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New Home 3

End of Part 2

I got home around 3:30, needing a shower. I hadn’t really solved anything on the golf course, but I did adopt a sort of “let the chips fall as they may” type of attitude. I walked through the door and put my clubs down. “Kassie? You home?” She didn’t respond so I went to the fridge, took out a beer and finished it as I was getting ready to go shower. I stripped my clothes, then heard Kassie say something. It was muffled, but I definitely heard something. “Kass? You home?” Again, no answer. I walked towards her bedroom and opened the door quietly.

I peeked in at first, not knowing what to expect. And what I saw left me speechless. Instantly, I realized why Kassie’s voice was muffled. I stood in the doorway of the room my eyes fixated on Kassie, and the object blocking her mouth. Or, rather than object, I should say gorgeous form of my sexy girlfriend. To be more specific, her pussy. That’s right, I just walked in on Kassie, my sweet and (up to a few days ago) virginal baby sister, gripping my girlfriends tits and thrusting her tongue in and out of Karen’s pussy.

Karen looked up as I pushed the door open, her eyes on me. She pushed my sister’s head deeper into her tight cunt and grinned at me, watching her boyfriend watching her getting eaten out by his little sister. She put a finger up to her lips telling me to be quiet, but winked at me. She pulled my little sister up towards her, kissing her deeply, her tongue flashing everywhere. Planting soft kisses around her face to catch her flavor. “You like licking your big brother’s girlfriend Kassie?”

“Mmmm, god yes, you taste so fucking good.”

“You know your brother’s big, hard cock has been deep inside there, spraying his cum deep in my cunt.”


“Do you want your brother’s big, hard, cock Kassie? Do you want him to fuck you like he fucks me. I know you heard us last night.”

“He’s my brother…” I could hear the wavering in her voice. She’s had me inside her, but Karen didn’t know that, and Kassie didn’t want to let on to that.

“And I look just like you, his baby sister. Did you hear me telling him to cum on his baby sister, to pretend I was you? Do you know how hard he came?”

I saw Karen slip her fingers inside my baby sister’s tight little pussy finger fucking her. Kassie was breathing deeply, remembering when she peeked in last night and saw me cover Karen in cum, and further aroused by Karen’s insistent fingers. “He came all over you, I was peeking in through the door. Fuck it was so hot.”

“Do you want to fuck your brother?”

“YES! I want him to slam his hard cock deep inside me.” Karen looked at me and winked. I walked into the room, Karen thinking this was the first time we would fuck. As I approached, Karen’s fingers slipped out of Kassie’s pussy. “Nooo, finger me, I was so fucking close.” She leaned forward on Karen’s body kissing her, trying to get her to finger fuck her again. “Please! Finger me. Fuck my OOOOHHH FUCK! MATT!” I slammed into her pussy as she was begging Karen, starting to ram into my sister’s tight pussy, knowing she could take my thrusts. Karen captured my sister’s lips with her own. Their kiss intensified and got deeper as I continued to slam my cock in and out of my sister’s pussy. Kassie began to shake on top of Karen. As close to orgasm as she was, it was only a matter of time before she set off. And set off she did. She exploded all over my cock, her cunt clutching at me, her pussy squirting thin streams of juice as she came and collapsed onto my girlfriend.

Karen stroked may baby sister’s hair as she came down, still out of it after her intense orgasm. I pulled out of Kassie, eliciting a low moan of loss on her part. “As I recall, Karen, my baby sister didn’t finish you off before?”

“So true, and I do want to stay within the family, so…FUCK YES!” Again, I didn’t give her time to finish a sentence. I just slammed my cock inside her and started going crazy. “Fuck me you sister-fucker!” My sister came back down to earth and started to suck on Karen’s nipples as I fucked her, a hand snaking down to rub at Karen’s clit. Again, Karen was primed to go, and absolutely detonated on my cock. While not a squirter, she did cum hard, my cock getting soaked by her juicy gushes. Slowly, I pulled out, my cock glistening as it came free of her pussy. I just made two incredibly sexy girls cum and I was inches away from exploding. Kassie rolled off of my girlfriend and pulled Karen to the edge of the bed with her. Kassie grabbed my cock, stroking it a few times then placed it between her tits, only to have Karen mash her tits up against my little sister’s. My cock was snuggly nestled between 4 tits. As if that wasn’t enough stimulation, the two doppelgangers started making out above my cock. Eagerly, I started fucking my cock through the delicious tit tunnel, almost instantly spraying my load on the two faces with locked lips above my cock. They both moaned happily, licking off as much of my cum from the other’s face as they could, then sharing it in a kiss.

All three of us (temporarily) sated, we collapsed onto the Kassie’s bed, a sweaty entanglement of limbs and matted hair. I had a girl on each arm, Kassie snuggled into my chest on my left, Karen on the right. Karen leaned in to my ear, whispering so as not to wake up my sister, “Fuck it was so hot to see you finally fuck your little sister for the first time.”

