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Sharing a Home: Chapter 3

CHAPTER THREE: The Morning After

Scott woke to the loud buzzing of his radio-clock’s alarm. He muttered under his breath about forgetting to turn it off since it was a Saturday morning. The clock red 6:00 in bold red LCD lettering.

Sleepiness quickly fled him, though, signaling for him to rise and shine regardless of the time. Thoughts of the night before soon permeated his awakened mind. Turning, he looked in the bed next to him. No one was there. Melisa, his younger adult sister, had shared his bed which was nothing too strange in itself.

But it was the remembering of what had occurred before they went to sleep that struck him as beyond odd. Melisa had excused herself to the bathroom in order to masturbate with her pink vibrator before returning to offer him the pair of dirty panties she’d worn all day. She’d had actually given him permission, even encouraged, for him to go the bathroom and masturbate himself with the aid of her still scented panties.

That was pretty strange, he thought, rubbing remnants of sleep from his eyes. Pretty nice, too. I’m sure it was a one time thing. She’s going through a rough time right now and just wanted to be nice to me.

Scott got out of bed, got dressed in a pair of clean khaki pants and a plain white t-shirt. He headed into the dining room where he smelled freshly brewed coffee. Melisa stood in the kitchen next to the stove frying eggs and bacon. She still wore the large shirt he’d given her last night to sleep in.

“Morning, Scott,” she greeted him without turning away from the stove.

Scott took a seat in at the dining room table still having the advantage of watching her in the adjacent kitchen.

“Morning, sis. You didn’t have to get up and cook breakfast for us.”

“I didn’t,” she responded. “I’m cooking breakfast for myself.” She laughed.

She took a coffee mug from a cabinet and poured a steaming cup of coffee before bringing it to the table and setting it in front of Scott. “I remembered what Molly said about you not being a morning person ‘til you had your cup of coffee so here you go.”

Scott thanked her while he looked her up and down.

“Is something the matter?” She asked him.

“Shouldn’t you go get dressed before the kids get up and come in here?”

Melisa flashed him a big smile and shook her head slowly. “Don’t worry, Scott. Cody never gets up before eleven on a Saturday, and besides, he’s use to seeing me walk around the house in my night gowns and sometimes less than that.”

“Christ, Mel! You don’t walk around the house half-naked in front of the boy, do you?”

“Not usually,” she giggled. “But there’s been some nights after a few rounds of tequila where I’ve pranced around the house in less than this.”

“Thanks for the warning. I’ll be sure to keep the tequila away from you.” Scott added sugar to his coffee and sipped it gingerly.

“Oh, no! You can’t do that! I’m a lot of fun after a couple shots of that stuff.”

“I’m sure you are,” Scott replied. He continued to watch her cook breakfast. When she moved her arms to flip the bacon and scramble the eggs he could see her butt twitch behind the long shirt.

“What’s the plans for today?” She asked. “You told me we’d have a good time this weekend since you were off work.”

“We’ll figure something out,” Scott told her. “We can send Molly and Cody to the store to pick up some groceries when they wake up.”

“What are we going to do?” Melisa finished cooking and came to the table with a plate full of bacon and eggs.

“I’m sure we can figure something out. Maybe we can all go catch a movie this afternoon.” Scott sipped his coffee.

“I guess I’ll get started on laundry after breakfast,” Melisa said between bites of crisp bacon. “I did promise I’d do that.”

“I’ll give you a hand. And then I should probably go take a shower since I didn’t get one last night.”

Scott finished his coffee around the time Melisa was cleaning her plate. He watched her strut back towards the bedroom. “I’m gonna go grab the laundry and get it started.”

“Okay. I’ll go get the laundry out of Molly’s bathroom.”

