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Sibling Lovers

I never meant to fall in love with my sister. . .
I stood in the kitchen preparing dinner and looked through the open partition over the bar at the love of my life sitting in the chair in the living room with her legs crossed. She was dressed in her robe and reading quietly while sipping the blush occasionally that was sitting on the table beside her. As I looked at her sitting there with her bare legs showing, it took me back to when our relationship first started...

I was eighteen. Melinda was twenty-two. From the moment Melinda touched my pussy, I knew she was the one for me. I still remember how her finger first felt gently touching my smoothness. I especially liked it right after I had freshly shaved. The feeling was just so sensitive afterwards.

Melinda knew a lot of things. She was so knowledgeable in all areas and I learned so much from my older sister. All I had to do was watch Melinda and I would learn something new. Cooking, cleaning, fixing things, or even plumbing, Melinda could do it, but it was sex she did best. I know this because she taught me about it. It was the reason why I fell in love with her.

I was a senior in high school and it was a normal morning where Melinda and I shared the bathroom; her getting ready for work and me getting ready for classes. She would always shower first while I got things ready to make ourselves pretty.

I would always be naked while waiting for Melinda to get out as I got our pretty paint together. Deep down inside, I always looked forward to seeing her naked, so the minute she was finished and reaching for the towel, I could not wait to see her body.

She was shorter than me and stood just five feet in her bare soles. However, I was not much taller than her, maybe just by two inches. Melinda was very petite and very curvy. There was no fat on her short slender body. It was very tight and perfect in every way. Her breasts were very pert and medium sized, kind of made her body a little out of balance since she was so tiny. Her thin legs complimented her body in a natural way though. They were smooth and silky and led right to a spot that was just as smooth and velvety. Every time she got out of the shower and I saw her standing there naked, her perfect pussy was actually on which my eyes concentrated.

My pussy was nothing compared to Melinda's. While her outer labial lips formed the most perfect seam and concealed what was inside, my outer ones were more prominent. I felt inferior to her because mine ruffled slightly while her's were perfectly up and down. Not that mine were not vertical, they were, but not with the perfection of Melinda's. With mine rippling up and down as they would, I felt compared to those of a female horse.

But that was the way I was made and I could not help that. I just wished my pussy looked more like my sister's. Granted we were both smooth, it just did not look natural to me. I was four years younger than her and I felt that I should have had the most perfect sexual lips. I knew that was wrong since I could not help the way we both came out, but sometimes certain things were unnerving. This was one of them. I felt that way until the day Melinda touched my pussy.

As usual, we both awoke at the same time and began our morning ritual. Melinda started the shower so that it would be nice and hot. I was sitting on the toilet using it as Melinda turned around and removed her robe exposing her short naked tight body. I knew there was something up when she smiled.

"Vicki, take a shower with me this morning," Melinda said with a curve in her upper lip.

I had just begun to wipe myself when I was taken aback at her statement. My hand was still stuck between my legs in a pause when I looked at her with a very peculiar look.

"You want me to do what, Mel?" I said, not knowing what else to say.

"You heard me Vick. Take a shower with me."

"Mel, what's wrong with you this morning? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"

"Oh come on Vick! Let's not waste the water like we do every morning. I bet it'll be fun! Come on!"

I sat there on the commode finally able to finish wiping and felt a tingle as the paper swished over my clit. I shivered and did not know Melinda could see it.

"See, you shuddered just at the thought. I saw it. Please join me Vick!"

I wondered if Melinda really knew that it was because I touched my clit slightly than the thought of being in the shower with her. I thought I must have been crazy even considering about getting in the shower with my older sister. But as I stood, I felt the beginning of arousal and could not believe it. I began to think something was wrong with me. Then I wondered if something was wrong with Melinda.

At the time, I was not sure if I was going to do the correct thing, but I walked toward Melinda and she immediately had a different glow. It was arousal, although I did not really realize it at the time.

I followed Melinda into the shower and the hot water immediately fell over my body. Melinda slid the shower door closed and again smiled at me. I knew that she was up to something; I could tell that she was thinking.

