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Oh, narcissistic me

Twins sharpen their skills in bed together.
  I dealt with the twin crap growing up. All of the "cute" matching outfits. All of the "I can't tell which is which" Har har har. All of that made me sick. We were two separate people but we were treated as one sickening entity. Finally, at 17 we actually get our own rooms. It took THAT long for mom and dad to finally let go of the cute twin stuff.

  Samantha, my sister, was a nerd like me. It wasn't her looks that drove men away from her, far from it. She had a nice body. She stood at about 5-5 with amazing curves and a full C-cup chest. Her flowing black hair reached the small of her back, leading straight to her well rounded ass and toned legs. Her personality was the nerdiest part of her. She loved comic books, her favorite being the flash. She could quote every word of Heroes from beginning to end. She always talked about how much I looked like Sylar. She was me, as a girl with glasses.

 We both had problems with the opposite sex. Our problem is none of the hot ones liked us. Something in our personality attracted all of the weirdest people. We were the kings of the nerd-world at high-school. Both of us being virgins, our hormones were out of control. We knew what we wanted, but not how to get it. All of that was about to change.

 Samantha laid on her bed, reading about how Barry Allen had come back from the dead in the new Flash. I was on the floor playing some WoW on my laptop when she said, "We need to get laid."

 "And how do you suppose that's going to happen when we're too awkward to talk to anyone" I asked.

 "Well I was thinking maybe me and you could, you know, practice on each other" she said, stuttering a little at the end.

 "Eew you weirdo, that's incest." I knew those were the right words to say but part of me got turned on by the idea of 'practice'.

 "What do you mean eew? We're twins. Every time you see yourself naked you might as well be looking at me. I mean its not like there much difference in the two of us."

 She made a good point, but part of me was still unsure. I mean yah, I suppose you could call it severe narcissism but it's still incest right?

 "Oh come on, if it makes you feel better I'll let you see me naked first." I looked up at her. The look she had on her face was serious.

 "Alright if we're going to do this then we need to lay down some ground rules. No telling ANYONE about this, okay? And no getting emotionally attached. I mean, your hot, but your still my sister. And we help each other out more then physically, but mentally too. We have to show each other what girls and boys like."

 She nodded her head, listening intently to my words. "Alright then, blah blah blah, lets get started." But what was getting started? Neither of us knew what to do. I turned off my game and went to my favorite porn site, that's a good place to start. We watched a few videos to warm up and looked at each other.

 "Alright lets start with our shirts" Samantha said, slowly taking her top off. Underneath her shirt was a bright blue bra. Her stomach was flat and smooth. Her milky skin was blemish free. Seeing her like this was making me hot. I froze up until she said, "Its your turn now"

 I snapped out of my trance, removing my shirt. She reached her hand out and felt every inch of bare skin on my upper body. I reached my hand behind her and removed her bra. I had seen plenty of tits before, but none right in front of me. I hesitated to reach out, so she grabbed my wrist and forced my hand to her chest. Her boobs were amazing. It was a feeling I had never felt before. Squishy, but soft. I took her nipples in between my fingers and felt them. They became hard as she closed her eyes and moaned lightly.

 As I played around up top she reached her hand out and began to undo my belt. I felt my pants fall to the floor as she said, "holy SHIT that thing is huuuge!" I blushed. I had always thought I was small compared to porn. But apparently 6.5 inches is more then big enough for girls.

 She removed her pants as well and looked me in the eyes. "Well, brother, there's no going back now" She said as she pulled her panties down. I tossed aside my boxers and we looked at each other. "Turn around," she said, putting her arms on my shoulder and twirling me around. She looked me up and down, nodding her approval.

 "So I'm not the only one who shaves then" I looked down and noticed her perfectly smooth pussy. She was beginning to get wet as we touched one another up and down, becoming familiar with our bodies. She reached out, placing her hand on my cock, slowly pumping it up and down.

 "I like how it feels" she said.

 I reached out and began messaging the outside of her now soaking pussy. I rubbed it from top to bottom with my middle finger. She began to shiver and twitch as we stood. She let go and fell back on the bed, pulling me down with her. "lick it" was all she could manage to say.