He stood up, headed for his daughter’s bathroom. Scott opened the hamper, reached inside to haul out all the dirty clothes, and heaved them up against his chest. A strange yet familiar smell tickled his nose. Placing the small pile of clothes on the bathroom counter he picked up a pair of Molly’s yellow panties that rested on the top of the pile. They were all wrinkled and wadded up, but he could immediately tell they were the origin of the intense smell.

“Jesus,” he mumbled. He’d done Molly’s laundry countless times but never had he found a pair of her underwear which smelled so strongly. Before he could stop himself he’d straightened the cotton panties out. His finger brushed against the white crotch causing him to pause. They were moist! Very moist. Scott glanced behind him to see if anyone was around before he quickly raise the panties to his face. He inhaled deeply.

Shit! What am I doing? Smelling my own daughter’s panties, that’s what I’m doing.

The scent was sweet and a little tangy. They were similar to the panties Melisa had given him last night, but had a distinct difference that he couldn’t really place.

Shaking his head in disgust, Scott wadded the panties up and dropped them back onto the stack of laundry. It was one thing to masturbate in a pair of his sister’s panties after she’d told him he could--a strange thing in itself--but getting turned on from his teenage daughter’s soiled panties was just letting his depravity go too far.

He headed for the back of the house where a small nook held the washer and dryer. Melisa was already busy shoveling clothes into the washer when he arrived. Scott dropped the armful of clothes at her feet.

Melisa bent down to pick through the clothes and Scott got a glimpse of his sister’s cleavage; her creamy white tits looked silky smooth and so, so succulent.

“Oh,” She said, “I was just putting colored clothes into wash.” She picked up the yellow panties from the top of the stack. She was just about to fling them into the washer when she stopped. “Oh, goodness!” She giggled.

“What’s so amusing to you?” Scott asked, unable to help smiling at her ever present cheerfulness.

“I think little Molly is becoming a sexy young woman,” she said.


“Scott, these panties are soaking wet.” She held the panties up to his face. “Can’t you smell them? I think your daughter came in them.”

“Jesus, Mel! I don’t need to be smelling my daughter’s underwear.” He wasn’t about to admit to her that he’d already done it.

“Scott, you’re just like dad, you know that? Every time the topic of sex came up he’d run off to fix something in the garage or something.”

“I don’t need to stand here and listen to this.”

“Alright, alright. I’m sorry,” Mel apologized, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “I won’t say you’re like dad ever again.” Melisa turned around and bent down to pick more clothes. The shirt she wore rode up on her hips giving Scott a clear view of what was underneath it.

Scott gawked when he saw Melisa was wearing a black thong. A tiny string vanished along the crack of her ass leaving her cheeks completely exposed. Scott somehow managed to resist licking his lips at the sight his sister’s plump ass.

“I gotta go do some things,” he blurted. “Thanks for helping with the laundry, sis.” Scott hurried back to the bedroom and disappeared into the bathroom.

Christ! I bet she slept in that thong last night. She was basically lying next to me in nothing but a shirt and a skimpy string!

Scott felt his cock stirring in his slacks. He couldn’t get the image of his sister’s bare, round ass looking back at him out of his head. He had wanted so badly to reach out and grab it. It was no big secret that Melisa had been the wild child while he’d been the more conservative kid in their family. But he’d never expected her to be walking around his house wearing such provocative clothing.

Scott spent the next few minutes brushing his teeth, shaving, and combing his hair just to get his mind off his sister’s body, and choice of clothing--or lack of.

When he came back into the den, Melisa and Molly were standing in the dining room talking.

“Morning, daddy,” Molly said, greeting him with a hug.

She wore a shiny green night gown and when she hugged him he noticed she was not wearing a bra and he could actually feel the warmth from her breast as they smashed against his chest.

“Morning, sweetheart. You didn’t sleep without a bra last night did you?”

“Oh. Well, I was under the covers all night so I doubt Cody saw anything he wasn’t suppose to.”

“Scott, leave the girl alone,” Melisa told him. “No girl likes wearing a bra at night. I didn’t wear one last night either.”

