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No Friend of Mine

It was 2:17 in the morning when I awoke to the sound of my parents returning from a party. Based on the racket they were making downstairs, it was obvious they had partied hard. I could hear my mom giggle as she struggled to climb the stairs. When I heard my parents' bedroom door close, I turned over and checked on my friend Kevin; he was snoozing away on top of his sleeping bag, unaffected by the racket they had made. Taking a hint from Kevin, I lowered my head to the pillow and let the steady hum of the air conditioner carry me back into a deep slumber.

I awoke again two hours later but this time it was because of a full bladder. I threw the sheets aside, got up, and shuffled across the room. I noticed Kevin wasn't in the room; he must've gone to use the bathroom I thought to myself. Since I was up already, I decided I might as well wait out in the hall until he finished his business.

When I opened the door, a blast of hot air immediately assaulted my body. My father is not a fan of central air conditioning because he claims it costs him a small fortune. That's why we all had to get separate air conditioners installed in our rooms. Personally, I think he's just being cheap.

Anyway, as I made my way to the bathroom, my ears picked up on some loud snoring coming from the living room downstairs. I stopped to look over the banister and saw my father passed out on the sofa. His clothes were still on but he manage to remove his shoes. My mom always said dad could never hold his liquor. I shook my head and continued to the john. Just as I was ready to pass my parents' bedroom, loud slapping noises forced me to stop. The slapping noises continued followed by grunts and moans. What the fuck is going on here?

I quietly crept closer to their door, finding it ajar; I didn't think it would be a problem if I took a peek inside. I slowly eased the door open, making sure not to make a sound. When the entire bed came into view, my eyes bulged at the sight before me. Kevin was on top of my mother fucking the shit out of her pussy.

He was greedily sucking on her right nipple while she moaned with passion from the combined attack on her tits and pussy. Both my mother's areolas were covered in Kevin's saliva from the constant nursing he did. I stared in open-mouth lust while Kevin switched to her left nipple, never losing his rhythm as he plunged his fat cock in into her gripping sheath.

The fact that it was my own mother getting fucked by my friend only served to magnify my feelings of hurt and betrayal. Why would she invite Kevin to her marriage bed? Deep down inside, if I had to be honest with myself, I guess what really bothered me was how jealous I was of their affair. Ever since I can remember, I've always had lustful thoughts about my mother. In fact, I would look forward to the weekends when she would carelessly walk around the house in just her shirt and panties, displaying her awesome 36E tits and her large round ass. My mother, Sheila Graham, is what you would call an average looking woman. A regular plain Jane if you will. I know she was never going to win a beauty contest, but with her voluptuous body constantly making my dick hard, she was, to me, my personal beauty queen. Even at 46 years of age with extra pounds lining her belly, hips, and ass, she still manages to turn heads around.

The thing that totally blew my fuckin' mind away was the fact that they were fucking while my father slept downstairs. What the hell was that about! Talk about no respect.

Kevin's grunts snapped me back to the present. His shiny, wet cock drove all the way into my mother's pussy before he stiffened and softly cried out, while depositing his potent baby-making seed deep into her mature womb. He moaned in her ear as he emptied more of his semen. His strokes became slower, gasping as he attempted to catch his breath. When Kevin was finally done, he slid out of her wet, clasping gash with an audible slurp; his hard cock was drenched in pussy juice and globs of thick cum. My mother looked well-fucked with Kevin's spunk leaking from her gaping twat.

Since the show was over, I decided to exit before either one of them caught me spying. I quietly raced back to my room and gently closed the door behind me. Kevin came in about five minutes later. Through the thin slits of my eyes, I saw him go back to his sleeping bag.

