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Niece's Special Christmas Gift

His niece gives her uncle a very sweet Christmas gift.

Niece’s Special Christmas Gift

By Reeb


This Christmas was going to very different from the ones in the past. For the first time, all the niece’s and nephew’s were old enough to be part of the family Pollyanna. My sister’s youngest daughter, Allison, or Ally as we called her, had just turned sixteen and since she was working, she had some money so she wanted in on the family tradition.


At our Thanksgiving dinner, we always pick names for the Pollyanna. Our tradition is always the youngest go first with everything. Ally, being the youngest got to pick out of the hat first. As always, she made a big production out of having the opportunity to finally be part of this tradition.


Reaching into the hat, she swished the pieces of paper around until her mother finally scolded her to get on with it. Finally her small fingers gripped a piece of paper and pulled it out. She opened it up and playfully looked around the room, tormenting everyone just a bit longer.


Her beautiful blue eyes finally stopped on me as she said “It looks like Uncle Ronnie is my first Pollyanna.”


Everyone said a silent “finally” as she was done her turn. Ally is always one for the dramatics and is always boasting how she is going to be an actress or a model someday. I believe that with her strong will power and very good looks, she’ll have her dreams come true one day.


My sister has two very pretty daughters, both are blonde blue eyed beauties, Ally at 16 and Lauren at 18. I’ve had a very special relationship with both as I’ve watched them grow up into very beautiful women. My relationship with them has always been one of a flirtatious nature, mostly initiated by the young girls.


Ally stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall, has shoulder length pure blonde hair with a gorgeous complexion. Her skin tans very easy so she always has a sexy dark tan over the summer months. I’ve had the pleasure to see both my niece’s in their hottest summer bikinis lounging around the pool over the past few years.


Ally still has that slight amount of what they call, baby fat but she has very nice curves at all the right places. Now Lauren, on the other hand, has that perfect teenage hard body, tight, firm and thin. Ally has long sexy legs and a sweet bubble butt ass to die for. My cock always stiffens at the sight of her sexy little tush.


Her sexy butt is her best asset but running a close second are her breasts. Her sister, Lauren, is very jealous as Ally definitely inherited her mother’s full large breasts. At age 16, Ally fills out an eye pleasing 36C cup where Lauren is a nice full B cup. Ally’s tits almost appear too large for her frame but they are so sexy, full, round and natural looking.


Finally Christmas time arrives as we all gather for our annual Christmas dinner and to exchange our gifts. This year we were gathering at my sister’s house in the snow covered countryside the Saturday after Christmas. It was a long ride out there, through the hills of Pennsylvania on the snow and ice covered roads. I was going to stay the night at my sister Amy’s house and travel home on Sunday.


As I drove the hour ride to my sister’s house, my mind wondered over all the taboo sexual encounters of my life. My first incestuous experience was loosing my virginity to my sexy 20 year old aunt. She was only four years older than me at the time. For more about that encounter, please read my story entitled “Babysat by my Aunt”.


From that day forward, I had sex many times with my mother’s sexy little sister. My aunt Marianne was the youngest and I was the oldest of my mother’s children. She opened my eyes to the extremely hot and intense sexual pleasures one can obtain from such a taboo experience, incest.


BAM! Another Pennsylvania pot hole got my attention. My cock was stone hard as my mind recalled my first taboo experience with my sister Amy, Lauren and Ally’s mother. I was 28 years old at the time and Amy was 19 when she moved in with me and after a short time, we were enjoying the taboo pleasures that only a brother and sister can experience. I’ve written many stories based on that taboo topic.


Amy and I have made taboo love numerous times over the years. Amy is now 36 years old and I’m a young 45 years old. I had the pleasure of making love to Amy’s oldest daughter Lauren on her 16 th birthday and several times since then. I’ve also made love to a few of Lauren’s sexy young teenage friends too. My cock was throbbing thinking of the hot incestuous and taboo sex I’ve experienced over the years.


