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One lucky Nephew

Brian's two horney aunts seduce and initiate him into the world of incest.
My name is Brian and I did something that I am sort of embarrassed about. I fucked the hell out of two of my sexy aunts at my cousin’s wedding reception. I didn’t feel embarrassed at the time as they swept me out of the hall in the hotel up to aunt Chris’s room. I didn’t protest when the pushed me onto the room couch and pulled my pants off and took turns sucking me. Let me go back to the beginning.

I hadn’t seen two of my three aunts in years. Aunt Chris and aunt Lyn were known for parting, drinking and other nonsense. They were a little bit white trash as well, not judging. I was 20 at the time and the two of them kept me supplied with beers. They wouldn’t get me the hard stuff and I later found out why, they needed my young cock to be hard. They had left their respective husbands home and made the long trip from out of town. At first I felt a little weird having the fawn all over me. It made sense at first since I hadn’t seen them in years. But we drank more and I felt aunt Lyn’s hand brush my ass and eventually cup it when no one was looking. Aunt Chris was equally lecherous as she messaged my inner thigh under the table. Aunt Lyn kept telling me how handsome I was and aunt Chris readily agreed. My 20 year old ego stood no change, family or not. Comments mentioning ‘keeping it in the family’ were bandied about between the two and my cock began to swell.

4 beers in my body and two unconventionally sexy aunts lightly fondling and seducing me I reciprocated the touching. Each hand went to their exposed knees. The both perked up and each covered my hand with theirs’. My cock now raged as they guided my hand up their thighs to their panties. Fuck they were both wet and we all just crossed a bit socially acceptable line. Lucky for us there was a break for dessert service at the reception. Aunt Lyn and aunt Chris stood and guided me to the side exit. They were taking me to my own special dessert service.

There I was de-panted and getting my young cock sucked by my dirty slutty aunts. I couldn’t hold it any longer as one sucked my ball and the other sucked my cock. My eyes widened as aunt Chris and aunt Lyn started to make out as they jacked my cock inches from their faces. I groaned and tensed up releasing my load on my two aunts as they kissed.

“MMMMM just like old times Lyn.” Aunt Chris purred as she opened her mouth.

My cum splashed on both of their open mouths and faces. I could have sworn they were washed up porn starlet’s. The kissing continued between sucks on my spent cock. The moaned and cooed sharing my young seed. I stayed seated as they stood and each leaned up to me. We shared a three-way kiss exchanging what was left of my cum. It was a first for me. My girlfriend usually swallows and keeps in neat. I liked this better.

I always thought my aunt Lyn was a bleach blond but as she dropped her thin dress and peeled her panties off it was clear, the carpet matched the drapes, Her pussy mound was quite hairy yet trimmed on the edges. Her thin frame was quite sexy for a woman in her late 40’s. Her 36C tits were natural and still held up against gravity.

Aunt Chris stripped next revealing her plump curvy body. I had no idea what size her tits were but they were in the D cum range. Her wet panties stuck to her wet mound as she pulled them off. A nice jet black strip of hair adorned her pubic area. My two dirty, kinky, and lusty aunts embraced each other in front of me madly making out. What the fuck did I get myself into I though in my buzzed hormone ridden mind. My cock took over rising to the occasion.

Aunt Chris laid on the bed and spread her thick legs and locked eyes with me. She grinned at me and rubbed her cunt. “Over here you man. I have been waiting to make you do this for years.” She purred.

“MMM yes ma’am.” I answered taking off my shirt as I went to her.

“OOOOO that’s it baby lick her good. She tastes amazing doesn’t she.” Aunt Lyn purred as she rubbed my back.

“UUUUUHHH good boy! Right there, lick auntie’s clit!” Aunt Chris cried out.

“MMM you are too loud sis. Let me muffle your moans.” Aunt Lyn purred as she moved and straddled her sister’s face and lowered her hot wet hairy pussy onto her lips.

I kept licking and slid a finger into aunt Chris’s juicy pussy. She groaned out as I hooked my finger and searched for her g-spot as I tongue lashed her. I was thankful for my girlfriend’s pussy licking classes. Aunt Chris had no complaints as I ate her to orgasm a few times.

“Its my turn sis.” Aunt Lyn demanded as she lifted herself off aunt Chris. “Lay him down on his back.” she added

I slipped up onto the bed as aunt Chris moved and straddled my cock. I laid back and aunt Lyn gave my cock a suck and guided it up into her sister’s pussy.

“OOOOO fuck he feels so good!” Aunt Chris cried as she fully impaled herself on my 7 inch hard cock. Aunt Lyn lingered a second and licked my balls up to the exposed shaft of my cock and then over aunt Chris’s asshole. Aunt Chris and I let out moans under aunt Lyn’s tongue run.

