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Penny's Home Lessons

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Naughty Penny and her stepfather alone at home
Mr. Kendall doesn’t even wait to get Penny upstairs before he has his hands on her breasts and his inflamed crotch pressing against her. He pushes her over to the arm of the family-room couch and quickly pulls her skirt up over her back to expose her legs and ass to his anxious gaze. His hands briefly caress her ass-cheeks encased in the white nylons of her tights before slapping her tight ass. He scolds her for getting him so hot and bothered and whispers in her ear what he is going to do to her. He kneels down behind her, continually kissing her back; reaching around to feel the wetness forming on her crotch. He reaches up and gently, slowly, teasingly grasps the waistband of her white tights.

Slowly they move down her thighs. He pulls the waistband of her tights down her thighs. Her skirt has fallen down, but he slowly raises it up again leaving her tight backside and moistening crotch open to his lusty gaze. He teasingly kisses her inner thighs and knows she is ready and wanting. The smell of her desires floods his nose as he inhales the musky scent of her passion. Placing his hand on her back he gently motions her to lean forward some: she obliges him. She also instinctively spreads her legs wider, opening herself up to him. He begins to massage her ass cheeks, playfully, gently kneading them. He kisses them and gently spreads them out then back in a slow but deliberate method.

She has her hands grasping the arm of the couch, slightly bent over, legs spread, and moaning and breathing heavily. He begins to kiss the crack of her ass, running his tongue up and down it. Penny groans in pleasure as she feels his tongue flick over her sensitive asshole. He teases her asshole with gentle licks at first, then he opens her ass wider and snakes his tongue into her. There is only a mild resistance at first, and then she lets him in.

He frenches her ass for a good 10 minutes, his tongue darting in and out, dancing inside her, and twirling in her. She moans loudly and breathes heavily. She moves a hand down to her wetness and playes with herself as he tongues her ass. Her body stiffens, then shakes as she cums hard for the first time that day. His hands flitter across her stomach and gently tease her mound. His cock is straining and needs to be unleashed from its confines.

His hands leave her body: in a quick motion they remove his pants and underwear and he now stands behind her naked and at full staff. Glancing over her shoulder, she hornily rubs her dripping pussy. Standing behind her, still wearing a tie around his neck and a white button-down shirt across his broad chest, his pants removed to reveal his huge, throbbing erection, her stepfather grabs a nearby object. Uncapping the Vaseline jar, her stepfather coats his thick cock with it, smearing the goo liberally all over his throbbing cock. Penny shudders as she feels him spread open the velvet smooth crack of her ass, applying the cool jelly to her asshole, darting his finger into her puckered anus to coat the rubbery interior of her tight little asshole.

Seconds later, the Vaseline is back on the table and her stepfather presses his broad, strong body against her small frame, pinning her against the arm of the couch and forcing her to bend forward. She grasps the arm of the couch with her hands, allowing herself to bend forward over the arm. She moans as she feels the thick, warm cock of her father slide over the crack of her bent ass. His large frame bends over her.

“You know what I’m going to do now, don’t you, Princess?” he breathes into her ear, pressing his cock hard against her bent ass. Penny can only moan in answer, too excited to speak

"I'm going to fuck you up the ass," her stepfather announces.

Penny wiggles against the arm of the couch, hornier than ever as she realizes that she is about to feel her shitter invaded by her father’s gigantic prick. Her asshole feels hot and itchy, eager for her stepfather's cock. Backing off slightly, he mounts his stepdaughter, aiming his fat, bloated cock-head at the indented ring of her shitter. Penny lifts her hips slightly so that he can stuff his huge fuck-tool more easily into her asshole.

She shamelessly grasps her blushing ass-cheeks with both hands and spreads them wide, completely opening her jelly-greased asshole for the invasion of her stepfather's long, hard prick. Penny groans loudly as she feels the first pressure of his cock-tip between her asscheeks. She spreads the firm creamy globes even farther with her hands and wiggles slightly beneath her stepfather, trying to help him embed his huge prick securely in her tight, buttery asshole.