As my truck began to climb a steep snow covered hill, I began thinking about my sexy youngest niece Ally. She was so forward and seductively arousing at our Thanksgiving dinner. If she only knew how hard she made my cock, or maybe she did. I wondered if she knew I fucked her older sister, or her mother too for that matter.


It felt great to finally arrive and enter the warm confines of my sister’s country farm house. Soon everyone was there, about 20 people packed into the large living room. With a fire blazing in the fireplace, Christmas tree flashing in the corner, it was a perfect picture of family unity at a beautiful time of the year.


We all talked and told stories, laughing and enjoying each others company. Ally was spending a lot of time hanging around me, her 45 year old bachelor uncle. I stand about six feet tall and have dark brown hair with blue-green eyes. I work out nearly very day so I’m in very good shape for my age. I have never had any trouble finding women in my life.


We gathered around the large table for the Christmas feast. Everyone was in a great mood for family bonding and enjoying each others company. As people finished at the table, we all helped cleaning up and soon we were gathered back in the living room to exchange gifts.


As tradition dictated, we start with our parents and then the youngest went next so Ally was eager to begin. We all laughed as she put on her usual production of dramatics. One by one, everyone took turns opening their gifts. With cameras flashing, the ritual took over an hour to get to me. Next to our parents, I’m the oldest so I always get to go last.


Ally brought her gifts over to me and set them in the order of which I should open them. We all agreed to spend a maximum of a hundred dollars on each other. I figured Ally wouldn’t be able to spend that much so I was very curious what her gifts would be.


I first opened up a box that held a very nice shirt, then a box of expensive cologne and finally a small envelope. The envelope held a gift card to Home Depot, a store made for the handyman in all of us. Included in the envelope was a small note which said, “Your last gift will be given to you later.”


I read it to myself and looked into Ally’s eyes as she gave me a sexy but very subtle wink. I thought to myself, “What the hell is she up to?” as I smiled back and said thank you.


At one point of the night, I made my way to the upstairs bathroom to get rid of some of the beers I had consumed. As I stood there, I began to visualize my sweet little Ally and her sexy young teenage body, my cock thickened quickly. Suddenly, I heard a soft knock at the door.


“Uncle Ronnie, you in there?” Ally asked softly.


I quickly tucked my stiff cock inside my pants and opened the door.


“Hi Ally, you need to get in here? I’ll be done in a minute.” I asked her.


She put her hand against my chest, pushing me in as she slipped in and closed the door behind her. God, she looked so fucking sexy tonight. She was wearing a pair of skin tight light colored blue jeans, a white belt and a sexy yellow and white striped blouse that clung tightly to her breasts. Her blouse was low cut exposing plenty of gorgeous soft cleavage.


“I want to give you the rest of your Christmas gifts.” She said as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me.


I couldn’t believe my eyes as she looked up, deep into my eyes and started to unbuckle my belt. As she unzipped my fly, she pulled down my pants, underwear and all in one swift motion. My hard thick eight inch cock sprung free, standing straight out nearly hitting her on the cheek.


“Oh my Uncle Ronnie, I love your nice big cock, hmmmmmm” she purred.


“Ally, what if someone comes upstairs?” I asked.


“Don’t worry, they’re having desert in the dining room.” She replied as she looked closely at my cock head.


“Really honey, we can’t do this here. Someone will catch us, let’s go to my room.” I pleaded with her.


“Oh alright, let’s go then.” She said as she helped me tuck my rigid shaft back in my pants.


Down the hall we scampered, watching carefully so nobody would see us. As we entered the room, Ally quickly got down to her knees and again pulled my pants and underwear down. My cock was huge by now, 8 inches of thick and throbbing meat, oozing pre-cum as her little hands gripped and gently pulled on my shaft.


The head was huge, swollen, purple and shiny, leaking pre-cum as I was extremely excited as I watched my sexy niece prepare to suck my swollen cock. I was so fucking aroused as she looked up into my eyes and softly flicked her tongue out, touching my pre-cum. As she pulled back, a string of cum trailed to her lips as she swirled it in her mouth.


“Hmmm salty………” she giggled softly.