Scott frowned. “Well, that’s different. You’re a grown woman.”

“I’m sorry, daddy. I’ll make sure I wear a bra tonight, promise.” She gave him a sweet and sincere smile.

“I want you and Cody to run to the store and pick up some groceries for the weekend. Think you two can handle that?”

“Sure. Cody’s still asleep, but I gotta take a shower first anyhow. Maybe he’ll be awake by the time I’m out.” Molly headed towards her bathroom.

“I’m going to get a shower, too, since I forget to take one last night,” said Scott.

“Go clean up before you start stinking!” Melisa poked him in the chest with her index finger. “I’ll go wake up Cody or he’ll sleep til lunch.”

“Okay. I’ll be back in a moment.” Scott left to go take a shower.

* * *

Melisa stepped into Molly’s room, flipped the light switch to light up the dark room. Cody laid on his back atop the air mattress in the middle of the floor. He’d kicked most of the covers off of him as he usually did.

“Cody, honey, it’s time to get up,” she called to him. He didn’t stir. She walked further into the room, saw that Molly had already made her bed. She knelt down over her son, admiring his handsome face and muscular physique. “Cody, darling, wake up!” She said louder than before. This time Cody grumbled in his sleep.

She shook his shoulder. “Cody! Get up!”

His eyes fluttered opened. “I’m up. I’m up,” he said groggily.

“Good. You and Molly are going to run into town to pick up some things so get up and get dressed.” Melisa turned to leave. She spotted a pair of Cody’s jeans lying on the floor and bent down to pick them up.

Cody had turned his head towards the doorway just in time to catch an eyeful of his mother’s bare ass and a thin little black string running into her crack. He groaned as his cock jerked inside his shorts.

“Get up, baby! Rise and shine.” His mother called out as she exited the room. Outside the room, she headed for the back of the house to drop off Cody’s pants. Suddenly a tingle ran down her back, a devious grin showed on her face.

Oh, my God! I bent over in front of Cody. Shit, Melisa, you horny girl. You just gave your son a good look at your big ass.

It wasn’t the first time she’d flashed her son. Back at their home she had accidentally came out of the bathroom topless or completely naked and nearly ran right into her son on more than one occasion.

Accidentally, my ass! She told herself. It was only an accident the first time it happened. You just want Cody to see your body. Well, it’s not like my jackass of a husband ever wants to see it anymore!

* * *

Molly came out of the bathroom, hair shimmering, now wearing a new t-shirt and tight blue jeans. She slipped inside her bedroom, stopped in the doorway.

Cody was still laying on the air mattress, his eyes closed, but he was breathing hard and Molly could see rapid movement beneath the thin sheet covering his lower body.

“Hey! Stop that,” She called out to him, crossing the room and stepping over him.

“Oh shit. You scared the hell outta me,” he said breathlessly.

“Yeah? You better be glad it was just me and not your mom and my dad.” She laughed, plopping down on the edge of her bed. “That would’ve been hilarious if you’re mom caught you doing that.”

Cody grunted a little. “She’s caught me before,” he confessed to her.

“That’s got be embarrassing.”

Cody didn’t respond immediately. His hand was still stroking his morning wood with the thought of his mother’s sexy ass and that little black string. He knew his mother wore skimpy underwear, he’d seen them in the laundry before, but he rarely caught glimpses of her wearing such things. Whenever he did he would immediately start jerking off while the image was still crystal clear in his mind. A year ago he’d walked into her bedroom while she was in the middle of dressing. The sight of his mother in a pair of lacy red panties and her tits exposed had been burned into his mind to recall sometimes when he jerked off like right now. He could still his mom’s tits and those sexy red panties and now he also saw her ass from moments ago.

“Get out!” She shouted at him, but it wasn’t an angry shout and she’d even been smiling when she had said it. He’d instinctively backed out of her room.

