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Niece's Photo Shoot

His niece insists on making up a modeling portfolio.

Niece’s Photo Shoot

Many years ago when my niece was only 5 or 6 years old, I would always hear her say, “Uncle Ron, when I grow up I’m going to be a model.”


My reply was always the same thing, “Allison, if you put your mind to something, you can always reach your goals.”


Many years went by and I must have heard her say the same thing over a hundred thousand times. She got a lot of encouragement from her family as she was very pretty with gorgeous blue-green deep penetrating eyes. She truly was a very attractive young girl who could easily be the model she sought to become.


My sister, Allison’s mother was always helping her push to reach her dream of becoming a model. I am a 37 year old single bachelor professional photographer and have made a good living over the years. My studio is very well equipped with all the latest digital technology.


I stand about six feet tall, brown hair with a fairly good build. I try to stay in shape by working out at least 3-4 times a week. I’ve had several women over the years tell me I look like Mel Gibson but frankly I don’t see the resemblance.


Allison had now just turned 16 and her mother had been after me to put together a portfolio for her for over a year now. I finally agreed to do this for her and it was all set, I had a free afternoon this coming Saturday and Allison would stop by the studio for her first photo shoot.


The phone rang as I stepped into my studio office to get it, “Hi Uncle Ron, its Allison. Are we still on for this Saturday?”


“Yes love, stop by around 2 and we’ll get started.” I replied.


“Ok but what kind of outfits should I bring?” she asked.


“Well, bring a nice professional looking dress, dress slacks, blouses that match nice, a good pair of blue jeans with a few matching casual tops and a bathing suit or two. Bring a good assortment of things and we’ll see what looks best on you. We’ll have to match the lighting against your best features to get the best results.” I told her.


“Ummm……………should I bring any lingerie, Uncle Ron?” she hesitantly asked.


“Allison, your mother lets you wear lingerie?”


“Well, no, she doesn’t know I just bought some. Those girls posing in mom’s Victoria Secret catalogs look so beautiful and I know they make tons of money.”


“I don’t know Allison. Your mom would probably kill me if she found out.”


“Oh please Uncle Ronnie, please?” she begged in her sexy little girl tone that I can never refuse.


“Ok, bring some along and we’ll see if we can work them into the portfolio but they have to be tasteful. You’re too young to cross that threshold to nudes yet!”


“Great, see yah Saturday Uncle Ronnie.” She said excitedly.


After that call, I found my 37 year old cock getting hard as my imagination began to picture my sexy little 16 year old niece wearing a sexy white lace bra and sheer panties posing in a Victoria Secret catalog. Let me describe my pretty little niece to you and you’ll understand why I was getting aroused.


You see, Allison’s looks are exactly why I kept pushing off doing this portfolio for the last few months, even after my sister practically begged me to help her daughter out. I would have to be the professional lenseman I was to get through this. I’ve taken nude and semi-nude photo sessions many times for many very gorgeous models over the years and after awhile, it is my job so I hardly even got aroused.


Allison is your very pretty and sweet looking girl next door type. She has sandy blonde hair, wavy shoulder length just like her mother and she stands about 5 foot 6 inches tall. She has a very slim build with long sexy legs and a perfect little bubble butt. Her skin is deep tanned and a rich golden brown as she has a gorgeous summer tan going.


Now, the most sexual thing about her besides her sexy ass, is her large full breasts. Her mother has large boobs and Allison definitely inherited her mother’s good looks. As a matter of fact, I’ve masturbated over my sexy younger sister many times in my life. I’m not sure of her measurements but I’m sure she’s a good C-cup. I’ve watched her boobs fill out at least two cup sizes in the past years. She got about 3-4 inches taller in the same time frame.


Allison’s face is absolutely gorgeous as since she was a little girl, you could tell she was going to be absolutely stunning when she grew up. Her face could easily grace the pages of Playboy magazine someday, if you know what I mean. Those full riveting eyes, pointy slim nose, ripe sexy lips, pearly white teeth and absolutely perfect jaw line, all perfectly proportioned to form an exquisitely gorgeous young lady.


As I stood in my studio office, my mind picturing sweet Allison posing in sexy white lingerie, I stroked my cock to its full 7 inches of thick throbbing hardness. In my mind, she was sitting backwards in a chair, her sexy butt pushing outwards as her back twisted, exposing a side view of her huge breasts encased inside her sheer white laced bra as she looked over her shoulder…………………….I shuddered as I shot a huge load of cum inside my pants.