Her lips slowly opened as I watched her lean forward until my cock head felt the hot warmth of the insides of her wet mouth. Slowly I watched it disappear as my sexy niece took my cock deep into her mouth. The heat of her mouth, her soft tongue swirling around my shaft was exciting beyond belief.


As her soft mouth gave me intense pleasures, I reached down with my right hand, slipped inside her blouse and cupped her left breast. Her erect nipple felt like a small rock against my palm. God I loved her big tits, so full and soft just like her mother’s. I cupped and squeezed her soft breast flesh, causing her to moan around my cock shaft.


The vibrations of her moans felt exquisite against my throbbing cock. Her head was slowly gliding up and down my shaft. I closed my eyes as I caressed her soft tit, completely enjoying the sensations her young lips were giving me. She must have done this before as she knew exactly how much tongue pressure to apply at exactly the right time on her outward stroke.


“Oh god yes, Ally that feels so good baby.” I moaned softly.


She began to quicken the pace, holding my hips as my cock passed through her soft red lips over and over. Her head pivoted slightly to create new waves of pleasure until I felt the first sensations of my building orgasm. My knees began to tremble as my orgasm rushed closer.


“Ahhhhhh, Ally, I’m going to cum!” I moaned out warning her.


Suddenly I arched my back and filled my sexy niece’s mouth with my white hot cum. She tried to swallow it but there was too much for her as it began to spill out the corners of her mouth. What a gorgeous sight as my hot little niece let my swollen cock pop out of her mouth and began licking my cum off the head of my cock and her lips.


“Ummmm, you taste so good Uncle Ronnie.” She said seductively looking up into my eyes with those gorgeous blue eyes.


“Whew, that was intense Ally. Where did you learn to do that honey?” I asked her softly.


“I like watching mom’s porno movies Uncle Ronnie. You’d be surprised how much you can learn.” She said giggling softly.


“Well I’m the one who definitely reaped the rewards of those lessons. Thanks baby. You made an old man very happy.” I replied as she beamed with pride knowing she pleased me.


She finished licking my cock clean and as she stood up, pulled up my pants and underwear. She tucked my semi-hard cock in my underwear, adjusted my pants and clasped my belt. Standing before me, she leaned forward, pressing her soft breasts into my chest as I cupped her sweet little ass cheeks and pressed her pussy mound hard against my semi-hard cock.


She was breathing very heavy as I leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. Her grip around my waist increased as she was now grinding her pussy against my hardening cock. Our mouths opened as our tongues chased each others as our kiss became more passionate and intense. Suddenly she pulled back and lustfully looked into my eyes.


“I hope you liked your special Christmas gift Uncle Ronnie?” She questioned with a very seductive smile on her gorgeous face.


“Yes my dear. That was one of the best I can remember.” I replied.


“Was it as good as Lauren’s?” she asked as she turned to open the door.


My mind raced, did she know about me and her older sister. Two years ago, Lauren gave me a similar Christmas gift, as well as making love to me nearly all night long. I felt my cock stir again thinking of that hot night, fucking my other sexy blonde haired niece.


As Ally opened the door, Lauren was just approaching the top of the stairs. She looked over at both of us exiting the bedroom and gave us a very seductive smile as she entered the bathroom. Lauren knew exactly what was going on in my bedroom. Her pussy moistened as she stood at the bathroom door as we approached her.


“Having a nice Christmas Uncle Ronnie?” she softly asked me as I approached her.


“Yes Lauren, very nice indeed.” I replied grinning ear to ear.


“I’m sure you are.” She said smiling as she looked deep into my eyes as she closed the bathroom door.


As the night passed, one by one, each of my relatives made their exits. Thank god I had made plans with my sister to spend the night in the spare bedroom. I was feeling quite buzzed by the end of the night as I made my way to my bedroom.


I always sleep completely nude and as I laid there, my mind racing as I thought of my sexy niece Ally sucking my cock earlier that night. I stroked my hard thick shaft slowly thinking of all the sexy family pussy only doors away down the hall. I gripped my cock firmly as I closed my eyes and imagined what Ally’s nude body might have looked like.


