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Seducing Your Sister Pt 1

This is a repost, I edited it and added in a few things. Hope you like it and I will repost the rest of my old stories and some new ones soon.


It's another average Saturday for you, sitting in front of the TV like an average 20 year old college student home for the summer, flipping through all 200 of your channels yet somehow finding nothing on TV. Frustrated with your inability to find something on TV, you click off the tube and lay back on the couch pondering what exactly you should do today.

You are an athletic guy on your college soccer team. You stand at 6 foot weighing in at 170 pounds of pure muscle. You have short brown hair and light blue eyes. You are popular with the ladies at school but that's hundreds of miles away and all of them are too shallow for you stick with.

As you sit on the couch wondering what xbox game you should play today, your little sister Katie sneaks into the living room smiling deviously and grabs you by the shoulders.

"Jesus!" You shout out as you jump off the couch. The sudden touch scares the shit out of you and as you wheel around you see Katie clutching her stomach and laughing her ass off.

"Dammit Katie! That shit ain't funny! One day you’re gonna give me a heart attack!"

Katie stifling her giggles feels a little bad. Cocking her hip to the side she replies, "Oh come on brother! I'm just as bored as you ya know! All my stupid friends fucked off to Europe or Cabo for the summer and I'm stuck here with you! Why don't you get up off the couch and do something with me?"

Looking over Katie's body reminds you just how attractive your little sister is. At 18 years old she just graduated High School. All her years playing volleyball sure made her into a fine looking woman. Standing at 5' 7" with a slim hourglass figure, well-shaped 32 C breasts, and long light brown hair framing her gorgeous face, she was absolutely irresistible. As you look up and down your sister’s hot body you realize that you sure would like to do something with her...more like to her. You always had a crush on your sister as she did not have the hot girl complex so many gorgeous women have. Katie was the sweetest girl you knew; all the women at college could never match her personality. She was very caring and loving towards you...made you wonder if she shared the attraction...

"Hey! Are you even listening?" Katie said, bringing me back to reality.

"Oh! Right! Uhhh yeah of course Katie...I'd love to just let me think about what we should do for a bit though."

Cracking a huge grin, Katie replied, "Ok cool! I'll be up in my room...just come on up when you decide what you wanna do."

With that she hurried up the stairs towards her bedroom, your eyes following her as she walked off. Her short boy shorts and tight tank top left little to the imagination, hugging every curve of her perfect body and showing off her toned legs.

You already decided long ago the answer to your sister's question. What you wanted to do was Katie! To thrust your hard cock in her tight pussy as her body shuddered beneath you. To hear her scream in pleasure and say things no brother should hear his sister say. The real question was how? How are you going to be able to seduce your sister and make her your lover?

As you sit on the couch, thinking about how you are going to go about seducing Katie an idea pops in your head. It's risky...but maybe honesty is the best option. There is a chance Katie will freak out and cry or beat the shit out of you; warming you up for the ass kicking your dad will probably give you when he comes home.

But you just can't picture her freaking out and doing that to you...the way Katie acts towards you makes you suspect that she also has some deep-seated desire for you. If said correctly, maybe you can get her to realize how much you love her, bring out her own desire, and convince her that you belong together. To you Katie isn't just another notch on the old belt, but someone you truly care about.

You finally decide that telling her the truth would be best but you needed some help. Getting off the couch you walk over to the dining room and open your dad’s liquor cabinet. Grabbing the bottle of Jack from the front you pour a little bit into a shot glass and take down a shot of courage. Replacing the bottle and shutting the cabinet, you slowly make your way upstairs, nervous as hell.

Reaching her doorway, you see Katie lying face down on her bed with her earphones in. She looked so cute with her legs cocked up in the air and her feet crossed. Her head was propped up facing her laptop as she typed away on what you assumed was her instant messenger. You grin deviously as you realize this is a perfect opportunity for revenge...

Sneaking up behind her, you yell out as you grab onto her sides.

"What the Fuck!" Your sister screams out as her body lifts off the bed her fear quickly turning to playful anger as she sees you as the culprit.

"What the fuck bro! You scared the living shit out of me!" Katie replied, holding back her laughter, secretly enjoying their back and forth torment.