“Shit, I’m going to have to control myself a lot better than that on Saturday.” I mumbled to myself as I headed to my office bathroom to clean-up.


Her call was on Tuesday night and the week went by very fast as I had a busy week scheduled. On Thursday, I had this very sexy brunette scheduled to come in to update her portfolio. She wanted a new set of pictures to add for the summer season. This meant some very hot and sexy swim wear photos.


Vanessa arrived at the studio around 10 am Thursday morning. Vanessa is a struggling 24 year old model with an absolutely stunning face and figure. She is just on the verge of getting a break and some of my photos have recently gotten her noticed. Things were improving quickly for her and she was in a great mood. She wanted just a few sexy bikini photos to add to her portfolio and she may hit something big.


I was very proud of myself as this stunning brunette pranced her gorgeous body around my studio in the smallest skimpiest swim wear, I found myself only getting aroused slightly from time to time. Even when she removed her top and asked we do some semi-nude shots, her arms covering her nipples while the swells of her huge breasts were exposed.


I remember thinking that if I can control my cock with this beauty, it should be no problem with my own niece. I was doing quite well until Vanessa slipped her little blue bikini bottoms down off her hips half way, exposing the tops of her butt cheeks. Now I’m a butt man and seeing her perfect ass was too much as my cock started to get rock hard.


As Vanessa looked down, she could see my hard cock bulging in my jeans. As our photo sessions usually ended, she dropped to her knees, unzipped my jeans, reached in and pulled my thick hard cock out. Leaning forward, she looked up into my eyes as her full soft lips parted and my cock glided into her hot wet mouth. God, she was such a great cock sucker!


As Vanessa bobbed up and down on my thick shaft, I found myself picturing Allison sucking my cock. Oh my god, I was imagining my sexy little niece giving me head as Vanessa’s facial build is similar to Allison’s. I knew I was going to be in trouble this Saturday.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss!” I moaned as my cum coated the roof of Vanessa’s mouth.


Vanessa stood up, removed her bikini bottoms and leaned against the chair as I moved up behind her, sliding my thick cock deep inside her wet pussy from behind until her soft butt cheeks pressed against my thighs. My left hand reached around her, cupping her soft breasts and hard nipples as my right hand grabbed her right hip.


As I began to slide my hard cock slowly out of her juicy pussy and then back in, I again thought of Allison. The thought of her sexy little teenage bubble butt with my cock sliding into her tight little pussy from behind made my cock throb harder as Vanessa moaned and begged for more. Oh yes, I was going to definitely be in trouble this Saturday.


After a good photo and fuck session with Vanessa, she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and left. I told her I would e-mail her the best photos from her session to add to her portfolio. She was one of a couple models who I guess felt they were rewarding me with sexual favors. I must be honest, I did give those ladies a big discount on my services.


The next couple of days went pretty much uneventful. I had a young couple wanting photos of their cute two year old daughter, several teenage high school seniors looking to build a portfolio to also enter into a modeling career and a few weddings coming up this summer. Business was very good at this time of year.


Saturday afternoon arrived and I found myself quite nervous with anticipation of taking photos of my sexy niece. I pushed any improper thoughts to the back of my mind and was determined on keeping this very professional. I just finished working out around 1:30 pm in my home gym, quickly cleaned up some but I was still in sweat pants when Allison arrived.


“Hi Uncle Ron, are you ready to start taking pictures of the next Sport Illustrated cover girl?” Allison laughed.


“Yeah, ok honey.” I laughed with her.


“Let’s see how this goes first. We’ll start with some casual looking type of photos.” I told her as I motioned her toward the couch to pose.


“Just look at me and let’s see how your natural modeling abilities are.” I said.


She was wearing a pair of tight dark blue hip hugging jeans which formed very nicely to her sweet little bubble butt. Oh god, this was going to take every ounce of professionalism I could muster. Her top was a white t-shirt of some rock band she liked which also fit tight to her but left her stomach exposed. Her tanned belly and abs were exposed, forming a perfect vee into the top of her jeans as it traveled down to her sweet pussy mound.


