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Sarah, Chapter 5-D

Settling in the house, Pappa gets busy and has a nice three-some with the girls.....

Day 4: It’s a helo ride around the Shooting Star Ranch, showing Brenda and Sarah what will be theirs in a few years. I had recently purchased a spread half the size of my own and have decided to give it to Brenda, Sarah’s best and closest friend. While she has a relationship with her own father, Brenda has become aware of Sarah and our whole family’s relationships. I’ve sorta adopted her as another daughter and have been enjoying some great times teaching her all about sex.

We’ve all had our showers and breakfast, and packed up personal gear for the trip by helo to the main ranch house, or should I say houses. There is the main house, a two story, 5 bedroom, 6 bath place; another house that is 3 bedrooms/baths; along with all the other out-buildings associated with ranching. There is also an airstrip and two hangers for the various aircraft I’d accumulated.

Lyle is on his way with a couple hands to take care of the stock we have here at the line shack and a couple house-hands to clean up after us. They will all be riding the horses back to the main house. Lyle, me and the girls are going to take a helo ride around, showing the girls what will be theirs in a few more years. Both Lyle and I have been at this business long enough and have massed enough wealth and property to retire in luxurious comfort and that’s what we are planning. Lyle has his own family and retirement requirements.

The helo comes screaming over the rolling plains; Lyle is showing off his piloting skills again. He comes in; flaring like it’s a combat landing in a hot LZ before gently touching down on the pad. After shutting down, everybody pitches in to unload supplies. Sarah and Brenda are so excited; neither has been in a helo before. Lyle has decided to bring the old “Huey,” a Viet Nam era combat helo. It’s been fully upgraded to the maximum extent with the latest engine and electronics, but still has the old style combat benches inside. It’s painted in the original olive drab color and has all the original markings. I make sure the girls are seated and strapped in and climb into the copilot seat as Lyle winds her up. We all have headsets on so we will be able to talk normally as we give our guests/family the grand tour.

It’s a nice day for flying, clear with just a few wispy clouds high above. The sun has already warmed the air to a comfortable temperature at the ground, but it will be chilly once we get up high enough to clear the highest hills. First on our tour is to show Brenda her spread of about 1,000 acres. There is one main house of 3 bedrooms and 3 baths; a large bunkhouse for about 30 hands, two barns, a stable and a house for the ranch foreman, who is Lyle’s son Levi.

“Brenda, what do you think of your place, I asked her over the intercom?”

“It’s fantastic, Pappa, I just hope I learn enough to run it like it needs.”

“You’ll learn everything in good time. Meanwhile, Levi has things well in hand and will keep us all informed. You girls will get to meet everybody in a few days when we have a welcoming BBQ.”

Both girls start giggling and exclaim, “Party! Party! Partyyy,” Which sets Lyle and me off laughing.

Lyle banks around the various outbuildings, giving a great view from about 500 feet up. “Have you thought about a name for your place and a brand, Brenda,” Lyle asks?

“Not yet, I’d like to know the history of the whole area and this place in particular so I can tie everything together. From what I’ve read in history books about the old west and such, that’s the way things are supposed to be done, so I’m not about to break traditions,” she says.

“You both will be getting plenty of history lessons from just about everybody you meet around here,” I tell them.

“Especially when Gray Cloud and his family show up tomorrow. The Indians have a history as old as time itself. Maybe you can get the twins to take you off for some lessons,” I tell them giggling, knowing what kind of “lessons” they’ll be getting and giving.

“Brenda, what do you think about not having an actual fence between the places and just letting the stock mingle? We can always separate the stock in the spring and fall during the roundups.”

“I’ll leave that up to you guys, Pappa, you all know better than me how things should be run. I don’t have any objections. Pappa, I know you’ve heard of “beefalo,” can you tell me more about them?”

“Those are a beef and buffalo crossbreed. It’s done mainly with artificial insemination with a female buff and male beef. The meat from them is much healthier than beef but not as much as buffalo. It’s a good marketing product, you thinking about that?”

“I’ve heard about them and want to look into the possibilities; I don’t know all the particulars. If it is good business, why not have a large herd up here, I haven’t heard of that many around.”

“I’ll call my boy Levi and have him gather up all the necessary information and give it to you tomorrow when he comes over for introductions, Brenda,” Lyle said.

We’re now approaching the main ranch of mine. The total housing area is covering a couple acres, with the main house on a small knoll overlooking everything. Lyle drops onto the pad with a soft bump and shuts the helo down. We exit and wave to him as he checks over the aircraft. It’s just a short walk to the house which is in the old “Plantation” style. The whole staff is lined up on the porch surrounding the house and start clapping as we approach. While they have all seen pictures of Sarah and heard lots about her, I introduced Brenda as my adopted daughter and now my blood. I know they both will be treated as Jane and I have over the many years. Many of these people have been here almost as long as me.