Mom is so fucking hot, he was repeating to himself. Even though his mom was close to 34 or maybe 35 and she had a few extra pounds, she was still able to look hot and sexy. Cody had been thinking his mom was hot since he was old enough to jerk-off as she’d been his first and default source.

“Cody! Stop masturbating and get dressed,” he heard his cousin saying to him but he ignored her. A couple more strokes....

“Ahh, yess. Okay, okay. I’m ready.” He pushed his cock back into his shorts, wiped some cum on shirt and crawled out from under the cover. “I told you I always masturbate in the morning, Molly. You should too. It’s a great way to start the day.” But what would she think of him if he’d told her he’d just came to thoughts of his mom’s hot ass and big tits?

“Is that all you ever think about?” She shook her head at him. “Besides, I played with myself while I was in the shower. I was thinking about last night and couldn’t help myself.” She pulled on her socks, and shoes. “I think you’ve turned me into a monster.”

* * *

Molly and Cody arrived in the dining room to find both their parents sitting at the table making a shopping list.

“Put the stuff to make a chocolate pie on there, too.” Melisa was saying. “I’ll make one of those for tonight.” She started listing what was needed for the pie. “...and whipped cream, too. You can’t have a pie without whipped cream.” Melisa had changed into a red halter top with the words BAD GIRL written across the top in black lettering and a pair of tight denim shorts which were typical for her.

“Hey, honey.” Scott greeted his daughter when he saw her and Cody enter.

“Hi, baby. You finally decide to get up, huh?” Melisa said to Cody.

“Oh! I like your shirt, Aunt Mel.” Molly exclaimed. “We’re up and ready to go to the grocery store whenever you guys finish the list,” said Molly.

“I think we’re done, now.” Scott tore the list from the tablet, handed it to Molly. “You guys can take my car. Keys are hanging up by the door.”

“Okay-dokey, daddy.” Molly grabbed her jacket from the hanger. “Come on, Cody. You can drive.” Molly had just gotten her license a month ago, but she never minded someone else doing all the driving.

“Cool,” replied Cody.

“Be back in a flash!” Molly called as they rushed out the door.

“So what’s our plans, bro?” Melisa tapped her knuckles on the table.

“Well, we’re low on beer. Would you like to run to the liquor store and pick up some more?”

“Sure, we can do that. The laundry should be ready to switch when we get back.”

They took Melisa’s car, drove to the liquor store a few blocks away. They didn’t talk much instead they sang to the radio which was set to a classic rock station. When they exited the liquor store they were both totting packages full of beer, Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, and Captain Morgan.

“Are we going to keep the same sleeping arrangements for tonight?” Scott asked on the drive back.

“Yeah, we should. I don’t want to worry about having to fix up new arrangements tonight. Besides I think the kids are fine sharing a room and it worked out great for us, too,” She added that girly giggle after she made the last remark.

Back at the house they put the beer and liquor away, Melisa swapped the laundry. Then they took a seat on the couch to unwind and watch television. It was almost 11:30.

They had been watching t.v. for a while when Melisa patted Scott on the thigh. “This has been fun, just you and me. I’d much rather be sitting her with you than sitting at home with that sleazebag of a husband.”

Scott looked over at his sister. “Yeah, it has been fun. Molly and Cody get along real good, too. You’ve raised a real fine young man, sis.”

“Well, thanks.” She slapped his thigh again, a little harder this time. “You’ve raised a fine young woman yourself.”

A few moments went by without a word between them. Melisa thought back earlier and wondered again if Cody had seen her bend over. She never minded when he got a glimpse of her, but it was always a little embarrassing to her--or maybe it just caused her to feel naught.

Melisa scooted closer to her brother. She slid a hand along his thigh. “Scott, look at me for a second.”

Scott faced his sister. She kissed him on the lips. Her lips brushed his for only a second, but it sent a powerful charge through Scott’s body.


