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Sarah, Chapter 4

Sarah's girlfriend Brenda gets fucked by Sarah's grandfather and invited to the ranch.....

Sarah’s best friend Brenda thinks she’s pregnant, but she’s not and ends up fucking Pappa, now she really may be…..

It’s Sunday morning, the morning after Sarah gave me her cherry. She slept with me and her mother the remainder of the night and is still sleeping. I get up at my normal time of 6AM and go fix coffee. Jane soon follows me and sits at the table, a big smile on her face. “Daddy, I think we have a very happy girl still sleeping. She has a big smile on her face. I do think she’s going to be just a little sore when she gets up though, I know I sure was in spite of doing lots of riding. It just wasn’t my legs and hips that were sore; but what’s in between those legs.”

“I think that’s a big trait in this family. It was the same with your mother, you and now Sarah; and probably lots of other girls getting their cherry picked. While most girls will be getting up and having trouble walking, our girls get up with a bounce in their step, raring to go. It must have something to do with all the horse riding.”

“That’s true, I was certainly all set to drag you back into bed for more fucking!”

“Yeah, same with your mother. But, like I told her, it’s best to wait a while and let you girls revel in those feelings and think about what has just happened. Now today, Sarah wants to have her friend Brenda over. I think she’s told you what’s going on with her. I picked up some pregnancy tests and Sarah wants me to show them how they are used. That is, unless you want to take over that duty.”

“Oh no, you aren’t roping me into this. She started it with you, she trusts you implicitly. I think it’s great that she wants you to help out.”

Sarah sleepily walks into the kitchen, wearing her mother’s robe. While her hair is all messed up, she has a big smile on her beautiful face. “Good morning, what a great time I had last night. From what my girlfriends all told me they were really sore the next morning, my pussy is, but other than that, I’m fine.” She walks over and gives each of us a nice kiss, “I want to thank both of you for making my first time so wonderful.”

“It’s our pleasure, Baby; we wanted it to be very special for you. As for being sore, you aren’t because of all the riding you do. Your leg muscles are used to being spread wide. You did surprise me when you grabbed your heels and spread out like you did though. I didn’t know you were that flexible.”

“Gymnastics at school, Pappa. We do all kinds of splits and everything. Don’t you ever watch the girls doing floor exercises and balance beam during the Olympics?”

“When do I ever have time for TV while at the ranch? I’m usually out by 5AM and don’t really get home until supper. By then it’s to the showers, a little reading and bed.”

“Well, you don’t have anything like that now. Pappa, Momma, you guys want to…”

Jane looks at me and I look back, and in unison, “No!”

A little pout appears on Sarah as she bats her eyelashes. “Awwwww, you guys aren’t any fun at all! What’s a horny girl to do if she can’t get fucked by her two best lovers?”

“Later Sarah, remember, you have your friend Brenda coming over this morning. And, you have another responsibility. Star has been stirring around since she heard voices in here this morning. You’ve got to feed her, give her a washing and exercise. Until your whole fence line is checked and fixed, you can’t just turn her out into the fields. We’ve got some things to do and I have calls to make. Your mother also has things to do. There will be plenty of time this afternoon, after Brenda leaves for our family fun.”

Jane got up and started breakfast while we idly chatted away. “Momma, can I go out and take a morning ride? I’ll only be a little while and back before your done fixing breakfast.”

“I don’t see why not, Star certainly won’t mind.”

Sarah goes to her room and soon returns fully dressed and ready to ride. Walking out the door, Star sees Sarah and comes trotting over. She follows as Sarah walks to the gate and pushes it open. Jane and I look at each other as Sarah jumps up onto her black mare. She grabs some mane and they go galloping off.

We both laugh and return to the table, letting Sarah explore her horse and enjoy her self. Sarah’s cell rings and Jane picks it up and recognizes the number as Brenda’s. “Hi Brenda, this is Jane, Sarah’s out taking a quick ride. Hey, why don’t you get over here and ride with her and then have breakfast with all of us, we’d love to have you.” Jane listens for a bit. “Ok, bye.” Smiling, Jane says, “She’ll be right over, they live just down the road. It’ll only take her a few minutes to saddle up and get here, go call Sarah in.”

