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New Home 2

New Home Part 2

End of Part 1

Both of us came down from our orgasms. I rolled off to the side, and Kassie cuddled up close to me, enjoying our post-coital bliss. I wrapped her up tightly, not letting her go. Letting her know that she was safe with me, that she was home. She purred softly, breathing deeply as she recovered from her orgasm. Wiped from the late night and from our emotionally intense sex, we fell asleep, our bodies entangled together, my cum still dripping out of her sated pussy.


Ring, ring, ring. I yawned away the tiredness and reached over for my phone. Groggily I said, “Hello?” I glanced at the clock. 7:30. Ugh. My sister barely stirred. Her eyes were open, but she neglected to move from the comfort of my arms and chest. I smiled down at her.

“Hello?!? That’s all I get after six weeks away? You, Matt, had better make this up to me.”

“Holy shit! Karen! How are you?”

“I’m doing great baby, but hopefully I’ll be doing even better tonight when I see you.” I could hear the oh so familiar seductive smile in her voice. I couldn’t help but smile in return.

“I’d love to Karen. But weren’t you supposed to get home in like, another three weeks?”

“Yes, but I cut the trip early. Not much to do in the corn fields of Nebraska.”

“I can imagine. What time will you be here?”

“Well I’m stopping home first, but I’ll try to be over at 7ish.” We talked for another few minutes, her words laced with innuendo, leaving no doubt what she planned on doing tonight. I was a little more tame, my baby sister was still laying on my chest, looking up at me, her eyes full of love.

“Just one thing. My baby sister is here. Finally got fed up with the parents. She’s living with me now, so not as much privacy as we’ve had before.” I had to say it to warn her, but I was afraid of what my sister would say. I pretty much just mentioned that I had a girlfriend whom I previously neglected to mention. Kassie just smiled and looked up at me with a slightly questioning glare.

“No problem, Matt. I’ve always wanted to meet Kassie. We’ll have a quiet night in…until she goes to sleep. The room in your house are sound proof right?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’ll see you soon, Karen.” I hung up the phone and tentatively turned to my little sister, sheepishly looking at her.

She just laughed. “If you could see your face right now!” A few giggle burst from her lips before she leaned up and kissed me. “But this girl sounds like something serious. I love you Matt, very much. Are we a forever thing? Maybe, but I can’t hold you back. As much as I love you, I can’t hold you back.”

“You’re incredible baby sis. It’s no wonder I love you so much.”

“Just one question.” I looked at her questioningly. “She hotter than me?”

“Actually, come to think of it, she looks just like you with a little darker hair. And smaller tits.”

“Looks like someone had a deep seated sister fetish for some time.” Kassie’s look turned predatory as she climbed on top of me.

“I guess so. What are you gonna do about it?”

She grasped my cock and started stroking it slowly, rubbing it against her tight pussy, dropping down onto my cock. “If anything, make it even...ugh…deeper engrained.” Once fully inside her, Kassie leaned down, her tits swinging in my face, and she placed her hands on my chest for balance. She rode me slowly at first, steadily bouncing up and down on my hard cock, just looking at me with an evil grin I did not know she possessed. She kissed me briefly, then bit her bottom lip, looking down at me, smiling. She leaned back, and started to use my cock as nothing more than a piece of meat to get her off. With closed eyes she gyrated and rose and fell, doing whatever it took to rub my cock against every spot of her tight, wet pussy. She would slam down on my cock after slowly rising up on it, lean forward to it would rub up against her clit, then lean backwards so it could rub against her gspot.

I watched in awe of my no longer virginal little sister and she tweaked her own nipples, pinching them hard as she got herself off on my cock, screaming to the heavens as she came. She stopped moving her hips and leaned down, whispering in my ear as she clenched and unclenched her pussy. “I want you to fuck me Matt. And tonight, when you’re fucking Karen, I want you to fantasize about fucking your slutty little sister and making me scream. I want to hear that girlfriend of yours scream your name as you fuck her. Now fuck me, Matt, fuck me hard.”

To say I was stunned would be putting it lightly. I was flabbergasted at the stuff that just came out of my little sister’s mouth. But like any guy would, I listened to the letter. I flipped her over and shove my hard cock inside her, instantly ramming her tight little cunt, her body shaking with the onslaught of my thrusts. I gripped her tits and tweaked them roughly, pinching and playing with her nipples as I slammed into her again and again, fucking her relentlessly. Her head rolling around my pillows, moans escaping her lips as she urged to fuck her harder. Rolling her hips and thrust up to meet my cock as it pierced her pussy, she begged for it, needed to be pounded. Her screams echoed through the room, loud enough to alert the neighbors as she came over and over again on my cock. “FUCK ME, POUND MY PUSSY MATT! MAKE ME CUM! FUUUUCCKKK! CUUUUUMMMMMMMIIINNNGG!” I was close, about to cum when she stopped me, pushing me off of her body, then slurping my hard and glistening cock into her mouth sucking furiously as I came buckets down her throat.

