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Natalie and Nathan

He couldn't resist watching his sister in the shower, but had no idea where it would go.

I knew it was wrong. I knew more than anything that I shouldn’t have been standing there watching her. There were so many reasons it was wrong. The first and most important was that she was my sister. The second was that she was ten years younger than me. She was only 16, but she had the body of a woman. She was 5’6”, long milky white legs that showed the definition of every muscle in them when she moved. Her hair was silky chocolate brown and it hung to her waist. It was teasing to watch her in the shower because her hair would often cover her c-cup breasts. She kept the hair on her pussy shaved close, but not completely off. It was tantalizing to watch her with the water cascading down her body. She never knew I was there.


Natalie was only 8 years old when I left home for the Army. As soon as my four years were up I went straight into college. She had wrote to me every week that I was gone and even sent me pictures of her growing, but none of the pictures compared to how beautiful she really was. I never came home on my leaves, or during my breaks in college, because my father and I didn’t get along very well.

About two weeks after I graduated college our father died of a sudden heart attack. My mother had always been a stay at home mom and had no real working skills. I moved back home to help support my family. I noticed how developed Natalie was as soon as I walked through the door the first day I got there. She ran up and hugged me and I could feel her breast pressing against my chest.

She never dressed in short shorts or skirts, but always wore moderate clothing that covered her well. This only intrigued my imagination. I had been there about a week when I accidentally walked in the bathroom on Natalie. She had just gotten out of the shower and had dried off. I walked in just as she was getting ready to put her panties on.

I apologized for it as she grabbed her towel to cover herself up. I quickly shut the door and walked to my room, but the vision in my head wouldn’t go away. Every time I looked at her after that all I could see was her beautiful naked body.

I started peeking in on her while she was in the shower. The bathroom had a stand up shower in it and the whole thing was glass. I would look through a the cracked door and watch as she washed herself off. Like I said before I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. She was beautiful.

As I stood watching her I felt my cock getting harder and harder and I knew I would have to go and relieve myself before I could do anything else. I was getting ready to turn and go to my room to jack off when I heard her say my name. I had been staring at her breasts and hadn’t realized that she was looking at me.

“Nathan, what are you doing?” She covered herself as best she could with her hands.

“I’m sorry Nat. I was just needing in there. I didn’t know how long you would be.” I could feel my face growing hot. I knew she didn’t buy my story.

If she didn’t believe me, she didn’t let on. “Well I’ll be out in a minute. I’ll let you know when I’m out.”

I quickly turned and went to my room. I sat on my bed and pulled my cock out of my pants. I started slowly stoking it with my eyes shut and the fresh images of Natalie in my mind. I could feel the pre-cum dribbling down my shaft. I started stroking faster and faster and just when I was getting ready to cum my bedroom door flew open. I grabbed my blanket to cover myself.

“My God, do you believe in knocking?” I said to her.

“I could ask you the same thing.” she said. She was standing in my door with only a towel around her. She didn’t seem to notice what I was doing. She was a little naïve about things like that. She had always been sheltered. She was the president of a Christian club at her school and she was a very active member of her church. I am sure to her it would have never occurred to her what I was doing nor would it have occurred to her that she was torturing me standing there in just a towel.

“I’m out of the shower now. You can go do what you need to do now.” She turned to walk out the door and I was convinced that she had bought the story that I just needed in there, but just as she was out the door she turned and looked at me. “You do know we have a bathroom downstairs too, right?”

“Well I was wanting a shower and I didn’t want to turn the water on and cause you to lose water pressure. I’m sure it takes a lot of pressure to rinse your hair as long as it is.” I was proud of myself for my quick thinking.

She simply smiled a genuine smile. “Thank you.” then she was gone.


That night I was restless. I couldn’t go to sleep for the thoughts of her. Every time I closed my eyes I thought about her young beautiful body in that shower. I wanted her so bad, but I knew it was useless. For one she was my sister, and for two even if she wasn’t she would never go for it. She was too innocent. She was one of the good girls. One of the girls that most guys would call a prude, but I knew she was just trying to do the Christian thing and save herself.

I tossed and turned until I couldn’t stand it any more. I just wanted to get a good look at her. I just wanted to watch her sleep for a few minutes so I could rest myself. I thought that perhaps seeing her in one of her long night gowns that hung to her ankles and the sleeves covered her wrists would take my mind off of seeing her naked.

I got out of bed and crept into her room. The room was dark, but the moon outside provided enough light to where I could see her laying on the bed. She was moving around quite a bit, but she was asleep. I walked over to the side of her bed and was shocked when I realized that she was sleeping naked.

