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New Home 4

End of Part 3

I polished off the last of my dinner, then turned to them. “Speaking of which I’m dying to know how you two got together.”

Kassie looked at Karen, returning her gaze. “Looks like my big brother wants a story and a reenactment. Feeling up for it?”

“I’m up for anything as long as I can get my hands on your body. So how about it Matt? Ready for story time?”

Like the incredible smooth person I am, I was only able to nod my head dumbly. We all got up, leaving out dishes on the table, concerned about more important things at the moment. Kassie and Karen led me to Kassie’s bedroom. I sat down on Kassie’s desk chair, not wanting to be in the way, just waiting for the reenactment to start. I was already semi hard in anticipation. Kassie lay on her bed on her stomach and flipped on the TV. It was paused partway through some movie that I had never seen. Kassie rewound a little bit, then started it up. Kassie lay there smiling, watching the movie, Karen was just outside. A scene came on where the lead actress was shown in the shower. Just her back, unfortunately. Karen walked in at that moment. Kassie turned around and smiled at her. “Hey Karen. Surprised you could still walk today.”

“Ohh…you heard that last night?” The grin on her face showed that she was anything but embarrassed. “Well, your brother was very turned on last night. We tried a new role playing game.”

Kassie looked away and towards the screen, clearly acting embarrassed at the memory of the Karen telling me to pretend she was my baby sister. “Yea, I…uh…heard that too.”

“Did you now?” Karen walked closer to the bed, sitting next to Kassie, her hand on my little sister’s back, slowly moving up and down. “It seems he likes girls that look like we do.” At that moment, the actress in the movie turned around. I was shocked to see that she looked similar to Kassie and Karen as well. Not a perfect match like the two of them were, but close enough to recognize the similarities. Karen turned to the screen. “Like her. I bet she would turn your brother on.”

Kassie, clearly excited at the thought that she turned me on, turned towards Karen. “Can we not talk about what turns my brother on? He’s my brother for God’s sake.” The shake in her voice clearly betrayed her.

“So you don’t like hearing that your brother is turned on by your hot little body? You didn’t like hearing how hard he came when he pretended that I was you?”

“N-no. I didn’t. I don’t want to hear about that.”

“I don’t think you really mean that Kassie. I think you loved hearing it. I think you were wishing it was you in Matt’s room last night.”

“No I wasn’t! I don’t want my brother to think of me like that! It’s disgusting, it’s vile, it’s…it’s…”

Karen leaned in close to her and whispered softly, cutting her off. “It’s incredibly hot?”

“YES! I mean, no! No it isn’t!”

“You love it, tell me Kassie.”

“Fine! It was incredibly hot! I loved that my brother was getting so turned on by thinking he was fucking me. I wanted to be in there, fucking Matt myself, but I can’t because he’s my brother and he loves you!” Kassie was doing a damn good job of acting. First, this was a reenactment for my benefit, and second when she was actually saying this, she had already had sex with me. Twice!

“Don’t be so sure. I think I know what would make Matt collapse with lust. And you would benefit from it.”

Kassie looked up at Karen, her eyes watering, she looked incredibly vulnerable. “How?”

“This!” Karen leaned in and kissed my sister gently, her lips playing against my sisters until Kassie gave in with a quiet moan.

“Wait…wait! I want Matt, not you.”

“Imagine how turned on Matt will be if he walks in and sees his girlfriend and his little sister having lesbian sex. He’ll go crazy and fuck the first thing he can. Which in this case, Kassie, will be your sweet little pussy.”

Kassie jumped on top of Karen and engaged my girlfriend in a deep, passionate kiss, eliciting a moan from both of them. Clothes started flying, being completely torn off their bodies, leaving them blissfully naked and pressed against each other. Kassie took a break from the reenactment and turned towards me, winking as she saw me struggling not to stroke my hard cock. “Soon, big brother,” she mouthed at me, then went back to work on Karen. My girlfriend eventually flipped Kassie and began working on her pussy, licking around the sides of it, then lapping up and down the dripping wet slit. Kassie pressed Karen’s head deeper into her pussy, forcing her tongue to play inside Kassie’s sweet hole. “Yes, lick me! Fuck both brother and sister! Fuck me!” Karen focused on Kassie’s clit, shoving first one, then two, the three fingers deep inside my little sister’s pussy. Kassie was moaning and thrashing on the bed, near orgasm. “FUCK! CUMMIINNGGG!” Kassie’s entire body shook as she spasmed again and again, washing my girlfriends face with her cum.

