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Sister Repays Brother's Kindness

A sister appreciates her brother's kind offer and repays him.

Melissa read the flier posted on the wall near her locker advertising the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance.  She remembered that last year she asked two of her classmates to the dance and both of them turned her down.  Johnny told her he was leaving for the desert to ride motorcycles and Rick said he was already asked to the dance by someone else.  Melissa didn’t really mind that Johnny and Rick weren’t available.  After all, if she truly wanted to go to the dance she would have asked a few more guys until she found one that accepted her invitation.  But this year was different. Melissa felt an urgency to go to the dance.


Melissa was always known as a tomboy.  Perhaps it was because she was on the girls’ softball team, or maybe because she was a better athlete than her brother, Clifford.  Melissa didn’t care much about why she had the tomboy reputation. What she cared about was getting a date to the dance. Like most high school girls, Melissa wanted a boyfriend but she always seemed to put academics and athletics first.  But this year she was determined to find a date to the dance.


Melissa stood about five feet six inches tall.  She had an athletic build with strong, muscular legs.  Her hair was sandy blonde and on the stringy side.  Granted, Melissa wasn’t a super model, but she had a fun personality and a beautiful, friendly smile.  She made friends very easily and always seemed to know what the latest gossip was around the school campus.  She asked Tom to the dance, but he wasn’t planning on going, no matter who asked him.   Then she asked Steve, and Jeff and Todd. All of them turned her down for one reason or another.  Melissa was beginning to become disheartened.


After school, Melissa went straight home.  She couldn’t take any more rejection.  She walked into the house and went straight to her room and closed the door.  Clifford heard her come home but she went into her room so fast he didn’t see her.  Clifford went to Melissa’s room and knocked on the door. 


“Who is it?” Melissa asked between sniffles.


“It’s me.”  Clifford replied.  “Can I come in?”


Clifford didn’t wait for a response as he slowly pushed open the bedroom door.  Clifford was a year younger than Melissa and he attended the same high school.  He looked at Melissa and saw that she was crying.


“What’s wrong?”  Clifford asked.


“I can’t find anyone to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me.”


Clifford reached out and took Melissa into his arms.  He hugged her tightly as tears ran down her cheek.  They were very affectionate with each other.  Whenever one of them was sad, the other was there to offer consolation. 


“You can take me to the dance.” Clifford offered.  “It would be so cool to go with my sister.”


“Really?  You’d do that for me?”  Melissa inquired.


“Sure I would!”


Melissa’s head rested on Clifford’s chest as he held her and she looked up at him.  They looked into each other’s eyes.  Something about Clifford’s offer deeply touched Melissa. For the first time she felt a strong desire to kiss Clifford.  Not a brother/sister kiss.  But a deep long passionate kiss.  He continued to hold her and she felt his penis pressing against her abdomen. 


Melissa stretched her neck and stood on her toes while puckering her lips.  Clifford got the hint that she wanted to kiss him so he leaned forward and gave Melissa a brother/sister kiss on the lips.  But Melissa didn’t pull back.  She put her arms around his neck and held his head in place as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue.  Clifford naturally opened his mouth and his tongue began to play with hers. 


Melissa held the kiss in place for several seconds before slowly pulling back.  She looked into Clifford’s eyes again and can now feel his penis was getting hard.  Melissa was becoming aroused too and had been curious about seeing her little brother nude.


“Mom and dad won’t be home from work for a couple of hours.  Close my door.”  Melissa said to Clifford.


“Why?” asked Clifford.


“Just do it and you’ll see.” 


Clifford closed the bedroom door and turned toward Melissa.  Melissa unbuttoned her blouse and took it off exposing her white lace bra which held her 34C breasts.  Clifford watched intently as his sister disrobed before him.  Melissa reached behind her back and undid the bra clasp.  She removed the straps from her shoulders and let the bra fall to the floor.  Her breasts were firm and uplifted.  She had pinkish silver dollar areolas and pert nipples. 


Melissa next removed her blue jeans and panties, allowing them to fall to the floor.  She stood totally nude before her brother.  Clifford’s penis was rock hard and aching to be released from his pants. 


“You’re next.”  Melissa said. 


Without hesitation, Clifford pulled his T-shirt over his head and dropped it onto the floor.  He next unbuckled his jeans and pulled them off, one leg at a time.  He then removed his boxer shorts.  Clifford’s dick was fully erect and was about eight inches long.


“Wow!”  Melissa exclaimed.  “Your cock is beautiful!”


“Thanks.”  Clifford responded.  “I think I know what’s going to happen next, but I’ve never been with a girl before.”


“This is different.”  Melissa replied.  “I’m not just any girl, I’m your sister.”


