I didn't mind since her white jeans were easy on the eyes. We talked about everything; childhood memories, current life activities, we even fit in a little politics, a horrible subject that always ends up with someone either angry at the other person, or the world in general. Then, the conversation haphazardly graduated into porn. Thanks to me, of course. I'm a man, it happens.

"Ugh," I grunted, "I'd rather stay single and look at porn for the rest of my life than go out with someone like her again."

"Yeah, I didn't like her."

"I know you didn't." I smiled. "And she knew you didn't like her either, you made that clear as day."

She gave me a devious grin. "I think I'd take porn over my ex-boyfriend Ryan any day."

"As if girls look at porn."

"You'd be surprised," she said.

"Why, you do? No way, I can't picture it."

"I'll let you in on a little secret," she said, "girls check out porn sometimes too. I mean, not nearly as much as guys. First of all, it's all over the net so it's hard not to stumble across it, and girls, you know, actually get horny!"

I laughed, surprised my sister came out and said something like that in front of me.

"What do you do when you look at porn?" I asked. "Wow, what an image."

Now we were both blushing. "Okay, enough of that," she said. "But seriously, there's this..." She paused. "Never mind, I shouldn't really tell you this."

"You have to be kidding me, you can't leave me hanging now!"

"Alright, there's this site I like, it has... erotic stories on it."

"Sex stories?"

"Yeah, sex stories, all different kinds. That's the type of porn some girls like, the place is loaded with chicks." She laughed. "There are a lot of guys there too. Basically, sometimes girls like what goes on before the sex, and after the sex, the relationships, drama, emotions, what the characters are thinking, all that stuff. The actual sex too, don't get me wrong. Many stories are quickies, wham bam. It's cool because anyone can publish a story."

We had on permanent smiles this entire conversation, something like this was uncharted territory for us. We had talked about relationships before, but rarely sex in any real detail. It was different now though, instead of blushing and giggling like little kids, we were being more mature about it. Well, there was still a lot of blushing going on, and laughing, because it was a strange conversation for a brother and sister to be having.

In my mind, there lingered a vague image of my sister, staring at the laptop screen and reading a sex story, alone in her room and laying on the bed... and her hand was moving up and down between her open legs... Do sisters masturbate?

"You can have a profile too," she said and interrupted my discomforting but exotic thought. "It's kind of like Facebook. Friend's, pictures, bio, all that."

"Do you have a profile?"


There was a brief hesitation before she answered, and I smiled knowingly.

"Yes you do."

She grinned, realizing she was caught.

"Okay, I do, but there's really nothing on there. I just joined up so I could make a few comments on stories and things like that."

"Let me see it."

"My profile? Never."

"Oh come on. What do you have on there, naked pictures of yourself?"

"No! Jesse... Why, you want to see naked pictures of your sister?"

"...Nooo." Shit, I hesitated before I answered, probably because her tone in asking that question was more playful than offended. "Let me see the site at least, I'm curious."

I thought she would balk and say "no", but instead she rose from the couch, almost with an enthusiasm, and brought her laptop from the bedroom back into the living room. After she had the site on the screen, she sat next to me and handed me the laptop. I oriented myself and perused the red and white home page, seeing a list of stories and votes on those stories, and some raunchy titles. This place was the real deal, I expected some badly designed porn site, but the layout was nice and neat, and judging by some of the story titles, these people weren't kidding around. These weren't Harlequin romances. I looked at the categories on the left side of the page.

"Wow, this site has everything, huh?"

She leaned in closer to me to get a better view, and brought her beautiful long hair and invigorating female scent with her. I took in an exaggerated breath through my nose.

"What was that?" she said and laughed.

I smiled. "Nothing, you smell nice."

"Oh, thanks."

She smirked and shook her head, and I listed off some of the categories with amusement in my voice.

"Anal... BDSM... Crossdressing too?"

"Yeah, you name it, it's there."

I paused when I saw 'incest'. Weird. There I was sitting close to my sister, and there's the word incest. I was surprised to see it. I had only come across incest on the net in passing, I assumed it was mostly fake and never got into it. Because of the odd situation, I wasn't going to say anything, but couldn't resist.