The swollen, dripping cock-head pushes at her puckered shit-hole. Penny shudders. She feels her asshole stretching wide with the meaty hugeness of his cock. His deep blue eyes gleam with perverse lust, her stepfather pushes his pelvis forward, forcing the tip of his cock into her rectum. He pushes down, sinking several inches of throbbing cock into his stepdaughter's asshole. Penny grimaces, her anal sphincter stretching painfully around the incredible thickness of her stepfather’s large cock. But the pain is slight, and the way his prick scratches the horny itch in her asshole more than compensates for it.

"Say you want it! Say, you want to be fucked up the asshole!" her stepfather breathes in her ear, sending shivers through her excited body.

"Please!" Penny moans, "fuck me up the ass!"

The man moans, feeling his stepdaughter's tightly muscled shitter gripping and sucking convulsively around his cock.

"Uuuuuuhhh, fuck, honey! Your ass is so hot and tight!"

Relentlessly, he thrusts his prick into her shit-hole, thrusting inch after inch of his long, stiff cock into his stepdaughter's asshole. He starts humping, forcing inch after inch of his rigid cock into the slippery interior of his daughter's hot shit-chute. Penny's itchy ass-ring stretches wider and wider, slowly accommodating the meaty thickness of her stepfather's hard cockshaft. Penny gasps. She tries to catch her breath.

The thick, lewd log of her stepfather's cock is stuffing into her. She'd expects it to hurt a little at first, but her excitement and the liberal coating of Vaseline eases the passage of the huge cock into her ass, there is no pain at all now. Instead she feels only intense pleasure, as her horny shitter sucks and spasms around his eager prick. The naked daughter starts humping back, wiggling and humping her ass, trying to help her father force his giant hard-on all the way up her burning asshole.

"Ooooohhh, Princess!" he mutters. "Your ass is so tight!"

Penny releases her ass cheeks. The man has nearly two-thirds of his huge prick stuffed up his stepdaughter's asshole.

"Oh, shit, it's big! But it feels so good, Daddy, it feels so fucking good! Ahhhh, fuck my asshole! Do it, Daddy! All the way up my fucking ass!"

The large, handsome man humps on top of his stepdaughter’s small naked body, stuffing his blood-swollen prick a little further up her tender asshole with every hard thrust. Penny's itchy, rubbery shit-ring sucks and spasms around his cock, welcoming his prick into her bowels. Finally, the horny stepfather has all of his cock up his daughter's shitter, buried to the balls in the sucking wet heat of her tight ass-channel.

“Ooohh! That’s so good honey!” he groans, his cock soaking in the tight warmth of his stepdaughter’s shitter.

“Such a good little girl, taking all of Daddy’s cock up your tight little ass.”

"Unnggghh! Oh, Daddy! It's so big, it’s so fucking big!" Penny cries.

“Daddy’s cock is all big and hard because of you, Penny,” grunts her stepfather, pulling his thick cock slowly from the gripping depths of her asshole.

“And now Daddy’s going to fuck his naughty daughter’s little ass with big hard cock.”

He withdraws his cock slowly from the tender heat of her ravished asshole until only his cock-knob parts her puckered shit-ring. He pauses, then spears his huge prick all the way back into her jelly-coated shit-channel. Then, he settles into a steady, pelvis-pounding rhythm astride her blushing ass-cheeks, repeatedly spearing his cum-swollen cock into the tight, hot grip of his stepdaughter's rubbery anus. He slides all the way in again. His pelvis grinds against her ass cheeks. He pulls out quicker. The tight ring of her asshole opens slightly to allow him to pull partially free. The thick, mushroom-shaped head of his prick is still stuffed inside his stepdaughter's asshole. Penny moves her ass sideways.