Karen kissed up her body and lay a soft, sweet kiss on my sister’s lips, letting her taste herself. “When your stud of a brother comes home, you can return the favor. He can walk in on us, and I guarantee he won’t be able to keep his hands off that sexy body of yours.”

My sister smoothly retorted, “And what if I can’t my hands off that sexy body of yours?” She sat up and pushed Karen onto her back, kissing her lips softly caressing her breasts softly, her lips descending on Karen’s nipples, sucking softly as Karen let out a soft moan.

“I don’t think that will be a problem.” Karen’s hand were anything but idle. She caressed my sister’s back and hair, pressing Kassie’s lips further onto her heaving breasts. “Mmm, that feels so good.” Kassie smiled at me, then up at Karen. She extended her tongue and flicked it over my girlfriend’s nipples, then licked down her body, Karen squirming at Kassie’s touch. Deliciously slow, Kassie descended Karen’s body, her face finally between my girlfriend’s legs. Lovingly, almost adoringly, she licked up and down Karen’s pussy, savoring the taste of the only pussy she had ever eaten. There is a distinct difference in fucking and making love, and right now, I was seeing my sister make love to my girlfriend with her tongue. This was not the tongue lashing that Karen gave to my sister. This was a slow and loving build to orgasm. At least it was until Kassie heard the door close when I originally came home. She turned to me, her face wet with Karen’s juices. She paused the movie that was still running in the background.

“This is around the time you walked in to the house big brother. We heard the door close, and Karen started talking dirty to me, making me moan loudly at the thought of you fucking me. Then after a few minutes you walked in on me eating your girlfriend’s pussy. And the rest, well, you know what happened then.”

“Yea, I guess I do.”

“So you’re satisfied Matt? Now you know everything that happened between us. Wanna watch some TV Kass?”

“Don’t even think about moving you two.” My voice was more commanding that I remember it ever being. My voice dropped to a low whisper. “You may have explained everything to me, but I am far from satisfied.”

Kassie and Karen both got up and each grabbed an arm, leading me to the bed and quickly undressed me. “Well, then I think we should satisfy our man, don’t you Kassie?”

“I think we should, twin sister.” My mouth dropped open and my cock twitched. “You like that thought? Pretending Karen is your sister too, fucking the two of us together? Our big, strong, studly, brother fucking his twin sisters?”

“That’s like a fantasy come true.”

Kassie lowered her head towards my cock, licking it up and down slowly. “Mmmm, I know. I saw your porn collection. Is someone looking forward to his Sisters’ Gift?”

“Mmm, please, twin sisters.”

As if they had choreographed it previously, the looked at each other, each of them raised an eye brown and turned to me. And then in unison, “No.”


Karen ran a finger up the length of my cock. “No, big brother. If you want something from us, you’re gonna have to –“ Karen closed her lips around the head of my cock, then backed off after one suck to get on all fours, her head turned to me. As she was pulling back, Kassie cut in “– fucking take it.”

I saw the fire in her eyes, clearly turned on beyond belief. I grabbed her small, tight body and pushed her down on her back on the bed. “You want to be ravaged baby sister? You want your brother’s hard cock fucking your tight little pussy until you can’t walk anymore.”

“Yes! Fuck me!”

“You sure?” I poised my body over hers, my cock pressed against her tight little cunt, the head of my cock throbbing against her clit.

She bucked upwards, trying to get me inside her. “Fill me! Fill your baby sister!”

I looked over at Karen and raised an eyebrow, then looked back at Kassie. “No.”

I rolled off of her and savagely thrust into Karen, rewarded by a moan of satisfaction from her and a whimper of frustration from Kassie. My hands gripped tightly on Karen’s hips, my cock continually thrusting in and out of her tight snatch, causing the bed to shake with the force of my movements. Over and over I impaled her on my shaft, her body wracked with an orgasm as she cried out incoherently. I reached below her and grabbed a swinging breast in each hand, fondling them roughly before pulling her body back to mine, still ramming my hard cock inside her. I looked over at my sister as she was shoving three fingers in and out of her pussy as I pounded her ‘twin.’ I shook my head no, she complied, pulling her fingers out of her sopping wet pussy. Her chest was flush, her nipples hard, her clit peeking out of its hood. “Please, Matt, fuck me! I need it!”

I smiled and winked at her, then went back to Karen. Slamming inside her still cumming pussy. “What do you think little sister? Should I fuck your twin?”