I collapsed back into the bed, stunned at my sister’s raw sexuality. Breathing hard, she snuggled against me and kissed me softly. “Tonight, when you’re fucking her, think of that big brother. Think of me cumming all over your cock, think of me swallowing all of your cum, think of pounding your cock into your sister’s pussy while she lays there and takes it, begging for more.”

I kissed her softly then got out of bed, took a shower and got everything ready for the night. The rest of the day wasn’t all that eventful. Some furtive glances were exchanged between me and my sister as we went about our normal day. Then 7:00 hit. Surprisingly, my sister was more nervous than I am. “I just want her to like me Matt. I don’t want the two women in your life to be at odds.”

I kissed her softly. “She’ll love you. I know I do.” And then the bell rang. Kassie jumped up and got the door, opening it wide and introducing herself before Karen even got a chance to come in the house. The two of them next to each other was a sight. Kassie’s blonde hair was just a few shades lighter than Karen’s dirty blonde. Their faces were so similar they could have been sisters. With Karen wearing her push up bra, you could barely notice the difference in cup sizes. Karen walked up to me and kissed me deeply, subtly squeezing my cock as she pulled back.

She and my sister got to talking as I got the dinner ready. I walked outside to see the two of them talking animatedly, then they got quiet, looked at me and shared a silent look. I decided to leave them alone so I went to prepare more food. I brought the wine out, and all of us settled into a conversation.

“Matt, your girlfriend is gorgeous. If only she had blonde hair, instead of that dirty blonde mess.” Kassie started giggling, joking of course.

Karen mocked being mad and retorted. “Well at least I know guys like me for me, not those huge, overgrown melons on your chest.”

The two of them were getting along famously, bantering back and forth, insulting each other’s appearances, knowing full well they could almost pass as twins. The night went on like that for a while, friendly joking between the two of them. I stepped in to provide a story or two about one of the girls that the other didn’t know. For several hours we laughed and joked, enjoying each other’s company. Then my sister might have made the lamest excuse to get two people alone…ever. “Well, that half glass of wine really made me tired.” She attempted to emphasize her words with an obviously fake yawn and stretch combination. “I think I’m gonna sleep on the couch tonight. Matt, if you don’t mind bringing Karen into your room so I can get some rest, that would be nice.” Then, as if she wasn’t transparent enough, she winked at me. I just shook my head and laughed. I ushered Karen into my bedroom and pulled the door almost all the way closed. I intentionally left a little bit of room to peek in if my sister so desired.

Almost immediately Karen pushed me down on the bed, stripping herself of her clothes and diving on top of me. Her lips pressed against mine as she kissed me fiercely, letting me know her plans for the night. Her hand snaked down my body, rubbing against my clothed but rapidly hardening cock. “Pants. Off. Now.” She didn’t wait for me to respond, just unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, pushing them past my hips for me to shimmy off. I kicked them off, along with my boxers, allowing them to land in a pile on the floor. I tossed my shirt away, leaving me just as naked as Karen. Her body pressed against mine, her hand slowly stroking my cock to full hardness. Our kissing intensified, then she moved down my body, her lips and tongue descending on my rampant erection. She took a few playful licks and sucks before shoving two fingers deep inside her pussy. She took them out, her fingers glistening with her juices. She pressed them to my lips as I licked her juices off. “Feel how wet I am Matt? I was planning on nice, slow sex tonight. I was planning that, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I need you to fuck me Matt. Fuck me hard.”

My already hard cock must have grown another inch. Karen was always a fucking tiger in bed, but this was extreme, even for her. I flipped her onto her back, her eyes burning with lust. I pressed my lips to hers, forcing my tongue into her mouth, which she eagerly accepted. My cock pressed against her hot pussy as I ground into her. She bucked her hips, wanting more, wanting me inside her. Gladly, I acquiesced, thrusting my hard on deep within her depths. She moaned as I bottomed out. She took a few deep breaths then looked deep into my eyes and almost purred out, “Fuck me.”