Her stepfather's cock digs into the sensitive areas of her bowels. She hisses with pleasure. Her father groans. His hips grind against his stepdaughter's ass cheeks. The hot depths of her guts milk his cock as he slides it out of her young, firm body and then sends it back into her butt. He slaps her tight, round asscheek with his free hand. He is breathing like a maniac. He can smell his stepdaughter's hair and the delicate perfume she uses. Her raven black hair tickles his face now and then.

"Take it!" he gasps. "Take Daddy’s cock!" The smooth moons of her ass grip the exposed length of his cock and it is another wild sensation for him to take.

He is actually butt-fucking his stepdaughter! The thought is almost insane, but the act is nothing but ecstasy. The hot, buttery depths of his daughter's bowels send shivers of delight up and down the rigid shaft he has stuffed into her shithole. His balls ache and he slowly, gently, pulls the stiff length of his cock out of her. The ridges and crevices of her bowels scrape against the wide flaring head of his prick. It sends stabbing bolts of pleasure into his nuts.

"Aaaaahhhh!" she moans. Her naked ass is bent over the arm of the family-room couch with her stepfather's long slab of cock meat stuffed into her guts. He sends his cock back into her asshole. The sheer ecstasy of the perverted act is more than she had ever experienced! It sends her flying high, and she is completely happy.

"Aaaaggghhh!" she cries.

"Move that ass, honey!" he shouts. "Move it!"

His forehead is becoming coated with sweat, and it trickles down into his eyes. It stings him, but he ignores the slight pain as he stares down at the perverted sight of his cock sliding in and out of his stepdaughter's asshole. Her shitter is giving him such a tight squeeze, he can't really believe it. Her bowels are massaging the whole length of his dong and he wants it to continue forever.

"Oooohhh!" he groans. "Penny! Shit! I love your ass!"

Her stepfather keeps up his deep, slow thrusts into her behind, forcing as much of his cock into her asshole as he can. The way it slithers up her, aided by the lubricant he's applied, is incredibly pleasurable. His trembling cock snakes up into his stepdaughter's bowels with each deep move of his hips. He pulls it out quickly until only the massive head of his pecker is in her shitter, and then he pushes it back into her. The obscene act is causing him to quiver on the edge of its impending, explosive orgasm.

"Oh, Daddy," Penny gasps. "Fuck me up the ass! Fuck me good!"

Penny moves her hips back harsher. She wants the pace of their sexual encounter to increase. She silently urges her stepfather on. His long, hard cock begins to slide in and out of her asshole faster. He shoves in and out of his daughter's asshole. The strong ring of her asshole gripping him tightly. Her bowels scrape the head of his cock. Each thrust into his daughter brings a tingle of delight to him. Each withdrawal is wonderful.

"Shake that ass, Princess!" the horny stepfather shouts. "Shake it!"

Penny does just that. She moves her ass from side to side. When her stepfather slides his cock up into her, she jerks. It is exquisite to feel it glide up into her guts.

“Ass-fuck me, Daddy! " she pleads. "Come on, ass-fuck me good!... Oh, fuck! Oh, that's so good, Daddy! Oh, fuck, it feels so good up my asshole! Deeper, Daddy! My asshole wants your big, fucking cock!"

Hearing his young stepdaughter’s filthy urgings causes his cock to swell even bigger in excitement as he fucks into her, slamming her against the arm of the couch with his eager, incestuous thrusts.

"So tight!" he cries. "Your ass is so tight!"

"Do me good, Daddy!" Penny yells. "Fuck my ass good!" Nothing matters to Penny but the feelings she is receiving from her burning loins. The tingling in her clit is driving her absolutely wild! The heady aroma of her spunky oils makes her even hornier than she had been. She runs her hands over her tits hard, pinching the sensitive tips through her blouse. Her nipples ache with delight. With each caress she gives herself, her orgasm comes closer. He clenches his eyes tightly, making sure he has a firm grip on her hips. He shoves his swollen cock into her forbidden orifice with ever increasing, frantic stabs of lust. It causes his stepdaughter to shiver, and it makes his balls ache more.

