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Revisiting Emma

This is the story of what happend after I went 6 months without seeing my cousin and sex buddy Emma.
It had been a little while since I last saw Emma, about 6 months in total and I still didn’t have a girlfriend, and even though I had sex with my friend (in “My daddy poking me from behind”) I hadn’t found anyone else to be with.

Anyway I was looking forward to this day as I had plans to go to my aunties, and I knew that Emma would again be home alone.

As the day progressed I made my way to my Aunties, I sat while my mum and auntie talked, after a little while I said that I would go around to see my cousin Emma and left my mum and auntie talking about their past childhood.
After walking past the few doors down the street to where Emma lived, I opened the door which was always left open during the day, walked in and called out “Hi Emma, you here?” and I heard no reply. I gradually walked around the house looking for Emma, but couldn’t find her, so I decided to go upstairs, when I reached the top of the stairs I heard moans coming from Emma’s bedroom, I slowly walked towards it opening the door where I saw a great sight. There was Emma lying on her bed with her pink panties around her ankles and her fingers inside her vagina.

I walked over to Emma without saying a word, lightly grabbed her hand, and removed it from her vagina and replaced it with my own fingers, I could feel her wetness, her warmth, the inside of her vagina and her tightness even after giving birth, everything that I had loved about Emma sexually came back, and I was dying for her, wanting her.  As my fingers rubbed her moist clit, Emma’s hand which I had removed undid my jean buttons, lowed them, and then lowed my pants, revealing my now hard firm cock. She stroked it back and forth slowly, then fast, like she was desperate, like she had never had a cock in a long time. I went to work on Emma by tasting her, she tasted sweeter than ever before, I told her “I’ve waited so long, fantasized so many times about you” when at that moment she squirted all over my face, I smiled and licked my lips, it still dripped from the top of my face and kept falling into my mouth. I had tasted Emma, now I wanted to feel her; I wanted to feel my cock inside her.

I pushed Emma back, opened her legs slightly more so that I had room to position my 6 inch cock in between her legs, I pushed it in her tight love hole, I started pumping away like I have never done before, all the time gathering rhythm, faster, faster, harder and harder, all the time I was kissing her passionately, taking gently note of her boobs, nibbling and sucking her nipples which were now as hard as my cock was inside her. This went on for about 20 minutes, when I could feel her tighten, my cock stiffen, just at that time again Emma came, even more than before, and this set my off as the sensation of her juices flowing down my cock made me cum as well, inside the walls of her vagina I squirted all my come inside, emptying my ball sack completely. I pulled out, then placed one of my fingers inside, and scooped up some of my cum and placed it to Emma’s lips, she swallowed it, smiling at me, then took me cock which was now semi erect, rubbed and pulled it until it was fully erect again, then placed it in her mouth.

Emma sucked me, like she had never done before, teased my head with her tongue, played and enjoyed me, while she down that she got one of her fingers and circled my ass crack with it, she gently eased it in and out, this gave me an overwhelming sensation, which immediately made me once again blow my load, this time inside Emma’s mouth, which she gulped down, with only a little bit dribbling out and off her chin. When Emma had played with my ass crack I decided that I wanted to play with hers, so I turned Emma over, and placed my cock within her ass, I pumped harder than ever before, her ass was even tighter then her pussy, so I used the little bit of my sperm which was on Emma’s chin, and placed it around her ass, and used it as a lubrication. Emma screamed and moaned in pleasure, raising her body and pressing against me, forcing her way onto my cock, my cock stiffened and for a third time let itself go, this time leaving the sperm dripping out of Emma’s ass.

As me and Emma lay together, just feeling each other’s body, and kissing, her wardrobe door opened, and out came her friend naked holding a video camera.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 30 Nov 2010 04:04
bit quick lol but a good story
Posted 26 Oct 2009 07:38
Their is more to come in this sotry as you can tell, but I will only write more of it if its popular.

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