"Hey! Now were even for all that crap you've been pulling on me all week! Sneaking up on me like a ninja and scaring the shit outta me!" You say with mock anger.

Katie replied with a smile, "Well I guess were even then... but I always like to be on top!"

Your sister knew you were hopelessly ticklish; she quickly lunges at you, surprising you with her agility as she knocks you to the floor and digs her hands into your sides. Knowing this problem runs in the family, you quickly tickle her back, your hands groping her shapely hips. As you both laugh uncontrollably you can't help but feel your sister's hot body pressed tightly against you.

Her tits smashing against your chest, the feel of her soft skin against your hands as you walk the fine line between tickling her sides and caressing them. Her warm breath tickles your neck as she giggles into the crook of your neck. Your laughter starts to fade as both of you start to caress more than tickle each other. You can feel the familiar swelling in your cock as it becomes dangerously close to poking Katie's tight stomach.

Bringing her head up out of the crook of your neck she smiles at you and sweetly says, "See! I told you I always end up on top!" Giggling at her pun, she raises an eyebrow and continues, "Soooo...have you decided on what you wanna do yet?"

Looking into her pretty sparkling blue eyes that match your own and her sweet smiling face you knew it was now or never.

Uncomfortable with telling your sister how you feel in this awkward position you nervously say, "Ill...uh...tell you Katie...but...uh...if you wanna know your gonna have to let me up."

A puzzled look forms on Katie's pretty face as she notices your unease and like any good sister grows concerned over what is wrong with you. Quickly raising herself off your body she sits next to you on the carpet and holding your trembling hand asks, "Is something wrong? You seem pretty nervous about everything alright?"

Taking a deep breath, you stare into your sister's face trying to gather the courage to tell her how you feel about her. You reply nervously, "Well....I just...don't know if you really want to hear this..."

Her look of concern turning to confusion, knowing that you never had trouble talking to her before she says, "Oh come on brother out with it! You never had a problem sharing things with me before...just tell me what's up with you." Cracking a smile as she runs a hand through your hair she continues, "You know you can tell me anything."

Not sure if she has any idea the shock that is about to hit her you reply, "Ok...Ok.... look Katie...I don't know of any other way to say this but I love you! Ok? That's what I've been trying to say!"

Not quite getting what you mean, Katie replies, "Well… of course you love me silly! I love you too!"

Frustrated you let out a sigh and say, "No Katie I mean...I really LOVE you."

Your sister gasps as she sits there motionless and in shock at the realization of what you meant by saying you love her. Her brother loves her like a boyfriend would. For the first time in her life, Katie was speechless. No sharp or cute comebacks, humorous words, or funny jokes. Her mouth open and eyes wide she didn't know what to say as a million emotions ran through her head.

"I...I..." Katie said as she struggled to find words to answer your admission. But nothing came out.

Getting up off her carpet you take off down the hall to your room, shut the door, and throw yourself face down on to your bed.

You immediately freak out as you replay what you have done in your mind. What is she going to do? Did I ruin our relationship forever? Is she gonna freak out and tell dad? Will she avoid me and never want to talk to me again? Why did I go so far and throw it all away?

As millions of questions and concerns run through your brain a low knocking on your door startles you. Whipping your head around to face the door you nervously call out, "Katie...Is that you?"

In a low voice your sister replies, "’s me...can I come in...we need to talk."

As you tell your sister to come in, your body is shaking with nervousness, wondering what she is going to tell you and if you ruined your relationship forever.

As the door cracks open you realize what it must feel for those on death row who walk the green mile, the slow pain of knowing that the end is near. You're so nervous you can barely look upon Katie as she enters your room and walks over to your bed. You can hear the springs of your mattress giving a slight creak as she sits down next to you. After a moment of pause, you face each other.

Looking into your eyes and taking in a breath Katie says, "Look...I'm sorry about how I just... kinda threw a lot at me..." Reaching over and taking your hand into hers she continues, "I’ll admit it shocked me at first to hear what you had to say and it must have taken a lot of courage to admit it. I know we get along great and I have always thought you are a great guy but why me? Why do you love me so much? I mean...there's plenty of other girls out there..."