I call for her and she comes galloping back and into the yard, giggling and breathing hard. As I close and latch the gate, she jumps down and hugs her baby. As she walks over she looks so radiant!

“Oh, Pappa, I had a wonderful time riding Star, she’s so responsive to being ridden bareback. I’d have thought she would want a saddle on.”

We both laughed as I took her hand and we walked back inside. “Your girlfriend Brenda called and she’s coming right over. She wants to go riding with you. And she’s staying for a while. After breakfast, we can take care of what we talked about, ok?”

Sarah nodded and leaned down to pick up her Stetson she dropped before going out into the yard. Seeing that cute butt, I couldn’t resist and gave her a little slap. “Ow! Pappa,” she giggles. We held hands and walk on inside. Within minutes, there is a call on her cell from Brenda that she’s out in front and wants the gates opened. I tell her I’ll get the gates and head outside. Sarah runs out the front to get the other gate.

Soon Star perks up and walks over to the gate as Brenda, walking her gelding inappropriately named “Stud” and Sarah approach. I’d forgotten what Brenda looked like since I’d only met her once at the birthday party. She’s 17 years old and a tall girl, almost 6ft, maybe 135-140, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She has small tits, probably not more than a B-cup and is proportionally built. She’s also wearing a flannel shirt, jeans, boots and Stetson. And, I’m gonna add, looking delicious also. They bring Stud into the yard and pull the saddle and bridle. Leaving the horses to get acquainted, we all head in for breakfast of steak, eggs, taters and biscuits.

After eating Jane said she’s going over to a girlfriends place to help her paint. Don’t know if its art or the house, but it doesn’t matter anyway. As she gave me a kiss, she whispered that the two of them always do painting naked and asked if I wanted to come along. I just whispered back that’s not the cuming I wanted to do. She just laughed and went to dress and was soon gone. Me and the girls sat talking at the table.

After Jane left, Brenda just sat, whimpering, “I missed my last period. It was supposed to start last week. God, I hope I’m not pregnant!”

“Pappa, let’s go check.” Sarah took a softly crying Brenda by the hand and we headed to her room.

I retrieved the tests from my room and then went to Jane’s room to get one of those “morning after pills she has and then went to Sarah’s. I sat on the bed and read the instructions to the girls, making sure the understood how everything was done. I gave Brenda the pill and told her to go ahead and take it now. She came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and hug. “I’d better go and leave you girls to your business.”

“Please, is it ok if I call you “Pappa” too? My grandfather is died shortly after I was born and I never knew him.”

“Sure, it’s fine if all you girls do, I don’t mind at all.”

“Will you stay? I’d like you to be here too. Sarah has told me so much about you I feel like I’ve known you all my life. I really want you to stay.”

So, I sat on the bed as the girls headed for the john. I was just looking around Sarah’s room, taking in all the pictures I’d sent her over the years. Right on her night stand was a picture of me taken a few months ago; she had it made into an 8X10. When I looked further, I saw that the bathroom door was open, Brenda had her jeans and panties pulled down and was squatting over the pot peeing on the test strip. She glanced my way and just smiled, not being embarrassed about me seeing her. Once done, she just stood up and turned to face me as she bent down to retrieve her jeans and panties. She looked me straight in the eyes as she wiggled her cute butt into them and smiled.

“Well now,” I thought to myself. “What have we here, a young girl looking for some adventure? If so, I wonder….”

The girls came back and sat beside me on the bed while waiting for the test to develop. I excused myself and went to the kitchen for some coffee. I wasn’t gone but a few minutes when there was a loud “Yipee” from the girls and they came running. “It’s negative Pappa, Brenda yelled, it’s negative! I’m not pregnant. Oh, god, I’m so happy now.”

“Ok, girls, let’s sit down here and have a good talk. Brenda, you know that Sarah has told me everything that’s been going on since you initiated having sex with your dad.”

“I know Pappa, he was supposed to be using condoms any time we had sex. But we both got caught up in passion and he didn't use one. I was hoping that I was still in my safe period."

“Brenda,” Sarah said, “look at me and pay attention! Think of your biology classes, they covered all of this and also during sex-ed. You know that isn't a reliable way to prevent getting pregnant, and it only take one of those little spermies to get you pregnant."

