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Niece Goes To College

His sexy niece comes to live with him while attending college.

By Reeb

Chapter I

I’ve watched my niece, Erica grow up over the years into a beautiful teenage woman. She is the oldest daughter of my younger sister who has raised my niece alone after a divorce when Erica was very young. I’ve been there as sort of a father figure for my sister’s daughters over the years.

Erica was getting ready to graduate high school and she was looking into several small local colleges. The colleges she was looking at were all over the Pennsylvania countryside. My sister lives over an hour away from me so I was quite surprised when Erica chose a school only ten minutes from my house.

I’m a 40 year old bachelor with a good paying job and a nice $350K large home with a gorgeous swimming pool. Well, Erica came up with this idea that she could live with me while she attended school. Her mother thought it was a good idea as I could keep an eye on her to keep her out of trouble. It was all set so I arranged a room for Erica to stay in for the coming fall semester.

This was going to be somewhat of a problem as Erica was a very beautiful young lady. She stands about five feet six inches tall, has long pure blonde curly shoulder length hair, gorgeous blue eyes, the most perfect cheek bones, small up turned nose and absolutely perfect full red lips. Her face could easily grace the pages of Playboy someday. Who knows, maybe she’ll be in Playboy’s college beauties section someday, hah!

Anyway, her body is nearly perfect as she has a sweet set of breasts, around a 35C cup I believe, very tight abs and full rounded hips. Her abs form a perfect vee as they travel down to her sexy pussy mound. I’ve seen her in a bikini many times when my sister would come over to visit with the girls and stay for the weekend.

Her ass is to die for though as it is simply a perfect little bubble butt you just want to cup and knead in your hands. I’ve been caught a few times checking out Erica’s sexy butt. I’m a legs and ass man so a nice get will get me rock hard in seconds. My sister Amy has a very sexy butt too but my cock hardens anytime I visualize my sexy 18 year old niece sweet little tush.

It was now May and all kinds of impure thoughts were racing through my mind. How was I going to cope with a sexy 18 year old teenage beauty running around my house? I imagine her getting changed or taking a hot shower and caressing her tanned hard teenage body. I finally decided on setting up some hidden cameras in several rooms to keep an eye on her. My voyeur desires and fantasies were running wild.

I bought a small 12 x 16 inch mirror box which held a camera triggered by motion when activated and placed it inside the bathroom shower and bath stall. The mirror was a two way mirror with the camera remotely activated by a program installed on my laptop. Thoughts of Erica covered in lather running her hands over her smooth wet skin caused my rod to thicken.

A second camera was set-up in her bedroom just above her dresser mirror looking down towards her bed. With this camera I could make sure she didn’t sneak any boys into her room. All the cameras could be set-up to be activated by motion and then record until no motion was detected after a two minute period had elapsed. Each camera could remotely zoom in and out on her as I pleased.

I rationalized to myself that I was doing this for her own good to keep an eye on her as I had promised my sister I would. Then why was my cock throbbing rock hard as I set everything up? My thoughts imagined catching Erica getting changed or soaping up her thin sexy teenage body, caressing every inch of her body with her lather covered hands in the shower. Hmmm, my cock was stone hard just thinking of the time soon to come.

Now at my house I have a large in ground swimming pool so I set up one last camera inside the pool house which pivoted to also view the pool area. I did this because Erica made it a point to let me know that she was moving in sometime in August to get settled and to work on her summer tan before the school fall semester.

It was a very typical Pennsylvania summer day, very hot and humid. It was Saturday, August 7 th around 11am when I heard my doorbell ring…….

Opening the door, there stood my gorgeous young niece Erica, in a white t-shirt and cutoff jeans holding her bags. “Hi Uncle Ronnie, I’m here!’ she exclaimed.

“Come on in honey, make yourself at home. Here, I’ll show you to your room.” I replied as I grabbed her bags.

I followed Erica up the stairs and down the hall. My eyes couldn’t help but look at her sexy little butt cheeks barely covered by her cut off jeans. Already I felt my cock begin to stir. Ok, think of something else, yeah right, look at that perfect little butt swinging from side to side. Oh god, how was I going to control myself?