"They even have incest?"


I clicked on it, and for fun I read aloud some of the titles.

"My Brother Fucked Me at A Wild Sex Party."

We both laughed, partly because the title didn't pull any punches, but probably out of a nervous unease as well.

"Forbidden Sibling Lust. Do you read these?"

"Not really."

"Holy shit, this is hilarious," I said, and read another title out loud. "Family Fuck Doll: The Taste of my Sister's Pussy."

"Okay, okay," she said, and we made uncomfortable eye contact for a second, both of us blushing. Here was my sister sitting right next to me, and her brother just read the words 'the taste of my sister's pussy'. Out loud. As awkward as that was, my sudden arousal ran deep and I wondered what was going through her mind. With clarity, I thought about and actually pictured her pussy, wet, right there behind her white jeans, not that I knew what it looked like. She was sitting with her feet on the floor, her legs slightly separated, and I couldn't resist a quick glance over at the soft area between her legs. She must have noticed. 

I tried to shake it off, this wasn't right! We were quiet now and I tried to read the first paragraph of the story after I clicked on it, but I couldn't concentrate. Thankfully my cock was in a fortunate position and my semi hard-on didn't show.

She finally got up, maybe it became too quiet in the room. She walked to the kitchen to look in the refrigerator, and on impulse I stared at her round ass filling out her pants, and I struggled to get the persistent image of my sister's unauthorized pussy out of my mind. Wet.

"I like her," she said while opening a bottle of water.

"This writer?"

"Yeah, sprite. I've read some of her stories. I wish I could write like her."

That perked me up.

"You wrote stories too?"

"Nah. I like to write, but... not on there."

"I could imagine what the title of your story would be... how about, My Sexy White Jeans."

"Oh yeah!" She started dancing seductively toward me and singing, I'm, too sexy for my jeans, sooo sexy, and when she reached me sitting on the couch she grabbed the laptop from me. "Okay, enough of that."

"Hey!" I said and laughed. Well, that was pretty hot, and I surprisingly found myself excited that we now crossed a line by openly flirting with each other. And the thoughts I were holding back behind a barrier crashed through: what does Kristen's pussy taste like? Does your sister's pussy taste different than other girls' somehow? I imagined the juices from her clit on my tongue... 

Whew! I put both hands up to my face and rubbed my eyes, purging those dirty thoughts out of me, and walked to the refrigerator, getting a much needed drink of water to quench my sudden thirst.


"I'm going to wash up and put my pajamas on," she said a little while later. "I'll put on water after, you want tea?"

"Sounds good."

She went to the bathroom across the living room and down a short hallway. The laptop was sitting on the coffee table, open and waiting, beckoning me, because I remembered what she said about her profile on that site. I had a burning curiosity to see what was on there. I stared toward the hallway and heard water running. I probably had time. I picked it up, put it on my lap, and woke it from the standby state. Here we go.

I browsed my way to the story site's home page and searched around at the top for some type of profile link, but apparently she wasn't logged in. Shit. Wait, maybe I could look at her browser history to find her user name in there. God I felt sneaky, but I knew there was no stopping me now. I checked the browser history and a few links came up for Lush, the name of the erotic site, but just the ones we were looking at earlier. I checked each day, and saw Lush on a Wednesday. Profile page for MysteryChick. That's it! She used that name for a Gmail address. The bathroom door opened.

I hurriedly opened a new tab and went to Amazon. As she walked toward the kitchen still in her regular clothes, we both looked at each other and she smirked at me.

"And what you are you looking at," she said playfully, as if I were naughty boy and she knew. I swear girls have a sixth sense.

"Nothing really, just Amazon."

As she was filling a tea kettle with water, I opened the Lush tab, and typed 'MysteryChick' in the member search box, feeling like I were about to reveal the contents of a top-secret microfilm. What was I expecting, naked pictures of Kristen? Yes. Yes, I was. Her page came up, and in the avatar picture was a girl in a red two-piece bathing suit, sitting on a lounge chair at a beach, but the head was cropped out. That was Kristen's nice body, no doubt about that.

She finished in the kitchen and headed over to her bedroom.

"I'll be right out."