“I gotta ride his face.” Aunt Lyn relented as she crouched over my face. Her hot hairy pussy smelled amazing and tasted even better. Her swollen clit I twiddled with my tongue like a punching bag. From what I could see my two aunts where fondling and sucking each other’s tits as they rode me. My aunt Chris’s juicy pussy pumped up and down on my shaft in a steady rhythm as aunt Lyn ground her hot pussy on my face.

“MMMMM ride your nephew’s hot dick baby!” Aunt Lyn cooed to her sister.

“Fuck his cock is soooo good!” She groaned. “You like your auntie’s dirty pussy baby?” She cooed to me.

I only moaned up into aunt Lyn’s cunt making her giggle. “Lick me faster honey. Faster, faster, aunt Lyn is going to flood your hot mouth!” She cried out. I felt her slick juices gush over my chin, lips and cheeks as she continued to whimper and groan.

“MMMM fucking my turn you bitch.” Aunt Lyn grinned to her sister.

“Awww but his cock feel so wonderful.” Aunt Chris purred.

I was catching my breath as the women switched out. Aunt Lyn mounted me and rolled her head back as my girth spread her pink pussy lips. “Fuck me!” She cried as her ass cheeks kissed my cum cover balls.

“Ride honey, ride your nephew’s dirty hot cock!” Aunt Chris egged her sister on.

I was waiting for my aunt Chris to ride my face. I whimpered as instead she began to lick the mixture of juices from my balls as her sister, my aunt rode my shaft.

“You know what I want honey” Aunt Lyn moaned to Chris.

Then I felt aunt Chris’s fingers rub at the base of my cock. She gathered the slippery cum and she began to rub it on aunt Lyn’s asshole. Her finger slide into her asshole. Aunt Lyn fucked my cock harder as well as the finger in her ass. Next I began to feel pressure against my cock shaft inside my aunt’s pussy as aunt Chris added another finger.

“FUCK YES! Finger my dirty asshole!” aunt Lyn grunted and yelled. I could feel her ass being stretched.

“Now, she wants in now baby.” Aunt Chris told me ash aunt Lyn dismounted my throbbing cock. I had almost cum but was cut off just before climax.

Aunt Chris sucked my dirty cock tasting her sister’s cum. Aunt Lyn knelt on the floor pushing her ass up. “ Come here and fuck your aunt’s dirty asshole baby.” Aunt Lyn ordered me.

Aunt Chris guided me and helped me insert my shaft into aunt Lyn. Slowly I pushed feeling her anal ring open around my cock head. I was so close to cumming but I had to hold it. I was about ¾ the way in when aunt Chris slapped my ass cheek and made me sink all the way in. Aunt Lyn cried out like a true anal slut as I filled her rectum. Aunt Chris caressed my ass cheeks as I began to pump my aunt Lyn’s taboo hole. I was amazing. So wrong and forbidden but so dirty and erotic. I pumped faster into her making our bodies slap. My aunt Lyn kept cumming as I kept fucking her ass. I was close to cumming especially as aunt Chris slipped one of her finger into my ass crack and circled my ass.

“Cum in her dirty ass baby.” Aunt Chris coached me. She pushed in sharply sinking half her finger in my ass driving me deeper into aunt Lyn. She didn’t get to put the rest of her finer up my ass before I yelled out and blasted my cum up my aunt Lyn’s ass.

I was smoked to say the least. Aunt Lyn fell forward with her ass pointing up. I saw my cum leaking from her red swollen hole.

“As you know not a word to anyone honey. Just our secret.” Aunt Lyn assured and informed me.

“Absolutely, no one can ever know.” I agreed.

“MMMM well lets do this again at Christmas.” My aunt Chris smiled.

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Posted 08 Mar 2013 02:27
Next part please!
Posted 11 Dec 2012 18:36
Kinky aunts makes for fun family gatherings... well written...5+
Posted 26 Aug 2012 07:57
Love this story of you getting it from both Aunts. Can't wait for the Chrisrmas story. "V=5+++."
Posted 22 Aug 2012 21:08
A good story. There is always a person in the family like these aunts. The thing you need to do is proofread the story better. The spell checker and grammar checker do not find those errors. Other than that a good story. Keep it up.
Posted 22 Aug 2012 18:26
Hot stuff, very good!
Posted 22 Aug 2012 12:33
Your storys are alway hot great job
Posted 22 Aug 2012 07:26
Great read! My cock is stiff! I wish I was Brian!
Posted 22 Aug 2012 02:15
another great story mommy.

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