As Erica entered her room she just let out a cheer. I had it all decorated with flowers and a huge “Welcome Erica” sign hanging on the far wall. She had all the accommodations, even better than at home. She had a huge walk-in closet, full dresser with a large mirror and in the corner, a gorgeous vanity mirror and chair.

On the other wall was a 36 inch plasma TV with surround sound and a DVD player as well as a desk to do her homework. Her bed was a full queen size bed with a pretty flower covered quilt. She had everything I could give her so hopefully she wouldn’t get homesick.

I dropped her bags as she turned and gave me a big hug, pressing those soft mounds of breast flesh hard into my chest. She hugged me and kissed me softly on the cheek, lifting her right leg at the knee. By doing this, she pressed the upper part of her thigh into my crotch were my cock was quickly hardening. It was almost like she was trying to see if my cock was getting hard. I’m sure she could feel it was as she looked up into my eyes with a very seductive smile.

“Thank you so much Uncle Ronnie. I love my room. It’s great! We’re going to have so much fun.” She exclaimed.

“I just want you to feel at home honey.” I replied.

“Oh this is too much. Thank you!” she said as she again looked deep in my eyes with those gorgeous sexy blue eyes.

“You’re welcome baby, now get settled and we’ll go out for some lunch later.” I responded.

“Can I hit the pool quick and catch a few rays? I had some lunch on the way here.” She told me.

Ok, we’ll go out for dinner then around 5.” I told her.

“Sounds good Uncle Ronnie.” She said happily.

“I’m going down to my office and get some work done while you get some sun. I’ll see you later.” I replied.

I rushed down to my office and turned on my laptop. Now it was time to activate the surveillance cameras and see how well they work. My house is a large bi-level with my office on the ground floor next to the recreation room. Stepping out of the rec room, you’re on the patio level with the pool. From my office, I can see the pool and pool house perfectly.

As I booted up the surveillance program, three camera views popped on the screen. If you double click on any view, it opens that camera up to a full screen view. I quickly doubled clicked on Erica’s bedroom view as I watched her unpack her bags and get settled in. I was quite aroused as she pulled some very sexy underwear and lingerie out of her small bag and placed them in her top dresser drawer.

My eyes widened as she pulled a long pink vibrator out of her bag. She curled her fingers and ran them up and down the vibrator as though she was stroking a hard cock. She smiled softly as she tucked the vibrator behind her sexy undies in the back of the top drawer.

My cock was stone hard as I watched her lay her bikini out on her bed. It was a skimpy little white bikini of very little material. Oh god, this was going to be a summer of blue balls with this hot little teenage hard body running around. I watched closely as Erica began to undress.

She looked around her room closely and soon was confident it was secure and private enough to undress. She slipped her sandals off as she pulled her white t-shirt slowly over her head and tossed it to the floor. I remember thinking that I’d had to talk to her about tossing her clothes about the floor of her room. I laughed, yeah right.

She stood there in a very sexy sheer light green laced bra which held her magnificent breasts inside. Her full mounds of breast flesh created and extremely pleasing amount of gorgeous tanned cleavage. Standing there barefooted, she reached for the snap of her jean cut-offs and in seconds, unzipped them and slid them down her long sexy legs.

Kicking her cut-offs off and onto the floor, I watched my sexy niece standing there in a very hot matching bra and panty set. She was looking at herself in the mirror, admiring how hot and sexy she looked. Her hands reached up and cupped her breasts as her lips pouted, forming a sexy moan out of her perfect lips.

I zoomed the camera in on her gorgeous cleavage. God her tits were so sexy as I could see her dark nipples through the sexy sheer material of her bra. Zooming downward, I looked closely at her sweet pussy mound hidden inside her sheer boy shorts panties. I could see the outline of her pussy lips as she turned and faced the bed.

I now had a perfect view of my niece’s gorgeous ass. Her ass was so fine, so absolutely perfect that I felt myself nearing orgasm just looking at her perfect young beauty. Her small butt cheeks were tucked inside those sexy sheer green panties, with only the soft swells just above her thighs being exposed. Simply fucking gorgeous, was all I could mutter to myself.