Cutting her off you say, "Katie I have loved you for years, you have always been there for me through good times and bad. You were always there to comfort me when one of my girlfriends dumped me and I was always there for you when your boyfriends turned out to be assholes..." Scooting closer to her and bringing your other hand on top of hers you continue, "It wasn't until recently I realized my true feeling for you...I'm fed up with the other girls at school! They're so shallow or cruel whereas you're so smart, sweet, and caring...don't you see Katie? We've both been looking for who we belong with out there we failed to see that what we’re looking for is right here!"

As tears welled up in her eyes, Katie asked, "You really feel that way about me?"

As you nod your head in agreement you notice that ever so familiar smile grow on Katie's face as she releases your hand and wraps her arms around your back, bringing you in close for the inevitable kiss.

You both sigh with pleasure as your lips meet and you engage in a passionate soulful kiss. As she breaks the kiss, she leans forward and whispers in your ear, "I love you too big brother...more than you know...all these years I fought it but I'm not gonna fight it anymore...."

Kissing her way back to your lips you again meet for another amazing kiss as you both start exploring each other's bodies with your hands. The feel of your sister's soft skin and amazing body was quickly bringing your cock back to life and your lust for each other builds.

Breaking the kiss, Katie stands up and pushes you down on your back. Your cock swells as Katie lifts her tight tank top over her head and tosses it to side, revealing her lingerie encased C cup tits. Noticing the building lust in your eyes and pants, Katie giggles and says, "Quid pro quo brother!" Katie finds it amusing as you tear the shirt off your chest so quick you probably made a world record. As your shoes, pants, and boxers go flying across the room, Katie slowly drops her bra, revealing the perfectly shaped breast you always dreamed of. After dropping your boxers, revealing your hard throbbing cock to Katie's feasting eyes she sticks her thumbs in the waist band of her boy shorts and slowly lowers them down her smooth thighs until they suddenly drop to her feet, quickly kicked aside.

You are overwhelmed by your sister's beauty, as she stands naked before you; her body belongs to a model you think as your eyes travel from her perfect boobs, down her hourglass curves, to her shapely hips, and down her well-formed, perfectly smooth legs.

Taking in the sight of her beauty you blurt out, "My god Katie! You're absolutely gorgeous!"

Smiling and letting out a short, sexy laugh, she replies, "Thanks big’re not so bad yourself stud! Just wait until you find out what happens now..."

As you stare upon your sister's body you shake with anticipation as she slowly approaches you, her eyes feasting on your hard cock...

Katie quickly straddles you with her thighs and leans forward, your lips meeting as you share another incestuous kiss. Both of you letting out passionate moans of pleasure as your tongues explore each other’s mouths and your hands run wild over Katie's body, again taking in the feel of her soft skin and perfect curves. Both of you become lost in the lust and pleasure of your newfound love.

Breaking the kiss, Katie smiles deviously as she rotates her body around. You are met with the sight of your sister's dripping pussy as you groan with pleasure, feeling your sister's hand grasping your hard cock and her soft moist lips lightly kissing your throbbing cock head. Turning her head to face you she says, "Well...looks like my little friend here needs some attention..."

You let out a cry of pleasure as your cock is slowly engulfed by your sister's hot wet mouth. As Katie begins to bob her head up and down your cock, you lean forward and start slowly licking around her soaking cunt lips...slowly making your way to her swollen clit.

Katie moans on your cock as you massage her clit and pussy lips with your tongue, before thrusting it inside her. You savor the taste of your sister’s soaking wet pussy, her hot juices almost pouring out of her. You both enjoy the pleasure your mouths are giving each other so much that it is nearly impossible to hold back. As your orgasms approach, both of you start sucking and licking each other faster and harder, desperately driving each other towards each other’s orgasms. The taste of your sister's dripping wet snatch is amazing as you lick up her sweet juices and tease her clit with your tongue. At the same time, Katie's mouth is doing wonders on your cock! The feel of her soft lips wrapped tightly around your hard cock, her soft hands caressing your balls, and her smooth slick tongue massaging your cockhead and opening causes your balls to tighten up and the familiar feeling of your impending release brews in your cock.