The white tee was just sheer enough to faintly see her white lace bra which held her gorgeous C-cup breasts. Her sweet boobs were somewhat huge on her lithe little frame. White sneakers with a white belt accented her sexy attire.


We started out with some photos of her in her jeans standing next to the brown leather couch and chair. I set up the lights, pulled out my Nikon D80 and began snapping off some pictures. I could tell she was a little nervous at first so I told her to relax, be herself and look directly into the camera.


After 18-20 photos, she was getting better with each pose. One pose she put her left knee up on the arm of the couch. This caused her sexy butt to push out perfectly as she leaned forward, her breasts hanging down as she looked seductively into the camera. When she flipped her hair to one side, she looked so fucking hot I felt my cock begin to stir. Ok Ron, control yourself, I thought.


“Ok Allison, let’s get some professional looking office type photos.” I told her.


She smiled as she asked, “Where should I get changed Uncle Ron?”


I have a changing room for the models and I also had one of those folding partitions in the corner of the room. My studio had several sets to take photos to get the proper background and light settings. There is a beach or ocean setting for bathing suit photos, a couch and chair, a padded table like in a doctor’s office and then my office for those types of photos.


“There’s a changing room right there Allison.” I said as I pointed to the room door.


She entered the changing room and in a few minutes she came out wearing a very professional looking dark blue knee length skirt, tan nylons, black high heeled shoes and white button up the front blouse with a jacket to match. Her hair was pulled up and she looked like a very sexy secretary. God, she looked so mature and hot. These were going to be some really good photos I thought to myself.


“Ok, let’s start with some office setting photos.” I said as we moved into my office.


I positioned her by my desk, checked her hair and make-up, set the lights for proper shadows and soon we were ready. She was a very quick learner and was quickly capturing the essence of being a model.


“Pretend you’re the character you are portraying. Feel your surroundings and become part of them, honey.” I encouraged her.


“Ok Uncle Ronnie, I’ll try harder.” She replied.


She was actually doing a great job and she had more camera sense than some of my more experienced models. It was like she was flirting with the camera, being very seductive. My heart was pounding as this was becoming one of my best photo sessions ever. After several poses around the desk with the jacket on, I had her remove it. Her slim waist, full butt stuffed inside that tight skirt, long sexy legs in high heels combined with her full breasts was a quite a sight to behold.


I had her pose several ways standing around the desk, front angles, side and few rear angles looking over her shoulders. Those rear views were the sexiest as her sexy blue-green eyes just penetrated into the camera. Her sultry and seductive looks were simply amazing, she was a natural.


We got a few more poses of her sitting in my chair, taking advantage of her long sexy legs as she positioned them in all different directions, following my instructions. I decided to get a bit bolder and I had her put her legs up on the desk while leaning back in the chair. Her long sexy legs were exquisite, capturing a very enticing sexuality in her photos.


Our next pose was almost too much as I wanted a few waist up close-ups. I took several basic photos then I asked her to unbutton the top three buttons to add a bit more seduction to the photos. I had her put her hands on the desk and lean forward, her sexy cleavage suddenly came into view.


I snapped few photos of her in that pose but it needed just a bit more. I moved to her and casually opened one more button. I could see her huge breasts inside her sexy white laced bra as I opened her blouse a little more. Her breathing was becoming a little harder as she was feeling the sexual presence her pose was emitting.


“Just a little more cleavage honey to spice up these last few shots, you look great honey and you’re doing fantastic!” I honestly told her.


She beamed with pride as she gave such erotic and sexual looks in those next few photos. It was tough to tell through her clothes but I could almost be sure her nipples were getting harder. I could faintly see the bumps pushing against her blouse now. Ok, enough of this setting I thought.


“Allison, go put on your denim cut-offs for a few more casual photos. Let’s go for the sexy little girl next door look.” I asked her.


“Ok Uncle Ron, be right back.” She excitedly replied.


I could tell she was really enjoying this and really, she should, she was a natural. She knew exactly how to capture the camera, how to seductively look deep into the lens and her poses flowed so easily. Soon I was just snapping off pictures as she moved from one pose to the next.


As she walked out of the changing room, my cock definitely hardened, she was wearing a pair of sexy Daisy Duke cut-off short denim jean shorts, a red plaid shirt tied at her waist with a sheer white tank top underneath. She still had that same sexy white laced bra on but I could see it a lot better now.   To top it off, she was bare footed which just added a sense of sexuality to her look.