I stood there not knowing what to do as I watched Melinda take the soap and squirt it heavily over the bath sponge. She turned her body so that it was under the shower's sprinkles and said as she handed me the sponge.

"Here, wash me" she said.

I looked at her and could not move.

"Don't look at me like that Vick. Wash me. You know, like you wash yourself."

"Really Mel, this is too much. I shouldn't even be in the shower with you. This is just so wrong" I said.

Then I threw the sponge down to the shower floor and reached for the door to slide it open to exit.

"No Vick. Stay. Please? What's wrong with this?"

"Melinda, what's wrong with this? You really have to ask that? Think big sister, THINK!"

I turned my back and did not know she had reached down and picked up the sponge sopped with soap. I began to slide the shower door to exit when I felt the heaviness of the sponge hit me in the back.

"Shower pooper!" Melinda yelled and laughed.

I turned around and Melinda splashed water in my face and smiled. I reached down and grabbed the sponge. When I came back up, my head was in line with her pussy. I stared at its perfection and wished mine was like hers. I tried not to stare long and continued up with the sponge to squeeze the suds over her head.

As the soap ran down Melinda's face, I could see the smile. I continued to watch the trail of soap run down her breasts that offset her body, and the suds followed the contour of her rather large nipples, much larger than mine. It was funny to me that I was finding how different our bodies were to each other, but it seemed she did not care. Or did she and I just did not know it?

"See, I knew you would enjoy this Vick! Now will you help?"

I smiled at my big sister and put more soap on the sponge. Little did I know that it would turn into a teaching session.

Melinda turned around and I pressed the sponge to the middle of her back. The suds rolled down her wet skin all the way to her round ass. I preceded to run the sponge down the crease of her back then back up. As I did, Melinda began to moan a little. I just figured it felt good to her.

At first, I was hesitant to go lower, but something inside me told me to do so. I was not sure what that was, but I listened to it, taking the sponge and rubbing gingerly across Melinda's posterior. In doing so, I lost my balance and my bare hand planted right on one of her round cheeks. A feeling passed through me I could not explain. I had never felt a feeling like the one I had. I did not even know how to describe it. Melinda, however, loved my bare hand on her ass.

"My ass feels good doesn't it, Vick?"

It did feel good, but I did not know how to answer her. My big sister's petite ass was firm. It felt like a smooth balloon. I began to wonder what the item in front of it felt like. That's when I began to question myself.

"Uh huh, you not saying anything says enough. Want to feel more of me little sis? I sure would love that." Melinda said and turned around.

When she did, her firm C-cups brushed across my A ones. I let out a little sigh as I felt her nipples brush across mine. I lifted the sponge and drug it across one of her breasts and felt the firmness of it. It felt a lot like mine but with more depth. Her nipple began to lengthen and become rigid under the sponge. It got so hard and long, I cold almost balance the sponge on it and it would not fall to the shower floor. Without even thinking, I took my free hand and began to feel her other breast. In fact, I actually thought I was feeling my own until I realized what I was doing. How could I have made such a mistake?

So, I jerked my hand away. When I did, Melinda asked, "Why'd you take your hand away, Vick? That's what I want you to do. Isn't it obvious that this is more than just a shower now?"

I admitted to myself that it was, but I just did not want to admit it to Melinda. Why? I really did not know. At the time, I think I did not want her to know I was enjoying it. She was my sister after all and we were not supposed to be doing this. At least that was what I thought.

Then Melinda showed her true feelings for me. She looked into my eyes and brushed her hand over my cheek, touching the corner of my lips slightly. The look she had was more than a sisterly look. It was a look of both desire and love. While I was contemplating that, Melinda pressed her lips to mine as I felt her hands squeeze my ass. Immediately, I dropped the sponge and gave into my sister's hold.

As she kissed and squeezed, our breasts touched each other and I could feel my pussy reacting. My sister was arousing me. It felt so wrong, but at the same time, it felt so right.

I felt my personal arousal mix with the the water of the shower as Melinda continued to kiss me. I felt my ruffled labia begin to warm as the moment turned even more sexual. I began to fall more into the kiss and my hands began to explore Melinda's silkiness. I ran them over her back, down to her ass and back over her sides where I cupped her right breast with one and squeezed. I massaged it gently, feeling her medium mound's tenderness. Melinda moaned loudly into my lips as I felt the heat fill her already long nipple.