Suddenly I heard the floor boards creak just outside my bedroom door. Straining to see in the darkness, I could only hear the slow turn of the door handle as my bedroom door opened slowly. A small figure slowly moved into my room and closed the door behind. Who was there?


Was it Amy, my sexy sister? Her gorgeous daughter Lauren or was it the subject of my throbbing cock in my hand, my sexy niece Ally? My heart pounded as I strained to see who it was as the figure moved closer to my bed. Reaching over to the night stand, I turned on the 40 watt lamp, which softly lighted up the room.


Standing there before me was one of the most gorgeous and erotic sights of my life, Ally was completely nude, her right hand fingering her wet teenage pussy as her left hand pulled on her erect right nipple. She was squinting until her sexy eyes adjusted to the soft light. Instantly, my cock was rigid and throbbing once again. God, she was so young and beautiful.


Her eyes were glazed and filled with lust as she stood there waiting for my reaction. Her fingers were covered with her juices as she continued to rub her swollen clit from side to side. Her left breast was exposed with her nipple huge, puffy and swollen. A light pink bud placed on top of a large soft mound of breast flesh, oh so nice.


It seemed like minutes but I’m sure it was only seconds as I took in every inch of her young teenage beauty. My eyes captured the gorgeous lines of her pretty face, sexy enough to be a Playmate someday. Her soft flowing golden blonde hair lying gently on her smooth sexy shoulders was exquisite.


My eyes traveled down to those perfectly full round soft breasts. Just like her mother’s, perfectly proportioned grapefruit sized tits with puffy pink nipples. Her abs were so smooth with just a hint of teenage baby fat. Her hips were curved perfectly and smoothly into her muscular thighs, down her sexy long legs. She was an absolute perfect example of a sexy 16 year old teenage goddess. My heart and cock were pounding with excitement.


“Ally, you are so beautiful!” I said softly as I motioned her to spin around to show me her sexy little bubble butt.


A smile formed on her face as she just stood there caressing her lightly covered blonde haired pussy mound as she slowly spun around. She arched her back and pushed her sexy butt out towards me, giving me a good view of her pussy mound from behind. As she leaned forward, her fingers spread open her pussy lips, exposing the sweet pink insides of her wet pussy.


“Come here baby and join me.” I said as I needed to touch my sexy niece.


I pulled my covers back to expose my nude body and throbbing cock to her. She watched closely as I gripped my cock firmly and slowly stroked my shaft for her to see. She moved slowly closer as I threw the covers towards my feet. It was a drafty old farm house but I felt no cold as her hot sexy little body slid into my bed.


“Suck my cock again Ally.” I commanded her as she moved closer.


As she reached for my thick shaft, which was standing straight up, I grabbed her hips and lifted her up and over into a 69 position. I just had to taste her sweet young pussy. With her sexy thighs on each side of my head, I looked down and smiled as she slipped my swollen cock head between her soft lips once again.


God, her mouth, her tongue, the wet intense heat inside her mouth felt so fucking good. She was a natural at giving head but then so was her mother. Putting my hands on her hips, I pulled that sweet pussy down to my lips, spreading her open with my fingers as my tongue softly glided up and down her wet labia.


Pulling my cock out of her mouth, she moaned, “Oh yes Uncle Ronnie, I like the way you lick my pussy.”


She slipped my cock back into her mouth as she took in a good 4-5 inches, then thrashed her tongue around as she pulled up, holding only my swollen cock head in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my cock head, driving me mad with pleasure as she expertly licked my cock.


  I began licking her pussy softly, teasing her, flicking lightly across her erect clit causing her to shudder each time. I drove my tongue in hard and as deep as I could, wiggling it from side to side. She moaned in approval with my cock inside her hot wet mouth. The vibrations felt fantastic.


I slipped two fingers into her tight young pussy as I sucked her turgid clit between my lips. Holding her clit between my lips, I flicked my tongue across it which made her shudder and gasp for air. Her juices flowed down and covered my face as she tried to press her pussy harder against my mouth.


