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Sissy - Chapter 7

Little sister moves in with couple
Even the next morning, they didn’t talk about it, as though analyzing or discussing it would ruin what they had experienced together. They weren’t self-conscious about it; they talked normally, as though nothing had happened. But there was a special tenderness that wasn’t there before.

About two, Cindy announced that she needed to leave.

“I’ve got to do laundry and ironing and get ready for work tomorrow. I’ll have to get up early,” Cindy said.

Debby looked really dejected, so Cindy said, “Hey Debs, how about if I spend the night with you a couple of times this week? Would you like that?”

“Would I? You bet. But what about Ron?”

“Don’t worry about Ron. I’ll spend as much time with you as I can until you and Al get back together. Right now I gotta go. Hang in there, OK?”

Debby hugged Cindy and said, “I love you. Thanks for staying with me this weekend.”

“I love you too, sis. Bye-Bye.”

Cindy called Al on the way to his hotel and told him she’d stop by to talk. He didn’t expect her so early, but couldn’t wait to see her to find out what she had learned from Debby.

Answering the knock on his door, he opened the door and let Cindy in. They hugged each other like neither wanted to let go.

“Oh, Cindy, it’s so good to see you.” They kissed before letting each other go, and sat down at the table in Al’s room.

“So how did it go this weekend,” Al said. “Did you find out what’s wrong with Debby?”

“There’s nothing wrong with Debby,” Cindy said. “I’m not trying to find out what’s wrong with her, I’m trying to make her understand how much you love her. For whatever reason, she doesn’t know how you feel anymore. I know she still loves you, though, and there’s nobody else. So it’s just a matter of time before she comes around. Are you sure that there’s nothing you can think of that might have caused her to feel like she does?”

“Absolutely not, it seems like it came out of the clear blue sky.”

“When did it start?”

“I don’t know. I think around the time you moved out. It got worse when you and Ron broke up; I can remember having our first really big fight around that time; when was that, about three or four months ago? And then the grand finale was about a month ago; that’s when she first started talking about divorce.”

As he said this, tears welled up in his eyes. “Cindy, you’ve gotta help me, I can’t lose Debby. I love her so much.”

Cindy got up and put her arms around Al’s head and caressed his hair. Al put his arms around Cindy’s waist and cried softly. “Al, it’ll be alright, I promise,” she said, putting her lips on Al’s hair and kissing him. He smelled so great, just like Cindy remembered. She was flooded with emotions; a great sadness for both Al and Debby, love for her sister and love and desire for Al. She had never gotten over losing Al, who she was more attracted to than anyone she had ever met. She had only pretended to be over him, since it had seemed obvious Al and Debby wanted her to move out. She had tried to convince herself she was over him. Now, holding him like this, she could do nothing to deny her feelings. She wanted Al badly; the only question was whether she could resist in order to be true to her sister.

She sat on Al’s lap and kissed him on the lips, first softly, then harder. Her hands held his face, then moved down to his arms, then back to his face. Al was surprised and returned the kiss tentatively, but Cindy kept kissing him.

She put her cheek against his, and said, “Al, Al, I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself. I want you.”

Al pushed her away and said, “Cindy, this is wrong on so many levels. What about Ron?”

Cindy got up and took her shirt off, then unsnapped her bra and threw it on the bed. She slid her workout capris and panties down at the same time, and stood there naked in front of Al. She wrapped her arms around Al’s head and put her tit against his mouth. He sucked the nipple into his mouth.

“Umm,” Cindy moaned, as she swayed in Al’s arms with her eyes closed. “Take me, Al, please.”

Al could only stand so much. He hadn’t had sex in a long time, and he deeply loved his sissy. She was there wanting him and naked. He knew it was wrong, but he had his breaking point. Standing up, he took off his pants. His dick sprang to attention, and Cindy dropped to her knees to give it attention. She cupped his balls in her hand and started licking up and down the underside of Al’s dick, then took it into her mouth. By now Al had a raging hard on. Cindy rested her head on her folded arms on the table, arched her back and lifted her butt in the air with her legs spread, offering herself to Al. Al positioned his dick against the opening to her pussy and started working it in. The only lubricant he had was the slobber left from Cindy’s oral sex, so it was extremely tight. Al worked the head in slowly. Once he got in past the head, he tried to squeeze the ultra-sensitive area below the head into Cindy. He reached under her and took her breasts in his hand, playing with the nipples. He was so horny that he was unable to even work the entire length of his shaft into her before he started feeling the impending climax. He felt as though his balls were being pulled through his dick into Cindy. He had a massive ejaculation, pumping wad after wad of cum into her.

