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Peer Pressure

Sister and boyfriend.
Lenny was no stranger to being called names, ridiculed, mocked, or the occasional abuse since he had grown up in this way. By now, he had developed a pretty thick skin since dad, brother, and the majority of fellow students were in the habit of teasing him. Most of the lads at college let Lenny be since he was Rebecca’s brother. They didn’t want to upset her since she was fucking just about everyone there.

The field trip proved to be somewhat different since students from other areas were present. Upon seeing Lenny, a small group decided to call Lenny names. Lenny ignored them and went about his business. These cool lads decided to follow Lenny to the wash hut where they pushed and shoved him. Andy was with this group of lads but just looked on. Lenny knew that Andy would not normally bother him but he was part of the group of lads hanging out together.

Andy was one of Rebecca’s special boyfriends. Lenny had heard them together on many occasions as he would spend time in her bedroom fingering her or fucking her. The lads decided to ruffle Lenny a bit today as they began to push, shove, and throw some blows towards Lenny. Andy tried to steer them elsewhere but they wouldn’t have any of it.

“Are you fucking gay?” exclaimed one of the lads as he looked at Andy.

Having no choice but to cave into peer pressure, Andy threw a few gentle punches at Lenny. Lenny, in his heart of hearts, did not curse Andy at all since he knew that Andy was under immense pressure. Andy’s blows were quite soft but they hurt more because he was not a stupid fool, he was Rebecca’s lover. He was someone who stained her panties with his semen. He was someone who suckled her breasts hungrily. He was someone who found solace between his beautiful sister’s legs.

The lads had their fun and games and left, trashing the place somewhat. Lenny wasn’t physically hurt but had endured a slightly battered ego. Lenny’s hair was ruffled and his shirt torn as he made his way back to the hut.

Lenny sat in front of the log fire, trying to compose himself. Andy walked into the hut looking straight towards Lenny. Andy could see the sadness in Lenny’s eyes. He knew that Lenny’s eyes could never cry but his heart was definitely crying. Lenny looked on, wondering whether there was more to come from the lads, but the glint in Andy’s eye was not one of hate, rather it was one of compassion.

Andy reached into his back pocket, pulling out a comb. With care, he started combing Lenny’s hair back into place. Lenny sighed as he received this sensual touch from his sister’s lover. Lenny allowed Andy to comb uninterrupted. A tingling sensation flowed through Lenny as Andy placed his mouth on his neck. Andy bit and sucked gently, replicating the noises he made with Rebecca.

Lenny didn’t want the moment to stop. Andy was an Adonis with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfectly toned muscle. Lenny placed his head on Andy’s chest and let out a huge sigh of relief. Lenny felt a huge bulge pressing against him and lowered his eyes to focus on Andy’s erection. Lenny knelt down to take Andy in his mouth. Andy shuffled out of his clothes to reveal a beautifully sun-kissed complexion. Andy’s eyes closed in ecstasy as Lenny’s mouth tugged on his gorgeous hard-on. Both were lost in bliss.

Someone had informed Rebecca of the previous events. She was frantically looking for her brother since she felt very protective towards him. Eventually, when she made her way into the hut, she saw her brother and her lover locked like a lovers' statue. She approached Andy and kissed him very passionately. Andy helped her shuffle out of her clothes as he placed his fingers into her moist, warm, slick, aromatic, and sweet cunt.

She gasped at first but then kissed him even more vigorously.

Andy gently moved Lenny’s head back, indicating that he needed to fuck Rebecca. Lenny obliged as Andy put her on the floor and spread her legs. There was a squelching noise as he entered her. She wound her legs around him tightly as he began to suck her firm tits. They were swaying with ecstasy as they fucked passionately. Rebecca beckoned Lenny to her side. He obliged instantly as she gave him her arm. She began exchanging kisses between the two men now.

For Lenny this was the image that he could now place to the noises that he would listen in outside her room. Lenny was rubbing himself frantically as Andy and Rebecca were getting closer to cumming. Lenny buried his face in Rebecca’s armpit as he exploded with tension. Her armpit was soft, luscious, and slightly sweaty which only added to the pleasures of the two most important men in her life.

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Posted 15 Apr 2013 17:36
Hi there - I think that you could have had more description of all persons involved and reasons why they all picked on him - was he gay or bi????
Posted 15 Apr 2013 14:32
Hi looloo. My first story will fill you in.
Posted 15 Apr 2013 14:28
WTF was that ?
no back story on why they all pick on him,andy combs his hair then getting bj

it be nice to get full story hopefully in the next chapter you will

Posted 15 Apr 2013 13:53
Well Done!! Can't wait for More!

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