We were both so close to cumming so I picked her up and pushed her butt down towards my huge thick shaft. I just had to get my cock inside her tight young pussy. I love the sight of seeing my cock slide between a pair of wet pussy lips from behind. Ally was going to ride my cock reverse cowgirl style.


“Ride my cock Ally. Show Uncle Ronnie how you love riding cock, baby.”


“My pleasure Uncle Ronnie.” She said as she grabbed my cock with her small hand and guided it towards her wet opening.


I watched, heart pounding as my huge purple cock head spread open my niece’s pussy lips. She held me there as she let her pussy adjust to the thickness of my cock. I’m not the longest but my cock is very thick in girth. I watched as she wiggled her hips from side to side as my cock slowly slid into the tightest pussy I ever had the pleasure to fuck.


What a gorgeous sight, watching her sexy sweet ass cheeks and her pussy slowly devour every inch of my throbbing shaft. Soon Ally was sitting on me with my cock buried to the hilt deep inside her. She arched her head back and moaned softly as she enjoyed feeling her pussy filled completely for the first time in her young life.


She wasn’t a virgin as she lost that to one of her mother’s vibrators a while back but she only had sex with two boys who barely had six inch cocks. I was to find all this out later. My huge cock filled and stretched her pussy farther than she had ever been before. She couldn’t believe the waves and waves of intense pleasure that rippled throughout her young body.


Slowly she started to pull up, my cock slipping out just a bit and then she sat back down on my shaft. More and more each time until soon she was lifting her sweet little ass up until only my cock head was still inside her and then she slammed back down, driving my cock deeper inside her each time. What an arousing sight to behold!


She was moaning, louder and louder on each downward thrust. I was sure someone else was going to hear her. Thank god the guest room was at the far corner of the house, farthest away from Amy’s bedroom but it was right next to Lauren’s bedroom.


Ally was now twisting her pert little ass at the bottom of each downward thrust. She also arched her back to grind her erect clit against my pubic bone. She was getting very close to orgasm as I intently watched her every move. I could feel my cum rising up within my body as the intense pleasure kept building up.


I moved my hands to her hips and helped her drive down harder, pressing my hard cock deeper inside her. I changed the angle of penetration to hit a new set of sexual nerves inside her tight pussy. She shuddered and began to shake as I took control and began thrusting my hips up hard on her downward thrusts.


Her moans were becoming louder as the sounds of her soft butt slapping my thighs filled the room. You could hear the sounds of our juices as our sex met on each forceful thrust together. Faster and faster, harder and harder we ground our bodies together until we reached the ultimate climax.


“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” she screamed out as I pulled down hard and thrust my cock deep inside her.


As I felt her body shake, her pussy quiver and contract around my hard cock, it sent me over the edge as I began shooting my white hot cum deep inside my sexy young niece’s tight pussy. I pulled her hips down hard as I arched my back and filled her with my juices.


Soon I could feel our juices mingle and flow down over my crotch. God she was so fucking hot. I massaged her back and shoulders as she just sat there on my hard cock, panting and enjoying the multiple waves of pleasure thrashing throughout her young teenage body. I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my cock as it stayed hard inside my young niece.


Finally she turned and slid off my cock and laid down beside me, “God Uncle Ronnie, I never felt anything so good in my life. Can we do it again?”


Looking down at my still rock hard cock glistening in her juices, “Looks like I’m ready if you are love.”


“You bet, how should we do it this time?” she asked eager for more.


“Get on all fours and we’ll do it doggie style.” I directed her.


She eagerly followed my every command as soon she was in front of me, face in my pillow on all fours. She looked so fucking hot with her ass pointed up in the air, her huge breasts hanging down, her nipples touching the sheets with her pussy below her perfect butt glistening from our juices.


I positioned myself behind her on my knees and teasingly pressed my cock her against her pussy, rubbing it up and down the length of her wet opening, the ridge of my cock head grazing over her swollen clit on each pass. She was soon begging me to fuck her as the teasing was driving her wild with lust once more.