Her sheets were laying across her belly, but her breasts and pussy were exposed. Beside her on the bed was her gown, crumpled up and tossed. She must have taken it off in her sleep. She was breathing heavily and moving around quite a bit. At first I thought she might have been having a nightmare, but then she moved her hand to her pussy and carelessly rubbed it and moaned.

My already hard cock got even harder. I stood mesmerized as I watched my little sister rub her pussy in her sleep. Before I even realized what I was doing I sat down on the bed. I could smell how aroused she was and I could see the moonlight glistening off of the wetness of her pussy. She was having no nightmare. No she was having a wet dream.

I tried, I swear I tried my hardest to make myself just get up and leave the room, but I couldn’t. She looked so beautiful laying there tangled in her sheets, with sweat beading up on her forehead, slowly rubbing her pussy.

She took her hand and moved it away from her pussy and stared rubbing and squeezing her breast with it. Without even realizing what I was doing I took my hand and started lightly rubbing her clit. Her breathing started picking up and her hips started gyrating against my hand.

Her pussy was soaking wet. I knew I needed to get out of that room and I fought myself trying to make myself leave, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t walk away from her like this. Why couldn’t she have just been wearing the gown? I knew if she woke up she would hate me for this, and probably even send me to jail for it, but I realized that I had fallen in love with her and wild horses couldn’t drag me away from her now.

I slid my fingers down her slit and slowly pushed my middle finger into her pussy. She was tight, obviously a virgin. She moaned out louder and started pumping her hips a little faster. I accommodated her by moving my finger in and out a little faster. Her pussy was loosening up a little and so I slid my ring finger into her too. I pushed the palm of my hand against her clit and was rubbing it as I moved my fingers in and out.

I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers and I knew she was going to cum. I couldn’t believe she was sleeping through this.

Then her eyes opened. “Nathan,” She panted, still moving her hips. “What are you doing? We can’t do this.” But her eyes told a different story.

“Shhh.” I told her and I took my free hand and pushed her hair out of her face. I leaned in to where we were face to face. “It’s alright baby. I’ll stop if you really want me to.”

Her breathing was heavy, she was panting. “I want you to.” she said, but she made no effort to remove my hand, nor did she stop moving her hips with my hand. “I want you to… keep going.”

I leaned in and kissed her. She tasted sweet. She pushed her pussy harder against my hand and kissed me back.

“Oh God Nathan, this is so wrong.” Again, though she made no effort to stop me.

I started moving my hand faster. My fingers sliding easily in and out of her pussy while the palm of my hand massaged her clit. She was humping my hand as fast as I was rubbing her pussy. “Nathan, I’m going to cum. Oh God please don’t stop.”

She ran her hand down the length of my thigh and started rubbing my cock through my boxers. My cock found it’s way out of the hole in the front and she grabbed on and started stoking it. I could tell she had never jacked a guy off before, not because it didn’t feel good, because God knows it did, but because she was unsure of her moves. She didn’t have a lot of confidence in what she was doing.

“Yes, Natalie, that feels good. Are you going to cum baby?”

My cooing her must have been all she needed because her pussy clamped down on my fingers and she started bucking under my hand. “OH GOD NATHAN. Yes, that feels so good… OHHH.” I felt her pussy juices soak my fingers and could see it running down between her legs, soaking the sheets beneath her. “KEEP GOING. Oh God, don’t stop.” She was still humping against my fingers and I kept pumping them in and out of her pussy as fast as I could until I felt the contractions start to slow.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and leaned down and kissed her. As we kissed she started slowly stroking my cock. It felt like she was a little more confident in it now. She would tighten her grip as she came to the head and loosen it as she went down the shaft.

“Oh, Natalie, that feels good.” I said and she started going a little faster.

“Have you ever had sex with a virgin Nathan?” She asked.

Her question caught me off guard. I didn’t know where she was going with this. “No, I haven’t. Why?”

“I‘m still a virgin. Do you want to have sex with me?”

I was floored. I figured the only reason she hadn’t screamed was because she was so turned on when she woke up. “Natalie, I don’t know.”

“I’ve seen you watching me. I know you think about me. I think about you too. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it. I never had sexual thoughts about a guy until you came home. Now I have dreams about you almost every night and I know it’s a sin, but I want you. I want to have sex with you.” She looked at the wall instead of me. “I think I’m in love with you.” She said in barely a whisper.

I leaned in and kissed her hard. She pulled me in harder and as she did she took her hand off my cock and pulled me to where I was laying on top of her. She hooked her fingers in the band of my boxers and started pushing them down. I got up and took them off.