 I put my tongue on the outside of her pussy, lapping up the juices that began to dribble outside.  Samantha's breathing became heavy after a minute and she began to moan. I knew she was close to an orgasm, so I put my tongue inside her and started wiggling it around. I must have hit her G-spot on accident, because she began to buck around. Her legs seized up first, the rest of her body becoming rigid shortly after. She slowly relaxed and opened her eyes.

 "Wow that was amazing! Thank you so much that felt incredible." She was so excited at the first orgasm she received from another person. I looked down at my steel hard dick and back at her. She laughed and moved towards it with her hands. I sat down on the bed as she began stroking me slowly. She put her tongue out and licked the pre-cum that had formed at the head of my cock. She kissed it, moving it deeper and deeper into her mouth.

 She sucked on the head at first, but my  irritated moans told her that I wanted more. She put it as far into her mouth as she could with her hand at the base of it. She sucked hard as her hand squeezed and slid up and down the base of my cock. After a minute I came close to cumming. "Take your hand away" I moaned out quickly. She used only her mouth, sucking deep and hard until I came. Wave after wave of hot, sticky, cum splashed her tongue. She swallowed and gagged slightly at the taste.

 "Wow, that was definitely new. Lets meet up here tomorrow at the same time. We should have 3 mom and dad free hours tomorrow" She nodded in agreement as we got dressed. I went to my room to think about what happened, as my cock became hard again in anticipation of tomorrow.

 As soon as mom and dad left Samantha ran into my room saying, "lets practice kissing first today"

 I didn't need to be told twice, so I quickly dropped my book and ran over to her, picking her up. "Lets do it in the kitchen," She smiled as I ran her downstairs. We cleared the kitchen table and Samantha got onto her back, beckoning me over.

 "Come on Riley, come over and kiss your sister." She looked so hot at that moment. What happened last night unlocked something inside us. A tiger had been released, and it wanted to make up for lost time.

 I crawled on top of her kissing her lightly on the lips at first. She put her hands on the back of my head and kissed me harder and harder. She nibbled on my lip, moaning the entire time. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she did something unexpected. She closed her lips around it and began to suck. She gave my tongue the same treatment she had given my cock last night. 

 I began to realize that our hands had started to go crazy. She nearly ripped my shirt off of me, throwing it into the living room as she dug her nails into my back. She wanted it bad. Both of us did. We were tired, and angry of being two sexually frustrated nerds. Clothes started flying all around us until we found ourselves naked on the kitchen table.

 "Hold on" I said, reaching into my pants on top of the fridge. I pulled out a condom that Dad had given me as a joke.

 "Good idea," she giggled. She took the condom out of my hand and bit the wrapper open. She slid it over my hard cock and pulled my head back to hers, kissing me once more as I positioned myself in front of her hot, wet hole. I slid it into her deeply. She had broken her hymen herself from masturbating. She pushed her chest against mine, moaning as we worked up a rhythm.

 We started to fuck with wild abandon. Our bodies lost control. We cleaved to one another kissing and sucking on every inch of available skin as our most private parts mashed in and out of one another.

 Samantha's breathing came in quick sharp draws. She neared her orgasm as I quickly rammed my cock into her. Her body became rigid again and she dug her nails deeply into my back, scratching me hard. I started to move quickly, feeling pressure in my balls, moving up through my cock until I exploded into the inside of the condom. We looked into each others eyes, satisfied with our first fuck. She smiled, kissing me on the lips once more.

 "Finally, we're no longer virgins." She blushed when she realized how badly she had scratched me. "Sorry about that, I just got a little, out of control. You know?"

 "Its no problem sis." I slapped her ass as she pulled her pants up for my revenge. We teased on another as we found our clothes. After we finished getting dressed we walked over to the couch to finish making out. I gave her a blotched hickey on the neck, blushing at my amateur work.

 She put her head underneath my shirt and started sucking on my chest. After an extremely wet minute she came up saying, "You can admire my work later." She winked and went upstairs to shower off. I watched t.v. thinking about my first time. It didn't bother me that she was my sister at all. It turned me on even more. I thought of her, how we had grown up together. I thought of her body, and the things we were new doing to one another. I started to break my own rule in my mind, wondering if she would like to go to a movie sometime. After a while of thinking I couldn't bear it anymore

 I took my cock out and began stroking it on the couch. I closed my eyes and thought of her. Her perfect tits. Her nice little ass. No boy wanted her, so I could have her all to myself. The more I thought of her, the faster I stroked. I quickly came, the little cum I had left forming a small pool in my hand. Out of curiosity I licked it up and swallowed. The taste wasn't bad, but not something I would do twice. "Hot" I heard.

