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Pattycake at the Cabin

Pattycake lifts daddy's spirits

Sean had been working too hard. His annual physical illustrated the point. His blood pressure was up, his cholesterol was up, he’d started having back spasms, and sex drive? Hell he didn’t even know what that was anymore. His wife Linda was a pretty piece too, with shoulder length dark chocolate hair, eyes just as dark with full lips that always seemed to be the color of a ripe pomegranate. She was petite and due to her meticulous fitness habits, very slim with well toned biceps and calves.

            At 42 she was peaking. And since the stress of Sean’s work was wreaking havoc on his body it was having a similar affect on their marriage.

            “Let’s go up the cabin this weekend. It’ll be just the two of us. It’ll be nice and peaceful.”

            They were standing in their bedroom, Linda changing into her workout clothes. “I can’t this weekend.” Linda eyed Sean as she slid her plump breasts into the cups of her sports bra. She adjusted her breasts, giving him an enticing view of her cleavage.

            Sean wished he was enticed by the sight, but it did nothing for him.

            “Come on Linda, it’ll be good for us.”

            She turned her back to him, trying to hide her disappointment in his lack of response. “No, Danny’s having his party on Saturday. One of us needs to be here so that he doesn’t burn down the house.”

            Sean nodded. “Yeah, you’re right.”

            “Why don’t you take Patty with you? The last thing she wants is to be ogled by a bunch of 18 year old boys.” Linda twisted her hair into a knot and secured it with an elastic band.

            That was how Sean ended up in the family’s secluded cabin with his daughter. At 20 years old, Patty was a younger version of Linda, with blue eyes instead of brown. Her hair fell to the middle of her back. She possessed the same slender figure as her mother, but exuded an innocence where Linda was pure sex.

            He was sitting in front of the fire place staring into the coiling flames when Patty came out of her room. Sean ran his eyes over his daughter wondering what she had been doing for the past couple hours. She looked like she’d just been well fucked with her tousled hair and rumpled thigh skimming dress. Sean felt a jolt at the sight of her. An image of Patty’s cherry red lips slipping over the head of his cock flitted through his mind and made him shift in his seat. He imagined pushing up that girlish green dress and spreading her innocent thighs. Sean felt his cock stir. Shame penetrated his thoughts and he made a hasty grab for his glass of brandy.

            “Agh, fuck!” Sean froze when his back started to tighten up on him.

            “Daddy, don’t strain yourself. Let me get it for you.” Patty handed him the glass and went to stand behind him. “Here let me rub your back.” Patty hated seeing her father in so much pain. She began massaging his shoulders.


            “I’m so sick of this fucking body!”

            “You’re just a little stressed out is all.”

            “I can’t do shit. Can’t eat what I want, can’t get through a day without these back spasms. I can’t even fuck.”

            Patty paused at this. Her hands withdrew from him like she was shying away from a live wire. She’d seen the way her father had looked at her when she’d come out of her room. She knew that look. The boys at school had been giving her those looks for years. Patty was holding out for a real man. She’d been fantasizing about her daddy for as long as she could remember. She used to sneak into the hall and peek through the crack in the doorway of her parents room and watch him pound her mother’s puss. She wished it was her he was sticking his cock into.

            “Oh hell Pattycake, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be talking like that around you.”

            She stared at her father’s slumped shoulders and decided to take the risk. Patty slid her hands under her father’s shirt and continued down his back. “It’s okay. I already knew.”

            “What? How?”

            “Can’t help but to hear mom fucking herself with her vibrator every other day.”

            Patty’s hands moved onto his lower back. Her touch mellowed to more of a caress, running up and down his spine.

            Sean felt his cock stir again. They were silent for awhile.   Sean was scared if he said anything she’d stop. Patty was scared that he’d stop her. “Sweetie that’s feels real good,” he finally ventured. Fuck, he didn’t want her to stop. His dick was getting harder with each second. Shit, he knew he should put an end to this, but it had been so long since his dick did anything.

            Patty’s hands edged around his waist and traced the inner thigh seams of his shorts.


            “Yes sweetie?”

            “I want to please you.” Her lips were at his ear. She flicked her tongue so quickly across his bottom lobe Sean wondered if he’d imagined it.

             “Patty you always please me.” She came around him and balanced herself between his bent knees. Gaining confidence at the sight of his erection, Patty placed her hand on his cock and began stroking him over his clothes.

            She licked those cherry red lips he’d been thinking about earlier. She hesitated then said, “Just imagine I’m mom.”

