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School for Sluts Part: Three

Kat gets a visitor..
After a few months at Freemont Academy I’m sitting in my favourite class Intro to Anal and watching my favourite teacher Mr.Lewis show us a video, as I look around I see that almost all the girls were masturbating while watching the video. I still feel awkward around all these slutty horny girls I was never like this in my old school. I wonder why my Daddy sent me here. . . I wonder to myself. I look at Mr.Lewis and I feel better, ah Mr.Lewis he was my favourite teacher for a reason. He has short dirty blond hair, a cute goatee and gorgeous blue eyes, when I look at him all of my worries seem not as bad.

Near the end of the class a tall busty woman walks in and hands Mr.Lewis a piece of paper, he looks at it and nods at the woman.

“Thank you. Katrina, your wanted at the Headmasters office.” I get up and as I leave and I hear girls snickering behind me. As I walk down the hallway I stop and look at one of the many mirrors and take myself in, my medium length blonde hair tied in a pony tail my light blue eyes and my 34C breasts. I smile at myself and fix my shirt and continue walking.

I get to the Headmasters office and I go to enter but I hear a loud familiar voice. My Daddy.

“Jeff, when I see my sweet little girl she better be the slut I’m paying for.” I hear Head master Anderson sigh.

“I assure you Max, Katrina has bloomed over the few months she’s been here, and she has straight A’s in all her classes.” My daddy harrumphed, and I have a slight flash back from before I came here.

I was on my knees in front of my friend Tom Dickens, dick in hand, mouth open, and he was encouraging me to put it in my mouth when my dad walks in. He tells Tom to go home and grabs my hand and jerks me up, drags me to the bed and spanked me till I was crying, yelling at me telling me what a whore I was. That night I cried myself to sleep thinking my Daddy hated me.

I come back to reality when I hear someone walking towards the door and I jump back and sit on the bench and act inconspicuous. Jeff walks out and sees me,

“Ah, Katrina. Come in, come in. You have a visitor.” I walk in and see my dad sitting at Jeff’s large oak desk with his hands in his lap looking at me in with a hint of a smile, as I walk into the room I look around and see the familiar large bookshelves, beige walls, and hardwood floors, with a little living area to the side.

“Hello sweetie long time no see.” I smile and sit down in the big leather chair, as he gets up and paces.

“Now, the reason I sent you here dear is that I didn’t want you to be. . . Un-safe with you sexual needs like when I saw you and that damn Dickens boy. Now I want to see if you’ve learnt much.” He looks at Jeff and nods and Jeff leaves, leaving me and my Daddy alone, I loved my daddy and I would do anything to make him proud of me even if it included being here, which I didn’t mind to be honest. I loved being here at Freemont.

He strides over to be and picks me up by the shoulders and sits me on the desk opening my legs revealing that I am no wearing panties. He groans and leans in and starts to lick my pussy.

“Mmmmm. . . Daddy you do that good.” I moan as I entwine my fingers in his hair tugging just a bit, feeling his tongue circle my clit and between my lips felt so good I lift my feet onto the desk and lean back and I feel his hand slide up my tummy and grab one of my breasts and squeeze I moan loud getting closer to my climax.

“Fuck! Daddy! Keep doing that! I-I’m cum-cum-cuuumming!…” wave after wave of ecstasy flows over me as I tug my Daddy’s hair. Smiling my Daddy leans over and kisses me with tongue.

“Was that good Sweetie?” he asks with a slight grin brushing my hair out of my eyes.

“Yeah Daddy it was so good, almost my best.” I giggle because it was my best I was just teasing.

“Okay sweetie now hopefully you know what to do with me.” He says with a wink, and I jump off the desk and he sits in the deep leather chair, I unbutton his pants and take out his rock hard 8 inch dick and stroke it lovingly. I decide I want to tease him, I lightly lick the tip of his penis swirling it in my mouth making my Daddy moan and grab my pony tail.

“Ooooh Sweetie that feels so nice.. Go down a bit more just for Daddy will ya?” I look up into his brown eyes and go down more taking all of him into my mouth tasting his delicious member, he grabs both sides of my face and starts to thrust his dick into my mouth roughly, the feeling of his dick slide down my throat made my pussy burn with desire again. He gets up and grabs my ponytail letting his pants fall to the floor, I take control and slowly suck him fondling his balls.

“Oooohh Kat sweetie that feels so fucking good you do know what your doing.” He takes his dick out of my mouth and lightly spanks my face with it.

“Your going to be my little slut today. You do what I say.” I nod as he leads me to a nice little couch.

My Daddy lays down and I climb on top of him in reverse cowgirl I slowly slip his dick in me. The feeling of him inside of me was so good I couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling.

“Now Kat go fast till I tell you to stop.” I nod and ride him fast and hard moaning loudly, I slip a hand down and rub my clit.

“Oh daddy you feel so good inside me your gunna make me cum soon Ohhhhhhh!” He thrusts and flips me onto the floor getting on top of me slamming his dick in me.

“Shit Kat you little slut I didn’t know you were this tight I’m going to cum-m” He takes out his dick and comes all over my stomach and tits. He then slams it back in me ramming me twice as hard.

“Cum for me Sweetie cum for Daddy.. Lil’ slut!” I could barely hear him yelling at me, from the feeling of my climax it was so amazing I passed out.

“Sweetie? You okay?” I opened my eyes and I see that bland white ceiling and I realize I’m still on the floor in the Headmasters office I groan and roll over snuggling up to my dad.

“Whoa there Sweets I would love to lay here and cuddle but Jeff has shit to do and you have to get your sweet ass back to class.” we get up and he walks me to the bathroom holding hands, we stop at the bathroom door and he kisses me on the forehead.

“Bye Daddy I’ll see you in a month for parent teacher interviews?” I ask while nuzzled into his shirt.

“Of course Sweetie, I can’t wait.” We go our separate ways and I walk into the bathroom as I get cleaned up I smile. Next month is going to be a blast.

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Posted 25 Jun 2012 13:46
Part 4 please wanna know how next month turn out
Posted 08 May 2011 21:50
when is the next chapter coming out?
Posted 24 Mar 2011 12:35
Not long enough! Not long enough! But really hot and like, so TOTALLY depraved and nasty. 5. But NOT LONG ENOUGH! MORE!
Posted 19 Mar 2011 03:14
excellent series thank you Fantacy

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