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Running, Ch. 4

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Brin gets her man
Brin had pushed three clients and punished herself through exhausting workouts, but she was still filled with nervous energy as she came in through the garage. The delicious smell of onions and peppers sauteing in olive oil hit her immediately, and her stomach made an audible growl.

Her dad was across the kitchen, his back to her, stirring the vegetables. He’d changed from his work clothes into running shorts, and when she saw him, all today’s efforts to push away her lurid thoughts were for nothing.

Tom’s but his well-muscled calves and quads were in full view in the shorts and her eyes were drawn to his rear end despite herself. He was in a tight-fitting t-shirt that accented the powerful muscles of his back. She realized she was staring as he turned around.

“Hey, there’s Pebbles now,” Tom grinned. “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to make it home. It’s not every night I have you all to myself, you know.”

His words almost made Brin shiver.

“I like having you to myself, too, Dad,” she said quietly.

Tom held his arms out and Brin moved to him. When he wrapped his strong arms around her, Brin laid her head against his chest, her eyes closed, inhaling his masculine scent.

The minute Brin was in his arms, Tom remembered his strange dream, and he knew he shouldn’t be this close to her. But, God, she felt so wonderful against him. He let his hands trail down her back just a little and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Is everything okay with you, Brin? You seemed a little spooked this morning, and you’re being way too nice to your old man right now,” Tom grinned. “You haven’t insulted me a single time in the 45 seconds since you came through that door.”

Brin’s apprehension disappeared at her dad’s words, and she hugged him tighter as she tilted her head up to look at him.

“I can be reeeeaaaally nice when I want to be,” she said coyly, her regular playfulness returning. She stretched up on her tiptoes to kiss her dad on the cheek, and at the last possible second moved enough to plant her lips right on the edge of his mouth.

Tom felt something almost, well, seductive in Brin’s tone, and when she stretched up to kiss his cheeks, he felt her breasts crushed against him as they slid up his chest. Her movement also caused his hands to glide further down her back until he just felt the curve of her shapely bottom. When her warm lips grazed the side of his mouth, he felt his cock stir.

Brin felt it, too, but this time she didn’t immediately pull away. She slid slowly back down her father’s body, continuing to hold him tightly because she didn’t want him to pull away either. When she was flat-footed again, she felt his firmness even more distinctly, and she was so much shorter than Tom that his growing erection brushed against the top of her tummy.

Tom knew there was something wrong - something unfatherly - opening inside him. He was at war with his male instincts, but very, very slowly, he released Brin and moved back a couple of feet to lean against the counter. Brin stayed where she was and smiled up at him.

“So, Chef Boy-arr-Dad, what’s for dinner,” she asked.

She noticed a full glass of Chianti on the countertop next to the stove. Dad always drank wine on the rare occasions when he cooked, and it looked as if he just topped his glass off when Brin came in. She leaned forward, almost touching Tom again, and took the glass by the stem. She brought it to her face, breathing in the luxurious scent as she swirled the glass around just as Tom had taught her. She took a deep sip of the ruby-red liquid, letting it roll over her tongue and warm her throat as she looked at her Dad.

“Where’s your glass, Dad,” she said, smirking as Tom gazed at her. Her lips were momentarily stained by the wine, giving them a sensual look that seemed made to kiss. Just a drop had escaped the corner of her mouth, and without thinking about it, Tom reached out and brushed it away with his thumb.

Coming to his senses, Tom pointed at her playfully.

“Could I see an ID, please,” he said in a deep voice.

“Officer, it’s way across the room there in my gym bag,” Brin cooed with exaggerated sweetness, batting her eyelashes. “But this is just grape juice, and anyway, I’m 21.”

Playing along, Tom scowled at her.

“Sure it is - and I still want to see your ID.”

“But I’m not underage, officer, promise,” Brin whined. “See I’m all grown up!”