Brenda just looked at both of us thinking. After a few minutes she said, “I just didn't think of that. Mom was gone for the day and it was just the two of us. You know how it is when you get all involved in what you're doing, Sarah, you just don't think of things like that, and they are right in my nightstand."

"Well," I said, you got by with it this time, and I brought a few of those morning after pills with us, but we can't keep using them. After we get to the house, I'll set up an appointment for you to get on birth control as soon as possible. I've also got a good supply of condoms so we can continue our fun, you need to be on the pill for about four weeks to make sure they are in your system. I went thru the same thing with Jane." I had to go check on some stuff and said my "byes" and headed out the door.


I returned an hour later with a smile. As I entered the house, I heard noises from Sarah’s room…. and it wasn’t just talking and music, it was the lovely sounds of sex. I calmly walked down the hall. Looking into her room, I saw Brenda kneeling on the floor with her face buried between Sarah’s legs. Both girls were naked and looking lovely. My cock was soon pressing hard to get loose. The girls were oblivious to anything but each other and the pleasures of giving and receiving. I left them to their fun and went to my room, where I hurriedly undressed to release my cock and stretched on the bed. I left my door open so I could masturbate while listening to the girls. What a rush! My hand found its way down to my hard cock. I moaned as my fingers wrapped around its girth and started stroking. I closed my eyes to savor the scene I’ve witnessed and started a replay, reliving each moan, movement and giggle. I must have dozed off while stroking, my hand was still moving slowly up and down my hard shaft and I was hearing the little whispers of the girls.

“Look Bren, he’s sleeping and masturbating”, Sarah whispered, “let see if he cums.”

“It looks so good Sarah; he’s bigger than my dad. God, I’d love to feel that cock of his, wouldn’t you?”

Sarah smiles to herself, “Do you want to touch it Bren? He’s sleeping like a log, he’ll never know.”

I moved around a little and took my hand away so they could see my whole cock. While moving, I opened my eyes a crack to see them standing in the doorway, still naked. Brenda hand her hands caressing her tits, while Sarah had one on her left tit and the other was rubbing circles around her hard clit. I moaned and rubbed my hand up and down my length and then around my belly, leaving it proudly standing alone.

“Come on Bren, let’s touch him a little, real light and see what it does. Just be careful, we don’t want to wake him up and catch us.”

They held hands and slowly crept in and were soon standing by the middle of the bed. Sarah was smiling and looked me in the eyes and winked. She knew I wasn’t sleeping so I went along with her game, to see what would happen.

“Touch it Sarah, I dare you. Look, what’s that on the tip, it’s all shiny, is that what they call pre cum? I’ve never seen that on daddy, he just gets hard and shoves it in my mouth or pussy.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard it called that. I wonder,” she whispered, “what does it taste like? Have you tasted that on your dad?”

“I don’t know Sarah all he does is put it in my mouth and moves a little before cuming, he's always in a big hurry! I can't understand why he's always like that. I keep telling him it's ok and to take his time, but all he does is shove it in my mouth or pussy and cums fast. Are you sure he's asleep? I didn't even hear him when he came in and he didn't say anything."

“Dummy! We were kinda busy. You know he saw us don’t you? He saw both of us totally naked and you were licking my pussy. I thought I heard him moaning, but we were being a little noisy. God, that makes me so hot, just thinking that he saw us together.”

“I know, huh? I’m fingering my pussy and looking at his hard cock. Touch him Sarah!”

Sarah reached out and wrapped her hand around as much as she could. I must have been the hand she was rubbing her pussy with, I could feel the wetness. I gave my cock a little twitch and she jerked her hand away.

“Did you see that? As soon as my hand got around his cock it jumped. Maybe it likes it and wants more. It’s your turn now Bren, I did it. I dare you to use both hands and double dare you to lick the pre cum.”

“You’re such a slut, Sarah. You know I can’t stand it when you do that! I’ll do it, but you have to do it too.”

I had to fight back a smile while the girls were whispering back and forth. Brenda shyly reached out with first one hand and then the other, to wrap around me. I gave my cock another jerk. She didn’t move away, but started moving up and down. More pre cum came out and started to run down the head. Brenda leaned down with her tongue snaking out. When she touched me, I let out a little groan and moved my hips toward her mouth. She lapped my whole head and then backed off.

“Sarah, did you see that? When I licked him he tried to get it in my mouth!”