Overwhelmed by the feel of your approaching orgasm, you throw your head back and cry out "Oh god Katie! I'm gonna cum real fucking soon!" Lifting her head off your cock, she continues stroking your pole, your sister's hot slick spiddle makes the perfect lubricant as her hand stokes up and down your shaft. Giving you a wicked grin she yells out, "Then cum big bro! I wanna feel your hot jizz fill my mouth right before it slides down my throat as I swallow it all down!"

Katie replaces her mouth back on your cock just in time. You let out a loud moan as the first spurt of your cum shoots into your sister's mouth. You grip her thighs and growl with pleasure as each rope of your hot cum fills your sister’s mouth. Katie expertly catches your entire load of hot jizz in her mouth as you are overwhelmed by the power of your orgasm.

As your cock softens, Katie slowly brings her mouth off your cock, closing her lips to trap your massive load inside her mouth. Spinning back around, Katie brings her face to yours and opens her mouth showing you all the hot cum you shot in your mouth right before she snaps her mouth closed and swallows it all down effortlessly.

With a devilish smile Katie’s eyes lock onto yours as she softly says, “Mmmm I just love the taste of your hot cum big brother… I can’t believe were doing this! It’s so fucking wrong! But it’s so fucking hot!”

Wrapping her hand around your neck, she brings you in for a passionate kiss as she strokes your chest with the other, slowly moving down towards your shaft. The kissing and fondling continues for what seems like hours. Your cock swelling back to life at the feel of your sister's warm silky smooth body snuggled against you. As your hard cock rubs against Katie's thigh, she breaks the kiss and looks down at your revived cock.

Crying out with excitement, Katie stares deep into your eyes and says in a sexy voice, "Oooooo is my big brother getting horny from his poor little sister's hot know I didn't get to cum yet...and I'm dying to feel that monster inside my tight little pussy." You groan with excitement at her words as your heart pounds in your chest with lust. Katie, noticing your excitement, continues, "Does that turn you on dear brother...the thought of rolling on top of me and mercilessly thrusting your hard cock in and out of your little sister's tight, wet, hot, silky smooth pussy?"

Unable to handle her teasing anymore, you wrap your arms around your hot little minx of a sister, roll her onto her back, and crush your lips against hers to share another passionate kiss. As you kiss down her neck to her collarbone, her legs open wide and slowly rise up to straddle your hips as her arms wrap around you. Katie softly moans and gently strokes your muscular back as you suck each of her nipples into your mouth before you kiss your way back up her chest. As you kiss up her neck and chin towards her lips you cup her right breast, lightly pinching her nipple. As your lips meet and your tongues dance in each other’s mouths, your sister pulls you in tight, her soft breasts pressing into you.

Breaking the kiss, Katie smiles as she looks into your eyes and exclaims, “Damn bro! That was the hottest fucking make out session I have ever had! I am so damn horny my whole body is shaking! If you don’t fuck me soon I am gonna die!”

Taking her cue, you slowly move your cockhead forward as Katie reaches between you and wraps her thumb and two fingers around the base of your cock. Katie guides your cock until it touches the lips of her sopping wet pussy. As she slowly and gently tugs on your cock and runs the head between her hot and wet lips. You look into your sister's eyes waiting for her permission. She smiles, finding your care for her cute, and says, "After tonight we are no longer just brother and sister but lovers forever...go ahead bro...thrust that cock inside of me and make our love complete."

With a final kiss, you thrust slowly into your sister's waiting cunt, spearing through the lips of her twat and savoring the feel of her hot, tight, and slick walls of her pussy enveloping your cock. You both moan with pleasure at the exquisite feel of your long awaited union.

As your cock bottoms out inside Katie's cunt, you both stare deeply in each other’s eyes. Panting hard with passion, your sister's soft tits press against you as her hot, slick pussy squeezes your shaft. Running her hand through your hair, Katie smiles and sweetly says, "Mmmm... we did it brother... were finally together, lovers forever." Sealing your love with a kiss, you slowly thrust in and out of your sister's smooth cunt. Both you and Katie let out moans, grunts, and sighs of pleasure as you continue your tender lovemaking.

