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Sister and Brother II: The Morning After

Jaden and Shateira’s incestuous doings continue after their 1st night together
Shateira Dennis’ hazel eyes opened in the morning at the call of her name and the feel of her younger brother, Jaden, who lay underneath her with his soft lips hitting her lips, face, and neck.

Looking at the clock, she saw it was seven ‘o clock, while feeling Jaden’s morning wood pulsing and throbbing on her thigh. Just last night she’d had his wood deep inside her pussy during a night of incestuous bliss between the two of them. After taking a barrage of Jaden’s kisses, she began to kiss him back a bit.

“Mmmm.” She moaned kissing his lips. “What a way to say ‘Good Morning’, Jay.”

The siblings made out for a few minutes before Shateira said, “I’ve got to check on Daddy, Jay.”

“But I wanna love you again, sis,” Jaden told her after kissing her lips.

Shateira couldn’t help but smile at her younger brother. She’d taken his virginity just the night before and now he’d had sex once, Jaden like any other male was craving it even more now than when he was virgin.

“You can love me again little brother, but after I see about Daddy,” she explained rolling of him and climbing out of bed.

“Okay,” Jaden replied frowning.

Shateira didn’t even bother putting her pajamas on. She simply covered herself with her bathrobe and left her bedroom. Walking to her father’s room, Shateira straightened her hair out and wondered if he was even home. Their father was a raging alcoholic, who after their mother died only snuck deeper into the alcoholism pool. Normally, when she and Jaden would wake up in the morning, they’d find him passed out on the living room couch of their apartment, but with her being eighteen and Jaden being sixteen they were well used to it by this stage in their lives.

Since he wasn’t on the couch this morning, Shateira became skeptical of his presence in their home. Opening her Dad’s bedroom door, she surprisingly found him passed out sprawled out on his bed, his face buried in his pillow.

“Damn drunk,” she said aloud softly, shaking her head in disdain for the man who helped bring her into the world.

At that moment, Shateira decided that she could use some of Jaden’s love. Last night had changed their relationship forever. Sure they loved each other emotionally as all families do, but that emotional love manifested itself in hot, pleasurable relations. Now they could love each other physically…besides Jaden was still inexperienced sexually, so like mostly everything else since her mother passed, it was up to Shateira to show and teach him something new. It just happened that this time she’d have to teach him how to please a female, but because the dynamic of their relationship had changed, she was more than up to the task.

Returning to her bedroom, she found Jaden masturbating in her bed.

“Shateira,” he moaned her name, no doubt thinking of loving her some more.

Her dark chocolate skinned brother was so immersed in his fantasy; his eyes were closed and didn’t notice his butterscotch toned older sister slide back into bed with him…only until she grabbed his cock.

“I thought we weren’t gonna waste that cum on the bed sheets, Jay?” she asked accusingly.

Jaden opened his brown eyes and explained, “You were taking too long,”

Shateira kissed the crown of his head. “But I’m here now little brother. You wanna love your big sister some more?”

“Mmhm,” he said nodding, stroking his cock trying to make it hard for her.

Shateira placed a hand on his stroking hand. “Stop Jaden…I want that dick, but I you to do something else first.”

Jaden gave a confused and asked, “What?”

“I want you to eat my pussy, sweetie. Can you do that for me?” Shateira told him softly.

Jaden stiffened with suddenly anxiety and he openly blushed.

Shateira slid to the top of the bed and lay back, spreading her legs with her womanhood out for the world to see.

“Come here, Jaden…in between my legs little bro.”

Jaden was very hesitant, nervous that he wouldn’t be able to deliver in this task Shateira had assigned, but he came face-to-face to with her pinkish-light brown vagina and gave it a kiss.

“Are you scared little bro?” Shateira asked and Jaden nodded in reply. “Don’t be scared, Jaden.”

With Shateira comforting voice guiding him, Jaden began licking at his sister’s love center. He performed experimental tongue tricks, swirling and twirling it over, around, and in Shateira’s pussy.

“Jaden…shit,” Shateira moaned placing her hand on the back of his head, caressing his braids.

“Am I doing it right, Shateira?” he asked in between licks. “Does it feel good?”

“Aw shit… fuck…you’re a natural baby,” Shateira purred holding Jaden’s head in place as he picked up his licking pace.

Jaden soon licked his way to Shateira’s clit and much to her delight began to give it a tongue lashing.

“Ooooh! Don’t stop Jay…love me…shit…Oh God!” Shateira screamed.

Feeling it was time for her to orgasm, Jaden pressed his tongue hard on Shateira clit and her love juices began to squirt and flow from her center all over his face.

“Ooooh…shit…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

Jaden came up from between Shateira’s legs and kissed her passionately. He loved the fact that he could kiss on the mouth now. Every kiss he’d given his sister this morning was full of his love.

Tasting her own juices turned on Shateira even more than she already was.

“Come here, Jay…now I’ve got something for you.”

Shateira led her brother to the top of the bed and playfully pushed him down. Before Jaden could react she took his rock solid cock into her hands and placed it inside her wanting mouth as a look of shock graced her little brother’s face, he couldn’t believe what Shateira was doing to him.

Every lick was sinful and pleasing to her palette. The veins of Jaden’s member thumped against the bud of her tongue and the sixteen year old couldn’t help but moan.

“Ahh….that feels so good Shateira,”

Hearing her brother’s reaction only made her bob her head at a faster pace.

“Mmmm,” Jaden moaned loudly as she deep-throated his dick.

Shateira sensed that her brother was about to cum and she eased him out of her mouth, she then turned away from him and got into the doggy-style position.

“Love me, Jaden…give me all your love,” She urged before leading her brother’s manhood into her womanliness.

Shateira’s creamy white wetness saturated Jaden’s dick as he began making love to his sister slowly, but deeply.

Shateira’s hand found Jaden’s hip as made love to her, still slow stroking.

“Ooh, Jaden that feels good, but go a bit faster baby.”

Jaden obliged his big sister’s request and began thrusting faster, plowing into her.

“Ooh …Oh, Jay,” Shateira moaned. “Don’t stop…don’t you dare stop!”

“I’m gonna cum, Shateira.” Jaden groaned driving into his sister as hard as he could.

“That’s it Jaden…give me that dick. Cum for me little bro…cum in my pussy,”

Jaden gave Shateira his death stroke and let out a loud, “Fuck!!!!!” as his seed exploded into his sister’s womb and the siblings’ bodies melted into one another.

“That was amazing, sis. I can make love to you forever, Shateira.” Jaden said as he fought to catch his breath, caressing his sister’s body.

“I’d love that, Jaden…but forever’s gonna have to wait a minute,” Shateira replied before kissing his lips.

“Why?” Jaden asked with a smirk.

Shateira glanced at the room clock and told him, “‘Cause it’s eight ‘o clock and you’ve got to get ready for school.”

Jaden laughed and kissed a few more times. She always had his best interest at heart.

“Why do you love me like you do, Shateira?”

“’Cause even though you’re my lover…you’ll always gonna be my baby brother.”

The siblings exchanged a final kiss before Jaden climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

After a shower and breakfast, Shateira’s brother left and as he walked away, disappearing from sight, she couldn’t help but think of the love they’d make later through the night.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 16 Nov 2011 07:05
Great stry, there has to be much more to tell. Can't wait for more.

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