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office 3 final

Tom was still sleeping so dint know she was there, but when anna set eyes on her a smile came on her face, then she pushed the sheet covering them from there bodys. But when anna was sue looking at toms cock, she placed her fingers round it, and began slowly stroking up and down. “So whats it to be first sue, this big cock or perhaps a nice suck of my nipples.” “Well if you carry on doing that, he will wake up then we will be busted, or is that what you want to happen.” “Sue darling he won’t wake up, sit on the bed and trust me.” “And how certain are you about that.” “Well one he is a sound sleeper as you know, and 2 I slipped him a sleeping pill so you best hurry up.” Hearing what her mum said, sue moved to the bed and seeing her mum’s bare pussy on show, covered her mouth as a moan escaped her mouth. The last time she saw her pussy, she remembered seeing some hair but now it was totally naked, even her lips looked swollen and very tasty. But sue looked at her pussy way to long, as the next thing she saw was anna crawling towards her, then her fingers undoing her dress. “I fogot how much you liked my body, but its only fair you get undressed as well.” anna might have undone 3 buttons on the dress, but when she went lower undoing more, sue grasped her hands and stopped her. “its different this time mum, I carnt let you take me like before.” but you love it when I go down on you, lick and nibble at your pussy, and make you climax so whats changed.” anna couldn’t be more right about sue, as she did love her pussy being licked out, but with tom in the same room as them, she looked back at anna before heading out the door. Anna had no idea what was going through her head, and not wanting to leave things as they were, she decided to throw on her robe and find out for herself. After getting down stairs and finding sue in the kitchen, she saw she had done up her dress front, but no matter how much she hid her breasts, there was no hiding the size of them. Anna knew she loved having them felt, so moving to her side she looked in her eyes, before placing a hand on her one firm breast.

“What was all that about up stairs, I was only going to play with your body, you liked it before didn’t you?” “you know I like it, but im on this month, so no one goes down there,” “well it’s a good job, im having all his cock.” It was bad enough sue wasn’t getting any sex, but for anna to say this made sue turn and face her, and pulled the cord on her robe. Right away her naked breasts came into view, and looking down had a good look at her naked pussy, so placed her hand onto it and ran her finger up her slit. “I might be on this month, but it doesn’t stop me giving pleasures, and with the feel of this you won’t last to long.” Pulling her hand away from her pussy, she turned and sat anna on the table, and spreading her legs wide went down between her legs. Right away the musky smell of sex hit her, and knowing tom had been inside her box, sue didn’t waste anymore time and began licking her pussy up and down. Sue must have been doing a good job, as looking up she saw anna had her eyes closed, and both her hands were squeezing her big breasts. Sue might have been between a females legs before, but this was her first mature woman but still knew how to bring them off, and knew anna wouldn’t be long before she climaxed. Her juices were already oozing out her pussy, so helping her to climax she pushed a finger into her, while still licking her out and that’s when anna moaned and shook. As much as sue loved pussy juices, she found it hard to swallow as there was so much, so opened her mouth and let the juices flood inside. After swallowing every stream that hit her tongue, sue kissed her way up annas body, and stopped at her face. “Mm you really know how to climax, did you like it.” “Oh yer it was great, but im not the only one.” seeing anna look towards the door, sue followed her eyes and saw tom standing there, so jumped up from anna. But in doing so one of her breasts she had out her dress, came into clear view. “been a long time since I saw those, didn’t realize they had grown so big.” seeing where he was looking, sue looked down and seeing her bare breast on show, looked back at him and smiled. “Well you’ve missed a great deal, not just how these have grown either.”

Moving his eyes from sue, he looked at anna still sat on the table. “So I see but you missed, out on sucking her nipples she loves that don’t you anna.” Thinking he could make her cover up, with saying this to her he was wrong, as anna shot right back at him. “I do like them sucked, just like you like being sucked off, and shooting on my tits.” With tom now standing beside sue, sue undid the front of her dress, and released both her breasts and erect nipples, then faced him full on. “Well if it’s good enough for her, I want the same on mine.” Not giving tom a chance to speak, sue dropped to her knees and releasing his cock, quickly wrapped her lips round the head and began sucking. Looking down all he could see was her blonde hair, as she bobbed up and down on his cock, but thrusting forward sue quickly released his cock. “Mm brings back old times, don’t you think tom.” “Oh yes, I fogot how good you were.” Tom didn’t want to talk; all he wanted was his cock back in her mouth, so taking hold of her head he pushed towards her closed lips. “Not so fast tom, I got an idea your going to enjoy.” giving his cock one last lick around the head, she rose to her feet and moved to his side. “you still like the idea, of having me and another female make out with you, suck your cock and make you unload your cum.” “You now it is, and not just mines but yours as well sue.” Anna looked at hr daughter, and turning to face her smiled. “well it looks like, we arnt the only ones with a secret , but where do we find another female.” annas robe was still open, so placing her hands on her shoulders, sue slowly pushed it from her to the floor, then dropped to her knees in line with her pussy and licked her lips.

One lick was never enough for sue, but as she carried on and sank her tongue into her, tom moved over for a better look and that’s when anna moaned. “oh god you want to fuck me, sink that thing in me again.” it wasn’t a thing tom wanted to do, but when sue heard her say this, she clamped her fingers round his cock and quickly got up. “you now that sounds a great idea, you fuck her hard while I play with her tits, then cum on me what you think tom.” tom didn’t have to think about it, as his had done the thinking and swelled at the thought, of fucking anna with sue in the same room. So not wasting another miniet, he moved to annas wide open legs, and rubbing the head of his cock up and down her lips, he thrusted forward with one lunge and slipped into her. Anna wasn’t used to being taken so fast and hard, so letting out a moan she began moving with each of his thrusts. tom had been fucking her for some time now, and getting closer and closer to shooting his load, he slowed down his thrusting and almost pulled out her pussy. Now with her pussy overflowing with her juices, sue decided it was now time to bring her mum off, so easing tom out the way lowered her head and began licking. Juices were still oozing out of her as sue licked and sucked, but wanting more juices sue plunged her tongue deeper than ever, and with a final lick anna climaxed causing her body to shake. This was all it took to bring tom off, and with him breathing hard and moaning sue knew he was close, so quickly turned and offered him her tits to cum on. “mm that’s it let it cum, cum on my tits tom.” Her words might have brought him even closer, but seeing her mums juices on her face, did the trick more and with a final jerk his cock unloaded onto her tits.

Ropes after ropes draped over sues breasts, but jerking his cock to empty it of his cum, a final blast hit her in the face which caused her to move backwards. Sue might have been wiping his cum from her face, but anna had other ideas what to do with it, and quickly got on her knees and sucked him draining him of his remainding cum. “havnt you had enough of him mum.” slipping his now deflating cock from her mouth, anna looked up at sue and smiled, before wiping his cock over her cheeks and lips. “I never get enough of this cock sue, its just what the doctor ordered.” “well why don’t we share him, seen as you like him that much, after all it was a dream of his to have two females.” tom was totally knocked back by her words, but at least he didn’t have to hide no more, when he wanted sex with his mother in law.

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Posted 05 May 2008 13:08
This story has potential, but you should check your spelling.

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