"Take my cock, Princess!" he grunts. "Take Daddy’s big cock up your ass! You love it, don’t you; you horny little slut!?”

He presses his hips forward, driving his huge cock into the hungry ass of his young daughter, pinned beneath his large frame.

"Ohhhhh! Yesss! Fuck my ass, Daddy! Fuck it hard and deep!" she chants.

"Ooooooooooh, yessssss! God, it feels sooo gooooood."

Hornily, she thrusts her hand under her belly and starts rubbing her drooling cunthole, fucking first two, then three fingers feverishly in and out of her wet pussy as she pumps her asshole onto her stepfather's stiff cock. She pinches her clit. She groans and pushes back her hips to get more of her father's cock into her.

“Rub your pussy, you hot little slut,” grunts her stepfather, hunched over her small body,

“Rub your pussy while Daddy fills your tight ass with his big cock!”

“Oh, Daddy! That feels so good! Fuck my asshole!” squeals Penny, totally out of control now.

He fucks deeper and deeper, grunting as his stepdaughter's strong anal muscles squeeze and milk his prick. He has never felt anything like it in his life! His cock is buried to the balls between his daughter's pink-flushed asscheeks and she is squealing and humping back at him like crazy. It is a tremendous turn-on for the handsome stepfather.

“If Daddy knew his cute little girl was such a hot fuck, I’d have started fucking you a long time ago.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Penny gasps, the chanted obscenities adding greatly to her excitement.

She jacks off her pussy in a frenzy, humping furiously off the arm of the couch.

“I'm so horny! Oh, fuck, oh, please, fuck my asshole! Harder, Daddy, fuck the shit out of my horny ass!”

“I’ll fuck you, honey; I’ll fuck your ass as hard as you want! Daddy’s gonna be fucking you a lot from now on!”

He gives his horny, young daughter exactly what she asks for. He grabs her by the hips and slams his big, virile prick faster and deeper into the clasping, wet slickness of her horny ass-channel. Penny humps back deliriously to meet her stepfather's powerful strokes, groaning every time she slams her asshole onto the swollen root of his cock. She can actually hear it now, can hear her stuffed, Vaseline-lubed asshole sucking and clasping around her stepfather’s eager prick. She groans in ecstasy as she sinks two fingers up her cunt. Shamelessly, Penny finger-fucks herself, jacking off her hot, drooling pussy as her father plows his magnificent cock deep into her buttery bowels. And only a few weeks ago, she'd been a virgin. Now her hot blood eggs her on to new heights. Excited by his stepdaughter’s cries of pleasure, he begins ass-fucking his daughter faster. He grabs her slender, writhing hips and begins pumping his cock into her tightly clinging asshole with long, hard vicious thrusts that make Penny's slender body shake and quiver with the sheer force of them.

“You’re going to be Daddy’s hot little fuck-slut from now on.” He breathes hotly into her ear. “I’m going to dress you up and invite your Uncle Jack over so we can both fuck you. Daddy’s gonna be fucking his little slut-daughter a lot from now on!”

“Oh yes, I want it!” Penny cries, her fingers digging into her swampy twat; the fluids pouring out from her pussy coat her hand with hot juices.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” He rams his cock into his stepdaughter's snugly sucking asshole as hard as he can, making her squeal and gasp. He leans forward and cups her hanging tits, feeling them quiver beneath her blouse as he pounds his prick into her.

"Uhhhnnnnngghh, God! I love fucking your hot ass, Princess!" her stepfather groans loudly; panting on her shoulder as he saws his stone-hard cock through the rubbery grip of her shit-tunnel.

"Ohh, yes, me too, Daddy! Harder!" pants Penny, her voice hoarse and breathless with lust. Penny lowers her shoulders to the couch and arches her back, raising her ass to her father's powerful thrusts. His fingers grip her roughly, literally pulling his stepdaughter's tight, clasping anal sheath over his cock as he slams the thick glistening, incestuous shaft deep up inside her heaving belly.