With that, she put the wine on the table and stood up straight, her hands on her hips, her shoulders back, her chest thrust forward in an exaggerated show of “grownupedness.”

“See how big I am, officer,” she sniffed.

Tom played along, but he also openly admiring his daughter’s body, especially her prominent breasts. He was surprised to see that her nipples were pushing against her tight t-shirt. He just stood there dumbfounded, unable to take his eyes off her chest.

Brin wasn’t sure if her dad was just playing the befuddled cop role or if he was actually ogling her as she stood there. All she knew was that she was getting unbelievably turned on by his gaze.

“See something you like, mister,” she said quietly, stepping forward a little. When Tom raised his eyes from her breasts, she gave a crooked little smile at the expression on his face.

“Ummm, well...,” Tom started.

Brin took another step toward her father.

“Soooo, offficcceerrr,” Brin drawled. “Is there anything I can do to convince you I’m a grown woman?”

Tom knew things were taking a different - and maybe dangerous - turn. This wasn’t their usual playful banter. There was an undeniably sensual undertone to what they were doing. He knew he should stop it there and then, but continuing the charade seemed the best way to avoid embarrassing himself or Brin. He took his own step forward.

“Well, young lady, you look grown up enough,” he said. “But I still want to know what’s in that glass.”

Her eyes never left her father’s as Brin reached for her glass again. She took another step forward and sipped from the glass. She made a show of licking a drop off the rim of the glass.

When Tom saw her pink tongue pop out and caress the glass, he felt a jolt in the pit of his stomach and his latent erection surged to full attention. Mesmerized, he reached for the glass.

Brin brushed his hand away and step forward until their bodies were just inches apart. She brought the glass up to Tom’s lips.

Tom felt the heat coming off Brin’s body. Even more so, he felt the heat radiating from his. He was looking right into her eyes, and what he saw there both thrilled and scared him because he knew his daughter was seeing the same thing in his own eyes. Yearning. Desire. Lust.

He thought Brin was going to hold the glass and let him sip from it. Instead, she tilted it back to her own lips and sipped, staining her lips a deep ruby red.

“Would you like a taste,” she whispered.

Tom reached and took the glass from his daughter’s hand. As he did, Brin closed the last few inches of space between them until she was again pressed against her father.

Tom fumbled to put the glass aside, and Brin slipped her arms around his neck. It fell over onto the counter, spilling the rest of its contents.

Tom’s own arms encircled Brin, and she felt a surge of desire. She turned her face up, her lips parted sensuously, her dark eyes burning into her father’s.

Tom lowered his head and his lips met Brin’s. He did indeed taste the wine on her lips, and then he felt the tip of her tongue touching his. The reality of what he was doing hit him, but when he felt Brin’s mouth opening to him, he pushed his tongue into her mouth and Brin did the same to him. There was no denying his hard-on now - Tom’s his inflamed cock was rubbing against Brin’s body.

When Brin felt her father’s lips on hers, she shuddered. Not in revulsion, but in ecstasy. God this was wrong, but it was so good, too, wasn’t it? It was what she’d had in the back of her mind all these weeks, what had run through her head this morning as she fingered herself with a vision of Tom’s cock inside her, what she’d tried to forget while punishing her body at the gym. She sucked on his tongue and pressed herself as hard as she could against him.

Tom felt the wrongness of the situation, but, Brin felt so good, so hot against him and the taste of her mouth drove him insane. He’d noticed her looking at him differently these last few weeks, and he’d probably encouraged it by standing closer to her, stroking her hair, picking her up this morning and rubbing her feet. Was that dream from this morning his subconscious telling him that Brin felt the same way? But he had to stop this...didn’t he?

Tom pulled his mouth from Brin’s, but kept his arms around her, his hands on her hips as if to push her gently away. His daughter’s arms were still looped around his neck, and as Tom looked down at her face, he felt a combination of guilt and lust that nearly drove him to his knees.

“Brin, babyI...” Tom began.