            Sean closed his eyes for a second, and let the sensations wash over him. He didn’t want to imagine Linda. His beautiful Patty had his mouth watering. His hands were itching to tease her heavy breasts. His taste buds were alert and eager for a taste of her sweet pussy. He wanted to fuck her so badly. He opened his eyes and looked down at Patty. He pushed her hand away and stood up. “Pattycake we can’t do this.”

            Patty stood and put her hand on her father’s fly. “You want to.” She started to unzip his fly.

            “Baby that ain’t enough.”

            “Daddy, I want to.” Patty reached inside his pants. Her hand curled around his cock, and started gently stroking him. “You’ve never denied me anything I’ve wanted before.”

            Sean inhaled sharply. Her soft hand felt so good. She rocked up on her toes and placed her mouth on his. Her grip on his cock tightened as his tongue caressed hers. He pushed down the top of her strapless dress to her waist and palmed Patty’s heavy breasts. Sean kissed down her neck to her breast. Her head fell back as he sucked her distended nipple into his warm mouth.

            “Hmmm daddy, that feels good. I’ve been dreaming of this for so long.”

            “Yeah baby? You like daddy sucking on your nipples?”

            Patty nodded.

            “What else do you want daddy to do?”

            “Touch my pussy.”

            Patty stroked her daddy’s cock faster. With her free hand she tugged on his balls lightly. Hearing his little girl say pussy was almost enough to send him over the edge. He knew he was going to have to cum soon. Sean hesitantly slid his hand between her thighs. He ran his fingers over her hairless puss. Her wetness coated his hand.

            Patty sensed her daddy’s   indecision. “Go on, daddy, finger my pussy.” She leaned in and started suckling his neck. Sean hesitated for a moment longer then tentatively slipped his finger inside her. Patty moaned against his throat and swiveled her hips in effort to get more of him. She drenched his finger and his hand.

            Patty felt her daddy’s tension and sunk to her knees. She licked the salty pre-cum from the tip of his cock. She flashed him her tongue to show the glistening pre-cum sliding back to her throat. She stuck her finger in her mouth and coated her finger with the cum and rubbed it over her naked pussy lips.

            “Oh God Patty, you’re gonna make daddy cum.” The warmth of her mouth enveloped his cock like velvet. He groaned as she ran her tongue along the contours of his dick. He looked down to the most erotic sight: Patty’s mouth and hand wrapped around his cock. His little girl’s breasts swaying with her movements. Her thighs were parted as she balanced on her haunches. Her pink clit was flushed and erect. He couldn’t wait to run his tongue over the engorged bud. Patty moaned and   the vibration pushed him toward the point of no return. She’d barely completed four strokes with her mouth before he erupted like ‘Ole Faithful. Sean wound his hand around the base of her head and emptied his hot load down her throat. He pumped his hips and continued fucking her sweet little mouth until he was completely drained. He pulled back and sank into the chair.

            “I’m sorry Patty, I was too rough with you.”

            Patty wiped her chin with her finger tips, taking the cum and smearing it over her pert nipples. She nodded slowly. “Yes daddy, you were too rough. Now you have to make it up to me.”

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Posted 13 Jul 2013 07:05
oh wow i can't hold on much longer i need part 2 love it
don't stop now little girl
Posted 14 Jan 2013 02:28
mmmm a very fun one
Posted 06 Oct 2011 21:54
I love it! ...waiting on the sequel!
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:33
Posted 18 Jan 2011 13:42
very good. when is part 2 due?
Posted 01 Jan 2011 09:36
you need to finish this story don't leave us hanging
Posted 24 Jan 2010 19:42
Great story! Would love to see the continuation of it
Posted 01 Jan 2010 19:01
Great story luv! Gave you a solid "5"! I wish it wouldn't have ended so soon, please continue. Thanks Reeb
Posted 23 Nov 2009 16:51
Great! She can be my daughter any day! Please continue your writing of incest stories.
Posted 18 Nov 2009 14:56
That was one extremely erotic story...Please write more!
Posted 31 Aug 2009 04:17
Great story, please hurry with part 2 I gave this one a 5
Posted 18 Aug 2009 12:55
left me wanting more!! O 2 b that lucky
Posted 13 Aug 2009 18:50
WOW.....this was awesome; please don't make us wait for part II
Posted 13 Aug 2009 17:28
Sweet the old saying goes....more please, I can hardly wait

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