After what seemed like an hour, but according to the clock was only about 15 minutes, Kevin began to snore. Taking that as my cue, I made my way out of the room to relieve my bladder. First, I stopped at my parent's bedroom to check on her. The streetlights illuminated her voluptuous figure, giving me a clear view of her big, juicy ass sticking out from under the sheets; Kevin's cum was still leaking out of her recently fucked snatch, leaving wet streaks over her bottom cheek. My dick began to harden, masking the uncomfortable feeling coming from my bladder. I desperately wanted to slip inside and do what Kevin had done only minutes before but I knew I'd never get away with it.

The next morning, Kevin departed early claiming he had to run errands for his mom. I didn't care. As far as I was concerned, Kevin's status as my good friend was over. During the day, I watched my mother like a hawk trying to see if anything was amiss. She didn't appear to be anything but her cheerful, old self. Well, not exactly cheerful since she had a doozy of a hangover.

Later that night, I jerked-off to the images of my mother having her pussy hammered by Kevin. I knew it was wrong because a son should never think of his mother in that way, but I couldn't stop the arousal I felt growing in my body. I must've shot a quarter cup of my cum that night.

It was Thursday evening when Kevin rang my house to see if he could sleep over again. I was about to make up an excuse why he couldn't until he added he was bringing Halo 7 with him: the new computer game that was breaking record sales. I had to admit it was a tempting offer, which I was grudgingly going to reject. But when he also mentioned that he had swiped some of his brother's anal DVDs, I caved and invited him over for the following Saturday. I wasn't thrilled about the idea, but I knew I was getting something out of the deal. Besides, what else are two horny 18-year-olds going to do during the summer, before heading off to college?

In no time at all, Saturday was here. And like we planned, Kevin showed up with his sleeping bag and a backpack full of goodies. We waited for my parents to leave for yet another dumb party where they would get sloshed. The DVD was awesome. It had four hours of non-stop ass fucking. I've never seen so many gaping holes in my life.

By around 12:30, Kevin and I were just finishing the DVD when we started to get sleepy. Like before, he slept in his sleeping bag on the floor. And also like before, I was awoken by my giggling mother while my father shushed her silent. They got to their bedroom and not ten minutes later, I could hear their moans as they happily fucked the night away.

I peeked over at Kevin and noticed he was still sleeping—or was he? Only time would tell. I forced myself to lay awake for another half hour. I heard Kevin rustling on the floor. I shut my eyes as Kevin called out to me. I made some gurgling sounds in my throat and shifted on my side. Satisfied that I was asleep, he got up and tippy-toed out of my room. I knew where he was going and this time I followed close behind him.

When I opened my door, I saw him duck into my parent's bedroom. I crept down to their room and saw Kevin just as he was removing his boxers. His stiff cock bobbed in the air as he made his way to my parent's bed. They were both snoring by this time. Mom must've fallen asleep after my dad fucked her. She was still on her elbows and knees with her face buried into the pillow and her ass high in the air.

It was the first time I ever saw her creamy ass cheeks so lewdly displayed like that. It made my cock jerk uncontrollably. Kevin stood by her side of the bed. He bent down and planted a kiss on each luscious cheek. He then began to massage her meaty globes, pulling and kneading them like they were fine pastry dough. At that moment, it dawned on me that my mother never invited Kevin into her bed last week. Nor tonight for that matter. He was simply taking advantage of her drunken state.

He roughly spread her ass cheeks wide apart and held them open. His gaze fell on her bottom hole which began to buckle and slightly dilate under the pressure of his grip. Kevin puckered his lips and released a blob of spit on her winking rosebud. Overcome with lust, Kevin swooped down like a bird of prey to lap at her striated shitter. "God, your ass taste so sweet, Mrs. Graham," he whispered, as his tongue flicked all over the silky texture of her crinkly anus.

After he sufficiently dined on her ass for a couple of minutes, he inserted two fingers into her sopping twat. He scooped out a glob of dad's cum mixed with my mom's pussy juice and proceeded to rub it around her tight sphincter. He then pressed his index finger against her puckered anus until it slid in to the knuckle. I heard my mom's muffled slur as he pumped his finger in and out of her clutching asshole. At this point, my cock was ready to tear a hole through the front of my drawers.