“AWWG, AWWG, AWWG, AWWG,” Al shouted as he pounded his dick as hard as he could into Cindy. He was totally unaware of what he was doing, or the noises he was making. Cindy had heard and seen Al like this only once before, the day after she’d moved into his house when he hadn’t had sex for a week and the girls had spent hours teasing him. He was like a wild animal, unable to control his carnal impulses. She loved seeing him like this, and she really loved making him like this. When he had spent himself in her and come back to his senses a little, he felt remorseful.

“What have I done. I’m so sorry, Cindy.”

“I’m not,” she said, giving him a kiss on the nipple. “Now I want you to get dressed and take me downtown. Will you?”

“I guess so. Why?”

“I just want to go downtown and walk around the waterfront. Then I want you to take me to dinner at The Fish Market. OK?”

“Sure, that sounds like fun. But I don’t know what got into me, I’m sorry.”

Cindy had a feeling that Al needed to get out of that little hotel room and have some fun almost as badly as he had needed to have sex. And she was right. He brightened up as soon as they got out into the sunshine and got some exercise walking around downtown. By dinnertime, they had worked up a hearty appetite and were looking forward to enjoying one of their favorite restaurants in town.

When they got back to the hotel, Cindy asked if she could come in for a while. As soon as they got in, Cindy took off her clothes and got into Al’s bed. “Come lay with me for a while, please,” she said. Al took off his clothes and climbed in. They lay snuggling and kissing.

“I love you, Al. Please don’t ever stop holding me.”

“But what about…”

Cindy put her finger on Al’s lips and stopped him from finishing his sentence.

“Promise me, Al. You’ll never stop holding me.”

“I promise, Cindy. I love you.”

They kissed some more, and Cindy played with Al’s dick until it started to come back to life. She was able to fit his entire semi-erect dick in her mouth and lick it with her tongue. Once it gained its full erection, she got out of bed and got Al’s shave gel. “Sometimes you have to improvise,” she said with a smile. She put a little of the gel on her hand and rubbed it into Al’s dick. She continued rubbing as Al lay back with his eyes closed, moaning in pleasure. Then Cindy threw one leg over Al and straddled him. She leaned forward and kissed him while she worked Al’s cock into her pussy. Once it was in she took long slow strokes, up and down on his dick. Al held both tits, one in each hand, and let the nipples peek through his fingers so he could gently squeeze them. Cindy began pumping his dick harder and harder. Because he had already been relieved earlier, he was able to last a long time. He helped Cindy off of him and lay her down on her side, mounting her from behind. He put his mouth on the nape of her neck and kissed her face and neck as he penetrated her deeply and kneaded her breast and nipple in his hand.

Cindy reached down and started drawing circles around her clit with her fingers. Al pounded her pussy over and over with his hard dick. The pleasure from his kneading of her nipple and from her fingers on her clit began to culminate. She felt intense pressure in her pussy, then a release of warmth throughout her body as she climaxed. She didn’t even notice Al spilling his sperm inside her, as she was overcome with her own orgasm. They collapsed onto the bed, Al holding her tightly. They lay there for a while, then Cindy got up. After she cleaned up a little and dressed, she said, “I’ve got to go. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how it’s going with Debby. You will be back in your own bed with Debby soon, I promise.”

“Thanks, Cindy. For everything.”

They kissed and Cindy left. On the drive home, she called Ron.

“I know we haven’t seen each other, Ron, but I can’t tonight. I’ve got to do laundry and ironing and get ready for work tomorrow, and I have to get up really early. It’s already eight o’clock. I’ll call you tomorrow, OK?”

“Call me? Why can’t I just see you tomorrow?”

“Maybe. I’ll call you.”

The next day she met Ron for a quick lunch while she was making her rounds.

“Debby really needs me, Ron. Al and Debby made me promise not to say anything to anybody, so I can’t tell you why. She’s the only family I have. I’m going to stay with her for a few days or so. She really needs me.”

“What about me?” Ron asked.

“You can get by without me for a week or two.”

“What about the wedding?”

“Ron, I think we need to postpone it for a while. Al and Debby won’t be able to come, and I can’t get married without my sister.”

“Postpone the wedding? For how long?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry, sweetie. I’ll let everyone we invited know.”

Suddenly, for the first time, Cindy realized there would be no new date scheduled. Ron realized it as well.

“Goodbye, Cindy,” Ron said. He put twenty-five dollars onto the table to pay for the meal and tip and turned to leave.