I smiled at her and kissed her softly. “That wasn’t the first time.” The shock on her face was soon replaced with a smile and a laugh before we each drifted off to sleep.

I fell asleep easily. After a threesome in which you make two girls cum hard, then you cum between both of their tits and on their faces, all of which AFTER 18 holes of golf, sleep comes pretty easily. For about 3 or 4 hours, I was dead to the world. I woke up to find the bed empty, Karen and Kassie had apparently woken up during my long nap. I hopped in the shower, relishing in the quick cold blast, slowly warming up to the perfect heat. I lingered in the shower, not out of fear of facing my two girls, but because it was so damn relaxing. I had nothing to think about, no concerns on my mind, just the bliss of hot water running over my body and soothing my muscles. I got out of the shower, dried off and debated putting on clothes at all. I decided on just a pair of athletic shorts and no underwear. Modesty was not necessarily needed, but I had never been one to enjoy being fully naked. I just didn’t enjoy the complete and utter freedom. I needed some support below the waist.

My sister and Karen were in front of the TV, Kassie’s hair still wet as Karen leaned in her lap. Kassie ran her fingers through my girlfriend’s hair as they both enjoyed whatever movie they were watching. They did look very cute together, almost like twin sisters enjoying a lazy day in the house. Both of them had put on some clothes. Karen wearing only a pair of her boyshorts and a sweatshirt that she had stolen from me a few months ago and I knew I wasn’t getting back any time soon. Kassie was wearing a pair of my old sweatpants and an undershirt. She was still here only a few days and we still hadn’t completely gotten her a new wardrobe. I stood back a few steps, my heart nearly bursting at the scene in front of me. The two girls obviously got along outside the bedroom as well as in it. I knew I loved my sister, and Karen was very special to me. She’d been there for me when I left my house and needed a place to stay. She was supportive of everything, and other than my baby sister, I couldn’t think of anyone better to be with.

I tousled Kassie’s hair as I stood behind her, letting her and Karen know of my presence. She leaned her head back and looked up at me with a smile. I leaned down and gave her a quick Spiderman kiss, my tongue only briefly flashing into her mouth. Karen noticed the moan my sister let out at our kiss and looked up to see us both. “About time you got up. We were wondering when you’d come down here and grace us with your presence.”

I vaulted the couch and sat down, lifting Karen’s feet into my lap so she now lay across the brother and sister combo. “What can I say? You two gorgeous women wore me out.”

I was rewarded with two almost identical smiles. Again I was struck with how similar the two looked. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it before Kassie and I got together, but it was glaringly obvious. We fell into a brief silence before Karen spoke.

“So Kassie, your brother here told me something very interesting before we fell asleep.”

She looked down at her near twin, then to me, holding my gaze. “Ohh? And prey tell, what did he say?”

“That it wasn’t the first time you guys had sex. Here I am, thinking I brought the two of you together, and you’ve already been fucking.”

“Well technically, we only fucked once before the threesome we had. The first time was making love. Did he tell you how it started?” Karen shook her head no as Kassie went into detail about being kicked out, taken in by me, then how she was reminded of that night by the thunderstorm and how we ended up in bed together. “Describing it with words just doesn’t work somehow. It doesn’t capture the love, the safety and…the heat of the moment.”

Karen laughed then rubbed her foot over my now erect cock. “Seems like someone was enjoying the memory.” I just smiled and cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Actually,” Kassie began, “that’s perfect. Karen, would you like to see how it started between us? A reenactment if you will?”

“Mmmm, yes.” I liften Karen’s feet off of my lap and then told her to sit up. After she complied, I gingerly lifted my baby sister and brought her into my room.

“Well, as I recall, we were both sleeping when we woke up like this.” I got in bed behind Kassie, spooning her tightly, my hand on her breast, my hard cock pressed against her ass. “I tried to pull away, but…”

I started moving away, removing my hand and moving away from my sister’s delicious body. “No, don’t.” She pressed my hand back into her breast, pressed tightly against me and snuggled into me. She turned around and kissed me, repeating her speech from a few nights before almost verbatim. Then her kisses became passionate. I glanced over at Karen, watching intently as her hand slipped underneath her boyshorts, gently massaging her clit. I turned back to my sister, and kissed her. We removed out clothes, then Kassie looked up at me again. That same vulnerable look she had nights ago. “Make love to me?”

I just kissed her and pressed deep inside my little sister, bottoming out in one slow thrust. She moaned out deeply and clutched to me, holding me tightly as she started to slowly undulate her hips. In and out I moved with her, Karen’s breathing now audible as I made love to my little sister. I was able to hear myself moving in and out of Kassie’s wet sex. Karen let out a moan and I glanced over again. She was almost naked now, two fingers pistoning in and out of her tight little pussy, still covered by her boyshorts, her (my) sweatshirt off, her bare breasts open to my gaze. I stopped moving in my sister and whispered into her ear. “Looks like someone is enjoying our little show.”

“I know I am Matt. I love you.”

“I love you too baby sister.”