I pulled back slowly, her pussy seemingly trying to suck me back in. With just the tip inside her still I looked down and smiled mischievously, slamming my cock back inside her. She screamed and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper, forcing me to fuck her harder. Over and over I plowed into her pussy, her hips thrusting upwards trying to get as much of me inside her as possible. She made no attempt to keep quiet, apparently not caring if my sister heard or not. Her eyes closed, her moans and screams increasing in volume as our hips crashed together again and again. My balls slapping against her ass, my hands kneading and squeezing her tits. “KEEP…UGH…FUCKING ME, DON’T…UGH…FUCKING STOP. MAKE ME CUM, FUCK! YES, YES, YES, YEEEEESSSSS, CUMMMMINGGGG!”

As she came, I couldn’t help but picture my little sister beneath me, thrashing around as I fucked her, just as she wanted me to do. With Karen cumming hard and momentarily unaware of her surroundings, I risked a look back at the door, seeing my little sister peeking through. I smiled to let her know I saw her, then went right back to fucking my girlfriend. She came down from her orgasmic high and leaned up to kiss me. “Fuck that was good, damn you know how to use that cock.” She pulled me down closer to her, our bodies pressed together, she nipped at my neck and tugged at my ear. “Now make love to me.”

I nodded, thrusting slowly into her already well fucked pussy. Her lust sated, she smiled at me, love replacing the animalistic lust in her eyes. Rather than screaming the roof off, she moaned softly, whimpering each time I bottomed out inside her. I bent down to kiss her, our tongues softly dancing with the other as I slowly pushed us both towards a climax. Her arms wrapped around my neck, her legs around my back, drawing me in closer and closer. “Mmmm, make love to me, make love to your little sister Matt.” I froze and looked down at her, my cock still inside her, still hard. In fact it jumped and twitched at the thought. “We look so much alike Matt, don’t pretend you haven’t thought of it before. Make love to Kassie, Matt. Pretend I’m her.” I didn’t even try to fight it, she knew she had me. I leaned down and kissed her deeply, knowing that in only a few more strokes I would cum harder than ever before. “Cum for me big brother, cum on your baby sister. I’m so close Matt.” With that she came, simultaneously pushing me out of her pussy and grabbing my cock. “Is my big brother gonna cover me in his cum?” She stroked me, her hand pushing me past the breaking point and I covered her. Her face, tits and hair all covered in my cum. “Looks like someone likes the idea of fucking his baby sister. Do I have something to worry about? Are you gonna put the moves on that hot piece of ass?”

I let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t know. She might be ok with it in fantasy, but I was still actually fucking her, even if my mind was on my baby sister. I had no idea if she’d be ok with the real thing. “That my sister you’re talking about Karen, that’s incest.”

Mercifully she let it drop, but with a shrug of the shoulders that told me she wasn’t quite off of the idea. She scooped up some of the cum that I sprayed on her and licked it off her fingers. “Mmmm, my big brother has such good tasting cum.” She washed her face and I joined her in the shower for a quickie, spraying cum in my “baby sister’s” pussy this time, before we dried off and headed for bed.

I awoke the next morning to find Karen gone and my baby sister (actually Kassie this time, not a role playing Karen) snuggled up next to me in my bed. “God, Matt that was so fucking hot last night. I guess it wasn’t all that hard to imagine it was me you were fucking?”

I shook my head and held her close. “Not in the least.” I kissed her forehead and got up, showered and started my day. I needed some time to myself. I had to sort everything out before Karen or Kassie got jealous of the other. Granted Karen didn’t know, but I figured that was just a matter of time. I decided to head over to the nearby golf course. I walked on and played with some older men. It was nice and peaceful. I was able to have some time to sot out my problems, talk with other people about nothing in particular, and just have fun. Granted I’d been having fun the last two days or so, but some time alone was good for me. Also happened to show in the low 90s, so a good day all around.

I got home around 3:30, needing a shower. I hadn’t really solved anything on the golf course, but I did adopt a sort of “let the chips fall as they may” type of attitude. I walked through the door and put my clubs down. “Kassie? You home?” She didn’t respond so I went to the fridge, took out a beer and finished it as I was getting ready to go shower. I stripped my clothes, then heard Kassie say something. It was muffled, but I definitely heard something. “Kass? You home?” Again, no answer. I walked towards her bedroom and opened the door quietly.

Ooohhh…cliffhanger. Aren’t I evil? Anyone want a part 3? Again, votes, comments etcetera, etcetera. Again, if you have ideas, MESSAGE me. Otherwise comments and votes are greatly appreciated.

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Ohhhh yes it was evil! Haha. Thanks for the amazing stories!
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nice way to cliff hanging it, Your doing great boy great work V=5

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