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Please Daddy don’t, I’m too old to be spanked!

Cassie and her Daddy ~ chapter one

*This is a Daddy/Daughter story, Cassie (the daughter) is sixteen. This is fiction and meant to be taken in that light. If reading about incest does not interest you, please move on to another story. If you like this, and want more... comment on it, constructive feedback is most welcome*

It was Sunday night and I knew it was nearly time for Daddy to head off to bed. So I lay there waiting for him, waiting for him to walk past my door and check in on me. Ever since I was little he’s done that. On the few occasions I’d awoken with a fright, feeling like someone was watching me, he would quickly reassure me, “It’s ok Babygirl, I‘m just checking in to make sure you’re safe and sound.” And I always did feel so safe and secure, just knowing he was there to take care of me.

I hated being apart from him.

When I was six Mum died in a car accident, so I grew up being petrified of loosing Daddy too. It was just me and him until I turned thirteen. It was then, that he sat me down and at the table one day after school and explained that he was finding it really difficult to care for me without a wife to help. He told me that I needed to be in an environment where someone was home before I left for school, and when I returned. He also said I needed a female role model in my life, someone to turn to when I needed women's advice.

Without having discussed any of this with me previously, he had enrolled me at St Peters College , a Catholic high school. It had a very family orientated, small boarding hostel adjoined with it, and he explained I would live there during the school terms and come home to stay with him during the summer holidays. I pleaded with him to let me stay; I cried and promised to cook every meal, every day for him, and to do all of the house work. I told him I’d do anything he wanted, and never disobey him, if only he’d let me stay.

Despite all of my efforts, he didn’t back down. Over the last few weeks of the summer holidays I started to dread the thought of leaving him, friends and even my school. That was until one night a week before I left, when I woke the sensation of my calf being gently stroked through the duvet. I heard him talking quietly, to himself, or maybe to me, I’m still not sure, “You’re changing, my sweet Babygirl. You’re growing, and turning into a beautiful young woman. You look so much like your Mummy, I can’t…” he chocked quietly on his words, “I just can’t have you here. I’m too… I’m too worried about what I might do.”

I didn’t open my eyes; this was obviously something he couldn't talk to me about when I was awake. Suddenly, I had a strange feeling that I had to make this move, it was for the best, and Daddy needed it to be that way. As I lay there, wondering what it all meant, I drifted off to sleep again, with his hand still resting on my calf.

Lying there in the same bed, three and a half years later, I was pretty sure I knew what he’d meant that night. The thought of it makes my clit throb and my pussy ache, even though I know it shouldn’t, even though I know what I'm thinking is wrong.

After loosing a big contract with a major construction corporation, and not having another project to move on with immediately, Daddy he knew he’d start struggling to pay my private school and hostel fees. So I got to move back home and return to my old school. I’ve been so happy, being back here with my Daddy, where I belong. My only problem has been living with this constant need for more of his attention. I love feeling his eyes on me. I love his lingering hugs. I love it when I’ve made a small error of judgment, or been a little clumsy and he threatens to spank me, like he did when I was naughty as a girl. I wish he would spank me. I want to feel his hand colliding with my bare arse checks, slapping them hard, sending little shock waves to my pussy from the impact of his blows.

So, that’s where I’m at now, lying here on my front, naked, with the sheets pushed off me and with my blinds slightly open so there is enough moonlight for Daddy to get a good view. And I'm just going to wait here, ever so patiently, until I hear the floor boards creak under his weight as he makes his way up the stairs, to my door.

As soon as I hear him, I nervously slip my right hand under my body and start slowly rubbing my clit. My other hand meets my left foot and I pull it back, pushing it in closer to my back. The position forces my legs to open a little, to give Daddy a good view of my slender fingers slipping around my swollen clit, and thrusting in and out of my dripping teen pussy. I heard the door creak a little, it had been pulled to, and it always creaks when its opened or shut. I start rocking myself backwards and forwards a little, and then I hear it, I hear him sucking air into his lungs and holding it in. I know he’s there. I know he’s watching me. The sound of my fingers working harder and faster on my soaking pussy and clit becomes louder, I'm so turned on knowing Daddy is standing there watching me.

I need more though; I need him to know I'm thinking of him. "Daddy, no," I moan, "Please Daddy don't, I'm too old to be spanked!"

I hear him let out a soft moan, and the sound of a zip being undone very slowly.

It's all too much for me, and I shove my four slender fingers as deep as I can into my aching, wet pussy. My muscles start to contract around them as my orgasm builds. Unconsciously I start to rock myself harder and faster against my hand, moaning and groaning like a proper little slut, "Daddy, Oh Daddy yes. Please make me cum. " With that, my pussy muscles started to spasm, pushing me over the edge into a big orgasm that shook my body to the core.

Dropping my foot back down to the bed, I lay there still, but breathing heavily, recovering from what I'm sure was the biggest orgasm I've ever experienced. My heart started to pound even harder as I heard footsteps approaching my bed. I could also faintly hear a familiar sound; the one that the boys from school made as they stroked their cocks while I let them finger fuck my pussy.

"Babygirl," he whispered, "Do you really want your Daddy to make you cum?"

Shocked that he'd taken this step so soon, I hesitated, "I don't know Daddy, I really don't know." I didn't dare turn around to look at him, I suddenly felt so ashamed.

I jumped as I felt his fingertips touch my neck, and run slowly down my spin. My skin tingled under his touch, and my pussy began to throb as he passed over my lower back and down through the crack of my arse. And then I felt his fingers sliding up and down my wet pussy lips. 'He's touching my pussy,' I screamed in my mind, 'Daddy's playing with my wet little cunt."

