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Sibling Shower

A brother has a fantasy about showering with his younger sister.

Sibling Shower

By Reeb


My younger sister Amy had been living with me for the last couple of months. She had a big fight with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay so I agreed to let her move in with me until she got back on her feet.


Amy is nineteen years old, stands about five feet four inches tall, with blue-green eyes and sandy curly blonde shoulder length hair. Her breasts are very large for her small petite frame. She has a very thin waist with an absolutely perfect heart shaped ass.


Amy always sports a dark tan so she has some very sexy tan lines. I’ve caught many glimpses of her pale white breast flesh or her pale white pussy mound inside her sexy panties. I love her nipples, which become very puffy and erect when she’s cold or aroused.


Over the past six years, I’ve watched my sister develop into an extremely sexy and desirable woman. Needless to say, she had become a fantasy of many of my masturbation sessions. Now that she was living with me, my desires and sexual fantasies were running wild.


I am nine years older than her and I’ve enjoyed the single bachelor life. At twenty-eight, I have my own house and I enjoy a very active sex life. Since Amy moved in though, I’ve found myself staying home a lot more to be in her presence.


I’m about six feet tall, dark hair, well built with blue-green eyes. I’ve been with many very attractive and hot women in my life. I’m very well endowed with a thick eight inch cock when fully erect so pleasing the ladies was never a problem.


As the time passed and we became more comfortable with each other, Amy’s attire became a lot more revealing. My cock was constantly in a state of semi-hardness as she pranced around sometimes in only her panties. I returned the favor, walking around in only my underwear too.


I know she could see the effect her sexy body was having on me as she took several hard long looks at my semi-hard cock. We began to play this sexual game between us as we seemed to take pleasure in arousing each other. Every day was a new and exciting experience as we kept pressing each other a little bit farther.


She began wearing her sexiest panties, so sheer I could almost see her pussy lips or the sexy crack between those gorgeous globes of butt flesh. She would wear matching sheer bras or skin tight thin tee shirts which her erect nipples pressed through the fabric, causing my cock to thicken.


We began to enter the bathroom whenever the other was in the shower, making some excuse to be in there. My shower stall has these soft frosted doors up to shoulder height and it is clear over that so you can see out but others cannot see in. You can see the sexy shape of each others bodies but void of detail.


I could stand there pretending to pee, all the while looking in the mirror above the sink at my sister’s gorgeous body. She would sometimes get so close to the shower doors that I could almost clearly see her voluptuous figure. As I pretended to pee, I stroked my hard thick cock fantasizing about fucking my sexy little sister.


One day I was sitting on my recliner in the living room when she walked in wearing a sexy blue laced pair of boy shorts panties and matching bra. As she turned toward the TV, I pleasantly stared at her sweet little ass inside those sexy panties. I was wearing a pair of loose fitting gym shorts with no underwear underneath.


My cock was stone hard, long and thick as I stared at her sexy butt. I couldn’t help myself as I pulled my cock out and began to slowly stoke my throbbing shaft. She leaned forward a bit and I could see her pussy mound from behind. God, what an absolutely gorgeous sight before my lustful eyes as I moaned slightly staring at my sister’s sexy panty clad ass.


Turning, she saw what I was doing as she faced me. I could see a wet spot forming on her panties as she just stood there watching me stroke my hard throbbing shaft. My cock head was huge and purple as pre-cum formed on the tip. My hand gripped it firmly as I stroked it hard and slow while I took in every inch of her fantastic body.


“Ronnie, put that big thing away, Jesus all mighty!” she moaned as she continued to just stare at my throbbing cock.


“Damn Amy, I can’t help it, you look so fucking hot!” I moaned out as I pulled on my thick shaft.


I couldn’t believe what she did next as she slid her right hand over her tanned abs, across her smooth belly to the elastic band of her panties. Her eyes focused on only my thick cock, she slid her fingers under and inside her panties searching out her erect clit.


“Oh my, god yesssssssss!” she moaned as her fingers touched her swollen button.


As I watched her fingers working her erect clit inside her panties, my cock felt like it grew even larger as I stoked harder and faster now. I was feeling that familiar feeling as I was getting close to cumming. We were both in a trance as we both masturbated in front of each other.


Her left hand reached up and began cupping and caressing her right breast. She was pinching and pulling at her swollen nipple through the material of her sheer bra. Her nipples were all puffy and were huge, pointing out, begging to be freed from the confines of her sexy lace covering.


As the intensity of my sexual pleasures increased, I began to stiffen and push my hard cock forward. My eyes were locked onto my sister’s hands as she fingered herself and caressed her nipples right before my eyes. My heart was pounding as we looked into each others eyes as I began to cum violently.


