Sisterly Love Part 2 By: Judy

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Jessie and Judy Part 2 Tales from the Sister

My name is Judy and I'm Jessie's sister, from Part 1 of Sisterly Love.  Jessie came to me awhile ago and asked if he could have some fun with our little secret story, I figured, why not.  Nobody will really know who we are, and the tale is worth telling. 

I want to give you a little background on the place we had, etc...  As Jessie said we lived in an attic, but don't let that fool you.  We had taken twin mattresses (6) and laid them on the floor like carpet, each with a fitted sheet, and blankets all over.  In between there were 100's of pillows and bean bag chairs.  Please remember this was in the 60's.  I had a Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall, and Jessie had a poster of a girl giving a guy head, both under black lights.  We had lava lamps and a big Hookah in the center of all this.  Then we had a cool balcony and skylights so we could look at the stars.  It was all very cool but the problem was that once we smuggled someone up there, they had to stay till morning so Dad wouldn't catch us.  This made it dangerous and lots of fun for all involved. 

Kim, my best friend in the world, had helped me come up with the ideas for our room.  She was an exchange student from Japan, and was so hot, with hair down to below her waist, just like mine.  She also came up with the idea for the huge stand up shower that would hold 3 people.  I'm glad she did, as that's where I learned that I liked girls too, as her and me discovered that kinda fun taking a shower one day.  She has always talked about getting it on with Jessie too, or maybe a 3 way with her, and me, and, him.  Now that would be fun.  She was  focused on one thing that summer and that was getting to some big concert in New York, and taking us with her.

Since Jessie and Myself had our first encounter together in front of the fireplace we made a pact that sex between us would be recreational, and simply pleasures of the flesh.  The sibling relationship added an intensity to sex that most never experience.  We learned and experimented with each other and then would test our new sexual knowledge on a dates, with our boyfriends and girlfriends.  We both had experimented with being Bi too, as Jessie's best friend was one that he shared adolescent moments with  like many do.

I remember one night we were at home, about 6 months after our first encounter.  It was summer and we had the door open to the balcony as the attic could get pretty warm.  Jessie's best friend Danny was due to arrive, for a sleep over, and we planned on sneeking him up before Dad came home.  Danny spent a lot of nights at our place.  He was very cool, about 6'2", very long hair and was on the football team in the fall.  We would sit and play Monopoly late into the night or other games.  He had always had his eye on me and would always kid me about my long legs wrapped around him and my hair covering him like a blanket.  Well the thought had crossed my mind from time to time, but we never went there.

It was about 1 in the morning and we had played games and partied, drinking beer and other things, and Danny went to sleep on the bed all the way to the left.  Jessie had laid down kinda in the middle and was asleep to.  They looked so peaceful laying there, and it was turning me on a bit.   I slipped the little clothes off that I had on, and laid back teasing myself.  I fondled my breasts till me nipple were hard, then I play with my clit with my fingers till it was painfully swollen.  I need Jessie right now, to satisfy this hunger I had teased myself into.  Damn, but Danny was right there,  hmmmmm I thought, so what, if he woke up, what was the worst that could happen, he'd find out about our taboo love affair?  I was so horny at this point I quietly crawled across the many mattresses to Jessie's side.  I lifted the sheets off Jessie, and folded them back, being careful not to awaken Danny.  I leaned over and pulled my brothers undies off, and took his soft cock in my mouth.  He stirred a bit and spread his legs for me, as I felt him getting hard in my mouth.  I played with myself and was very wet, trying not to waken anybody.

Quietly I sat up and nestled down on Jessie's hard cock and took it in me, and moved on him very slowly.  His eye's opened and he smiled at me, and slowly joined with my movements.  I was starting to get a little more verbal as I came closer to coming, and he put his hand over my mouth to keep me still, and Danny was still sleeping like a log.  I think I secretly wanted him to wake up, wow that would be kinda far out, I could have them both.

I tried to quell my passion but couldn't help myself as I stated riding Jessie faster and harder.  The room was very light and we could see everything as I watched Jessie's cock move in and out of me.  I got a little too verbal as I got off the second time, and notice Danny's head look toward us.  Shit he was awake, and here I am fucking my brother right next to him.

Oh shit, said Danny, you guys are getting' it on!  Holy crap, far out, that's hot, brother and sister having sex. 

I wasn't about to stop, even though Danny was watching us, and our secret was out.  Me and Jessie kept getting off and Danny kept watching and looking at me amorously.  As our acrobatics got more heated the sheet on top of him had slid off him and there he was naked and hard.  He covered himself and apologized, for the hard on. 

I told him to sit up in front of me as I continued to ride Jessie.  I turned around with my back to Jessie, and moved Danny closer to me and told him to close his eyes. I took him in my mouth, and massaged between his legs.  He was so turned on he came in about 1 minute, it felt so good feeling his cum going down my throat.

Jessie, slipped out of me, and had me kneel on my hands and knees, offering my pussy to Danny.  Danny slipped into me, before he was even hard again, and started pumping me with everything he had.  I was having a 3 way, wow.

Danny came in me a couple of times, then my brother swapped places with him.  They took turns with me for about an hour.  Till we were all happy and wasted. 

We woke up to the sunrise, all together in the bed,  I smiled and kissed both of my lovers.

Danny smiled and thanked me, but said if there was ever a next time that he really wanted my legs wrapped around him.  I apologized and laid on my back for him and helped him get into the right position, and he eased into me.  I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him deep into me, and fucked him till he got off several times covering him with my long hair.  Then my brother wanted me to do the same to him, and I did.

When all were done with me we jumped into the shower together, and cleaned up as nothing had ever happened.

We swore an oath that this would be our secret, and never tell anyone that didn't join us. Danny asked me if there was anything we could do to repay the favor.  My eye lit up as I had an idea.  I said anything?  He nodded.  Well boys, remember my girlfriend Kim is coming by tonight, and we would love to watch you and Jessie together, and if you do that, us girls will return the favor so you can watch.  They smiled and agreed. Then we all agreed that tonight was going to be a night to remember

I'll continue this if you all wish me too, all you have to do is ask me!


Jessie's Sister