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Reuniting forbidden love, part 2

The last time you left Laura she had been reunited with her one true love, her brother.
Driving home to my new apartment which my aunt too kindly arranged and paid rent for, making me feel as though she wanted to get rid of me, was a strange experience. The car was silent apart from the occasionaljitterfrom the engine; you could literally cut the tension in the atmosphere. As we approached my apartment, Shaun placed his hand on my knee and gave me a reassuring squeeze breaking me from my daydream.

As we both made our way up the steps to enter my apartment my heart slowly crept up to my throat and I suddenly became the nervous little girl whose first time was rudely interrupted, I stuttered my words and was distant.

I fumbled with my keys at the lock and dropped them. Shit, chill out Laura. As I bent down and collected my keys Shaun grabbed my hand to steady it and then guided it towards the lock, opening it with ease.

“Are you okay Sis?” Shaun asked with genuine concern. He called me Sis.

My stomach turned, we were much more than brother and sister now. It was now or never, I’d have to find out why he did it.

“Err, I’m fine. Shaun before anything we need to talk.” My voice was barely audible; Shaun gave me a quizzical frown and nodded in agreement.

Shaun walked over to the sofa with effortless grace and leant against the arm. Why do you look so sexy right now?

“What do you want to talk about Laura?” He asked while pulling my waist to make me fall onto his lap.

I sighed loudly; it was so hard to get the words out. Be brave for once Laura…

“Well, erm…why? It all happened so fast, I never even had the opportunity to ask you why. It was such a sordid subject when we talked online it never came up, I guess I just want to know the truth.” I stared at the floor, my head hung with an element of shame.

“Laura, I…” He coughed to clear his throat, and suddenly became very protective holding me close with his arms so I nuzzled his neck.

“We had always been so close, and as you grew older you blossomed. I wanted you so bad, but I didn’t think the feelings were mutual. I decided to get drunk so I had the confidence to do it but when I got home it wore off but I thought I could still play it off, pretending to be drunk so if you rejected me then it could be blamed on that.” His cheeks flooded with colour as he became increasingly embarrassed.

I parted from his embrace and raised my hand to caress his face. Those eyes… Swoon.

“When you came into my room that night I was hoping it was you, but I blamed it on stupid fantasies. When I found out it was you I couldn’t believe my luck but when I smelt the beer on your breath I thought I might as well take advantage.” I turned my gaze to the floor, looking hesitant.

“Well I didn’t expect that.” Shaun admitted.

“Expect what?” I inquired, my voice full of mock curiosity. Well duh.

“For you to feel the same, it’s not right is it? The fact that we’re brother and sister.” His face fell and he looked crestfallen, my heart began to swell.

“Look at me.” Our eyes met and his solemn gaze burnt into me. I decided to take the ‘matter of fact’ approach.

“The fact that we’re brother and sister became irrelevant when you fucked me and took my virginity, d’you think I’m gonna let a little stupid thing like the fact we’re related destroy something as amazing as our relationship?”

I gave him my sternest look and placed my hand on my hip as he sat with his mouth open wide in amused shock. “Well, since you put it that way…” He drew me into his arms once again. “Let’s finished what we started.” He whispered, searching my eyes for an answer.

I became the oh-so-shy-and-nervous sixteen year old I once was again. I hung my head at first to contemplate what this meant for our relationship and then brought my eyes to meet his. “Can I be your princess again?” My voice cracked, making my concern evident.

“Oh my dear Laura, don’t you realise you have always been my princess?” I blush at his compliment.

I gently took his head in my hands and pull him towards mine, our lips meeting with effortless grace. The kiss soon developed, having a deeper purpose, I hadn’t realised that Shaun was carrying me to my room. How the hell does he know where to go? I decided to leave Shaun to his own devices as I concentrating on the kiss.

The next thing I knew Shaun was placing me on my feet, careful not to part from our ever evolving kiss. Leaning further into the kiss, Shaun forced me to fall onto my bed as he stood and examined my body. Using my elbows I raised my body so I could give him the same attention he was giving me, and I realised I hadn’t noticed how he was dressed.

He wore suit trousers, dark blue with a crisp white shirt, finished with cufflinks and black leather shoes. He must be boiling in this heat! Apart from his attire he was still every inch the man who took my virginity all those years ago.

