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Sisters' Gift X

Part X

Ending of Part IX: As I came down from my orgasmic high, I saw Allison, naked, sitting in Jenn’s lap. Gabby was sitting in Abby’s lap. Jenn was purring into Allison’s ear, making her laugh.

“What?” I asked, not liking to be left out of a joke.

“Oh nothing. Jenn just told me that you were well worth it. And you better believe that I want it the same way she got it. Hard and rough.”

Abby looked over at me. “So, Ty, do you think you can handle four girls who worship that wonderful piece of meat between your legs?”

With a huge smile on my face, I replied, “I have no clue, but I’d sure as hell like to try.”

After a chorus of laughter, my four ladies started eyeing me, hoping I could go again. Unfortunately, the insane amount of sex I had been having recently had me feeling a little soft. “Sorry girls, I just can’t right now. But if you really want to get me going, you could tell me how you four started.”

My twins started laughing, knowing well my obsession with lesbian sex. Jenn had a sexy smile on her face, and a hand reaching down towards Allison’s pussy. Allison just sat there, looking insanely cute, with a slight smile on her face. Abby started first with the explanation.

“Well, you know how Gabby and I started fucking each other,” she looked over at Gabby, both of them wore a dreamy smile, as if reliving that day. “Well, after tasting that sweet pussy, I knew I wanted more. Gabby was the same. These two goddesses happened to acquaintances of our from school. Not great friends, but nice to talk to. Gabby and I started to notice them more after we got together. I mean, how could we not, just look at them.”

I did. Jenn now had her two fingers buried in Allison’s pussy. Allison’s face was twisted in pleasure as her pussy flowed more and more. Jenn obviously driving her to orgasm, showing how experienced she was in Allison’s pussy. As she fingered the Celtic beauty, she continued the story where Abby had left off.

“Allison and I had been together for a while. We were fucking each other for about four or five months, nearly every day, sometimes more than that. We just couldn’t get enough of each other’s cunts.” As if to punctuate this point, Jenn drove in two more fingers into Allison’s twat, pushing her over the edge, causing her to cream all over Jenn’s lap. Allison slumped back against her lover’s back, a serene smile on her face.

Jenn continued, “Well, we noticed that these two,” she gestured towards my sisters, “had changed a little bit. They started paying more attention to us, started eyeing us a little bit more, paying more attention to our tits and ass. Allison thought I was imagining it, but I could swear they were.”

Gabby took the story over. “Naturally, we were. They are just so gorgeous.” Jenn and Allison blushed at this complement towards them. They each rewarded Gabby with a kiss on the cheek. “Anyway, Abby and I wanted more, and we thought they were a little too chummy together, we figured something was going on between them. Abby and I decided to figure it out for sure, just to make sure they were actually fucking each other. After school ended one day, we got in the car, and Abby drove over towards Jenn’s house, a good distance behind her. We arrived about an hour and a half after school ended. We got there just in time to see Allison come in the door. Jenn closed the door behind her quickly, but we thought we saw her sneak a quick grab of her ass before.”

“I knew they were there, and I told Jenn that I saw them.” Allison continued the story from here. “Jenn, being the crazy bitch she is wanted to show off our fucking to your sisters.” Allison’s crazy bitch comment earned her a hard nipple tweak, which she obviously loved. She turned and gave Jenn a passionate kiss. She continued, “I consented, after all, she is the dominant one in the relationship. We set up in her bedroom, intentionally leaving the window open. We knew your sisters would see us, which they did. We started fucking.”

I had to interrupt there. “Show me what you were doing. I want to see.”