When Kevin was satisfied with the job he had done, he got on the bed and mounted my mother. With one thrust, he was in to the hilt in her pussy. He moaned and then fucked her moist sheath just enough to saturate his dick with her pussy juice. My mother never even stirred while Kevin fucked her juicy cunt. She just went right on sleeping.

After a few more thrusts, he pulled his veiny dick from between her hairy lips, lowered his head, and spat on her shit-hole one more time before he said, "I bet your ass is cherry. Well, don't worry; I'm gonna bust this baby wide open with my big, fat cock." Grabbing his dick with his right hand, he lined it up with her rosy anus and pushed. Since his back was to me, I couldn't actually see the penetration. However, I could tell he found his target because my mother twist her hips at the last possible moment, forcing Kevin's cock to slide up her back.

"Shit!" he snapped in frustration.

"Shtop Jonathan. You're being very naughty," my mother slurred. Jonathan was my father's name. She began to giggle as Kevin tried to steady her with both hands. Her ass looked really good from where I stood in the hall, as she erotically moved it around, not realizing the effect she was having on both Kevin and me.

She stopped her teasing long enough for him to move his left hand on the small of her back. And with his right, he brought the crown of his raging prick to her sweet pucker and nudged at her opening. My mother jerked her bottom again which caused her left knee to slip off the bed. Her left foot landed with a thump on the floor. She giggled into her pillow.

I could see his patience was wearing thin. So, not to be denied any longer, he roughly clutched her meaty thigh and brought her knee onto the bed. He then manhandled my giggling mother into the position he first found her in and saddled up behind her. Closing the gap between their thighs, he locked her into place by forcing her head down with his left hand.

I saw his right hand move in front of him. Then, the muscles in his back began to contract. Almost at the same time, mom's giggles turned into a loud gasp; I knew at that moment Kevin had finally skewered her on his big fuck-stick. He brought his hands around her waist and pulled her toward him while he slid his pulsing shaft deeper and deeper inside her rectal passage. My mother whimpered as Kevin began pumping his cock against her fleshy cheeks. His heavy cum filled balls swung in time with his deep thrusts. He paused to reach down and grab a handful of her swinging tits. Then he resumed his fucking of her ass.

Sweat slithered down his back as his unrelenting attack on my mother's virgin hole continued. I could hear the slap! slap! slap! sound of sex filling the room. Every time Kevin's hips made contact with her doughy cheeks, a wave would form; the faster he went, the shorter and more frequent the waves would become. It was kind of hypnotic in a way.  

Kevin leaned back to watch his cock pumping in and out of her tight ring. His feverish strokes were starting to become erratic. I knew he was reaching the home stretch now. "Ah fuck, Mrs. Graham. Your tight ass is gonna make me cum. I'm gonna cum so deep into your shit-chute," he panted. Then, with a final shove of his hips, he groaned his release as he squirted his searing load deep down into my mother's bowels. From the twitching of his balls, I knew he was unloading a large amount of his cum into her burning rectum.

All that scalding cream must've triggered something in my mother because she wailed as her body was gripped by an intense orgasm. I had never heard anything like it. Surprisingly, my dad didn't either. He kept right on snoring as he was made a cuckold for the second time in his life. Kevin collapsed on her back, holding her warm nude body against him. He put his cheek against hers and said, "Oh Mrs. Graham, Sheila. You're a fucking goddess."

With his lust now sated, Kevin pulled his dick out of her ass and got off the bed. My eyes widened at the sight of her gaping shit-hole. Her once pink sphincter, now inflamed by Kevin's dick, had thick strands of cum oozing out of it. Looking over at Kevin, I could see his prick was still hard as he took a Kleenex to wipe away a small speck of shit off the swollen head of his throbbing cock. When he was done, he dumped the tissue into the pail and picked up his shorts.