“Ah fuck yessss Amy, I’m cumming!” I yelled out.


I stiffened my body, pointed my cock toward Amy as I shot a huge load of white hot cum high in the air, landing on Amy’s shoulder and trailing down onto her laced covered left tit. My second spurt went almost as high but this time landed on my chest, then a third spurt up across my stomach.


A look of shock came across Amy’s face as her left hand moved over and touched my thick white cum. She rubbed it between her fingertips as she looked directly into my eyes. She had a scared look in her eyes like she felt we pushed this sexual teasing game too far. My cum hitting Amy brought her back to reality as she quickly left the room and went into the bathroom.


I waited for a few minutes, cleaned myself up as my heart was still pounding. I couldn’t get the sight of Amy masturbating in front of me out of my mind. My cock began to harden again as I pictured her small fingers inside her panties, thrashing at her swollen clit. I heard the shower water start up and the sounds of Amy stepping into the shower.


Consumed by lust, I stood sliding my shorts off, hard thick cock in hand as I walked toward the bathroom. As if in a trance, I watched my hand reach out and turn the bathroom door handle, opening the door. Amy’s back was to me so she didn’t see me enter the bathroom.


My cock was rock solid and very heavy in my hand as I approached the shower door. Slowly I slid the shower door open, Amy felt the rush of cool air and turned toward me. Her eyes widened as she saw me step inside, hard throbbing cock in hand.


“Ronnie, we can’t do this. It isn’t right. We took this teasing too far.” She said.


“You seemed to like watching me, Amy.” I replied.


“I know, I just couldn’t take my eyes off that gorgeous cock of yours, but we can’t have sex. That would be incest!” she said as she tried to cover her naked pussy and huge breasts.


“I know Amy, I know we can’t. Let’s just take a shower together. I’ve always had a fantasy about showering with you. Can we? Please?” I begged her.


“I don’t know about this.” She seemed to question herself.


“I promise not to try to have sex with you. We can just watch each other get washed, ok? Come on Amy, we’re already here.” I pleaded with her.


“Well I guess we can but no touching, ok!” she commanded.


“Ok sis, you got it.”


We started to lather up our bodies, her hands cupped and caressed her soap covered breasts. It was an extremely sexy sight which caused my cock to stand straight out. We watched each other slid our soap covered hands all over our wet bodies. She watched closely as I lathered up my hand and began stroking my hard cock again.


Her hands were cupping her breasts and rolling her puffy erect nipples between her soapy fingers as she watched my hand gliding up and down my shaft. I heard her let a soft moan escape from between her lips as she turned her back to me, leaning against the shower wall, pushing her sexy butt towards me.


I moved towards her, reached around her and pulled her back against me. I bent my knees as my hard thick cock slid under her butt and between her thighs. Her pussy lips touched the top of my cock as I felt her hot juices oozing over my shaft.


My hand covered hers as I began to caress her swollen nipples between my soapy fingertips. Her hands pressed against the shower wall as I kneaded and cupped her huge soft breasts. She moaned with pleasure as our soapy bodies slid softly against each other.


I slid my cock slowly back and forth against her slick pussy lips, spreading them more on each pass. Her soft slick soap covered butt pressed into me as I caressed her young teenage body. Her breathing was becoming heavier and more labored as her sexual pleasures increased. She was loosing control, loosing her will to not make love to her older brother, loosing her will not to commit incest.


Suddenly she said “Ah what the fuck!” and reached down between her legs, changed the angle of her hips and pressed my swollen cock head upwards.


My thick cock glided into her hot tight pussy in one smooth slow stroke. I couldn’t believe it, my shower fantasy was coming true, I was making love to my sexy little sister in my shower. My mind raced as I pulled her soft little butt toward me, holding my thick throbbing cock deep inside my sister’s pussy.


“Ok Ronnie, you got me so hot, now fuck your little sister good!” she moaned softly.


“You got it sis!” I said as I slowly pulled out of her tight pussy, then very slowly pushed back into the hot folds of her juicy cunt.


“Oh fuck yes, oh my, yes, that’s it, ummmmmmmmmmmm!” Amy moaned.


My hard thick eight inch cock spread her young tight pussy, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure throughout her young teenage body. I cupped her soft breast flesh and rolled her erect nipples between my fingertips as my cock glided in and out of her slick pussy.


So slow, teasingly slow, I fucked her from behind as she moaned with pleasure. I moved my right hand to her right hip as I pulled her to the side, changing the angle of my inward thrust, hitting new nerves inside her pussy, sending intense waves of pleasure throughout her young body.


