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Our naughty side: Part 2

“Why don’t we have some fun of our own mommy.” I smiled.
Erica quickly jumped up, wiping my dripping cum off of her face. “Mommy!” She yelped, covering up her body and beginning to panic. Unlike Erica, I didn't try to cover myself up. I didn't try to explain myself whatsoever. Instead I started to look at my mother in a different way. My eyes wandered over her body from head to toe. I noticed how her brown curly hair fell just below her large 36D breasts. My mouth watered as my eyes moved lower looking at her slim torso and round perky ass. I began to spread my legs a little wider making direct eye contact with my mother. I licked and bit my lips, beckoning her with my body language.

She put her hand over her heart and smiled. “Look at my little girls bonding.” She continued undoing her pants belt and sliding them down to the floor along with her cherry red thong. She touched her soaked pussy and shuddered lightly “..and a happy family is what I got.” My sister stood in awe and started to knead her breasts in her hand. “Y-you mean you’re not mad mommy?” She asked innocently, still pleasuring herself. “Oh of course not sweetheart, but you’re licking your sisters pussy all wrong. Here let mommy try.” She said huskily walking to the bed and bending down.

Mom lightly traced her fingers over my folds and smiled up at me. I took my hand and rubbed her face, smiling. “Can you spread your legs wide open for mommy baby?” She asked panting a little bit. I nodded my head rapidly and bit down on my lip as I spread open my legs. “Mm baby your pussy is so beautiful, thank you.” My mother cooed. She wiggled two fingers in my folds, spreading them apart and looking at my puckered pussy. She licked her lips and kissed up and down my folds. She ripped her hands up and put my legs on her shoulders, putting my hips and pussy up in her face. Her fingers found my clit and started to rub it gently leaving me breathless and wanting more.

“OH MOMMY!” I moaned touching my breasts and licking my lips. She picked up my ass and began to lick my arse, still attacking my clit with her fingers. My head was thrashing from left to right, catching small glances at my sister sitting on the floor next to us dipping 3 fingers into her pussy rapidly. I managed to stop shaking for a bit to beckon her over to me. “Come over here baby.” I moaned loudly. I grabbed my sisters hand as she walked over to the bed and I suddenly felt a climax approaching as my mother licked her tongue into my forbidden hole. I trembled but I couldn't’t cum now, my mother must have thought the same because she stopped abruptly smiling viciously.

I whined at the absence of my mother’s hot tongue in my ass, trying to push her face back there. “Hold on baby I have an idea.” She said. She quietly left the room and returned with a black object. My sister was too busy sucking on my nipples to notice. She sat there in her own little world kissing and sucking my nipples while kneading them all at once. Her other hand was down to her pussy, flicking her clit aggressively and moaning causing goose bumps on my skin. “Erica dear..” My mom started stroking something in her hand behind Erica.

Erica looked behind her and saw a large 13 inch artificial cock. “Oh mommy!” she cried bending over on top of me, waving her ass in the air. “Fuck me hard mommy. I want your big cock in my naughty slut pussy.” She groaned. I saw mommy smirk and rub the cock up on Erica’s folds. She got up on her knees and penetrated Erica’s pussy deep. I got from under Erica propping myself up on my elbows licking her clit from under her. Erica cried out and began to shiver. “OH YES MOMMY FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK MAKE YOUR SLUTTY DAUGHTER CUM ALL OVER YOU.” She whimpered with her head in between my legs. I started to buck my hips up, signaling Erica to fuck my pussy hole with her mouth like how I was doing with her clit.

“Ooh Lisa you’re so naughty. I’m going to have to punish you for that.” She swooned and she dug her face in my pussy thrusting her tongue in and out shaking her head back and forth causing vibrations against my clit. I screamed out and nibbled on her clit as a thank you and her body began to rumble in pleasure. With mom fucking her pussy from behind and me licking and sucking on her clit, Erica came with incredible force. Her cum flooded out of her pussy onto mommy’s juicy strap on, and dripping into my waiting mouth.

Mommy sighed and pulled out of Erica, who lay down on my body stopping her pussy licking. “Lets let Erica rest darling.” Mommy said looking at me. “Why don’t we have some fun of our own mommy.” I smiled. I squirmed under Erica, and Erica moved over. I was about to get up when I felt a long hard object get shoved down my throat. I gagged a little big but looked up to see mommy kneeling over my face, fingering her sweet pussy letting everything leak out on my chest. Her moans started to empower me and I shoved even more of her length into my mouth. I reached my hands up and did the job her hands were doing for her. I pinched and turned her clit with my left hand and my right was working her pussy and ass stroking around them both before I penetrated in deep.

She brought her hands down, playing with my nipples in wonder as her cock moved down deeper and deeper in my throat. I let go of her cock and pushed my head up. “Mommy, fuck me with your big plastic cock. I want it in my pussy just like Erica.” Mommy smiled and kissed my jaw, picking me up and placing my pussy under her belly button. I wrapped my legs around my mommy and my arms around her neck. We were face to face when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my pussy. I groaned and squeezed my eyes shut, tears falling down my face. “Shush ssh baby, don’t you cry.” Mommy grunted impaling my hips and pushing her cock further in my pussy. We had 7 inches of it in before I began to adjust to its magnificent size. I felt my pussy walls contract and I pushed my lips to mommy.

I rubbed my tongue around her lips and gripped her hair. Our tongues mingled outside of our mouths then we came back together, interlocking and strengthening our bond even more. “I love you mommy.” I whisper. “I love you too.” Mommy smiles.

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Posted 07 Jun 2013 23:42
Great story. Well written, Kept my little sissy clit throbbing so hard.
Posted 08 Jan 2013 17:13
Family Fun. Forbidden. Fantastic! (a little alliteration )
Posted 02 Jan 2013 03:37
Holy SMOKES, is this story a scorcher. (My pants are still smoking.) Don't know how you'll top this in Part Three, but I can't wait to find out!
Posted 01 Jan 2013 07:52
Posted 31 Dec 2012 12:54
great story. pt 3?
Posted 31 Dec 2012 04:21
Hot. Really Hot.5
Posted 31 Dec 2012 01:53
Getting fucked by mom, both sisters. wow. 5
Posted 30 Dec 2012 18:32
more please..!

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