I was thinking that this couldn’t get any better when suddenly Erica began to slide those sexy panties over her hips, exposing her glorious butt in its full splendor as she wriggled her legs, sliding her panties to the floor. Her butt was perfect, two golden tanned globes with very thin white tan lines from wearing her thong bikini. My cock was huge, throbbing in my shorts leaking pre-cum as my heart pounded in my throat.

She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it slide off one shoulder then the other and tossed it to the floor. From behind, I could see the huge swells of the sides of her breasts. She picked up her bikini bottom and turned to face the mirror once more. My god, what a gorgeous sight it was as I stared at my sexy niece in full frontal nudity.

Her breasts were a sexy lightly tanned white where you could see she had done some topless sun bathing. Still, she had gorgeous sexy tan lines like I loved. There’s something about tan lines that turns me on beyond belief. I guess it’s because it’s like your looking right through a sexy bikini seeing what’s underneath or something. Who knows, but I find it very exciting.

Her nipples were very dark and puffy looking. She again cupped her breasts but this time she tweaked her nipples with her fingertips. I could see them swell up as she moaned out softly through those sexy pouting lips once more. She arched her head back and took in a deep breath as she softly caressed her now swollen nipples.

I quickly zoomed down and in on her sweet pale white glistening pussy mound. Her pussy mound was so small and tight looking with a perfect vee of golden blonde hair just above it. She was a true pure blonde goddess, top and bottom. I was lost in lust as I zoomed back out slightly while I stroked my hard cock through my shorts.

Zooming out farther, I watched my sexy niece slip on her skimpy little bikini, first her bottoms and then her top. She stood there and spun around, looking at her sexy butt in her thong bikini in the mirror. A smile formed on her lips as she grabbed her sarong off the bed and wrapped it around her waist, heading for the pool.

My heart was pounding, cock rock solid and throbbing inside my shorts as Erica knocked on my office door. I couldn’t believe what I just had seen. The bedroom cam was working perfectly. I couldn’t wait to see how the rest of them did as well.

I opened the office door, my thick eight inch cock clearly pressing outwards down the right leg of my white shorts, “Hi Erica!” I said as I quickly turned my back, inviting her in as I walked back to my office desk.

“I’m gonna catch some rays Uncle Ronnie! You shouldn’t work all day, ok.” She said almost like she was scolding me.

I laughed, “Don’t worry honey. I’m hardly working. Maybe I’ll join you a little later.”

“Alright, but I must warn you, I’m working on getting rid of my tan lines.” She said with a coy sexy little smile.

“Ok, I’ll be sure to give you a warning when I come out to join you.” I said smiling.

She looked deep into my eyes once more, melting my heart and creating deep incestuous desires, “That’s ok Uncle Ronnie, I’m not ashamed of my body.”

“I would hope not baby, you’re a very beautiful woman.” I replied softly.

She threw me a quick flirtatious smile, turned and headed off to the pool. I watched her swing that perfect ass from side to side as she walked towards the pool. Sitting in my office chair, my desk faced towards the pool so I watched her closely as she pulled her sarong off and began applying suntan lotion all over her body.

I quickly pulled up the pool cam as first she did her arms, neck then the soft sexy cleavage between those sweet mounds of breast flesh. With her back to me, I could see her perfect little thong encased tush while in the camera, I could see her from the front. God, she was simply stunning!

With her back to me, she bent over and began applying lotion to her long sexy legs. What a sight as she bent at the waist and ran her hands up and down her gorgeous legs. I could see the white bikini material covering her pussy mound from behind. It had to be one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen. God my cock ached for release. Blood relative or not, she was a stunning example of young teenage beauty and my lust for her was so consuming.

My sexual trace was broken as she stood up and turned towards me, “Uncle Ronnie, can your put some lotion on my back please?”

My heart was pounding. How could I? My cock was stone hard, she would surely see it if I went out there now. What could I do? Thinking quickly, I grabbed a towel from the downstairs bathroom next to my office.

“Be right there honey!” I hollered out.