As you slowly thrust your hips back and forth, your eyes remained locked onto each other’s; you remain so close that your noses barely touch with each thrust. You lightly cup her right breast as you wrap your other hand around her left shoulder as Katie continues to caress your back, occasionally stroking your sides and hips. Katie’s soft moans quicken and her face contorts with pleasure as you thrust harder into her. By now your sister is so wet that your cock easily slides in and out of her very tight pussy.

As she wraps her legs wrap around your hips, locked at her ankles, she allows you deeper penetration, and you quicken your thrusts. As you thrust deeper inside your sister, her moans grow louder and begin to border on screams as she clutches your arms. As her breathing grew deeper and her pussy grips you tighter you can tell she is getting close to her orgasm. Her nails digging into your back, her face contorted with pleasure and her moans now sexy screams of pleasure.

You both knew you wouldn't last long, but there would be plenty of time in the future to enjoy some long and hard sex. For now you are both content expressing your newfound love with a short tender lovemaking session, the deep seated emotions you always had for each other combined with the pure erotic nature of incest drove both you and Katie closer and closer to orgasm.

"Ooooo Katie...I don't know how much longer I'm gonna last...oh god...this feels amazing!" You cry out.

Letting out a cry of pleasure, Katie replies breathily, "Oh god, it's...ok big brother...I'm gonna... ooohhhh god...cum soon too... keep fucking me bro! Make me scream!"

As hard as you try to hold off your incoming orgasm, the fact you are finally fucking the girl of your dreams, your little sister to boot, combined with the feel of her warm, perfect body against you, and the feel of her silky smooth tight pussy squeezing your cock is becoming too much for you.

Overtaken with pleasure you cry out,"Oh god Katie! I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes! Me too! Just a few more seconds and we'll cum together! Don't stop big bro!"

"Awwww shittt!! Here it comes! Im Gonna cum! God Katie I love you sooo much!" You cry out, as your orgasm builds.

"Ahhhh yes! I love you too bro! Ohhhh Gawwwdddd!!! I'm cumming!!!! Ahhhhhh!

As your orgasms hit, you thrust hard into Katie as she tightly embraces you with her arms and legs, burying your cock deep inside her welcoming cunt. Her hand wrapping around your neck as your eyes lock onto each other. You groan with pleasure as your cock head bumps into her cervix just as the first shot of your cum shoots deep inside her. As Katie feels your river of cum flowing inside her hot pussy, her orgasm hits and she cries out with pleasure as her body shakes and her cunt contracts around your cock, milking every last drop of your seed into her fertile womb. Neither of you care about the consequences as your sister accepts your potent seed into her body.

Coming down from your orgasms, your cock shrinks and falls from Katie's cum soaked pussy. After a few minutes of teasing and kissing, your sister finally speaks up, tracing lines on your chest she says,

"You know brother...we can never go back to how things were...not after this..."

Stopping her sentence with a passionate kiss you run your hands all over her soft skin, again paying homage to your sister's perfect body. Breaking the kiss you look into her eyes and say,

"Things never will go back to how they were...I'm still your brother but now I am your lover too and that's never gonna change."

After the reaffirmation of your love, both of you roll onto your sides cuddling into the classic spooning position. You enjoy the feeling of holding your sister's warm body against your own, you enjoy it so much your cock starts poking her on her soft thigh.

Turning her head Katie says with mock anger, "What again? You are an animal!"

Smiling at her mock disgust, you tease, "How about it sis? Ready for round two?"
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Posted 31 Dec 2010 23:51
Wondeful dude, wonderful.
Posted 27 Dec 2010 14:26
Smoking hot story. I love the detail and descriptions of the action, and it just gets better as it goes along. Looking forward to Part 2......
Posted 26 Dec 2010 09:36
Very HOT!!!! Loved every word of this Very sexy story. Thanks for writing and please don't stop at this one.
Posted 25 Dec 2010 17:23
I loved it! You story build up was just right and the sex was so natural. Keep it up...
Posted 25 Dec 2010 16:28
I thought it was well paced and great, nice to actually see a build up. Good job
Posted 25 Dec 2010 13:52
Welcome back to Lush. Great repost. Thanks. Send in part 2 of this series, ASAP. V=5.
Posted 25 Dec 2010 12:13
Scored with a 2 because: to boring to much 2can hand

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