Slowly, steadily, I continued to gently pump into my gorgeous little sister. She had never looked as radiant as she did now. Her eyes shown with love, her mouth alternating between biting her lips and a perfect smile. Small moans and whimpers escaped her lips as she let me know how much she was enjoying our reenactment. I had almost forgotten about Karen when I heard a moan from my left. I turned and smiled as she continued to work her fingers in and out of her pussy. One hand gently tweaking a nipple, as she squirmed in her seat.

I turned back to my sister, kissing her lovingly. My lips moved against hers, my tongue dancing with hers as we kissed a slow, unhurried kiss. I felt, more than heard, Kassie moan into my mouth. I broke our kiss and while maintaining my pace inside my sister, kissed down her neck nipping playfully at her skin until I reached her collar bone. I trailed my tongue down to her breasts before kissing up to her nipple and encircling it with my tongue, capturing it with my lips and teeth. I did the same to the other nipple, Kassie’s breathing increasing as she moved closer and closer to orgasm. I removed her nipples from my mouth and trailed my lips back up to her ear, nipping her lobe before I softly whispered to her. “Cum for me baby sister. Cum as your big brother makes love to you.”

“I’m gonna cum, MATT!” She clutched me and pulled me as close as I could be, my body pressed against hers completely. “I’m cumming Matt, CUMMING!”

Karen stripped the sweatshirt off and came over to the bed, she pressed her lips to Kassies, kissing her softly, holding Kassie’s bottom lips between her teeth. “Matt, enough making love to her. Fuck her, fuck your baby sister, make her scream as she cums on your cock.”

I looked back at my baby sister her eyes on fire with lust. Her orgasm had only fuelled her need to be fucked. I kissed her softly and pulled back so just the tip of my cock was inside her. “You mean fuck her like this?” I slammed into her, causing her to moan loudly, throw her head back and thrust her body against mine.

“Yes, fuck her Matt. God it looks so sexy. I feel like I’m watching you fuck me. Slam that tight pussy Matt, fuck your little sister.”

I moved faster, thrusting harder, getting more and more turned on by Karen watching us fuck. Kassie was moaning continuously, unable to form real words, just letting moans and whimpers out of her mouth, occasionally my name coming up in her noises. “She’s gonna cum, Matt. Cum with her, cum inside her tight little pussy as I cum all over my fingers. All three of us are gonna cum together. NOW!”

It was like a time bomb went off. Karen moaned loudly, cumming hard on her fingers. Kassie pulled me close to her, screaming out in my ear as she came all over my cock. I grunted as I emptied my load into my sister. Again, all of us were sated on my bed, but this time no one was tired. Hungry, yes. Tired, no. After a few more quick caresses and kisses, we got up, again donning the clothes we had on before. We moved into the kitchen and together conjured up a meal. I couldn’t stop smiling as I ate with my favorite girls, a fact which both of them thought was incredibly cute.

“He looks like he just won the lottery.”

“On the same day his football team won the Super Bowl.”

They went on with more and more, but I just toned it out. Instead I just focused on my girlfriend and my little sister joking with each other, laughing and smiling. I was content to let them talk for a while. My biggest fear was that the two of them would not get along, and I would end up having to make a choice and never see the other one again. Fortunately, they not only looked almost identical, but they were similar people. They were like life long best friends who met a day and a half ago. Simply put, they were perfect for each other, and for me.

As if reading my mind, Karen stopped laughing and looked seriously at my sister. “I’m so happy I finally met you.” She smiled at Kassie, which she returned happily. Karen leaned in and gave her a small kiss. Her gaze turned from happy and bouncy to lusty and smoky. “And I’m really happy about what else I’ve done with you.” Kassie blushed at smiled at that.

I polished off the last of my dinner, then turned to them. “Speaking of which I’m dying to know how you two got together.”

Kassie looked at Karen, returning her gaze. “Looks like my big brother wants a story and a reenactment. Feeling up for it?”

“I’m up for anything as long as I can get my hands on your body. So how about it Matt? Ready for story time?”

As always, vote and comment. For the upcoming chapter I plan on using fan ideas. If you have an idea (that fits in with the current story) I might use it as the genesis for how Kassie and Karen got together. No pain, no blackmail, no force. I hope I get some good ideas from you guys. If I choose someone's idea, I will give credit to that person at the end of the story. Thanks in advance for the ideas!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 27 Jun 2012 12:29
Love this series. 5++
Posted 10 Jun 2012 13:27
Keeps getting better 5
Posted 06 Jun 2012 00:15
An idea for how they got together... How about Karen and Kassie talking about how much they look alike, and how Matt is turned on by that, and then Karen coming onto Kassie. The whole first-time with a girl thing would be cool. She could be hesitant, but Karen could bring up the fact that it would turn her brother on, and to imagine him watching them. (This would happen shortly before he enters the room).
Posted 04 Jun 2012 22:33
I keep thinking that u might say that the girls were twins seperated at birth....they could've met at a club or something tho....
Posted 04 Jun 2012 19:43
Does Karen have any siblings to include?

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