"But Babygirl, how can you not know what you want, when your pussy is this wet thinking about me, spanking you?" he asked quietly, calmly.

"Oh Daddy," I moaned, "My pussy is aching."

"I know baby," he agreed as he pulled his hand away from me, "I can feel how wet and hot you are there." I heard him suck his fingers into his mouth.

"Daddy, please make me cum," I cried while thrusting my arse back towards him, "Please Daddy, I fucking need it."

And without warning I felt it, a sharp stinging pain in my pussy. He'd slapped me, it took me by surprise and I'd lost balance and fallen forwards.

"And when did my sixteen year old princess develop such a filthy little mouth?" He asked while grabbing hold of my hips and pulling them back, lifting me back onto all fours. He grabbed my long black hair and pulled it, jolting my head around so I was staring straight back at him. "Well Cassie?" he demanded, "Exactly when did you become such a foul mouthed slut?"

"Daddy, I'm sorry," I whispered, trying to desperately hold back the tears building in my bright green eyes, "I'm sorry for swearing."

"You damn well will be, when I've finished with this arse," he stated, while drawing his hand back into the air.

I waited, but nothing happened.

"Say it Cassie."

"Say what Daddy?"

"You bloody well know what."

"No I don't Daddy, I'm sorry, but I really don't know what you mean."I thought really hard about what anyone would say if they were in this position, and then it hit me. "Daddy, no," I pleaded, my body shuddering in sweet anticipation, "Please Daddy don't, I'm too old to be spanked!"

"Your mine, my nasty, teen slut, and I'll spank you whenever I damn well choose, especially when you deserve it."

I heard it before I felt it; the sound reverberated throughout the room. The spot he'd struck on my arse felt like it was on fire, it started to throb. He didn't stop with one, he kept going, until my firm pale checks were burning red hot, and I was moaning like a little bitch in heat. I felt his hands between my knees and he pushed the left one out, spreading my legs open a little wider. His hand hovered by my pussy, it was so close. "Please Daddy, I'm so sorry. Would you..."

"Oh Babygirl," he moaned "I can smell you from here." He pushed his fingers against my pussy, and ran them up to my clit, and back down.

"Oh Daddy," I moaned, "Please Daddy."

"Please Daddy what? What do you need Babygirl?"

"Oh Daddy," my voice sounded as shaky as I felt, "Daddy, please make me cum," I cried, as I pushed myself into his hand, "Please, I need it so bad."

"Mmm, of course my sweet little girl," he moaned while crouching down behind me, "Do you want to cum around Daddy's big, hard cock?"

I felt the head of his cock right there, brushing against the entrance of my pussy, "Yes Daddy, please fill me up."

"Mmmm, I want nothing more than to pound the hell out of your tight, little, teen cunt Baby," he blurted out quickly, as he trust his thick eight inch cock into me.

No holding back, he thrust into me harder and faster each time he entered me. My body started to shake, and the contractions in my pussy became more and more intense. I turned my head around to look him in the eyes as my pussy clamped hard around him as my muscle started to spasm uncontrollably.

"Daddy, I'm cumming!" I yelled.

He leaned in and whispered, "Mmmm Babygirl, my tight teen pussy feels so good clutching around me."

My body jerked, and I pushed myself up with a fright. I felt cold, and I was covered with goose bumps. I turned around to see where Daddy was, but he wasn't there. I looked towards the door, and it was still pulled too. Then I heard them; the squeaky stair floorboards creaking away.

I lay back down on my front, with my hand underneath me, slipped between my legs. My left hand reaches back to take hold of my left ankle. 'Here goes nothing,' I think to myself, and my heart began to race.

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Posted 06 Feb 2014 07:26
Posted 29 Mar 2013 20:07
Lord God, that was pretty nice!!!

Posted 23 Sep 2012 21:59
Great story, would love to hear more from you.
Posted 15 Jun 2012 21:46
Love it. Got my pussy wet.
Posted 20 Sep 2011 09:51
This Daddy would love to spank his little girl !!!
Posted 13 Sep 2011 14:54
Hot story, well told.
Posted 19 May 2011 01:01
oooh so hott!!
Posted 26 Mar 2011 15:05
Excellent story. It really got me going!
Posted 26 Dec 2010 05:00
fantastic story very horny! more please daddy is waiting! x lol
Posted 30 Nov 2010 01:41
You really got me excited with this story... love to read more...
Posted 27 Sep 2010 10:38
great story, my pussy is soaked...
Posted 04 Apr 2010 16:12
definently made my pussy wet, wish i had a daddy to spank me
Posted 16 Mar 2010 09:12
Incest: The most erotic sex act ever. Nothing makes me harder, but I've yet to experience. Miss Otyslut, thank you for a pleasing fantasy, and part 2 should mimic that surprise ending. I'd love to read the real McCoy.
Posted 21 Nov 2009 10:43
Great story... Sounds like someone speaking from personal experience! Bad girls really do need to be spanked by Daddy.....
Posted 02 Sep 2009 07:49
great.....keep this going...tell us more.....thanks for the orgasm
Posted 15 Aug 2009 18:37
I really enjoyed it. Brought back some memories.
Posted 03 Aug 2009 01:09
Not to worry Otyslut it's the commonest mistake in the English language. Famous authors have done it! Enjoyed the story so thanks for that.
Posted 14 Jul 2009 04:10
Great story I hope there is more to cum!
Posted 12 Jul 2009 09:37
Love it!!! looking forward to more!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2009 10:22
Nice story.
Posted 30 Jun 2009 12:41
You should be spanked for that mistake. I love the story. Could you continue it?
Posted 30 Jun 2009 06:55
Damn it! I used the wrong to in the title, blah! It's my first attempt at posting here though... I'll learn, I promise.

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