“Do it Bren, do it! I quadruple dare you to suck him and make him cum!

“Oh, you fucking cunt Sarah! I’ll suck him a little but you have to do it too.”

“Brenda! He’s my grandfather, I…. I don’t know.”

“Look, all of us know I’ve been sucking and fucking my dad. So what difference would it be if I know you sucked your grandpa? I’m gonna do the same as you did to me, I quadruple dare you to suck him you little bitch. If you do, I’ll suck him more and see if he cums, ok?

“You’re such a slutty bitch Brenda May Johnson! Now you get on the bed from the other side, I’ll get on from here and we can take turns sucking him. The one that makes him cum will be the winner, deal?”

“You got a deal, Brenda whispered. I know he’ll cum when I have him. You’ve never sucked a cock and I have. I know I can make him cum, and I’ll swallow anything he shoots in my mouth. I’ll bet you’ll jerk away from him when he does it and I won’t”

It’s all I could do to keep from laughing at them. Sarah looked at me again while Brenda was looking at my cock and gave a big smile and wink. Still looking at me, as soon as Brenda had my whole head in her mouth, she poked me in the ribs, which caused me to ram a good four inches further into her. She kept on me and started moving and moaning.

“Did you see that Bren? As soon as you got him in, he jerked. I wonder if all men do that."

All Brenda could do was moan as she was slowly moving up and down, taking as much of me as she could. Sarah was looking at me when I opened my eyes full and smiled. She held up a finger and did the silent “Shhhhh” to me. I just smiled bigger and nodded my head. Looks like she wants to have Brenda suck me off and get a big mouth full of my hot cum. Now, I ain’t no dummy! I’m going to let her do just what she wants. Hmmmm, maybe she’ll want to climb on for a ride!

Sarah has her hand on Brenda’s head, moving with her, encouraging her. She continued bobbing up and down as much as she could, which elicited a little thrusting from me and some moans. Since Brenda had her feet off the bed, Sarah gets down and walks around to lick her ass and pussy, sending her into a sucking frenzy. I know it won’t be long before I dump a big load into her hungry mouth if she keeps sucking me like she is.

“Ummmm! Ummhmmmm! Brenda moans.

“Make him cum Bren, you cock sucking slut! Either that or get on and fuck him.”

Brenda pulls off, looking at me for a minute. I’ve closed my eyes to tiny slits so I could watch. “God, Sarah, I want to, but I don’t want to wake him up. I’d love to see if I can fit him into me. I’m so fucking hot right now!”

“Then go for it girlfriend, go for it. You’ll love getting fucked by him, I do!”

Sarah let out a gasp and covered her mouth with her hand at her sudden outburst, letting out her sacred secret.

“I knew you were fucking him, Sarah, I just knew it! I could see it in you eyes and on you face. It makes you glow, and you’re always smiling. I just knew you were fucking him. What’s it like? Is it what I think it would be like? Oh, fuck, I’m gonna do it Sarah, you just watch and see. And when I get finished, I want to see you fuck him. It’s not that I don’t think you did, but I don’t think you can fit his cock into your little tight pussy. If you’ve been getting fucked, it’s by a smaller cock than this. Pappa is at least twice as big as my dad and he hurts me sometimes.”

“The do it and quit talking about it or he’ll wake up or go soft. Then we’ll never get to fuck him! I’ll go around to the other side and hold his cock. You can put your feet on each side of his butt, that way you can just slide him inside and move. Your weight won’t be on him and he’ll never know. He’ll think he’s dreaming.”

While Brenda stands up on the bed and places a foot on each side of my butt, she turns a little to watch Sarah. I open just enough to see her shaved pussy, all puffed up and dripping girl juices from Sarah’s licking her. I close my eyes to slits just in time. Brenda looks to see if I’m still sleeping. Sarah gets to the other side and takes my cock in her hand, I give a couple little twitches and she knows I know and am ready to fuck her girlfriend. Brenda slowly lowers herself and soon has Sarah rubbing my cock up and down her slit. She goes a little lower and my head slips inside.

“Oh, fuck, Sarah, he’s big! I don’t know……”

“Just go slow, a little at a time. He’ll go in, he did with me! I know he’ll fit, didn’t you know a pussy will adjust to any size cock?”