“Wait, Ron,” Cindy said. He stopped and turned back. “Ron, somebody soon is going to appreciate you like you deserve to be. I want you to take this back and give it to them, or see if you can get some money back for it. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” With that, she slipped off her engagement ring and put it in Ron’s hand. He walked away sadly. Cindy got up and went back to work.

Cindy brought more of her stuff to Debby’s house on Tuesday night, so she wouldn’t have to drive back and forth to her apartment to get more clothes.

“Cindy, I really appreciate you being there for me like this, but I feel guilty about taking you away from Ron. You don’t have to stay with me anymore.”

Cindy gave Debby a hug and a kiss and said, “I want to, sis. OK?”

“Sure, I appreciate the company. How’s your week going?”

“Like shit. Yours?”


“Good, we can cry on each other’s shoulders. Let’s go for a jog before it gets dark, I need to de-stress.”


They slipped into their jogging clothes and went out for an hour. By the time they had cooled down and showered, it was past dinnertime. “Let’s go out somewhere fun for dinner,” Cindy suggested.

“OK,” Debby said. “What are you going to wear?”

“I think I’ll wear jeans,” Cindy said.

“OK, I’ll wear my skinny jeans,” Debby said.

Cindy put on her jeans and a nice top. Debby came out of her closet dressed in a pair of capris.

“I thought you were going to wear jeans,” Cindy said.

“They must have shrunk up too much. They aren’t comfortable.”

When they got home, Cindy said, “I’m going to sleep in my bed so I don’t wake you when I get up early.”

“OK, goodnight sweetie,” Debby said, giving her a hug. “And thanks again for staying with me. It makes me feel a lot better.”

“Me too,” Cindy said.

On Thursday, Cindy told Debby that she needed to stay at her apartment that night because her first appointment was near there early the next morning. She drove straight to Al’s hotel and spent the night with him.

“When is Debby going to talk to me?” Al asked over dinner. “She won’t answer the phone when I call and she doesn’t return my messages or emails.”

“Soon,” Cindy said.

Back in Al’s room, Cindy started undressing Al. “God, I love you. You’re gorgeous,” she said. Al grabbed her and kissed her as he tore at her clothing. They fell into bed and hugged each other. Al’s hard erection pushed against Cindy’s stomach. She had come prepared this time, and put some lubricant on his cock before he started sliding it into her. She turned on her vibrator and began playing with her clit as Al rocked back and forth in her pussy. After he had spent his load, he kept pumping while she finished herself off with the vibrator.

“Should I feel guilty?” Al asked. “This feels so right but has to be wrong.”

“I hope not,” Cindy said. “Because I’m not planning on stopping.”

“What about Ron?”

She didn’t answer him. After Cindy had put her jammies on, Al held her until he heard the rhythmic soft breathing indicating she was asleep. He didn’t know what to think. He still loved Debby and didn’t want to lose her, but he couldn’t bear to think of losing Cindy again either. However, he definitely didn’t like to think that he was going to cause her to split up from Ron and lose her chance at having her own family. Before she left the next day, they made arrangements to meet on Saturday for lunch at a cafe near Al’s hotel.

Al had a table when Cindy arrived with Debby.

“What’s this?” Debby asked as she spotted Al.

“We’re going to have a talk,” Cindy said.

“Debby,” Al said, startled. “It’s great to see you, thanks for coming.”

Debby didn’t say anything, she just stood there.

“Sit down,” Cindy said. “I want to talk to you two.”

Debby sat next to Al, and Cindy sat across the table from them.

“This is hard for me, so please let me finish without interrupting me, OK?” she said to the two of them.

“A lot of this is my fault. I’ve never been very assertive, and I should have been. Al, you never talked to me about what I want, or if you did you didn’t listen very hard. Ron is the same way. He figures if he wants something badly enough, it’ll make up for me not wanting it. I didn’t want to move out on my own, I didn’t want to start seeing someone new, and I didn’t want my own family apart from you two.”

“I have a confession to make,” she started. “I’ve been sleeping with your partner while you’ve been separated. I don’t feel bad about doing so, but I should have told you.”

Cindy was wearing sunglasses, so Al thought she was looking at Debby, and Debby thought she was looking at Al. Al looked down at the table, afraid that Debby was going to be even more furious with him for sleeping with Cindy. Debby looked down, embarrassed that Al was being told that she had slept with her sister.

“There’s more. I don’t intend to stop. I’m not sure I could stop if I wanted to. But what you two have to decide is where we go from here. I love both of you a lot, and I don’t want to lose either of you. But if you two decide you can’t live together, I’m going to see whichever of you want me to. If you both want me to, I’ll see both of you. If neither of you do, I’ll go my own way. My preference is to all live together.”