Her bedroom door closed, and I went through her Bio. She only had the basic stuff filled out, nothing earth-shattering. Until I saw something that made me do a double take.

Orientation: bi-curious.

Mind blown. Had Kristen fooled around with other girls? If so, that was a hot revelation. Maybe she didn't, and was just "curious" about it. Either way, it was a shocker. I wondered if she fooled around with her friend Emma. I scrolled down and she had a few friends listed and some juicy stories favorited. Christ, I couldn't believe my "innocent" sister read this stuff. Why was that such a turn on? To my colossal disappointment, I didn't see a single picture of her on the page except her avatar. Ah, this was turning out to be a bust, except for the bi-curious thing. But wait, I noticed that she wrote a story. The title was My Secrets.

I stared toward her bedroom door. I really shouldn't read this. I clicked the story link, and began reading.

I've been carrying around a secret... well, almost my entire life. It wasn't always a burden, I also cherished the warm sensations it gave me. From as early as I can remember, I had a crush on my brother. There, I said it, and it's a relief to finally come out with it. It was innocent at first, but the crush matured into something more substantial as we got older. Why? I've thought about it a lot, and there was something about him and the way he treated me over the years. There were so many things, like how he'd usually be concerned about how my boyfriends were with me, and the way he was respectful of me because I'm older than him, but he also wasn't afraid to be a bit of a wise ass too, which I liked. He'd tease and provoke me, and even flirt with me, but in a charming way, usually making me laugh. Sometimes he'd ask me for advice, even about girls, and it was flattering that he valued what I had to say. Speaking of girls, I found myself mired in jealousy when he'd bring a pretty one over, which happened too often for my emotional well-being. I even thought it was sweet when he'd tell me this pair of tight white jeans I had were his favorite. Little did he know, I purposely began wearing them just for him.

And yes, he's cute, and has a really nice body. There, I said that too.

I stared at the bright screen of the laptop resting on my legs, stunned. Agape. Was this my sister talking about me? Or was this some fantasy sister and brother she made up. The details were so specific, though... the white jeans...

Her bedroom door opened and she came out and went to the kitchen. I switched back to Amazon, trying to appear natural and relaxed, but a whirlwind was going on inside me. She had on a white, thigh-length t-shirt, apparently no bra, her legs were smooth and desirable, and her hair rested over shoulders and on her back. She looked beautiful, and this was a time for firsts, because I had never thought that so emphatically. Who was this girl? She's had a lifelong crush on me. As she moved the whistling tea kettle off the stove burner and reached up to a cabinet for cups, revealing her upper thighs, I stared at her in fascination, as if she were some rarely seen phenomenon. 

"You want caf or decaf tea?" she asked.

"I think I'd better have decaf."

"Milk and sugar?"

"Yeah, thanks."

I had to continue reading this story. While she got the tea ready I switched tabs and scanned some specific details about us growing up, and got to a passage that left my jaw on my lap.

... god it was so quiet in the house, but as I laid almost flat on my stomach, he fucked my wet pussy from behind with such strength, pushing firmly into my ass and pressing me into the bed with each slow and loving stroke. I was scared that we weren't using a condom, but the sensations of my brother's bare cock touching my insides were too overwhelming, so beautiful and pure, and all rational thinking went out the window...

She walked toward the couch with the two cups of tea and put one on the coffee table in front of me. With a shaky hand I moved the pointer across the screen and put the Amazon tab back.

"What do you want to watch?" she asked as she plopped down on her side of the couch, her t-shirt riding up close to her hips, exposing a generous helping of sexy legs.

"Uhh... I don't care," I answered with a distant sounding voice.

As she flipped through the channels I was frozen and dazed. Obviously, that passage wasn't true. My sister and I never had sex or fooled around sexually. We did flirt, but that's it. There was one time we held hands walking down the street, and I even saw that in the story. She must have added the hot and steamy sex scene, which had me aroused to hell, because it was an erotic story site, but obviously this was her fantasy as well. With me? As I was processing all this, I knew I was being too quiet and she would start to wonder why soon. I needed to read a bit more though, and I did, keeping the laptop angled away from her view. brother's hard, smooth cock filling my mouth was so dirty and erotic, it thrilled me to feel the thickness on my tongue and inner cheeks and at my throat, and I looked up at him like a little girl, his little play thing. I loved feeling dominated by him for once, because growing up I was always in charge and in control. He put his hands behind my head and shoved it farther into my mouth until I gagged, and I loved it...