Brenda’s legs give out and she suddenly drops down, fully impaling herself on my ragingly hard cock. There is a look of total surprise as she falls forward toward me and I reach out and catch her. There is a look of a lot of pain and she’s crying. I know she’s not used to my size and length and I’m pushing hard against her cervix, so it’s got to hurt her. I reach down and pull her butt up some, but not all the way off.

Brenda looks at me, tears dropping onto my chest as she puts her hands on my biceps.

“How long….. Have you been…? Sarah, he’s awake! Has he been awake the whole time? What’s going on? Sarah…?”

“Surprise, Bren! I knew you would do it! Yeah, Pappa has been awake ever since we came into the room. I know he’s wanted to fuck you since my birthday party. I could tell by the way he looked at you and followed you all around with his eyes. Didn’t you feel him undressing you with his eyes?”

“I thought he was just being nice. He was looking at the other girls too, and Sal is much hotter looking than me, so is Nadine. I guess I did notice his looks when I would sit down, sort of looking up my skirt.”

“Much more than that Brenda,” I told her. “I was totally undressing you, taking off your blouse and sucking you tits. Pulling your skirt down, along with your cute boi-shorts and licking that sweet bald pussy of yours. Now, since you’ve got my cock inside you, what say we put it to good use? That is unless you want to get off and either suck me or let my sweet granddaughter take this load of cum in her mouth or pussy.”

“Fuck that! I’m here now and I’m not pulling off until I get my fill of cum. She can play around all she wants with you and me, but I want my fill.

Brenda started moving around and slowly up and down, even taking more of me until I feel her cervix again. It doesn’t take long before Sarah joins in, sitting on my legs behind Brenda and playing with her ass and tits. I’m enjoying watching the two of them playing around while I slide in and out of her hot pussy. I know it’s not going to take very long before my swelling balls empty their contents. “Brenda, you may not be pregnant, but if you take a load from me very much, you will be. Fortunately we still have more of those little pills if you want them. The one you took earlier will take care of you for now. I’m going to make sure you get on birth control as soon as possible.”

“I’ve thought about it some when Sarah and I were playing earlier. I’m too young right now but that doesn’t mean I won’t want to get pregnant in a few years. I might just take you up on it if you’re available.”

“Hell, I’m always available for a girl like you Brenda, any time. Say, how would you like to come to the ranch with Sarah? It would be good for you to get away and I know both of us would love to have you. There are plenty of guys there who would love to get into your pants and some girls too. If you don’t want that, I’ll be happy to share both of you.”

She doesn’t miss a stroke fucking me; I don’t have to do anything but lay there with a hard cock and enjoy her riding me. I can feel myself getting ready to shoot soon. I reach up and play with her tits, pinching and pulling her hard nipples. Brenda is distracted from replying to my invitation for now as she speeds up moaning and smiling.

“Ohhhhhhh shit! I’m cumming, I’m……”

Brenda settles down hard on me, grinding her clit against my pubic bone as her first climax hits. She leans back against Sarah and turns to kiss her as her hips are lunging and jerking. I’m playing with her tits, she’s kissing Sarah and Sarah is now rubbing her clit. She breaks the kiss and leans forward to wrap her arms around me as I start shooting hot cum into her hungry pussy. Kissing me deeply, she moans and holds tight. When I’m finally done, she pulls off me and lies in my arms, Sarah grabs my cock to suck and lick me clean.

“Are you serious about me going to your ranch in Montana? I’ve seen all the pictures you send Sarah, it looks so wonderful.”

“Yes I’m serious, if you want; I’ll talk to your mom and dad. I don’t think there will be any problem at all.”

Continued in Chapter 5…..

Note to readers: Sarah, Chapter 5 will be in four installments, labeled 5-A, 5-B, 5-C and 5-D. This done to cover a four day period and maintain story continuity, one installment for each day.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 11 Sep 2011 16:09
i am just loving this loving g'pa and the kids,,,seems so natural to be lhav ing sex with them and his daughter,,,,,what a fantasy,wouldn't it be nice if life was truly like that,,,sharing intimacy with parents,siblings,etc,,,,should be mandatory in all families!! i guarantee we would all be happier!!
Posted 09 Jul 2010 08:46
What a lucky old fuck this guy is. All that young pussy and his daughter. Jeez.

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