For these photos, I had her pose next to the large picture window of my studio. Now my home and studio are very private and out in the country so nobody could see her as she sat on the window sill ledge posing in all sorts of ways. The sweet sexy swells of her butt cheeks pushing out from under those denim shorts was a sight to behold.


I snuck in a few close-ups with the zoom of just her perfect little ass. She never knew I was doing that as she moved from one pose to the next. Finally we took several poses as she loosened and removed the plaid shirt. Soon the shirt slid to the floor as her top was now fully exposed. Now I could definitely see her nipples were erect and pushing through her sheer bra. My cock was now hard, fully hard in my sweat pants as I was beginning to lose the battle of remaining professional.


After numerous photos of her sexy tits and ass in her Daisy Dukes, I surprised myself with what came out of my mouth next, “Allison, go and take off your bra and put the tank top back on. You’ll look so stunning in this outfit without it on.”


“Ok Uncle Ronnie, if you say so. I’ll just jump in here quick.’ She said as she stepped behind the folding partition and pulled her top over her head.


I watched her from the head up, her back facing me as she pulled the top off, then reached behind her back and unclasp her bra. As her full breasts popped free, she flung the bra over the partition top for me to see. I could only imagine the sexy sight behind the changing partition. Her bra was a definite C-Cup as I examined it from a distance while she pulled her white tank top back over her head.


As she stepped out from behind the partition, I sensed she was a little nervous again, feeling just a bit exposed as her arms covered her beautiful breasts, hiding her swollen nipples. Soon she was posing again, getting into her role as the sexy little girl next door.


Her dark nipples were only slightly visible through her tank top but the fact that they were erect and swollen was a sight to behold. Allison seduced the camera once again, creating some very sexy and erotic photos. I again requested her to go just a little farther.


“Honey, unzip your shorts just a bit to expose the top of your panties.” I asked her.


She bit her lower lip as I snapped photo after photo, as she slowly unzipped her sexy denim shorts. Soon the top of her sheer white lace panties were exposed as I snapped off a few close-ups. She was so fucking sexy looking. My cock was now throbbing, rock hard as I watched her every move through the camera. After about 20 pictures of different angles, I had enough of that outfit.


“Allison, let’s do some swim wear photos. Go get into one of your swim suits.” I asked her.


She went into the changing room and came out with her bag in hand, “I’m going to change behind here.” She said as she moved behind the changing partition.


After a few moments, she came out from behind the partition holding two bikini’s, one yellow and the other black, “Which should I wear Uncle Ron?”


“Well, the yellow would look great with your golden tan.”


“Alrighty, the yellow one it is.” She bubbly replied.


She was really enjoying this and I could tell she was getting sexually aroused at the same time. The sexual tension in the room was increasing with every shoot we did. The fact that she was dressed in only a thin little sexy bikini was starting to drive me wild with lust for my sexy teenage niece.


I watched the floor as she slid her Daisy Dukes down those sexy legs, her white panties soon followed as she then pulled her top over her head. My cock ached as I knew she was completely naked only 10 feet away from me. As she stepped out from behind the partition, my jaw dropped as here was the sexiest woman I had ever seen.


Her body, although only a sixteen year old, was that of a very sexy woman. My eyes took in every inch of her, from head to toe, from her flowing gold hair over her smooth tanned shoulders, her full round breasts barely trapped inside her thin bikini top, down across her smooth tight tanned belly to her full wide hips.


My gaze traveled down as her tight abs formed a perfect vee which ended at her bikini covered pussy mound. As she turned, my eyes lusted over her sexy butt flesh, tucked inside her high cut bikini bottoms, down her perfect long sexy legs to her perfectly proportioned feet. She was a pure goddess, a vision of pure beauty.


I cleared my throat as my heart was pounding in my chest, god this young lady was stunning. Now I’ve seen some hot models before but I’m afraid my Allison had to be the sexiest I’d ever seen as childhood visions of my sister, her mother came rushing back into my mind. My sister Amy was very sexy but Allison had all her best features and then some.


“Let’s move over to the beach setting love.” Was all I could stammer out.


Ok, let’s get our composure together here buddy, I thought to myself. I was consumed by her pure beauty but I had a job to do, hard cock or not. I tried putting her perfect body out of my mind and concentrate on taking good photos which was almost effortless with my sexy niece.