 "You sneaky bitch! Coming down behind me like that!" She laughed as I breathed quickly, trying to recover from the sudden start she had given me.

 "Well if your still in the mood maybe you could do me a favor." A wide smile forming across her face.

 "Sure anything for you," I said, smiling back at her. I looked into her brown eyes, admiring her soft beauty.

 "Well its all lonely in the shower, I was wondering if you could keep me company?" She spoke with a mock - childlike fear.

 "Anything for you sis." She grabbed me by the hand and led me up the stairs. We stripped our clothes off on the way to the shower, leaving a mixed trail of cloth behind us. She turned the water on hot, waiting for the electric water heater to kick in. I took her body wash and began to rub it all over her. We washed the sent of fuck off under the steamy water. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed me deeply again. Her brown eyes were filled with lust. She stuck her tongue deep down my throat and began sliding her hands up and down my body. The water cascaded down as I slowly became hard again.

 I went down on her slowly, kissing her softly on the neck and working my way down her chest. I licked her stomach up and down, making her push me the last few inches to her pussy. I put my tongue inside of her, sucking on her clit, and massaging the sensitive skin on the outer edge with my finger tips. As she neared her orgasm I stopped, I touched her lightly with my little finger as she moaned for me to finish.

 "Why did you stop??" She asked, begging me to finish.

 "I'll finish, if you say its okay to break the no getting attached rule and go on a date with me."

 "Whatever you want, now finish me you asshole!"

 I stood up, lifting her legs up around my hips and plunging my cock deep inside her pussy. She wrapped her legs tightly around me as I quickly fucked her. She moaned loudly, gasping and tensing up as she came to a mind blowing orgasm. She kissed me all over, sucking on my neck and using her legs to pull me in and out of her more, milking the last few sensations out of it.

 She relaxed her legs, forcing me to let her down. She got on her knees, taking my cock into her mouth and sucking it down to the base. She pulled it out of her throat and kissed the head of it. She sucked on it harder and faster as I began rocking my hips back and forth. Soon enough she pulled me out, aiming it for her mouth and pumping me as fast as her little hand could move. After cumming twice already I was surprised when a full load shot into her mouth. She swallowed and stroked me gently, the feeling slowly dieing down.

 We turned the water off and toweled ourselves off. "So when do you want to go on that date big boy?" She asked in a seductive voice.

 "How about Saturday? We can drive out of town so no one recognizes us."

 "Alright, now give me a kiss goodbye cause I'm going to hang out with some friends till mom and dad come home." I kissed her with what little passion I had left and watch her walk away, swinging her hips suggestively. After that first night both of us had begun to come out of our cages. Both of us were becoming more bold. We talked to more people at school after the first day. Now that we were no longer virgins how much else would change? I thought on this as I picked up my clothes and went back to my room. Samantha had left a pair of panties on my bed with a note 'This is so you don't miss me while I'm at my friends' it said.

 I fell asleep that night happy. I was excited for my date, but worried at the same time. I had said no getting attached for a reason. Me and here were still brother and sister, so what we were doing was illegal. And if we get attached we won't be able to move on later in life to more people. I thought about this as I fell asleep. I would have to talk to her after our date Saturday.

                                                               TO BE CONTINUED.
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Posted 01 Jul 2010 23:12
agreed with everyone on the sex, but it still came out great
Posted 25 Jun 2010 00:35
Agreed with the below about descriptions of sex, but this was still an incredible story. Please write a sequel.
Posted 25 Feb 2010 16:47
Great story, but like the others, I agree on needing more descriptions of the sex. You also need to use spell checking and a grammar checker. Otherwise, great job! Waiting for the next installment....
Posted 25 Feb 2010 15:07
very good story be more descrpitive of sex
Posted 25 Feb 2010 07:13
Excellant story. Be more descriptive of the sex.

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