I glanced at her face, she had a peaceful, innocent expression as she stared at the TV. This doll wrote those words. About us. I closed the tab and the browser and walked to the bathroom without saying anything. After I closed the door, I splashed cold water on my face and leaned with two hands on the sink. What was I going to do about this? We're brother and sister, we're family, that's fucked up isn't it? My mind raced with random scenes and images from our life growing up together, so much flirting and physical contact, even tonight in her apartment. I looked at myself in the mirror. It's time to admit it. You're attracted to Kristen, your sister. And you desire her, and love her... romantically... sexually. You always have. And she desires you.

Her story brought those long avoided truths to the surface, I felt no need to hide them from myself any longer. I dried my face off with a towel, took a deep breath, and went back out and sat on the couch.

"You want to watch a movie?" she asked and looked at me with pretty brown eyes.

I stared at her without answering.

"What's the matter?" she said, smiling and confused.

"That Lush site is pretty cool."

She scrunched her face a bit, surprised that I brought it up out of the blue.

"Yeah, it is," she said and laughed softly with a hint of nervousness, and I detected a trace of fear in her eyes.

"Check this out." I picked up the laptop and eventually got her story on the screen as she watched me curiously. I was nervous, knowing that in a few moments, our lives as brother and sister would never be the same.

"Oh, here. I'll just read it to you."

... on this night, it was solidified in my mind, and body, that I was experiencing more than simply a young forbidden lust, a lust that would dissipate as I got older and came to my senses. For the risky fun of it, we sneaked out of our house while our parents were sleeping at about three in the morning, and we aimlessly wandered around the quiet neighborhood streets together, whispering softly, conversing and laughing like two young lovers getting to know each other. And then something unexpected happened. We held hands. After a few moments of strange sensations, it felt natural for our hands to be together, swinging gently as we strolled side by side. But it was also significant to me, because it was him who grabbed my hand first...

I stopped reading the true passage and looked over at her. She was leaning back on the couch and staring at her lap, absently playing with her fingernails, with a sad, serious expression, as if she were about to cry. After a few moments of silence, she got up and quietly walked to her bedroom. She was probably humiliated, and that wasn't my intention. I read a part that was sensitive and written with tenderness, but, she now also knew I read those sex scenes... The thought of her being upset caused a pain in my heart. I shut off the TV, walked to her bedroom and stood in the doorway. She was sitting on the right side of the bed near her night table, staring at her hands again.


She didn't answer or look at me. I walked over and sat next to her, and put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her into me. When I put my hand under her chin to turn her head toward me, I saw her watery eyes. Even after everything that I had read, about how she felt about me, I was still afraid of being rejected when I leaned in to kiss her.

We closed our eyes and pressed our lips together, and years of repressed love passed between us, but also an intense sexual desire and lust. After we separated I stood up and shut the light off on the night table, leaving her room lit with the stray light coming from the living room, thankfully enough to see her eyes and her beauty. I held her hand and she rose to stand with me. With uncertainty, I pulled her shirt up, and she raised her arms as I lifted it over her head, leaving her wearing only panties. And socks. She was a stunning sight, and at the same time, adorable. Seeing her like this, vulnerable, sensitive... I caressed my hand around her breasts and over her nipples, and her body flinched at my touch. I craved the feel of her naked body against mine, and I began the awkward process of taking off all my clothes, and she took off her socks and slid down her panties, revealing her precious nakedness to me, and we embraced.

What a relief to have Kristen in my arms and her skin against my body, her tits pressed into me, and how erotic this being the girl I grew up with, my sister. Our hips separated, and the head of my hard cock pressed against her soft mound, and she opened her legs, allowing me access. I moved my hips back and forth and caressed her wet labia, and our breaths intensified, filling the quiet atmosphere of her apartment. As my cock passed her opening with each stroke, we stared into each other's eyes, in silent agreement to go all the way.