Pose after pose, 30 pictures passed by as she was the perfect model. Innocence mixed with a pure sensuality, she was completely consumed by the task of making gorgeous pictures. We took many of her standing then moved to kneeling, lying on her back, lying on her side then on all fours. I took a few shots of her lying on her side, legs straight out with her sexy butt toward the camera. Those were very HOT photos.


I stole a few close-ups of her sexy pussy mound between those sexy butt cheeks. You could see the slit of her pussy as the thin material of her suit hid nothing. As she moved onto her knees, on all fours, the photos got very hot and steamy.


I took one angle from the front, her looking very sexy toward the camera, her full breasts hanging down almost touch the tan covered rug with her sexy ass up in the air. I played with the aperture settings, getting blurred backgrounds to completely clear images of her sweet little bikini covered ass. My thick cock was again throbbing inside my sweat pants. I was sure she could see it’s outline.


I moved around behind her, snapping off photos from all angles and then got a few photos of her from behind, looking over her shoulders plus a few close-ups of her perfect butt tucked inside those sexy yellow bikini bottoms. I had her lie on her back and move her legs from side to side, moving her arms below her breasts, pushing her breasts up slightly. Suddenly she suggested something I wasn’t quite ready for……………


Looking very seductively at me, “Uncle Ronnie, I want to do a few topless, can I?” she asked as my jaw must have hit the floor.


“I don’t know honey, once you go nude, there’s no going back. How about with no top but you keep your nipples covered?” I replied, my heart pounding with excitement.


“Oh ok then.” She replied a little dejected.


She stood up, looked me dead in the eyes and reached behind her back. I brought the camera to my eye and started clicking away.   As she untied her top, she held it over her breasts with her arms, revealing the sexy swells of the sides of her breasts. She spent years studying photos of models and it definitely showed as she knew exactly how to pose.


My cock was rock solid now as I took photo after photo of my gorgeous little niece. She stood with her side to me as the bikini top covered her nipples, exposing the huge soft white swell of her left breast. She had a deep dark golden tan which created some very sexy tan lines. Her breasts were a sexy pale white in contrast to her golden brown tan.


Looking straight at the camera, at me, she pulled her hand away from her breast, dropping her top to the floor. As she did so, I got a great shot of her exposed complete left breast and her erect hard swollen left nipple. My body was tingling all over with sexual excitement.


She moved through several sexy topless poses, only exposing her breasts every once in a while to me. I had her give me one last pose before we were done with this set. I had her on all fours again, with her nipples pressed into the tan carpet, which was supposed to look like sand, and her tush up in the air again. I moved all around her, getting every possible angle of this sexy pose. God, this was too hot. I guess this was so exciting because she was my niece as I had many models pose exactly in the same manner before her.


Suddenly she jumped up, not even covering her sweet sexy tits and said, “Ready for some sexy lingerie Uncle Ronnie?”


“I guess so honey.” I mumbled as she stepped behind the partition again.


I watched as she looked right at me this time as she peeled those bikini bottoms down those sexy legs, over her ankles as she kicked them off her. She was rummaging through her bag, as if trying to decide on what to wear.


“What’s your favorite color Uncle Ron?” she asked softly.


“I guess blue is baby.” I replied as my curiosity was building.


“Ah here we go, a sexy blue bra with matching panties.” She exclaimed as my heart pounded once more with excitement.


I watched intently as she put on the frilly little lingerie. First she slid on her sexy panties, stepping into them with her long legs. She adjusted her breasts within her sexy bra as she looked directly into my eyes. God, she was getting me aroused beyond her wildest imagination.


As she stepped out once more, I was treated to a sight greater than I could have imagined. If it was possible, she looked even hotter than in her yellow bikini. She was wearing a soft light blue sheer laced bra and panty set. I could clearly see her hard erect nipples through her bra but when my eyes dropped to her panties, I could see her blonde pussy hair just above her sweet pussy lips.


The material covered some but I could see all her goods. These photos would definitely need some computer softening in all the right places. My cock ached as she turned around, exposed a completely sheer behind, except the lower panty liner area. I could clearly see her perfect butt cheeks, the dark crack up the middle as her sexy panties held her soft butt flesh inside.