I reached up the bed with my hands stretching out, arching my back so my breasts were pushed forward. The sudden intake of breath from Shaun was the reaction I wanted. You’ve still got it girl.

When I opened my eyes after teasing with Shaun I did a double take. When did he strip? He stood there with confidence, gloriously naked playing with cock. Shit it’s grown. He wasted no time in undressing me. He started with my sandals, kissing just under my ankle on the top of my foot. His hand glided effortlessly over my toned legs and ascended towards my shorts, making quick work of the button and zip, my panties and shorts came off in one fluid motion.

“Well this I don’t remember.” He said while caressing my pubic mound with his fingers, as it was clean shaven and when he took my virginity it wasn’t.

Shaun lowered his lips ever so slowly and planted light and delicate kisses from my lower stomach down towards my pussy, I moaned uncontrollably.

He hummed against my entrance sending vibrations through my pussy and then he abruptly shot his tongue out and plunged deep into me.

“Ahh, Shaun be careful please. You don’t want me to combust right now do you?” I felt him smile against my pussy lips.

“I do hope you know this won’t be the first time you cum tonight.” His words were my undoing, the vicious attack with his tongue on my pussy and the entire situation send me over the edge and I was flying through an orgasmic state of oblivion.

As I came down from my sexual high Shaun was staring at me lovingly, his eyes full of unconditional love. He crawled up the bed till his cock was at my wetness but he didn’t enter me. Instead he rested the head against the entrance and kissed me deeply.

The kiss was for much longer than expected, with the same heated passion we felt earlier. Shaun quickly took me by surprise and rolled me over so I was sat astride him in the cowgirl position. As I was in charge now I slowly sunk his cock deep into my pussy and we both moaned in unison.

“Shit, ahh fuck. Laura!” Shaun strained during a moan.

I giggled and quickly regretted it as my pussy walls clenched and made me orgasm for the second time, much quicker than I expected as it was a matter of minutes since the last time I came. This time was much more controllable and much easier to enjoy and I let myself get lost in the sensation.

“I’m close Laura, we’re not using any protection. Where shall I cum.” Moaned Shaun as it was obvious he wanted to cum up me.

“Stay where you are Shaun, I want to enjoy this.”

With a few more brisk movements and gyrations from my hips I felt Shaun’s cock pulse uncontrollably.

“Oh shit. LAURAAA, I’M CUMMING.” Shaun screamed with pleasure at the top of his voice. And I thought I was loud.

“I think that was pretty obvious baby by the noises you were making.” I leant and kiss his lips as he enveloped me in his arms, hugging me close.

“Promise me something?” Shaun said with a hint of worry.

“Go on.”

“Promise me you won’t let us get separated again, and I promise the same.”

“I promise Shaun.” I leant over to kiss him, I was so happy with Shaun. He made me feel the way I wanted to feel by a lover. Wanted.

We made our way to the shower to clean ourselves and to reacquaint each other with our ‘new’ bodies. As we finished cleaning the doorbell rang.

Grabbing my robe and brushing a comb through my hair, I made my way to the front door.

“I’ll be two minutes babe, make yourself at home.”

I ran down the stairs to see what some poor employee of a lazy company was trying to sell me but as I opened the door my face fell and turned I white.

“ What are you doing here?”

To be continued.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 25 Oct 2012 08:52
Louise, this is your last story...what can I do next????
Posted 29 Sep 2012 16:32
Daddy strikes again. Is there a part 3? I hope there is. Keep it going please.
Posted 05 Aug 2012 17:01
very imaginative, very erotic,, but why is it all the men have 9 inch cocks and the heroine's have

very romantic,sexy, but why is it all the studly's have 9 inch cocks and the heroine's are double D's??
Posted 31 Jul 2012 11:17
OMG!!!! dad!!!! what will Laura do next?
Posted 30 Jul 2012 14:07
nice twist at end very unexpected, part 3 coming ASAP i hope
Posted 30 Jul 2012 10:46
I hope to read part 3 tomorrow 5
Posted 30 Jul 2012 09:09
I agree with daughtercrazy & nazhinaz - can't wait for Episode 3, 4 etc

Posted 30 Jul 2012 06:25
Looking forward to part 3....great story!
Posted 30 Jul 2012 05:36
A big 5, no doubt.
Posted 30 Jul 2012 03:39
What a twist to conclude the story. Great story, hot. 5

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