"Harder!" Penny cries. She finger-fucks as fast as she can, moaning and crying as she experiences the intense pleasure coursing through her cunt and ass. He begins to fuck his daughter's tight, buttery asshole as hard as he can, letting his carnal instincts take control. Penny slams back against him, the flesh of her ass continuing to ripple and shake with every solid stroke, her breasts swaying and bouncing beneath her. The Vaseline squishes around his prick as he fucks his stepdaughter's asshole, lubing her narrow shit-channel for the thrusting strokes of his prick.

Penny finger-fucks herself madly, alternating between furiously rubbing her clit and stabbing her fingers deeply into her flooded cunt. Her asshole sucks and spasms around her stepfather's stroking cock, signaling that she is close to an extremely powerful cum. Her thighs quiver and her ass tenses up. He hears her gasp, exhaling one short breath... then another. He slows his cock-thrusts a little. He has brought his daughter to the brink, and now he is trying to keep her there. All the while, he continues to pump his cock inside his daughter's hot, buttery asshole, making Penny squirm with pleasure. It is obvious that Penny wants to cum bad. Her stepfather is torturing her deliciously by keeping her so close to orgasm like this, but right now she needs release!

"Uuuuuuuhhh! My God! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Fuck my ass real hard! Oooo, please screw the hell out of me! Move it faster! Faster! Oh, yes! Yes, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she moans, lost in the heat of her incestuous lust.

He ass-fucks his writhing stepdaughter as fast as he can, slamming his lust-swollen fuck-pole furiously through the exquisite tightness of her shit-tunnel. Penny sinks another finger deep inside her pussy and squeals as she feels her orgasm start deep in her belly, making her cunt ooze fuck-juice onto her hand, and her asshole spasm and suck uncontrollably around her stepfather’s huge, hammering prick.

“... unhhh... uuuuh, I love your prick up my ass! Oh, Daddy, fuck my asshole as hard as you can! Ahhhh, I'm gonna cum! You're making me cum now! Ooooh, your big prick feels so fucking good! Harder, Daddy, harder, make me cum!”

He does as his horny stepdaughter asks, grimacing and dripping sweat as he rams his big, thick cock into his daughter's tender asshole as hard as he can. In and out his huge prick saws, reaming out her bowels completely with every stroke. Penny feels her shit-channel suck uncontrollably around his prick, signaling that she is on the verge of an extremely powerful cum. He picks up the pace of his humping, panting onto his daughter's shoulder as he drills his long cock in and out of her tight little butthole as fast as he can. Penny catches her clit under her finger, rolling it wildly. Her asshole starts spasming and sucking uncontrollably, milking every inch of her stepfather's rapidly-pounding prick.

"Fuck my asshole! Fuck my horny asshole!", she pleads, humping her ass in a frenzy of wild, incestuous fuck-lust.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming now! Fuck my asshole, hard. Fuck it with your big fucking prick! UNNGGHHHH! I'm cumming,...cuuummninnnggg!"

“Fuck, yeah! Take Daddy’s cock you little slut!” her stepfather gasps, feeling his own orgasm starting to wash over him as he thrusts his swollen cock savagely into his stepdaughter’s asshole.

“Rub your nasty little cunt. Cum with Daddy’s big cock in your ass!”

“I'm cumming!” she shrieks, as she whips her hips in a frenzy off the couch-arm. “Fuck me, Daddy! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming now! Ahhhh, yes, I'm CUMMMIINNGG!”

As orgasm seizes her body and blankets out the world except for her stepfather's pounding prick buried deep in her butt, Penny abandons all attempts at restraint. She is a bundle of wanton, panting, lusting, orgasming nerves. She screams loud and long, feeling the surging flood of orgasm wash through her body and crash into her brain. A brilliant fireworks display ignites behind her eyelids, and Penny is soon completely lost in the ecstasy of her climax. Penny's hot, ravaged asshole explodes, repeatedly squeezing down around the pounding stiffness of her father's huge cock.