“Natalie are you sure about this. I mean you are my sister and I’m so much older than you.”

“Age has nothing to do with it and like I said, I know it’s wrong, but it feels right. I have never done anything with a guy, because I could never see myself with them, but I can see myself with you. I know you are who I’ve been waiting for.”

I got back on the bed and between her legs, but instead of fucking her I slid down to where my face was between her legs. “You can’t lose your virginity before you have had your pussy ate out.” I said with a smile. I knew I would hate myself for all of this later, but I too was in love with her and I couldn’t stand the thoughts of not giving her what she wanted and deserved.

I took my tongue and ran it up her slit. She gasp as I did it. I took my middle and ring finger and slid them slowly into her pussy. I started licking her clit and sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. I can’t say I’m the greatest there ever was at eating pussy, but I can say that no girl had ever lasted more than a few minutes in my mouth. Natalie was no exception. Within what seemed like seconds she was bucking her hips again and panting my name.

Watching her cum so hard inspired me to do something I had never done before. I slid my tongue down past her opening and started licking her ass hole. This caused her to buck even harder. I took my ring finger and slowly slid it into her ass and put my middle finger and index finger in her pussy. I pumped them in and out of her ass and pussy for a few seconds and then with one lick of her clit she started cumming harder than she had before. She actually sat up in the bed and pushed my head away from her pussy and in that pulled my fingers out of her pussy and ass.

“Oh my God that was amazing.”

I smiled a smug smile. My cock was harder than it had ever been in all my life. “So you still want me to have sex with you.’

She lay back on the bed, panting. She ran her fingers though her hair. “No.” She said to my disappointment. “No, not yet. Let me catch my breath.” She looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back, but my cock was on fire. I needed to cum so bad it wasn’t funny. I didn’t want to pressure her though, so I decided to just suffer until she was ready.

She raised up. She and I were sitting Indian style, facing each other. “You know, I’ve never done anything before tonight, so I probably won’t be any good at this. Just tell me what feels good and what don’t.”

I thought she was talking about sex until she leaned over and took my rigid cock into her hand. She stroked it a few times and then she pushed her hair back with her free hand and leaned in and took it into her mouth.

Now, I’ve had a few blow jobs in my day, but I have to say that for a girl who had never done this before, she sure as hell came by it naturally. She did everything right. She sucked the head of my cock and swirled her tongue around it, then she would go down on it and suck in as she came back up. Her hand stroked my shaft in sync with her mouth. I knew she would make me cum in a matter of minutes.

“Natalie, if you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, you may want to stop.”

She took her mouth off of my cock, but kept stroking it. “Do you think you can get it hard again if I make you cum right now?”

I took in her beautiful eyes and her lovely naked body. “I really don’t think it would be a problem.”

She smiled and put her mouth back over my cock and started sucking and stroking faster than she had been before. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I ran my fingers into her hand and held on as I started shooting my cum deep into her throat.

Not one time did she slow down as I came. After I was drained, she kept sucking and stroking, but the head of my cock was too sensitive and I pulled her off of me. “Ok, slow down a minute. Give me a second to recover.”

She smiled at me and took my hand and put it on her pussy. “Does this help?” She started moving my hand up and down her slit. Her pussy was still soaking wet and her clit was still swollen.

“It sure as hell isn’t hurting.” I took over then and started sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy again. I could feel my cock getting hard again. Her pussy was so warm and tight I couldn’t help it. “Are you ready now baby? Do you want me to fuck you?”

“I’m a little scared.” She said. I could see the nervousness in her eyes.

“Come here. Let’s try it this way.” I lay back on the bed and had her get on top of me. Her pussy was covering my cock, but my cock wasn’t inside her. It was laying on my belly.

She instantly started rubbing her pussy up and down my shaft, letting my cock rub her clit. She was moaning and as she did she started moving faster and faster.

I propped myself up on one elbow and I took my other hand and started rubbing her breasts.

“Tell me when you are about to cum baby. I’m going to make this as painless as possible for you.”

She moaned her response and kept moving up and down. Her pussy juices were dripping down to my balls. She was soaking wet. She started moving faster and faster and within a few minutes she said “Oh, Nate, I’m getting close.”

I pushed myself up in a sitting position and pulled her up to where the head of my cock slid into her opening. I had just the head of it in. “Hold yourself up baby.”

She braced herself up with the head of my cock still just inside her virgin pussy. “Now, I’m going to rub your clit and when you feel like it just lower yourself down on my cock. It will hurt for a moment, but just give it a second.”