As I walked toward her, she was already lying on the lounge chair, face down looking up at me as I approached. She was propped up on her elbows which gave me a perfect view of her huge tanned cleavage. I took all of her beauty in as the towel covered my throbbing erection.

As I took in every inch of her perfect young hard body, she looked up with those sexy blue eyes and said, “Sorry, but I can’t reach my back and you wouldn’t want me to get burned, would you?”

“Of course not baby. Lie down and relax. We’ll get you all protected.” I replied as my trembling hands reached for the bottle of suntan lotion.

I sat down on the chair next to her as she laid her head down, looking away from me. I felt safe so I dropped the towel but my cock was still long and hard inside my shorts. You could see the clear outline down my right leg of my thick swollen shaft. I’m only eight inches in length but my cock is very thick in girth.

I reached over and grabbed the lotion as I gazed upon my first close-up look at her exquisite 18 year old body. Not an ounce of fat as I looked down her smooth sexy shoulders, over her back and down to the perfect swells of her sexy butt flesh. Except for the small little white strings over her back and around her waist, disappearing between her sexy globes of butt flesh, she was all but naked before me.

My hands trembled with excitement as I squeezed the bottle of lotion, letting drips of white lotion come down on her golden tanned shoulders. She jumped slightly as the lotion was a bit cold hitting the hot sun baked skin of her sexy body. Slowly I began to work in the suntan lotion, up and around her shoulders.

Suddenly she sat up a little and reached behind her back, untying the strings of her bikini top, “There, that’s better. I’m trying to get rid of these tan lines.”

“Ok honey, but you know, some guys find tan lines very sexy.” I said softly.

“Oh really, like who? You Uncle Ronnie?” she said seductively.

“Well, yes I do find tan lines very sexy.” I replied.

“Hmmm, well I want as little showing as possible.” She replied back.

I continued rubbing the lotion into her back. As I approached her sides, the bikini material flipped away exposing the sexy swells of the sides of her breasts. I ran my hands up and down her back, getting bolder on each pass as my hands got closer and closer to the sides of her breasts. I was having trouble reaching her other side when she suggested I try a different position.

“Uncle Ronnie, that feels so good. Why don’t you get on the chair and straddle me so you can reach both sides at the same time?” She asked softly.

I was lost in lust for my sexy young niece as I did as she asked. Placing a knee on each side of her, next to her thighs, I began rubbing lotion up and down her sexy body. This was becoming more of a body massage than just applying some lotion. My large firm hands slowly moved up and down her back. Soon I was once again caressing the sides of her back, just missing touching the sexy swells of her breasts.

As my hands came to the string of her bikini bottoms, I dwelled there a few seconds, caressing the small of her back. Her breathing was becoming heavier by the second. As I let my hands slowly move up her back to her shoulders, I suddenly felt my hard-on touching the soft swells of her butt flesh. I heard her moan softly and push her butt up into the air, pressing my cock harder against her.

God, I couldn’t believe this was happening. As my slick lotion covered hands came down the sides of her back, I touched the sides of her breasts, causing her to moan out softly. My hand wondered all the way down and this time I cupped and caressed her gorgeous butt cheeks kneading lotion into them. Again she moaned out softly.

“Ummmm yessssss, that feels so good!” she moaned out.

Up again, my hands glided up her sides, over her breasts until my hard cock again pressed into her soft ass. Again she pushed her sexy tush up into my hard cock, moaning out softly once more. I was crazed with sexual lust for my hot little niece as I let my slick hands travel down over her shoulders, under her arms and as I pressed forward, she lifted her upper body just a little, enough to allow me to cup her soft breasts in my hands.

She moaned out again as I caressed and cupped her firm soft tits. Her nipples felt like hard rocks against the palms of my hands. My fingertips rolled her swollen nipples between them as she moaned out again. Her breathing was heavy as she moaned and whimpered softly as she enjoyed my caresses. My cock now pressed hard against her soft ass as I caressed her sweet breasts.

My heart was pounding as I again slide my hands down her golden tanned back to her sweet little butt. This time my hands cupped her butt flesh softly, kneading it as my fingers went down farther, to her thighs. She raised her butt slightly as my right hand slid between her thighs and moved the skimpy bikini material to the side, flicking softly over her aroused and wet pussy. My fingers grazed over her slick pussy lips, gliding between them becoming covered with her juices.