“Al, there’s one thing you should know before you guys make your plans. I think you’re going to be a daddy soon.”

Debby sat stunned, feeling like a thunderbolt had struck her. “Of course,” she thought. “All the crying I’ve been doing lately, and the mixed up hormones causing me to be a monster. The jeans that don’t fit anymore. The flip flops inside when I have an orgasm. The missed periods.”

“Debby, why didn’t you tell me,” Al said as he grabbed Debby’s hands and looked in her eyes.

Debby was unable to form a thought. “But I use birth control,” she said.

“Well, you must have missed a dose one day,” Cindy said.

“How did you know?” Debby asked.

“I’ve never seen you like this, and then when you mentioned that your period was messed up and your jeans didn’t fit, it just seemed obvious. On top of that, your emotions have been so weird. I’ve never known you to fight with Al like this. I’ve hardly ever seen you cry, and now you cry all the time over little things.”

Cindy said, “I’m going to leave you two to discuss things. I want you to take as much time as you need. Don’t call me for a couple of days at least. I want you to be really sure. I’ll be at my apartment. I’ve called off the wedding, and I’m not seeing Ron anymore. You both know how to get in touch with me to discuss our future. Goodbye.” She hugged and kissed both of them, then left.

Debby called Cindy the next afternoon and said that both she and Al wanted to see her. Cindy said she’d come right over.

“Sit down, Cindy,” Al said after they’d hugged and exchanged greetings. Cindy sat at the head of the dining room table with Debby sitting in the chair to her right. Al knelt in between them and took Cindy’s hand. Debby laid her hand on Al’s shoulder. “Cindy, we want you to be part of our family forever. We want you to be an equal partner with us. We’ll put you on the deed to the house, a beneficiary on our 401Ks and an equal partner in every decision. When it comes to the bedroom, you’ll have the same rights as any of us, you don’t have to feel like you’re the spare wheel. You two can work out sleeping arrangements with me or whatever you want to do. The point is, we don’t want you to ever again feel like a guest here. OK?”

“YES, oh, yes!” Cindy cried. “I’d like that better than anything. But there’s three things I’d like to ask.”

“What is it, Cindy?” Debby asked.

“I want a honeymoon. I want us all to go to Hawaii before Debby gets too big to enjoy the trip.”

“That’s a great idea,” Al said. “What’s the others.”

“After Debby has her baby, it’s my turn.”

“That’s no problem either,” Al said, squeezing her hand. “What’s the third.”

“The last few weeks have been traumatic for me. I was really unhappy when you two were fighting. I want to watch you kiss and make up, now. In bed.”

“That’s definitely not a problem,” Al said as he looked at Debby with a gleam in his eye. “We already kissed and made up last night, but not with you watching. You girls get in there and get your clothes off.”

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Posted 16 Feb 2014 11:17
Wonderful series....what more can be said? You got 5's on each story. I'm glad you wrapped it up the way you did. I would love more but can understand stopping where you did.
Posted 29 Aug 2013 16:07
yu simply the best. Thank you
Posted 27 Feb 2013 18:30
This story turned out perfectly! I didn't much like Ron either and it is wonderful that this beautiful family will stay together Loved it!!!
Posted 27 Feb 2013 17:31
Absolutely great. The will be a complete family, with Al as the husband to both. "V=5x5."

Posted 27 Feb 2013 11:13
Great story but I agree, where could it go from here? Time for new story all together. I looked forward to every chapter.
Posted 27 Feb 2013 09:32
Now you've done it. I'm blushing. Thanks for the compliments. If you liked this one, I hope you'll check out my series titled PRIVATE SEX PARTY.
Posted 26 Feb 2013 16:18
This is the ONLY story that I've ever read multiple chapters of.... But you pulled it off magnificently. An extremely well done job. My hats off to you my sir for keeping us all in suspense until the very last lines. Voted a high 5 for each and every engagement!!!!!
Posted 26 Feb 2013 11:45
One of the best stories/series on lush....BRAVO!!!
Posted 26 Feb 2013 08:46
Squarerugger60, thanks for the compliment. As for more? I don't see how there could be. Once they've gotten to the "happily ever after" part, it's time for a new story, don't you think?
Posted 25 Feb 2013 21:03
You have mad this a wonderful series. I am glad that you kept everyone together.

Posted 25 Feb 2013 19:57
Posted 25 Feb 2013 15:42
Great series!!!!!!!!!!! Will there be more ????????????? 5+++++

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