We go on in and the girls are in awe of the great room and all the trappings. We head on upstairs to relax and have some fun before dinner. I show the girls all the rooms and finally the master bedroom we will all be sharing. The room is at least twenty-five feet on a side. The bathroom is 10X12 with a large enclosed shower, a sauna and sunken tub almost large enough to swim in. The bed is an extra large king size with plenty of play room. Both girls get on and bounce around like little kids and start pulling off clothing.

Not to be outdone, I also start undressing and getting ready to give the both girls a little “welcome home” fucking. Since this is something I’ve been anticipating I’m already hard and ready. With clothes flying, I finally crawl on between the now naked girls, pulling them to me and receiving a shower of touches and kisses. As my hands roam around, I find that each of their pussies are almost dripping with girl juices.

Sarah obviously wants to be first as she straddles me and slowly starts my cock into her drenched honey pot. She’s so wet and slick, I pop in with almost no resistance at all. I reach for Brenda and pull her up and put my head between her legs. She leans over and watches as my cock disappears into Sarah. I find her clit and give her a few hard licks, sending shock waves throughout her body. It’s almost like a mini-cum to her. Sarah takes one of my hands and places it on her little tits. At the same time, I reach up to grasp one of Brenda’s tits, and start tweaking and pulling their nipples. All of us are moaning and withering around.

Sarah isn’t playing around as she starts bouncing up and down my hard shaft. While I’m licking Brenda, she reaches between Sarah’s legs, gripping my cock and holding me straight up so Sarah can let the head slip out and then plunge back down to bury me as deep as possible. I can feel myself popping in and out of her pussy and brushing hard against her G-spot before bottoming out. If she keeps this up, I’ll be spraying the inside of her pussy in no time at all!

Meanwhile, I’m busy licking and sucking on Brenda’s clit and labia, driving her into such a frenzy she starts fucking my face. My nose is even giving her clit a pounding!

Sarah, by having Brenda holding my cock, is ramming her clit against her had as she holds me. I can feel her starting to shake, her cum steadily building and building.

Brenda is the first to cum; turning loose of me and leaning back to grind her pussy against my mouth, and dumping a flood of her juices for me to drink down. Her body is shaking and she tightens up to hold her breath letting it build a little more before being totally consumed. She falls forward, laying down one me with her face close to my cock and giving me and Sarah both licks.

That sends both Sarah and me into our own cum, our juices flooding all around my cock and Brenda licking and sucking in as much as possible. Her tongue takes swipes at me and then Sarah’s clit, sending shocks through both of us. Sarah falls on top of Brenda, rubbing her little tits on her girlfriends back. I circle my arms around both naked bodies, squeezing them tightly. All three of us are exhausted and moaning to the release.

Sarah, being first to recover, leans back up and lets my cock slip from her sopping pussy with a pop. Brenda sees this and takes me into her mouth to suck any remaining cum out of me.

As Brenda rolls off me, Sarah is leaning down to lick her pussy. It doesn’t take much for them to end up in the famous “69”, licking each other’s pussy. I lay there for a few minutes watching before getting up and heading into the shower.

I return after about thirty minutes to find them asleep, holding each other. I don’t have the heart to wake them up, so I go on downstairs to check everything over.

After a couple hours, the girls come downstairs, having taken a shower and dressed in jeans, boots and flannel shirts. Just looking at them I know they aren’t wearing bras, their nipples are showing prominently. “You girls really should wear a bra around here; there are lots of young guys who will be lusting after you.”

“Oh, Pappa, I don’t think any of them will bother us,” Sarah said.

“That may be so, how about just making an old man happy and wear one whenever you go outside the house unless I’m with you, it would make me feel better.”

Both girls looked up at me with a little “pouty” look and nodded, “OK, Pappa, but just for you.”

We all walked out onto the porch and then out to the coral, where the girls horses were kept, Star and Stud are the only ones there. There is a tack shed adjoining the coral where their saddles are kept. Normally, the horses will be in the stables and saddles in the attached tack room there. Using the ranches radio system, I called the stables to have my own black horse and Star’s daddy, Storm, saddled and brought up. There are a few hours of sunlight left and I want to show the girls the old swimming hole where they can enjoy themselves. The swimming hole is off limits to all the ranch hands and they all know not to intrude there at any time, it’s for family use only and very private.

