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Playing with Danger

Daughter has threesome with step-father and another man.
Natasha, 22 and John, her step-father have been fucking since Natasha turned 18. Then one day they toyed with the idea of bringing another man into their bed and now, after building their courage, it was time to make it happen. Natasha knew who she wanted. Natasha had decided that she wanted Tom to be the second man. Tom is a friend of her step-father, who Natasha had fantasized about. Tom had been easily convinced and now together the three of them were at John’s apartment.

Natasha found herself being groped by Tom. The advance was accepted with great enthusiasm and John watched on as their lips locked in a passionate embrace. It was the first time John had seen his step daughter kiss another man and he was a little jealous, but this soon gave way to excitement as he saw Natasha's hand slide over his leg and ease into his pants. John had dreamt of seeing Natasha succumb to another man's sexual advances. John moaned as he felt her start to stroke his hardening cock.

Tom was getting horny, with speed and skill Tom had removed Natasha's shirt, and rapidly unhooked her bra. Her magnificent breasts were freed in no time, and she gasped nervously as she felt Tom' lips attack her nipples with a feverous desperation, as this was happening John removed his shirt and rubbed Natasha's back, sitting back a little to allow the two room to get into each other.

“God”, was all Natasha could manage as Tom sucked hard on her nipples, taking each one of them in his mouth in turn, licking the nipples with his tongue and sucking on them like a baby. John kissed Natasha's neck. She smiled back at him, moving her lips to his and kissing her approval to what was happening. It was then that Tom took her away from John, taking her hands and pulling her off the couch, leading her to the bedroom where Natasha wrapped her arms around him and they kissed as he worked on her pants, undoing them and allowing them to drop to the floor.

Natasha's hands moved shyly over Tom's back and sides, touching his skin and arousing the man further. John stood back and watched his step-daughter remove her panties exposing herself to Tom for the first time. Natasha's hands hesitantly moved to his pants, but she didn't need to, Tom got the idea, and removed the remainder of his clothing. She looked down at Tom’s cock in lust.

John touched himself as he watched his step-daughter lay down on the bed for Tom, her legs spread and her heart pounding. She looked over at her father, her face a lucid mixture of excitement and nervousness. Tom was between Natasha's legs, and she stretched out her arms acceptingly to him as he mounted her, spreading her legs a little wider to accommodate for his size. Tom moved a hand between her legs and started stroking her clit, causing her fluids to flow even more than they already were, making a wet mess between her legs that would easily allow Tom’s cock to enter without hindrance.

John took off his clothes and sat beside his girl, taking her hand and kissing her sweetly. She looked up at him, then took his cock in her hands and bought it to her mouth, licking the tip a little before starting to suck on her step-father’s cock as Tom worked his hand between her legs and his lips on her tits and neck.

John moaned and stroked Natasha’s hair.

Tom with his cock in hand he rubbed the tip up and down Natasha's wet slit and she flinched. She let go of John's cock and looked at Tom, hooking one leg around him, ready to accept him. John reached over to the bedside table and retrieved a condom and handed it to Natasha. She was beyond the point of no return and shook her head, putting the contraceptive device aside and taking her step-father’s hand as she started kissing Tom again.

John's heart was pounding and he didn't quite know what to think as Tom’s hips moved forward and for the first time Natasha was penetrated by another man. The look on her face was more than enough to make John forget about the fact Tom was not using a condom as Natasha was always the sexiest when her face showed that mix of nerves and sexual pleasure.

There was a groan of pain from Natasha as Tom pressed hard, and his entire 9” shaft disappeared into the warm wetness of her pussy. She squeezed her step-father’s hand tight for comfort as Tom started to fuck her with slow deep thrusts. John lent down and kissed her, and she kissed back ferociously, grabbing his cock and stroking it hard. Tom started to pick up the pace of his thrusts. Her tits were bouncing up and down.

Natasha couldn't help it anymore, her body gave into Tom and she let out an almost panicked set of groans as she felt her body convulse and start to cum. Her pussy locked down on Tom's cock wanting it to inject her with sperm. She knew Tom was close, the look on his face as her body surrendered to him was testament to that, and Natasha stopped sucking John and turned her attention to the man that was deep within her. Natasha’s hips thrust up to meet Tom's desperate thrusts. Beads of sweat accumulated on her face as Tom pushed her into the bed. There was no stopping the two now even if John wanted to.

She screamed and Tom erupted within her. Natasha locked her feet behind Tom’s back and held him tight as his cock throbbed in her warm pussy, staring at her step-father though lust filled eyes as this other man spilled his sperm into her most precious place.