We took so many pictures, all kinds of poses, my head was getting light as I was so fucking aroused at this point. She was standing frontal, leaning against the chair, her sweet sexy panty covered ass pushing out towards me and a few sitting on the chair with her legs over the arms. She was on her knees on the chair with her gorgeous butt facing me once again. God, she had a perfect little butt.


As she moved to the couch, I could tell she was very aroused too as I noticed a dark spot forming on her panties. She was lying on her back on the couch, legs spread when she began caressing her pussy right before my eyes. I was stunned but I kept the camera clicking as I captured my sexy niece touching herself.


Her fingers moved under the elastic band, down inside as she spread her pussy lips open and touched her erect clit. I could see her fingers inside her panties, working her pussy up and down. Her left hand moved up inside her bra and she rolled her erect nipple between her fingers. She did all this while looking very seductive at me through the camera.


With the camera clicking away, she caressed herself in so many different poses. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor as she stood before me. I continued to take photos, zooming in on her perfect breasts, her swollen nipples and naked torso.


She got onto all fours again as I zoomed in on her sweet butt as her fingers spread and opened her pussy from behind. I didn’t know how much more I could take of this but I would soon find out as she began to slide her sexy panties over her sweet butt. Soon I was zooming in on her sweet pussy mound from behind, her fingers spreading her open exposing her pink inner folds. Her juices were now covering her fingers and trickling down her thighs.


Allison’s face was flush red as she was pleasuring herself for the camera, “Yeh, that’s it baby, make love to the camera.” I encouraged her on.


She was starting to whimper and moan softly as her pleasures increased, her orgasm getting closer with every second passed, every gentle caress and soft touch to her swollen clit. Her hips pushed upwards, like she was making love to her fingers as her sexy little butt moved from side to side.


I couldn’t believe I was capturing my sexy little niece bringing herself off right before my eyes, right into the lens of my digital camera. I would forever have these sexy images to view, probably masturbate over the rest of my life.


Suddenly her body tensed up, her back arched as she drove her fingers deep inside her wet pussy. She shuddered as she crossed the threshold of orgasm. Her legs clamped together, pressing her fingers deeper inside her quivering pussy. Her butt was bouncing up and down off the couch as she enjoyed several waves of orgasmic pleasures.


My camera was still clicking away as she came back to earth and looked at me. Her eyes traveled down to the huge bulge in my sweat pants as she rolled her naked body off the couch and knelt down in front of me. I continued taking photos as she pulled my sweat pants, underwear and all down to my ankles.


My thick hard cock sprung out and grazed Allison’s cheek. Her small hands circled my shaft and she rubbed my throbbing purple cock head against her cheek, smearing my pre-cum all over her face. Looking up into my eyes, her teenage lips parted as she sucked my huge cock head into her mouth.


My camera was clicking off shot after shot of my sexy niece giving me head. I could tell that she had done this before. She was very smooth and sensual handling my hard cock. She teased me by slowly taking me deep into her hot mouth, holding me there then pulling me out until only my cock head was in her mouth. Every now and then she would cup the side of my cock with her lips and glide up and down it’s length.


Her tongue was driving me wild as it swirled madly around my sensitive cock head. Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock, her hand gripping it softly as she slowly jerked me off. It was getting too hard to concentrate on taking pictures so I set the camera down and watch my hot little niece blow me.


I closed my eyes, put my head back and enjoyed the intense pleasures my niece was giving her horny uncle. My cock was swelled to it’s full length, it’s full thickness as my orgasm neared. I could feel my semen flowing upwards as I started to cum.


“Ahhhhhh fuck yessssssssss, I’m cumming!” I moaned.


“Cum on my tits Uncle Ronnie.” Allison moaned as she pulled my cock from her hot mouth and aimed it at her huge breasts.


What she didn’t account for was the extreme force as my jism shot out, hit her boob and splashed up onto her face. One, two then three huge spurts of hot white cum splashed all over her sexy white boobs. Allison then took my hot cum and rubbed it all over her breasts, rolling her nipples between her cum soaked fingers. I quickly grabbed my camera and got a few shots of her rubbing her cum covered tits.


I set the camera down again and stood her up, pulling her close to me, her slick breasts and hard nipples pressed into my chest as I lowered my head and kissed her softly, passionately on the lips. Our tongues danced together as we ground our bodies together, her wet pussy against my thigh and my still hard cock pressed into her belly.