Storm arrives and is a little excited to see his daughter and me, snorting and shaking his head to show his supremacy. I walk over to give him a hug and nose rub as Sarah and Brenda go saddle up their own horse. I lead Storm into the coral, dropping the reins; I go over and check the cinches on the girls’ horses. It’s not that I don’t trust their own saddling, it’s just something I just do… habit I guess.

All set, we mount up and head for the pool, which is about 5 minutes ride away, in a stand of tall lodgepole pines. The trail is well worn, having had many horses, feet and a few wagons traveling it over the many years. All three of the horses are anxious to be out and start prancing about, wanting to be given their heads and set loose to run. Brenda is first to take off with Sarah close behind. I hold Storm back, knowing he can easily outrun those two youngsters, and I ain’t talkin bout the girls.

Stud is a little shorter in the leg than Star and she easily catches up to him, with Brenda laughing and giving little taps with the bitter ends of her reins. Storm is looking at them and starts dancing sideways in their direction when I decide to give him his head. The girls look back as the big black takes off, his head gets lower and ears flow back. By the time he gets to within fifty yards of the others, I’d say his belly is only a couple feet off the ground, if that. Going by them with a “hoop and holler,” we go another fifty yards ahead and I rein him back to a trot. The girls catch up and look with amazement at this long-legged stallion. Storm looks back at the other horses as if to say, “Whatcha think, kids, not bad for an old man, huh?”

We’re now walking the horses so they can catch their breath and enter the pine stand. Ears immediately pick up at the sounds or absence of sounds. Having been around little critters before doesn’t necessarily help in a strange land and Stud is a little skittish. Brenda does an excellent job of calming him down as we break into the clear with what I call a pond just ahead.

The pond is actually a little natural lake, about a half mile wide and a mile long. My family has used it as their private swimming hole long before I was born. Twice a year the whole ranch gathers here with their families for a spring and fall picnic. We walk the horses to the edge and dismount; letting them go on their own for a nice drink of the cool waters. “Here’s the old swimming hole girls. You can come here any time during the day for a nice dip, with or without clothes. The only people that might see you is me, Gray Cloud, or his daughters.

Just speak of his daughters and they come walking out of the trees. “We heard you guys coming a long time ago, what kept you, Rain asks?”

Brenda and Sarah run over to give the twins a nice kiss and hug, which is rather erotic considering the twins are bare from the waist up. “Hmmmm, I think to myself, maybe I need to take off and let them have some more “girl” fun.”

“Pappa,” Wendy says, “Daddy said for us to stay around here so we’ve set camp about half way down the lake.”

“That’s fine, you all are always welcome here, sure you want to stay outside? You’re welcome to come to the house, you know that!”

“We already have things set up, but Sarah and Brenda are welcome to stay with us, unless you just got to have them with you.”

“It’s up to them Rain, you don’t need to ask me, I’m just along for the ride.”

Rain and Wendy looked Brenda and Sarah in the eyes, it was one of those “Let’s get naked and fuck til the sun comes up” looks; nothing but pure lust. The smiles on the girls’ faces were identical as they started undressing. “Time for this old man to get the hell out of Dodge,” I thought.

I walk over and climb up on Storm and look back at the four of them, all holding hands and smiling. “I’ll stop by sometime tomorrow girls. If you want, come on up to the house any time for some grub.” I give Storm a little heel and off we go, back to the house.

Continued in Chapter 6….

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Posted 26 Aug 2013 06:15
since its been three years since part 5 D its safe to say there never was a chapter six written and we've all got this far only to be left hanging as the real story begins. such a pity, the four girls head off for a night of girl fun and the old guy gets thrown on the way back to the house, breaks his neck and dies and girls find that grey cloud has syphoned off all his cash for the tribe, not likely but something happened ?
Posted 19 Aug 2013 05:40
Great story keep them coming , love to find out if Poppa get any one pregnet later on when the girls are older and even his own daughter ?? I;d love to read more keep them coming and soon .
Posted 18 Feb 2013 12:09
Great story, Ice.
Looking forward to Chapter 6.
Posted 11 Sep 2011 17:28
help!! can't get chapter 6!!!!! ends at 5-D,,,,help,,, help....!! want more!! i need more!! give it to me!!
Posted 11 Sep 2011 17:18
lovely, just lovely erotic,sensuous story,,,i have fantasies exploding in my mind about living this story!!
Posted 09 Jun 2011 23:27
I love the story of Sarah and would love to read more about her and her family love
Posted 03 Dec 2010 08:20
I love the momentum of the story would have loved to be around as the story unfolds
Posted 06 Aug 2010 11:40
Really great, Ice
Posted 25 Jul 2010 17:29
You just keep getting better.

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