I placed my hands on her waist, and backed her up against the small space of wall near her night table. I lowered myself, getting into a better position, and she lifted her left leg and rested her inner-thigh against my hips. I held her leg up with my hand and squeezed her ass with my other hand, until we were intertwined and balanced. She wrapped her hand around my cock, guiding me, until I eased inside her smooth, warm pussy. We both exhaled, then held our breath as I slowly sunk deeper inside her, fully experiencing every beautiful sensation it gave our bodies and minds, to finally achieve what we had both always desired. Our eyes maintained contact, immersing ourselves in the moment, as I moved in and out of her wet, warm depths. After a few minutes of delicate and sublime lovemaking standing up, she led me over to the bed and sat down, and pulled me closer to her as I continued standing.

She began lightly caressing my cock with her lips and her face, and when her mouth was at the base of the shaft, she licked the sensitive bottom, all the way up to the tip. Seeing my sister do that, and feeling it, tightened my body and left me dazed. Without pausing she let the tip enter her mouth, only opening it enough to firmly encircle the head. I watched with held breath as her moist lips slid down my skin with slow, deliberate movement, giving me intense pleasure. When my cock filled her mouth and gently hit the back of her throat, I thought about her story, and I think she did too, because she looked up at me with the eyes of an innocent little girl. I put my hands behind her head as she began moving back and forth, sucking me, while we kept lustful eye contact. She pushed her head forward until the tip of my cock pressed the back of her throat more firmly, and she let out a small gagging sound. We both couldn't help but smile and laugh quietly. Much more of this heaven, and I wouldn't last long, so after a few minutes of loving and hungry pulls from her mouth, I backed my hips away.

I put my hands around her ribs and under her breasts and guided her to lay down on the bed. She raised her knees and after opening her legs wide, she began caressing around her pussy with two separated fingers, without touching her clit. She was waiting for my tongue. The taste of my sister's pussy went through my mind, and a strong craving permeated me, for the feel, taste and scent of the sweet secretions from inside her, on my tongue and in my mouth. I pressed soft kisses on her thighs, around her mound and on her playing fingers, and staying away from her clit to tease her was difficult. Her hips moved up and down in an almost involuntary rhythmic pattern, her pussy pleading for my tongue. And I gave it to her, by licking from her opening straight up to her clit, gathering up her juices. She moaned with deep gratification, as if to say, 'oh, thank god,' and her hips elevated sharply.

Tasting Kristen, and pleasuring her, was so intimate and erotic, something I could never imagine happening as we grew up together. I remembered the times when I'd glance at her hips, or between her legs when she was sitting down with jeans on. I'd be intrigued by the way her jeans hugged her mound, those alluring soft curves, and for brief moments I allowed myself to wonder what it was like. Here I was, burying my face in it, and it was prettier and sweeter than I imagined. While tonguing every part of her luscious pussy, the sound of her moans were like a narcotic for my ears and mind, and I pulled back to take a breath. A thin string of her fluids stretched from her clit to my mouth, and I realized I swallowed so much, but I couldn't get enough of it.

The thought of inserting my fingers inside her entered my mind, but instead I kissed a line up her stomach, to her tits, and stopped off to acquaint myself with her pretty nipples for a few tongue flicking moments. When I was face to face with her, without warning I slipped my hard cock deep inside her, as far as I could go, causing her back to arch, her hands to grab my back and her fingernails to claw me. As I thrust my hips into hers, I looked down, and also leaned out and turned my head to the side, attempting to get a third person view, to see the strange and fascinating sight of Kristen and Jesse having sex, making love, and, after picking up the intensity of our mutual hip thrusts, fucking. I stared into her glassy eyes and into her heart and no words were needed.