I slowly began grinding into her, slowly pressing deep inside her hot tight cunt as she moaned out obscenities, begging for more, begging me to fuck her harder and faster. Her body was shuddering, her hips quivering as her orgasm approached.


“Yes Ronnie, oh god, ah that’s it, oh fuck, yes, give me that big cock, fuck, oh fuck yesssssssss!” she moaned loudly.


I moved my right hand around between her legs and began rubbing her erect clit. I could feel my hard cock gliding between my fingers as I pressed slowly on her love button. Pressing harder, I began rubbing her swollen clit all around, up, down, side to side. Within seconds, my sexy little sister was shaking and shuddering all over as she began to experience a very intense orgasm.


“Oh my fucking god! I’m cumming!” she yelled out.


As she shuddered all over, I began to fuck her from behind harder and faster. Her orgasm went from one right into another, then another as my cock pounded into her pussy. Her wet butt flesh was slapping into my thighs, over and over as she shuddered through wave after wave of multiple orgasms.


She leaned back into me, grabbing my sides, stopping me and holding my hard cock deep inside her. I could feel her pussy muscles gripping, contracting and convulsing around my hard cock. It was so hot feeling myself deep inside my sister’s tight pussy, finally I thought.


Leaning her head on my right shoulder, she looked into my eyes as our lips met for the first time. Our kiss was electric, a kiss of lovers with a passionate love and desire for one another. Our tongues danced, chasing each others wildly as we kissed long and hard.


As we broke our kiss, she said “My god Ronnie, that was the most intense orgasm I ever had. I can’t believe how hot that was.”


“You know what they say sis, incest is best.” I said as we laughed.


“I always wanted to do this but I thought I just couldn’t. I’m so glad we finally did it.” Amy said softly.


“Let me do something for you now.” Amy said as my hard cock slipped out of her pussy as she turned and dropped to her knees in front of me.


“Holy fuck Amy, you’re so fucking gorgeous! I moaned as she gripped my huge cock in her small hands.


I leaned back against the shower wall as the hot water cascaded over our bodies. Her gorgeous face looked up into my eyes as she parted her soft red lips. I watched as my purple cock head slid slowly between her lips, gliding into her warm mouth. It was one of the most erotic sights ever seen in my life.


My sister slowly gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. The intensity was multiplied by ten because of the taboo nature, a brother getting head from his sexy little sister. My mind reeled as I intently watched my sister suck my hard cock.


She rolled her tongue softly around my cock head as she slid up and down my thick shaft. She cupped her lips and glided up and down the length of my shaft, then slipping the head back inside her mouth. My little sister was a very good cock sucker as it turned out.


Within minute, she had me on the verge of cumming. Sensing this, she slowed her pace, holding me on the brink of orgasm. Over and over she brought me close, held me there then started over again. My knees were getting weak from the intense pleasures my little sister gave me.


“I want to cum on your tits, sis!” I asked her.


She began bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, faster and faster. My cum began to rise in my body as she sensed me nearing my orgasm. She sucked me harder and faster when she suddenly pulled off my cock and pressed her sexy tits together.


I gripped my cock and stroked hard only two time until I was shooting another huge load of cum. Three huge spurts of hot white com shot onto Amy’s sexy tits. She smiled at me as she rubbed my cum all over her soft breasts. She rubbed her nipples between her cum covered fingertips and then stuck her fingers in her mouth, licking off my cum.


As she stood up, I pulled her tight, kissing her passionately as our wet bodies pressed together, her soft breasts tight against my chest. With my semi-soft cock pressing into her belly, I suddenly felt myself getting hard again. She felt it growing too as she looked up into my eyes.


“Let’s rinse off and continue this in the bedroom, ok big brother?” she said in a sexy manner.


“Ok sis, god you make me so horny.” I said laughing.


We rinsed off each other, kissing passionately, dried each other off and moved to the bedroom. We spent the rest of the day fucking and sucking in every possible way one could imagine. My shower fantasy, no my deepest and darkest taboo fantasy finally came true, to make love to my gorgeous little sister.


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that was a hot story u should send a pic of ur hot sis to this email
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Ooh fuck that was good my cock is throbbing 10/10
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nice story...
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hot...up to your normal high standards
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Great story.... really shows that incest is best!
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as always...absolutely outstanding
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Oh Reeb. It's about time you posted another story. This one is hot as any. Really HOT!
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That was a very hot story! Keep up the good work...
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Fantastic!!!! Hope to read more from you.
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What a story! nice!

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