I took my fingers and started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. She was moving herself up and down and every time she came down she took just a little more of my cock into her pussy. Finally I could feel her pussy starting to contract. Her orgasm took her and she impaled herself on my cock. As she came down she bit into my shoulder and screamed. My shoulder muffled the scream, but I knew she was in pain.

I held her down on my cock and whispered. “Just wait baby. It will stop hurting in a minute.”

Despite her pain she was still trying to move up and down on my cock. Finally I allowed her to move and she started slowly going up and down on the length of my shaft. Her pussy was still contracting a little, but it was slowly going away.

Within a few minutes she was riding my cock like she had one it all her life. Her pussy was so tight it felt like a vice on my cock, but not in a bad way. Her juices were keeping her well lubricated and she was sliding easily up and down.

“Oh, God Natalie, I’m going to cum baby. You need to get off of me. I don’t want to cum inside you.”

She simply said a breathless “No!” and kept riding me.

“Natalie, I’m serious, I can’t hold it much longer. You need to get off of me.”

“Just cum inside of me. I want to feel it. You got to feel me cum on your cock. I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

I was losing my control. I knew the combination of her bouncing on my cock and her words were going to make me cum, but I had to somehow keep from cumming inside of her.

“Natalie, you could get pregnant. Baby you have to let me pull out. We are taking too many chances as it is.”

She looked me dead in the eyes. The desire and lust on her face was enough to make anyone cum on the spot, but she finished me off with one sentence. “I said NO!” With that she slammed her self down on my cock and I could feel her pussy contracting again.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I felt my cum shoot deep into her pussy. Each time her pussy contracted I shot off another load of cum. I couldn’t stop it, it just kept coming and coming.

She was moaning and shouting. “OH GOD YES, Cum in me Nate. Keep shooting your cum inside of me. It feels so good.”

I had no resistance left. I bit onto her neck and rode out the orgasm. I know I had to have shot at least 7 or 8 good wads of cum into her unprotected pussy. I know I should have been afraid, or scared that she would get pregnant, but for some reason that thought turned me on even more.

As our orgasms subsided she collapsed on top of me. “Oh my God that was fantastic. I have never felt anything so wonderful in my life.”

I wrapped my arms around her. “I couldn’t agree with you more.” I kissed the top of her head that was resting on my chest. “I love you.” I whispered.

I could feel her smile. “I love you too and if I do get pregnant I will love our baby.”

“Let’s hope that doesn’t happen though. You are too young for that.”

She raised up and looked me in the eyes. “So when I’m older, can we make a baby then?”

I brushed the hair out of her face. “Maybe when you are older. I don’t know though, we’ll see, but if we are going to keep doing this we need to get you on birth control or something.”

“NO! Not until you agree that when I’m older we can have a baby together.”

“Natalie, we can’t be together where someone could find out. We are siblings.”

“I don’t care. I love you and I want to have a baby with you. We don’t have to tell anyone. I’ll just say I slept with some random guy.”

I knew she wouldn’t give up until I agreed. So I did. We fell asleep in her bed that night and was awakened the next morning by my mother.

She stood over us with a horrified look on her face. But that is another story……….

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Posted 19 Feb 2013 16:17
Posted 29 Dec 2009 07:51
Posted 26 Dec 2009 10:57
What a wonderful and loving story.....can't wait for more...
Posted 25 Dec 2009 13:27
There's a twist in this story, I can feel it cumming...
Posted 23 Dec 2009 21:54
great story waitin for the next one here got me on my toes wantin to know what their mom does keep writting
Posted 17 Dec 2009 14:13
Good story, Bobbylynn. I liked the brother-sister dynamic and how you make the little sister so innocent. However, the story could use some more background on the bro-sis relationship and tighter editing. Eg. "I am sure to HER it would have never OCCURED to HER what I was doing nor would it have OCCURED to HER that she was torturing me standing there in just a towel."
Posted 17 Dec 2009 07:08
Bobbylynn, that was the hottest of the hot stories I have ever read. I can't wait to see what happens with Momma.
Posted 17 Dec 2009 06:59
WOW....that was outstanding !!!
Posted 17 Dec 2009 06:27
That was fucking hot can,t wait to hear some more!
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Damn girl, when you come back you come back with vengence. Excelent story. I am still hard from it. Keep them coming. We all missed you while you were gone!!!
Posted 16 Dec 2009 20:10
Very erotic, got me aroused
Posted 16 Dec 2009 19:05
very good up to your normal high standards

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