At that, Melissa walked to Clifford and stood directly in front of him.  She took his erect cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke it.  Clifford’s heart was beating so hard he thought Melissa could hear it.  She continued to gently stroke his cock and a glistening of precum appeared at the tip of his cock.  Melissa got onto her knees and began to lick the precum.  Clifford let out a moan as Melissa’s tongue circled the tip of his cock.  She then took his cock into her mouth and moved her head back and forth.  Clifford was thoroughly enjoying his first blow job and what made it even more special was that it was being given to him by his sister. 


After several minutes, Clifford could feel the pressure building at the base of his cock and he knew he would soon cum. 


“I’m going to cum, sis.”  Clifford said.


Without saying a word, Melissa moved her head faster and took Clifford’s cock into her throat a little deeper. Within seconds Clifford was spraying the back of Melissa’s throat with cum.   His knees got weak and he had to hold onto the dresser he stood next to.  Melissa didn’t stop milking Clifford’s cock until she was satisfied she swallowed every drop. 


Melissa stood up and took Clifford’s hand, leading him to the bed.  Clifford was still hard and his cock was glistening from the combination of Melissa’s saliva and his cum. 


“Now it’s your turn to satisfy me.  Just do what I say.”  Melissa instructed.  “You want to fuck a girl?  Now’s your chance.”


Melissa laid on her bed and spread her legs.  Her clit was hard and her pussy was well lubricated.  She took Clifford’s cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. 


“Push it in, little brother.”  Melissa whispered as her breathing became heavier.


Clifford eased his cock into Melissa’s warm, moist pussy.  He pushed it all the way and Melissa let out a soft moan.


“Oh god, that’s it, Cliff.  Now move your cock in and out.”


Clifford did just that.  He began to move his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy.   Melissa grabbed the back of her knees and pulled her legs up so Clifford could drive his cock deeper. 


“Keep going baby brother.  You’re going to make me cum.”  Melissa said in a breathy voice.


She released her knees and grasped Clifford’s ass.  She pulled him into her harder and faster.  She began to moan with each thrust of his cock into her pussy.  Clifford was now driving his cock as deep as he could and Melissa began to whimper.


“That’s it!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!  I’m cumming!”


Melissa lifted her hips to meet each of Clifford’s thrusts as she reached orgasm.  Her nipples became erect and her body quivered.  Clifford continued to pump his sister’s pussy even after she relaxed and her orgasm subsided. 


“I’m going to cum again, sis.”  Clifford moaned.


“Ok.  Pull out for a second.”  Melissa instructed.


Clifford pulled his cock out of her pussy and watched as she spun onto her belly and then got on her hands and knees.  She reached her hand around, took Clifford’s cock and guided it to her ass. 


“Ok brother.  Ease it in.”


Clifford pushed his hard cock into Melissa’s ass.


“It’s tight sis.”


“Keep pumping.  Cum when you’re ready.”  Melissa said.


Clifford fucked Melissa’s tight ass and came quickly.  He drove his cock deep into her ass and unloaded his second wave of cum into her.   Clifford pulled his cock out of her ass and Melissa collapsed onto the bed. Clifford collapsed next to her.  They both were out of breath and it was a minute or so before either of them said anything.


“Sis, I’m not complaining but where did that come from?” 


“I realized that whatever happens I can count on you.  I also realized that I love you.  Maybe more than a sister should love her brother.  But I wanted to show you that love and the only way I knew how was in a physical way.  By the way, how was your first time?”


“It was fantastic, sis!  I can’t wait for the second time!”


“Neither can I, little brother.”


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Posted 07 May 2013 18:18
Very good story. Loved it very much.
Posted 15 Mar 2012 18:55
Good! Better! Came! Sometimes I like a get-down-to-business kind of story....loved it!
Posted 26 Nov 2010 09:17
Loved this story. You write very well. Just keep them cumming.
Posted 01 Jul 2010 21:27
great. the next part should be at the dance
Posted 20 Mar 2010 17:36
fabulous as always. xx
Posted 09 Mar 2010 14:54
Great story. What a teacher. Wish I learned like that. Hotttt.
Posted 09 Mar 2010 11:28
I do hope there will be a second part... This one was good, but a little rushed. A GREAT base for a amazing sex series...
Posted 08 Mar 2010 20:26
wow that was a good story!!! now i gotta get my sis to do that
Posted 08 Mar 2010 10:53
They got right into it. Nothing quite like being banged by a big Clifford dawg!
Posted 08 Mar 2010 10:44
Very good story, a solid 5. I love it when an older sister takes her brother and teaches him...... I'm looking forward to hearing more about them.

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