I moved back into the cover of the dark waiting for him to emerge from their room. I heard him click off the light and walk out into the hall. As he rounded the corner to get to my room, his nose made a crunch as it connected with my fist. Before his screams woke the neighborhood up, I silenced his cries with the palm of my hand. Blood was pouring out all over his face down my arm. I yanked him by the collar of his shirt and dragged his sorry ass down the stairs out the house. I popped him one in the stomach which brought him crashing down to his knees.

Now with the air out of his lungs, I laid out how things were going to be. "Fuck face! Listen real good to what I've got to say. First, as of right now, we are no longer friends. Understand! You are nothing but a fuckin'turd in my book. Second, if I ever hear you mentioning to anyone that you fucked my mother, I'll rip your face apart and then have you brought up on charges of rape and sodomy. Do we understand each other, ass wipe?" I towered over him with my fists ready to pummel him into the ground. He saw it, too.

"Yeah ... I ... I got it, man." Satisfied he meant what he said, I let him run off into the night without any clothes. I went back into the house and spent the better part of an hour cleaning up his blood from the carpet and floor. Before heading to bed, I peaked in my parents' bedroom and found my mom still on her knees with her lovely big ass in the air. Only this time her shit hole was closed, leaking Kevin's thick cum.

The thought of plowing her pink orifice crossed my mind. But, I didn't think I could live with the guilt and shame, no matter how tempting her derriere seemed.

The following afternoon, I didn't hear any yelling from my parents, so I assumed my mother was none the wiser. Throughout the week, images of Kevin fucking my mom kept popping into my mind. My lust for my mother was at an all time high, getting stronger each day. I didn't know what I was going to do. Since I was still a virgin and without a girlfriend, my only means of release was by whacking off. And after a while, that wasn't even good enough to alleviate my appetite for her ass.

Finally, into the second week of my lust-fever, my parents announced they were going out to a dance and not to wait up for them. The mere thought she might come back drunk again had my hands trembling.

Why? Well, let's look at the facts: 1) unrestricted access to her pussy and ass, 2) the risk of getting caught was next to nil, seeing how my dad slept like a log, and 3) repeat fucks as long as she remained drunk. Those reasons alone made it easier to push aside the guilt and shame I felt before. Of course, it makes things easier when the little head calls all the shots.

After a couple of hours of some really bad T.V. entertainment, I decided a little shuteye was in order for tonight's debasement. It wasn't easy but I managed to catch some z's before the jabber of my drunken parents woke me up.

I glanced at the clock. It was 2:55 in the morning. I knew I'd have to bide my time for another thirty minutes before they got down to action. The onset of a tight knot formed in the pit of my stomach as I thought about what I was going to do to my mother. My dick began to uncomfortably billow at the thought. I had to remove my pajamas to make room for my turgid fuck stick. It was throbbing painfully at this point with precum coating the tip.

The clock showed more than half an hour had passed. "It's now or never," I murmured. I knew I'd be going to hell for this but to me, it was worth it. I left my room with only a t-shirt and a naked cock slicing through the air. When I reached their door, I placed my ear against its cold surface and heard the familiar sounds of snoring.

Very slowly, I turned the handle and opened the door. They left the light on again. My mother was out cold sleeping on her side facing away from me. She had on one of dad's white t-shirts. Her smooth globes lay bare to my hungry eyes. I tried to control my breathing while her chest rose up, then down, as she slept oblivious to my lustful needs.

I went down on my knees and threw the blanket off. Her mouth-watering cheeks were no more than three inches from my face. They looked so sexy I had no choice but to reach out and rub the palm of my hands over their warm curves. I heard the pounding of my blood. All the while reminding myself to breathe.

I stood up grasped my mother by the waist and pulled her wide ass over the edge of the bed. She didn't even stir. I moved her into the fetal position which forced her ass to stick out.