“Make me cum one more time, Matt, then fuck the life out of her.” I pinched her nipples, rubbed her clit and slammed even harder into her. I was enjoying teasing Kassie, but, truth be told, I really wanted inside her tight body. I was merciless with Karen, fucking her harder and harder until she screamed out again in orgasm. “GOD YES! FUCKING CUMMMIINNNGGG!”

I stayed buried inside her until she came down from her orgasm and then pulled out of her. I was about to shove inside my baby sister when I realized something. I hadn’t tasted her pussy yet. I again lay over her body, her eyes begging me to fuck her. I kissed her lips softly, teasingly. She tried to pull me into the kiss, but I backed off somehow. It wasn’t easy to think with my cock as hard as it was. “Not yet baby sister. I still need to taste that pussy.”

“We have time for that whenever, I need you to fuck me!”

“Patience.” Kassie whimpered and groaned, whining like she would when she was younger and didn’t get a toy she wanted. It was just a different type of toy now.

Slowly, painfully slowly for Kassie, I kissed down her body, letting the tension build. I took my time on her breasts. Despite her need for me inside her, she was moaning as I licked and nipped on her nipples. She was caught at war. Not wanting the good feelings to stop, but needing to be fucked. I kissed down her stomach, my tongue tracing over her pussy lips and clit. I licked long and slow, relishing her taste. I gently eased my tongue inside her pussy, feeling the heat and tasting her juices. She moaned out, pressing my head into her cunt, wanting me to go all out, wanting me to tongue fuck her. But I held still, teasing her pussy, languidly tasting her. Despite her need, she moaned anyway. The feelings were too good for her and she came, not as hard as she wanted to. I delighted in her flood of juices.

“Do you know how good you taste baby sister?”

“Yes. I tasted myself on Karen when she kissed me.”

I slid up her body, my cock against her tight pussy again. “Are you satisfied now that you came?”

“No.” She bucked her hips at me again.

“Tell me what you want then.” I looked over at Karen as she looked at the two of us, gently massaging her pussy after I savagely fucked her.

“I want my big brother to shove his hard cock inside me and fuck me. Take control of me, ram into me, plow me, FUCK ME! FUCK YES!”

I slammed into her, my hips crashing against hers, my cock penetrating her tight, but oh so wet, tunnel in one hard thrust. I took a breast in each hand, squeezing them, gripping them roughly, using them as leverage as I leaned over her, slamming my cock in and out of her fuck box again and again.

My sister was far from quiet as I pounded her. A steady stream of “Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme…” escaped her mouth as I brought her to climax after climax. She came hard all over my cock, begging me to continue fucking her, slamming her pussy. “More, Matt. More! Fuck your little sister, cum into my tight pussy, I want your CUM! CUMMING AGAIN!” She howled out in orgasm as she came hard, her juices washing over my cock.

Karen pressed against me from behind, her hand gently rolling my balls as her tits pressed against my back. I felt her hot breath against my ear. “Cum in her Matt. Cum in my twin sister’s pussy. Let her have your cum.”

I slammed home once again, letting out a primal scream as I emptied my balls into my little sister. Kassie came again with me as I shot my load into her. Volley after volley fired into her pussy as she slumped back onto the bed. I pulled out of her, falling down from exhaustion, my cock spraying a few ropes onto her stomach before I rolled away, landing on my back.

The three of us slept like the dead.

Kassie moaned softly as she woke up. “I’m so sore. But it was sooooo worth it.” She gave me a dazzling smile and mocked biting at me.

I smiled back, still tired from my intense fucking the night before.

“I think a nice shower will help you feel better. Wanna join me, Matt? Kass?”

Sorry about the shameless plug for Sisters’ Gift in there. I couldn’t help it. If you haven’t read that series yet, please do. It’s long but it’s good. Also, as usual vote, comment, message me with ideas. I must say I was disappointed with the lack of input from the fans on how Kassie and Karen got started. What I used was a take on an idea from LeiahLapDance. Please, if there is anything you would like to see in the story, message me and I’ll do my best to incorporate it. I feed of your feedback, so please tell me what you like, what you don’t, let me know if you want more.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 17 Aug 2012 00:10
This was so good. You could have made one or both jealous. Your twist makes for more fun.
Posted 27 Jun 2012 12:38
So so frigging hot. 5+++
Posted 12 Jun 2012 04:40
another hard 5 here!!
Posted 12 Jun 2012 02:13
squeels in delight Tehe thanks for using my idea! I was so excited to read this chapter. Tehe
Posted 11 Jun 2012 14:14
great writing

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