She surprised me and turned me over to get on top of me, wanting to ride me and be back in control. She straddled my hips, and we both watched my hard cock disappear into her pussy as she sunk down on me. We held each other's hands, with our palms pressed together and our fingers enclosed, and raised them up so she could lean forward and balance herself. She began moving up and down briskly, almost bouncing on my hips, while I was captivated by the fluid movement of her tits. With every pump of my cock into her soaked, hot pussy, my body drifted closer to orgasm, and judging by her open mouth and urgent breaths, so was hers. I had no idea if I would come inside her or not, I didn't trust myself to have the strength to pull out, and I had no idea if she was on the pill. She sunk down and stayed there, writhing her hips around to rub her clit against me. She squeezed my hands with a vice-like grip, and I stared at her enchanting face in awe as she came with long, beautiful moans. Sensing that I was about to come, she lifted her hips up until my cock was out of her. She held it against her pussy, caressing me, and I ascended into an enduring, heavenly orgasm while cum shot out in pulses, all over her mound and pussy lips. She raised her hips to rub the head of my cock up and down the center of her dripping pussy, mixing our sex fluids together, almost as if she wanted my cum-soaked cock back inside her. But she didn't do it.

She laid down on me with her head against my chest, and I could hear my heart beating in the silence of her bedroom. I ran my fingers through her hair, and the love I had for her at that moment overwhelmed me. Besides when I said "Kristen" while standing at her door, I realized we hadn't said a single word to each other while in this bedroom. There was no need to say anything, we both knew we desired this, needed this, to finally be together in the most intimate way possible. I felt no guilt or shame that my sister and I made love, it was inevitable, and it was meant to be.


Kristen and I strolled through the crowded mall together later that week, weaving through the bustling people, and I took her hand into mine and held it. She looked at me, surprised and smiling, and I smiled back. She squeezed my hand and random people glanced at us, a regular couple for all they knew. But there was the chance that someone we knew, be it family or friends, would see brother and sister holding hands. It was an of act of defiance, an expression of our love for one another. 

We made love again that night, all night, to try and get it completely out of our system, as if that were possible, just in case it was the last time. We didn't speak about our future, where we went from here. By the weekend, I wondered. I had the answers when she called me and told me that she had written another story. 

As soon as our phone conversation ended, I sat in front of the computer in my room, went to her profile on Lush, and began reading her new story entitled A Private Love.

... he read a part of my story, our story, to me as we sat on the sofa, and I was humiliated. How embarrassing that his older sister, supposedly the mature, conservative, responsible one, lusted after her own brother for years. He read those sex scenes... my god. Before I broke down and cried in front of him, I went to my room, a little mad at myself for giving him enough hints to find the profile. Deep down, though, I was relieved he found the story. The lifelong secret was revealed, and the burden drifted out of my body. Finally. In retrospect, however, our desire for one another wasn't truly a secret to either of us. He stood by my bedroom door, and the tears came...

... as I writhed into his hips, on top of him, every movement brought me closer to orgasm, a beautiful incestuous orgasm, and I sensed he was going to come too. I wanted him to come inside me, almost every part of my being wanted it inside me. It's the closest you can get to someone, the ultimate connection and expression of love... but, a rational piece of me climbed to the surface...

... after my apartment door closed behind him, the sadness overtook me, because I knew. I knew we couldn't maintain this type of relationship, it was impossible. We had to move on, I had to move on, and I hoped one day he found a girl who was good to him. He will. I hoped that we would return to being normal sister and brother, but with closer hearts. 

I love you Jesse.

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Posted 26 Sep 2012 00:14
...your story haunts me in bed...
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I pray to God to happen this with me...
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superbly written, thank u author, please write more. absolute pleasure u delivered.. going mad to have a sister like this after reading your elegantly erotic...just gone mad....
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I have to say, of all the stories I've read and written on this site, (none posted yet), this is by far the absolute best! You have definitely set a personal standard for me to achieve toward! Thanks!
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This was the best story of it's kind i've ever read. The way you combined an erotic story with a love story is truly fantastic. Thank you for letting us read it.
Posted 22 Dec 2011 23:06
this is one of the best stories I have read, very well written and just made you feel like you were in the story. Great work.
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WOW!! So touching but yet senual at the same time. Scoring enough LUSH points can't hurt either!! Fantastic story. Can't wait to read more.
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Truly a masterpiece!!! Very touching, with real characters, I felt like this was a love story not just a cheap sex tale, awesome!!! Well done.
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very nice story, this couldnt be closer to a real bro/sis crush, and so nicely finished... this is a 5 +++
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good story, very well written, hope to read more of your work.

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