Grabbing one of the many pillows she had thrown on the floor, I placed it under my knees. Then, clutching her ass, I spread her creamy cheeks apart and moved my tongue into the crevasse of her ass. She had a sweaty but faint underarm scent that kicked my lust up a notch. My tongue sought out her ridged anus. Saliva dripped into her rubbery pucker as I bore my tip in. I pulled my head back to inspect my handiwork. Her sphincter and cleft shone from my saliva.

The twitch in my cock told me it was time. I picked up the bottle of liquid KY that I brought with me and squeezed out a good tablespoon on her rosy shit-hole. I began to slowly rub it around her ring, enjoying the feel of the bumpy ridges passing under the pad of my fingertip. I spat on her shit-hole and wormed two fingers into her tight passage to quickly loosen her up. I would’ve gone slower but the ache in my cock had me rushing to get the deed done.

My mother blindly swat my face as I sawed my digits to and fro in her clutching sleeve.  Her legs began to scissor up and down as she tried to escape the feeling of being anally violated in her sleep. Her soft, doughy cheeks twisted about as she attempted to dislodge my fingers from her round, sexy bottom.

With only a few ounces of the lube left, I lathered my erection while lustfully admiring her winking anus. I shuffled closer and pried her top cheek apart while placing my swollen knob against her puckered hole. I pushed forward to test the strength of its elasticity. Feeling little resistance, I applied steady pressure and watched in amazement how her anus slowly began to dilate under the insistent pressure caused by my purple cock-head. It was slow moving at first; in fact, it took me almost sixty seconds, but I eventually managed to lodge the angry head of my dick into her tight anal-ring. I groaned out loud from the incredible sensation. My God! She was so tight and the sight of her pink disc clamped around my dick had my stomach in knots.

My arms trembled from the reality of the moment. In a matter of a few seconds, my virginity was gone and I had a third of my dick up my mother’s ass. I was really scared yet excited knowing I was doing something nasty and immoral. Only lust kept me in that room. And only lust would stop me from running out of her room.

With one hard thrust, I buried my entire pole to the hilt. Mom gasped awake when my thighs slapped against her pillowy cheeks. The heat produced by her anus lovingly warmed my tight foreskin.

"Please . . . Jonathan. Honey, you're too big for my bottom. I can't—" She dropped her head to the pillow and passed out. By this time, if my father didn't awake to the sounds of his son fucking his wife of 25 years, he was never going to.

I slowly pulled out to the head and pushed back in, when all too soon, my balls began to twitch out of control. Knowing I was only seconds away from cumming, what else do you expect from a virgin, I clutched her bulging hip in my hands and really began to lay into her. The bed shook under the force of my thrusts. I tried to prolong our fuck as long as I could but the muscles in her rectum overpowered me. Before I knew what was happening, my whole body stiffened from head to toe, forcing a loud groan to escape my mouth as the mushroom head of my dick violently burst open, spurting rope after rope of milky, white semen into the depths of my mother's bowels. I gritted my teeth and my toes curled as my nut-sack repeatedly contracted, sending more of my splooge to coat the walls of her colon. There was a moment where I thought I might black out because her ass felt that good.

When my breathing returned to normal, I carefully slid my dick out and held her ass open, hoping my mom's shit-chute would gape wide open. She didn't disappoint. I could see the succulent red interior of her rectal lining. If that doesn't make a man horny, I don't know what will. Just the sight of it blew me away. The reality of fucking my own mother is nothing like the fantasies I harbored.

Wiped out and ready to call it a night, I grabbed a couple of tissues and cleaned her crack of any remaining semen. After I was done, I lovingly kissed her good night and went back to my room. I slept like a baby that night.

Again, my mother never suspected a thing if you can believe that, but I can't help but wonder if she felt my cum sliding out of her ass as she took a leak the next morning. Maybe she knew something was up. Who knows? All I can say is, if I never have to move out of my parent's house, I'll be one happy man.

The End

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Posted 18 Nov 2009 04:41
Whoah! I picked "random story"...this isn't my cup of tea, BUT ... it's extremely well written, good vocabulary and dialogue. So 5* anyway!

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