I stopped massaging Melinda's breast suddenly though as I felt her hand go to where my hand had only ever been. The jolt of Melinda's hand covering my pussy surprised me and I felt sort of embarrassed as her hand rubbed over my rather large sexual lips. I felt the blush enter my face and heat my cheeks. Melinda saw it also.

"Vick, no need to feel embarrassed because I am feeling your pussy, I feel mine all the time."

I paused and looked into her face then grabbed her hand and pulled it away from my rippled slit before I could say, "But, um, mine does not look like yours. Yours is perfect. Mine is, well, ugly."

"Vicki, what makes you think yours is ugly? I like your pussy. I always have."

"Melinda, have you really looked at it? I mean really looked at it and then looked at yours?"

"Enough to know that you are normal."

"Umph, the only thing normal about me are my breasts." I said.

Melinda looked at me and smiled a smile I had never seen. I could tell she was up to something. Then again, this whole morning was nothing but surprises.

"Let me show you just how normal you are little sister!" Melinda exclaimed and I made a sound I had never made before as I felt her finger pierce my sexual opening.

The feeling was immaculate as Melinda's finger sunk knuckle deep into my wet orifice. There had never been anything else in my pussy other than my own finger, and it felt nothing like my sister's. The feeling was so much more intense and gratifying. It was the start of being sibling lovers.

All of this happened ten years ago and I am now twenty-eight and Melinda is thirty-two and we have been lovers ever since. A week after I graduated from high school, we moved in together into this apartment just so we could be with each other all the time.

Of course, everybody thinks we are just sisters. Nobody knows the real truth of us eating each other's pussy or feeling each other's breasts. It has been our little secret since that morning ten years ago in the shower.

I never meant to fall in love with my own sister. I am sure that Melinda did not mean to fall in love with me. It just happened.

Right now, I can't help but wonder if Melinda has anything on underneath the robe as she sits and reads. Her short legs were just so smooth as they crossed each other. Just thinking that Melinda was bare under it as she sat there made my pussy wet. I thought it best to turn back around and continue cooking.

When I set our dinner to simmer and turned back around, what I wondered about Melinda sitting there was answered. She had her feet propped up on the arms of the chair, her legs spread, and she was rubbing her pussy. The sight was so beautiful. I loved watching my older sister feel herself. What I liked better was being a part of it.

My pussy began to get wetter as I watched. I had to join her. It was little moments like this that started a sexual session.

I felt funny removing my clothes in the kitchen, but at the same time, it felt exhilarating. Quietly, I moved as gracefully as I could to the living room and stood behind the chair where Melinda sat. She was moaning softly as her finger slid slowly over her perfect partition. In the ten years that had passed, Melinda's pussy never changed. It was still as beautiful as I had always seen.

Slowly, I reached inside her robe and to her bare shoulders and began to massage. She moaned a little louder and took her free hand and rubbed over the top of my hand over her right shoulder. It was a gentle touch to send a message. I could feel what that message was.

I rubbed her shoulders slowly in circles which caused her to relax and forget about her pussy for the moment, although she kept her legs spread. Mel let her arms flop down in a very relaxed state as my hands mended the knots in her muscles.

Melinda arched her head as if she was going to look at me, but she had her eyes closed enjoying the moment. As I continued to rub gently I said, "Have I ever told you how much I love you, Mel?"

"Mmm, all the time, but I never hear it enough, Vick."

"I love you Melinda. I don't know what I would do without you. I am glad you are my sister."

"More than that Vicki, I am glad you are my lover."

I leaned down and kissed my sister, my lover, tenderly. As always, Melinda's lips were full and this time, tasted with a hint of sweet alcohol. As we locked lips, I drifted my hands down further and cupped her still pert breasts, their centers already extended firmly and hot. I began to pull on her long erect nipples, tweaking them, my fingers rolling them ever so slightly. I felt her whole body twitch as I kissed and tweaked. The heat was finally entering her body.