As I brought my finger to my mouth to taste her juices, I suddenly became scared as I realized I was crossing the sexual line. This was my niece, my flesh and blood. Oh fuck, it was one thing to fantasize, but I was going too far. If this was to happen, it would have to be her to make the first move and here I am, taking advantage of her. What the fuck am I doing!

I quickly stood up, turned and headed to the house, “I’m so sorry Erica honey, I got carried away, I’m sorry honey………” I mumbled as I quickly headed to the confines on my office.

“It’s alright Uncle Ronnie, I got carried away too!” She said as I quickly walked away.

For the next hour or so, I hid in my office, blinds closed, door locked as my sexy niece absorbed the sun out by the pool. I popped up the pool cam and again my cock grew hard. She was lying on her back, sun bathing topless. Her perfect full breasts, dark nipples pointing upwards as she lay there basking in the sun.

I opened my white shorts, stained with suntan lotion and pulled out my throbbing shaft. I reached down and opened a drawer in my desk, pulling out some hand lotion. As I gazed upon her golden tanned body, I spread some lotion on my hard thick shaft and slowly stroked my cock, thinking of my cock touching her soft butt flesh as I rubbed lotion into her back.

As I watched my laptop screen, her right hand slowly moved across her right hip and under the material of her bikini bottoms. My cock swelled even more as I watched my sexy young niece begin to caress her pussy. What was she thinking about? Could it be the same thing I was? I stroked my shaft harder as I couldn’t see, but I could tell she was fingering her pussy by the bulging material of her bikini bottoms as her fingers moved in and out.

I watched and stroked my cock intently as she played with her sweet bikini covered pussy. Her nipples were getting huge and puffy as her left hand began to caress her right nipple. Her body glistened as she was covered with suntan lotion and beads of sweat. She began to squeeze her thighs together as her pleasures increased. I could believe I was watched my sexy niece masturbate right before my eyes.

She squeezed her nipple so hard she moaned loudly. Her fingers were thrashing at her swollen clit in her bikini bottoms. She was throwing her head from side to side, eyes closed as her pleasures continued to build up within her sexy young body. Her orgasm was getting close as her dark nipples were now deep red as they puffed up even more.

As she arched her back and shuddered in orgasm, I shot a huge spurt of cum high into the air, landing on my chest. My sexy niece moaned and pulled her knees up as another wave of orgasm hit her sexy body. Almost in time, I shot another huge rope of cum high in the air, then another. My heart pounded as pools of my cum laid on my chest.

My heart was pounding as I could hear it in my throat. I held my juices covered cock tight as I watched the look of pure sexual bliss on Erica’s young face. God, she looked so erotic and sexy as her body experienced several waves of orgasmic pleasure. My niece was absolutely gorgeous!
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Posted 29 Sep 2011 04:34
I still love this story
Posted 22 Sep 2010 07:37
mmmm a lovely read, can't wait for more
Posted 10 Mar 2010 13:15
Wow man, you have a helluva imagination1 Can't wait for more, good work.
Posted 09 Mar 2010 14:32
Man Reeb, no one, absolutely no one does it as good as you. The best and hottest incest stories. Great work and looking forward to part two.
Posted 09 Mar 2010 12:06
OMG! That was fuckin awesome! I have never read anything so SEXY that didn't actually include sex. Wow, that is one excellent story. I demand more....
Posted 09 Mar 2010 08:23
I love it, Reeb! Your stories are always so fantastic.. Keep this one cumming .......
Posted 09 Mar 2010 08:11
Great story! Can't wait for more!
Posted 09 Mar 2010 03:34
Loved your story.Can't wait for chapter 2.
Posted 08 Mar 2010 23:48
I would give 10 if it was possible...
Posted 08 Mar 2010 21:04
Yes, Chapter II is about 60% completed and I should have it up in a few days or so. Thanks, Reeb
Posted 08 Mar 2010 21:02
Great story! I hope there's more to come.

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