After teasing her to the point where she was almost crying to be fuck, I grabbed her hips and pressed my cock head into her opening. Her tight pussy spread open once more to accept my thick rod. This time however, she was ready as in one slow push, I was soon buried deep inside her once more. I held her there, feeling her soft butt flesh against my thighs.


We began a slow hard driving fucking motion as I pushed my cock deep inside her tight pussy over and over again. Again her moans filled the room as I held her hips firmly on each inward thrust. I began to pick up the pace, which drove my thick cock deeper and deeper inside her teenage pussy.


“Ummmmmm yesssssssssssss, oh fuck, ummm yes, fuck me harder!” my sexy little foul mouthed niece moaned for more.


I pulled my right hand off her hip and reached around under her and between her legs. My fingers sought out her swollen clit and as I touched her, she made a deep grunting sound as she began to climax once again. Her body shook and shuddered as I felt her juices gushing around my shaft.


“Ohhhh shit, I’m cumming again!” she hissed into the pillow in an effort to muffle her moans of pleasure.


I continued to drive my cock deep into her pussy and rubbing her clit until it was too sensitive where she couldn’t take it any longer. I was so aroused and ready to cum again over my sexy young niece. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and began to stroke it very slowly.


“Ally, roll over baby, I want to cum on those gorgeous tits of your.” I commanded her.


She quickly responded and did as I asked. Lying on her back, I straddled her and began thrusting my hard cock between her soft breasts. She knew just what to do as she pushed her tits together as I tit fucked them. I was so fucking close to cumming as I looked down at her gorgeous globes of tit flesh with my hard cock gliding between them.


“Ahhhhh yessssssssss, here it cums Ally!” I moaned as my cock erupted.


My first spurt of white hot cum shot out and landed right on her right cheek, trailing back down on her right breast. I grabbed my hard shaft, squeezed it hard to hold my next spurt and aimed it right at her left breast. Letting go, I shot a huge string of hot cum across her sexy tits.


Jerking my cock hard, I let go two more spurts of hot cum on her gorgeous breasts. Just like in the porn movies, Ally rubbed my cum all over her breasts, rolling her erect nipples between cum covered fingertips. She then brought her fingers to her mouth and licked my cum off them. What a sexy sight to behold.


Exhausted, we both laid back on the bed, breathing very hard as our hearts were pounding still. Ally cuddled up next to me as I cupped and caressed her sweet cum covered breasts. I just couldn’t resist touching her magnificent tits over and over again.


As we laid there recovering, the bedroom door slowly opened. Standing there completely naked was Lauren. She moved inside and closed the door behind her. I patted the bed next to me and suddenly I had each of my sexy nieces in my bed, one on each side.


Lauren looked at us and said “You guys were so noisy, I can’t believe mom didn’t hear you. I was playing with my pussy until I couldn’t stand it any longer.”


“It’s going to be a few minutes until I’m ready again Lauren.” I replied.


“That’s ok, Ally and I will just get warmed up for you.” Lauren responded as her and Ally moved into a sexy 69 position.


I watched in amazement as my two gorgeous blonde haired nieces began to lick each others pussies before my eyes. It wasn’t too long until I felt my cock begin to harden again. As I began to stroke my hardening cock, Lauren took notice and before I knew it, both my hot little nieces were licking my cock and balls.


Christ, I couldn’t believe it as I was soon rock hard once again. The rest of the night, the three of us fucked and sucked each other to numerous orgasms. I felt like I was twenty years old again as I got hard over and over again. I slept well into the afternoon the next day and was awakened by my sexy sister’s soft lips gliding up and down my hard shaft, but that’s yet another story to be told.


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Posted 02 Dec 2011 11:51
Like It...great story
Posted 13 Nov 2011 07:07
nice! very hot little sex tale,,,,like it a lot!! a 5 of course!!
Posted 23 Jul 2010 08:24
Oh god this gave me a hard-on! The details are very clear and creative.
Posted 15 Feb 2010 13:09
Hot story Reeb. Always love your work. Man, two hot nieces. Whew.

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