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Secret Slumbers

Mitch suprises Kai for the second time.
My body tensed and I was about to scream as a figure lay on top of me. My heart beat faster with fear as a hand met my chin.

"Shh," hushed a familiar, hoarse voice. "It's just me."

My older brother ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead, still laying on top of me. I stroked his jawbone and used my forefinger to feel the smooth, warm metal of his lip piercing. His mouth opened and his tongue wrapped around my finger, swirling up and around. I giggled as he got up and fixed himself under the covers with me. 

Mitch was in only his boxers, as usual and I felt his warm body against mine. He ran his soft, bony hand down the curves of my body and snapped the side string of my thong against my hip. He chuckled as he suckled on my shoulder. My stomach turned in knots and I bit my lip. How was I so easily turned on by my own brother? I played back a few nights ago; when we both lost our virginity to each other. 

My thoughts were disrupted my Mitch's calm whisper in my ear, "Some night, that night, huh?" He chuckled and breathed heavily on my neck. I could feel the hot moisture in his breath as I curled my toes and breathed in deeply. 

I felt Mitch's hand follow down my stomach and into my panties. I gripped onto his bare thigh and dug my nails into his pale flesh. He gasped and vigorously pulled and rubbed my clit, leaving me kicking and heaving with pleasure. He stopped right as I began to climax and I let out a squeak. Mitch threw the covers off of us and roughly positioned me on all fours. He wrapped the strings of my thong tightly around his hand, making them pull at my wet slit. I heard the snapping and ripping of fibers as I was left bare, waist down. He gently kissed my back and ran his fingers down my spine, sending chills through my body. He unhooked my bra and pulled it off. 

Caressing my boobs in both of his hands, Mitchell began grinding against my ass, slowly. He pulled my hair back, kissing my cheek, and placed his hands firmly around my jaw, tilting my head back. I ran my hands up and down his legs and scratched at his hips. He let out a soft moan as he bent over and separated my ass cheeks. Licking from my clit, past the moist slit of my pussy, Mitch made his way to flicker his tongue at my tight, puckered anus. 

Breathing deeply, Mitch got to his knees and placed my hands on the headboard. I felt him rub my back with one hand as lube was slathered carefully onto my asshole with the other. I squeezed my eyes and sucked in a short breath as the knob of Mitch's thick cock penetrated my virgin ass. I gripped the headboard harder as my brother picked up the pace, pounding into me, cramming his long, hard dick inside of me. I began to shake with pleasure and Mitch slowed down, resting his chin on my shoulder.

His deep voice rang in my ear, "You like it in your ass? Be my kitten tonight, sis."

I was shocked. I had written my sexual desires of feline role play down in a journal I keep under my bed—he must've read it. 

Ignoring those side-thoughts I let out a sexy purr, grinding my ass on Mitch's throbbing cock. "There's my little kitty", he gasped, now pounding me harder. 

His plump balls clapped against my cunt as he continuously drove his rod faster into my rear, using his right hand to rub my clit. I purred and hissed as I bucked my hips, arching my back as Mitch thrusted rhythmically into my ass, harder with each pending motion. 

Mitch grabbed my by my neck, pulling out and laid me in front of him, busting all over my face and chest. The warm, bittersweet taste of his load and the sound of his short, whimpery moans made me squirt onto his chest as he leaned over and licked all of my pussy juices. Tears ran down my face as he wiped the cum from my cheek and put his finger in my mouth. He went up to meet my lips and the sweet, salty taste of us both was mingled in our mouths.

Breathing heavily Mitch bent over, nibbled my ear and whispered "You're a good kitty, sis. You're MY good kitty."

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Posted 14 Jun 2013 07:23
Very good sequel to the first story. It's hot getting both holes deflowered for you both in about as many days. Now, the adventures can really begin.
Posted 17 Apr 2013 10:02
Nasty but Hot. Love it. More. 5+
Posted 17 Apr 2013 09:24
nyc 1
Posted 17 Apr 2013 05:20
Good followup from your first story

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