Her orgasm balloons in her and then bursts, and Penny writhes like a madwoman, her ass impaled on her stepfather's thick, pounding cock while her fingers fuck deep into her cunt and mash her hard, throbbing clit with her thumb. His mind is blown by the smashing orgasm his stepdaughter is experiencing. When her butt muscles clamp on his dick, it is all his balls need to release the flood gates on his pent-up load of hot, scalding cum.

"Aaaaggghhh!" he screams. "Oh, shit! Penny!"

Her stepfather gasps as he finally lets the day's first load of jism squirt up from his balls. His large pecker swells up to immense size and starts sending thick wads of cock juice into his stepdaughter's bowels. He grips her hips and shoves as much of his spasming prick into her trembling guts as he can. Penny rocks and bucks and grinds her ass wantonly back against her father's squirting cock. His giant prick bucks and trembles deep inside Penny's asshole as his massive fuck-pole spews out its sappy contents of cum. Penny feels her father's hot load of sperm gushing deep inside her asshole, bathing her tender shit-channel with a soothing tide of cream.

“Oh God! Take my cum! Take Daddy’s cum up your tight little ass!”

"Fuck me! Cum in my ass, Daddy! Fill my ass with your hot cum!" Penny cries out in ecstasy, feeling his hot cum squirting deep up inside her quivering bowels.

Again and again, his gooey jism spews up her asshole, bathing her bowels in an intensely satisfying tide of cum. Penny keeps on humping and finger-fucking, sighing with pleasure as the contractions of orgasm pleasure her naked, quivering body.

"Oh, Daddy! That's right, cum in me!" Eagerly Penny flexes her shitting muscles around her stepfather's erupting cock, helping him to vent every drop of his cream.

"You're shooting off in my asshole, Daddy! Oh, yes, it feels so good up my ass!"

Her stepfather has obviously been carrying around an incredibly big load. Again and again, his milky sperm fountains into her bowels, soothing the ravished walls of her ass with a creamy coating of jism. Her little asshole is completely filled with her own father's cum. Again and again, his virile balls lurch in their tight sack, and again and again he erupts inside his stepdaughter's tortured anus. Penny feels as if she is lost in a world of orgasmic pleasure, unending pleasure, a world that revolved around her father's ejaculating cock. Her asshole is so tight around him, so filled with his swollen cock, that it quickly fills with his jism and then overflows. Each new geyser forces more of the white heat out around the widely-stretched rim of her tiny anal sphincter. He just keeps stroking his meat into her asshole, fucking his daughter through her orgasm and his own, not stopping until the last droplets of jism have burned out of the head of his prick.

He hunches into his stepdaughter's asshole, flattening her asscheeks with his stabbings. He rolls his hips in small sensuous circles, pulling back on her hips at the same time. They are both lost in their own world of spasming, shuddering orgasm. He fucks his daughter for another few minutes before his own exhaustion catches up with him. The tension in his body seems to have drained into her through his cock and then he is limp and quivering with the effort of not collapsing on top of her. He bends down further and kisses the back of her neck through her hair as his pulsing dick slowly deflated. He withdraws slowly. His daughter's tight, sucking asshole doesn't want to release him, and when his glans finally comes out, there is a slurpy, sucking noise, and he stands on weak knees behind her slumped form. Penny just lays there, her lust gradually subsiding. Her asshole is swollen red now, glistening with Vaseline and their combined fuck-juices. Her tiny hole is stretched wide by the repeated, pounding thrusts of her own stepfather's prick. Her father lovingly strokes his hand over her naked ass. Then he steps back and gathers up his clothes.

“Go change out of your good clothes, honey. I’m going to take a shower, then I’ll take you to your volleyball practice. Afterwards, I’m going to call your Uncle Jack to see if he can come over for dinner tonight.”

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Daddy has a pure slut who will fuck him anytime he wants, and she loves it. She loves to be ass fucked, now that her teacher has taken her cherry. "V=5x5."
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Lovely story love the deep anal penetration and creampie

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