Brin spoke at the exact same moment: “Dad, I...”

Tom crushed his mouth back to hers, sucking her tongue into his mouth, sliding his hands to grip her ass and pulling her hard against him.

Brin was stunned. She felt certain that her dad was about to start protesting, and she had every intention of begging him not to stop. When his mouth found hers again, she ran her fingers through Tom’s hair, and she moaned when she felt his hands kneading her ass and pulling her against his stiff cock.

Tom was possessed now. He didn’t care if Brin was his daughter, he didn’t care if this was the ultimate taboo. She was a gorgeous, sexy woman who clearly knew what she wanted, and Tom had to have her. He slipped a hand inside the waist band of her shorts, savoring the feel of her firm but pliant ass.

When his finger traced a line down her crack, Brin’s head when back, momentarily breaking their kiss and she moaned, “Dad, oh God, Dad, so good,” before Tom covered her mouth again. He began pushing her shorts and panties down, and Brin dropped her hands, frantic to get Tom’s shirt off.

When Brin’s shorts were pooled at her feet, Tom picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and Brin was convinced he was going to fuck her right there in the kitchen. But Tom carried her into the den and laid her on the sofa where they’d sat that morning. He stood looking down at his daughter for a moment, neither of them speaking. He nodded at Brin, and she pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra.

Tom drew in his breath sharply as he saw his girl naked for the first time. Her skin was a flawless cream color, the lightest hint of freckles across her shoulders and upper chest. Her breasts were larger than he’d imagined, and each was tipped by a delicate pink aureola and what were now red, engorged nipples.

Brin reached up, tugging at her father’s gym shorts. When they were down, she was surprised to see him wearing a jock strap, and his cock was bulging against it. She pulled at it, too, until Tom’s thick, cut cock sprang free, pulsing with the wild beating of his heart.

Tom joined Brin on the sofa, but when he bent to suckle a breast, Brin grabbed his cock and began stroking it firmly. There was no doubt his daughter was experienced at this as she used her thumb to lubricate the head of his cock with precum.

“No, Dad,” Brin whined, looking up at him, and Tom thought she was going to stop him. “No more waiting - put this inside me now.”

Tom pushed her hands away, and she locked them again behind his head. He grasped his own shaft this time, and as Brin spread her legs wide, he ran it up and down her slit a few times. Brin humped up, trying to get him inside. He was amazed at her wetness and her desire, and he maneuvered until the tip was just inside her.

With a roar, Tom pushed himself into his daughter up to the hilt. Brin screamed out in pleasure and it took only seconds before they found their rythm and Tom was pistoning in and out of her. Tom was grunting like an animal, as if he were trying to impale this beautiful creature on his cock, and Brin was digging her nails into his back.

Her mouth was hot against her dad’s ear as she moaned, “Fuck, fuck, oh fuck, god dad fuck me fucking hard.”

Tom felt his cum rise, and his first thought was to pull out before he spurted inside his daughter.

“Brin, I’m going...”

“Cum! Cum, I know, Dad,” Brin spit out. “Fucking cum inside me, it’s ok, it’s okay...oh, god, I’m cumming, daddy, I cumming too...ohhhhhhhhh.”

Her words drove Tom over the edge and he erupted. He felt like it was his first orgasm as he emptied himself into his wonderful, wanton daughter. Brin felt it as hot sparks splashing against her insides as father and daugther came together, lost in lust, locked in the ultimate sin.

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Posted 05 Mar 2011 11:32
Chapter 4 was a long time coming (pardon the pun) but well worth the wait, I am loving this series, great job.
Posted 04 Mar 2011 10:13
v-5+5 great! hot! keep em cumming.
Posted 04 Mar 2011 07:15
I agree, you should get a 10. It was well written and the story was so hot. I could read stories like this all day!!!
Posted 04 Mar 2011 06:52
Glad to be the first one to score this. It should be a ten. So frigging hot. More on these two.

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