“I want to taste you.” I said as I moved her back onto the couch.


She sat down as I got on my knees, spreading her thighs, putting her knees over my shoulders as I looked as her sweet pale white pussy mound. Her pussy had this light sandy blonde pussy hair which was very neatly trimmed into a sexy racing stripe just above her swollen clit.


I reached my left hand around and spread her pussy lips apart, exposing her erect clit while my other hand reached up and caressed her left breast. My tongue softly traced all around her clit, teasing her madly as I licked her pussy up and down. I was enjoying tasting her sweet teenage juices as she closed her eyes and experienced the pleasures an experienced pussy eater could give her.


I slowly moved closer and closer to her love button with each caress and flick of my tongue. My first contact on her clit was with the flat of my tongue as I very slowly passed up over her swollen clit. Her hips bucked the second my tongue touched her there.


More and more contact to her hard little clitty. Soon I was bringing her to the edge of orgasm over and over. She was begging me to bring her off but I kept teasing, kept letting the intense pleasures build up inside her. She was gyrating her hips from side to side, moaning loudly as she pulled at her nipples hard.


Finally, after teasing here for a good while, I zeroed in on her erect bud, cupping it between my lips and flicked my tongue across it quickly. Just a few seconds of that and she was bouncing her hips up and down, her thighs squeezing my head as she shuddered with a very intense orgasm.


“Ummmmmmmmmm yes Uncle Ronnie!” she moaned out as her body trembled.


I lapped up her juices as she experienced an intense multiple orgasm, leaving her breathless. After giving her time to regain her senses, I moved up and again kissed her sensually. She could taste her own juices as we kissed passionately.


“Are ready for this young lady?” I said as I positioned my thick hard cock at her pussy entrance.


With a very sexy and seductive purr, she replied, “You bet I am Uncle Ronnie.”


God I just loved how hot and sexy this young lady could be. Slowly my cock head pressed against her pussy lips, spreading them open as my thick cock moved into her tight teenage pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as I slowly pushed deeper inside her until I was completely buried.


I gripped her hips as I began to slowly pull outward, until only my cock head remained inside, then drove in so slow, it was driving us both wild with lust. She again moaned and bit her lower lip as she could almost feel every ripple, every vein on my hard shaft as it slid in and out of her tight young pussy.


As the pace slowly quickened, we were soon making hard passionate love. I drove my cock hard inside her, grinding hard against her pussy mound, grinding hard into her throbbing clit. We were completely lost in our building sexual pleasures but I wanted to fuck her from behind, feel those soft butt cheeks against my thighs.


“Allison, I want you from behind love.” I commanded as I pulled out and she turned over and got on her knees in front of me.


I grabbed her left hip with my left hand and guided my hard cock once again into her tight pussy. Sliding into her teenage pussy from behind was the hottest thing I have ever done. To watch my cock disappear as her soft perfect ass slowly touched my thighs was so exciting.


As I fucked my sexy young niece from behind, I reached around and caressed her clit. After several minutes of slow fucking from behind, she started cumming again. I felt her juices flowing over my fingers as my cock slid easily inside her hot wet pussy. Seconds later, I drove my cock hard and deep into her, cumming so hard I nearly blacked out.


I pulled out and we both snuggled up together on the floor leaning back on the couch. As we sat there, our hearts pounding as I held her and played with her sexy boobs and nipples, gently caressing her smooth soft teenage body.


“Wow Allison, that was so hot!” I panted.


“Holy smokes Uncle Ronnie, you can really make a girl feel good.” She replied.


“Thanks honey but we’re not done yet. I have you booked until 6 pm. We got an hour to go love.” I told her as I helped her up and we moved to the bedroom.


As we walked toward the bedroom, I watched the sexy swing of her tight little teenage butt when she asked, “Did you get some good photos Uncle Ron?”


“Hell yes baby, we’ll be able to put together an awesome portfolio for you.”


“No Uncle Ronnie, did you get some good shots of me sucking your cock?” she said with the most seductive smile I could imagine.


“Oh yes honey, yes, very nice shots of that babe.”

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as an amateur photographer, with a hot niece, i could so totally relate to this. loved it. one of my faves. may i be so lucky..
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is it bad to say i came readin this? ;-P
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