“Be quiet, Scott,” she whispered. She kissed him again. She held her lips tightly to his and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

“Melisa,” Scott shifted on the couch. “What are you doing?”

“C’mon, Scott,” she pleaded in a low voice. “You haven’t been with a woman in a long time and I haven’t been with a man I truly cared about in... well, forever. We both need some attention.” Melisa moved swiftly, a blur to Scott, but she ended up straddling his lap with her knees on either side of him. Her mouth pressed to his again.

Scott didn’t know what else to do or say so he kissed her back. His arms went around her and held on tightly to her ass.

“God, Scott, I need you so bad.” His sister moaned next to his face. A second later she had her halter top pulled up and over her head. Her large tits were covered only by a lacy black bra. Her hips began moving; she was grinding her pelvis into him.

Everything had happened so fast. Scott hadn’t had a woman show him this kind of attention since his wife was alive. His body no longer cared that it was his own sister grinding into him causing him to lose control.

Melisa reached behind her and unclasp her bra. It felt to the floor. His sister’s titties sprang free right in front of his face.

“Holy shit, Melisa!” He bellowed. “I can’t believe your doing this.”

“Me either,” she replied in a husky tone. “I’m just so fucking horny, Scott, and I haven’t wanted a man so bad in my life.” She lifted one of her huge breast and directed the nipple into her brother’s mouth. He opened his mouth with no resistance.

He clamped his lips down on her hard nipple and started sucking. Melisa moaned loudly, her head tossed slightly back, pushing her tit closer to his mouth.

“Ohh, Scott! That feels sooo good. Suck my tit harder!”

Scott’s hands traveled up and down his sister’s bare back and side feeling her rounded curves. The more he sucked her nipple the faster and harder she dry humped him.

They really getting into it when a sound caused both of them to stiffen. A car door slamming followed by voices outside.

“Oh fuck! The kids!” Melisa hurriedly climbed out of her brother’s lap, scooped up her bra and top before scampering into the bedroom. Frightening images of her son and niece catching her topless on her brother’s lap raced through her head.

Scott stood up, a rush of dizzying heat flushed over him. It was then he realized just how hard and stiff his cock had become--it was making his pants jut out. He hurried into the bedroom just as he heard the front door opening.

Inside the bedroom he braced himself against the wall trying to clear his mind. Trying to think of something to get his erection to go away.

“Dad, we’re back!” He heard his daughter call.

“Alright, sweety,” he called back. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

Melisa walked out of the bathroom, all her clothes back in place. She shot a devious grin at Scott, and approached him. Pushing her body against his, she reached down and rubbed the back of her hand over his crotch.

“Stop it,” he growled at her, swatting her hand away.

She kissed him lightly on the cheek. “I’ll stop for now,” she whispered. “But tonight you’re getting a lot more than my panties.” She licked the side of his face before strutting out of the bedroom.

Jesus H. Christ. My sister’s gone mad and wants to fuck me. He pushed his back farther against the wall, closed his eyes. Well, shit, he thought. He hadn’t had sex in over a decade and now his sexy sister was ready and willing.

I’d be an idiot not to enjoy this.

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Posted 11 Oct 2011 18:06
this is a fun read,,,,very sensual!!! lots of hints of things to come,,,god, i love family sex!! a 5 of course!
Posted 18 Aug 2011 00:30
great jus like the other.. lookin forward to reading more
Posted 10 Aug 2011 00:29
i hope we get to see cody inside molly soon:P
Posted 08 Aug 2011 14:00
Damn that was HOT
Posted 08 Aug 2011 10:03
After red hot part two, this cooled my ardour. Might he not even have asked for a hand with his morning wood? I like that the used panties are still playing a part, but yet there's not enough to have my juices flowing. Not even a roadside handjob to add some spice.
Posted 08 Aug 2011 06:55
dam that was great,, more more!!!
Posted 08 Aug 2011 02:52
Good lead up to - The Next Instalment Thank you

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