“You're protected right?” Tom asked more out of politeness than anything else.

Natasha smiled and giggled nervously, “No”.

Tom withdrew his cock followed shortly by a cascade of hot cum.

Natasha’s heart was still pumping at a million beats a minute. The warm wet feeling of Tom's cum felt so right, it was the first time she had risked unprotected sex and now she couldn't only think about more. Natasha extended her arms to John and pulled him to her, kissing him with love as she tried to catch her breath.

“Fuck me” she whispered into his ear when their kiss had ended. She got on all fours as her step-father’s movements had suggested and after lovingly kissing her ass and back John slid his bare rock hard cock into Natasha's dripping cunt. She hooked her feet around his ankles in encouragement and let out a groan of pain as John hit rock bottom, his balls now pressing against her. John pulled her back onto his cock as he thrusted his hips forward. The feeling of Natasha’s pussy on his unsheathed cock for the first time felt like heaven.

Tom turned on by the view of Natasha's tits swaying vigorously under her, started to fondle them, squeezing them hard as Natasha's step-father fucked her. Tom’s cock began to stiffen again so he lay down in front of Natasha and offered his cock. Natasha wrapped her mouth around his cock. She could taste Tom’s sperm and her own juices and she pushed back onto John's cock as she sucked Tom.

“God you're sexy, want both of us in you?” Tom said to her as she sucked. “Oh god”, was all Natasha could say as John removed himself from her and lay back on the bed. Tom assisted Natasha onto John’s cock, her back to John and her legs spread, Natasha let out a loud cry of pain as she gasped “fuck” as her step-father slid his cock slick from Natasha’s juices into her ass. Tom got on top and Natasha looked down between her legs nervously as Tom positioned his cock at her dripping pussy and started to push himself into Natasha. Natasha let out another cry of pain. “Owww” she gasped breathing heavily.

John kept pushing his cock deeper into Natasha’s asshole as Tom began to thrust in and out of her pussy. John started thrusting, making what fucking motion he could while trapped under her and her other lover. Natasha grabbed hold of Tom and held him tight, whimpering as he too started to pump into her. She felt like a slut, all she wanted right now was for these two men to fuck her in every way they could.

“Oh god”, she gasped, the realization sinking in, “I might get knocked up”. Natasha’s admission out in the open both men pushed in simultaneously and Natasha came hard. “I'm scared”, she admitted as she knew Tom was close to the edge. “Shhh,” Tom said, lost to the lust of the night.

Natasha was under their control and before long both men began pulsating inside her, John spilling his cum up her ass and Tom his life-giving fluid deep into her pussy, making a mess of her insides before collapsing on the bed. "You're one hot fuck," Tom whispered into her ear.

They drifted off to sleep. Natasha awoke later that night with a fresh hard cock rubbing the back of her thigh. Tom got on his knees when he noticed Natasha was awake and pulled her up on all fours. He stroked the head of his cock up and down Natasha’s pussy getting her nice and wet and then mounted her doggy style. Natasha’s head was swimming as Tom fucked her like an animal. Natasha had two more orgasms before Tom filled her pussy for the third time that night.

Tom and John fucked Natasha pretty regularly over the next few days and they never used any protection. She told them that her fertile time was coming up in a few days and they needed to start pulling out or using a condom. Natasha was sure to get pregnant with all of that semen constantly being pumped into her. They agreed and started pulling out from time to time or used a condom.

Natasha’s step-father was called out of town for business so she and Tom would be alone for the next few days. Tom fixed Natasha dinner and gave her a backrub while they watched a movie. Natasha began rubbing Tom’s leg and he quickly responded with a huge erection. Natasha pulled his shorts down and began giving him a slow hand job. Tom pulled her to the floor, slipped her skirt and panties off and was ready to mount her when Natasha said she was ovulating and asked him to be very careful.

Tom mounted Natasha missionary style agreeing to pull out before he climaxes. Tom began to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy. He began speeding up and slammed into Natasha pretty hard. Tom was brewing up a huge load of cum. He pounded away for about five minutes and asked in a panting breath, "Where do you want me to cum?" Natasha wrapped her legs around his back and answered by pulling him deeper into her pussy. He cut loose with a torrent and filled her up! Natasha almost shouted in joy as he planted his seed in her womb. One month later Natasha missed her period.
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Posted 28 Jan 2011 13:49
DITTO. "V=5."
Posted 28 Jan 2011 07:16
That was a very hot story! I do have a little problem with girls getting knocked up because of lust. I prefer protection much more. Loved it anyway...

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