I pulled away from Melinda and slowly walked in front of her. I watched her eyes encompass my body. My A-cups were firm, my tiny nipples poking out like hers, just not as long, and my ruffled pussy lips were damp. Mine were not the only ones.

Melinda's inner lips had begun to poke out from stimulation. It had also begun to leak naturalness onto the leather of the chair. I knelt in front of her spread legs and could smell the sweet aroma of her sex escape. Just as I had done in the past and never tired of doing, I put my mouth to her pussy and ran my tongue through her sensual crease. My sister never tasted any differently. She was just as sweet as always.

I slurped her goodness as my hands found her medium mounds and gently squeezed. Melinda immediately released more of her internal nectar. I collected its warmth on my tongue as her inner core flowed gingerly. The sounds Melinda made as my tongue opened her slit, passing up and down slowly, made my pussy drip. I know it was because of the double stimulation I was giving her.

And I wanted to give her more. Slowly, I took my mouth from Melinda's sweet partition, and started kissing up her body, folding open the robe in places that were covered. Her skin was just as soft as normal and tasted of hot desire. I stuck my tongue inside her belly button and circled the tip around. Melinda arched her body into the leather chair and the slow drawl of, "Ooohhh ssshhhiiittt," exited her mouth. I knew it would get to her since it was one of her erogenous zones. It always did. Especially as I trailed my tongue up her stomach afterwards. But what really got her going was being pussy to pussy. I think it was the way my rather large center lips rubbed on Melinda's usually hidden ones. To me, my pussy was still ugly, and always will be, but it finally served a purpose.

We never had to use toys or insert anything for either of us to get off. With the shape of my rippled contoured sexual flaps, the movement of them over the smoothness of Melinda's was enough. It was how Melinda and I always had an orgasm. It just felt natural to us. And it did not matter which one of us was on top or bottom. My huge folds always rubbed the right way.

Slowly, I crawled up into the chair with my sibling lover, finally pushing the robe away from her body and found a way for our legs to intertwine with each other so that our pussies touched. The moment my labia touched hers, I could feel the heat from hers stimulate mine and I could feel the heat from mine stimulate hers.

Melinda gasped air as my pussy touched hers and said, "Oh Vick, I'll never tire of this feeling. I love how your pussy envelopes mine with its ruffled tenderness. Don't ever say yours is ugly again!"

Melinda's statement sent a spark through me and I did not need to even answer her. I let my body do that for me.

"Mmm, yes, I made my lover wetter! It's so hot to have you leak on my clit, Vick!"

I felt her clit start to erect itself under my wet ripply sensitiveness. Slowly, I began to move over it, feeling my large labial lips part and ride over it, my internal slickness providing enough lube for sliding.

I could already feel the tingles of my orgasm forming quicker than usual and I had just began rocking on Melinda. The feeling was so much more intense than usual. I was never able to bring myself to orgasm that quickly, but my body was already preparing for release. I could tell Melinda knew, but as I went to warn her, she interrupted.

"Oh fuck, Vicki, you are going to make me cum! I've never came this quickly. I am almost there!"

"You are not the only one Mel! I thought it was just me!"

"Mmmm, I...I...I can't stop it! Oh God, Vick!" I heard my older sister yell at the same time I felt her pussy contracting as mine rubbed against hers.

Mel let out a long breath as her body twitched in release. I felt her warm cum exit her pink arousal. In unison, I gripped her shoulders with my hands as my clit pulsed onto hers and I covered her pussy with my clear hot core. I felt it flow out of me and mix with hers. There was nothing better than cumming at the same time with your lover. Especially when that person is also a sibling.

Somehow, Melinda and I managed to collapse arm in arm in the chair in a heap of sexual satisfaction. We were two naked bodies having doused ourselves with willingness once again.

I stroked my older sister's hair as I looked at how beautiful and perfect she was. Melinda had taught me what it was like to love. Looking back now, I think me and Melinda always knew we would end up together. It just took one simple touch of my pussy ten years ago. It has honestly been the best ten years of my life. I look forward to spending the rest of it with my sibling lover.

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Great story
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Exceedingly good. A lovely building story to enjoy.
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Good story, but is a partition the same as a pussy?

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