“Galdly,” came Jenn’s response. Allison slid off of Jenn’s lap, and the two of them immediately came together in an embrace. Each of them on their knees on the couch. Breast to breast and mouth to mouth. The beautifully tanned Jenn contrasted amazingly with the creamy skin on Allison. The two pressed together began to wake up my sleeping cock. My eyes were glued to the erotic scene in front of me. Jenn started to push Allison back on the couch so she was laying down, continuing to assault her mouth. Jenn’s hands were roaming the body of Allison, gently playing with her nipples and teasing her pussy. Her fingers were so light on Allison’s skin they seemed to just be gliding over the surface of the pale, yet flawless skin. Jenn began to kiss down Allison’s body, her lips settling in the valley between Allison’s breasts. Kissing and licking, she slowly started to work her way up the twin peaks of Allison’s tits. She got halfway up Allison’s right breast, before working her way back down to the middle, and then up to the left breast. Then, in a surprise attack, she just attacked the right nipple. She licked and sucked the area around the nipple, then gently bit down on it. She lifted her head up, pulling Allison’s nipple with her. She released, and her breast bounced beautifully, keeping me captivated at her beauty.

Instead of going to the other tit, Jenn just gave it a cursory squeeze, and continued to slide down to her main target. Gently kissing her way down Allison’s toned stomach, Jenn stopped at the bellybutton. She proceeded to go at her bellybutton as though it were Allison’s cunt. Allison started squirming at the pleasure that she was receiving. Clearly familiar with Allison’s body, Jenn hit all of her pressure points, making her want more of Jenn’s skillful tongue. Finally, Jenn lowered herself to Allison’s pussy. Expecting her to go slow like she had the entire time while was pleasuring Allison, I was surprised when she dove right into Allison’s sopping cunt. She licked, sucked, flicked and bit all around Allison’s beautiful pussy. Gently nipping around the outer lips, she would occasionally flick her tongue through the folds and begin to lick deep inside. She would stop and nip ant Allison’s clit, sending shivers through her body. Pussy juice just flowed out of Allison’s cunt, happily being lapped up by Jenn, prolonging Allison’s orgasm and increasing the amount of juice to flow.

I was sitting there flabbergasted. These two goddesses had just starred in lesbian sex, that if put on the internet would have millions of hits in a matter of minutes. I figured they were done, and as I was about to applaud both of their efforts, when Abby stopped me. “Baby, they aren’t done yet. If I remember correctly something else happened while we were watching that night.”

Jenn got up from between Allison’s legs, and ran her tongue all the way up her body to her face. She kissed Allison’s neck, and moved up towards her mouth. Their mouths locked, tongues dueling together, dancing a timeless dance. Jenn started to grind her pussy on the other girl’s legs. Slowly moving up her body, they broke their kiss. Jenn let her pussy drag up Allison’s body, much like her tongue did several minutes earlier. I expected Jenn to mount Allison’s face, but she stopped short at Allison’s breasts. She placed her open pussy atop Allison’s left breast, and sank down onto Allison’s nipple. She began to buck up and down and grind back and forth on the pale goddess’ breast, literally fucking herself with Allison’s tit. After getting some stimulation, she placed her pussy over Allison’s mouth. Jenn began to grind against her face like crazy. Allison became nothing more than Jenn’s fucktoy as Jenn drove herself towards orgasm. Allison was definitely the passive in this relationship. Jenn began to thrash and moan loudly, suddenly creaming her girlfriend’s face. Happily, they sat up, Allison on Jenn’s lap, and began to lick their cum off of the other’s face.

“Naturally, while watching this, Abby and I got insanely horny. And by the looks of it, you did too.” I looked down, and Gabby was right. I was as hard as I have ever been. But I still wanted to hear the story. There was always time for fucking with these four around. “Anyway, Abby and I fucked each other in the car, fogging up the windows as we went. We didn’t know that they had seen us earlier, and we thought we had a secret on them.”

“Of course they didn’t though,” Jenn managed to pant out as she came down from her orgasm. “We knew they were there the entire time, and it made the fucking all the better. We knew that we would soon be fucking your sisters. At school, we, well me anyway, I began to rub up against them in passing. I was getting insanely horny from teasing them so much, until one day I just had to fuck them. I invited your sisters over to help with homework, and separately invited Allison over, not telling her that the two hottest twins in school were joining us. Naturally, Allison though this was a booty call, and came over with a mindset to fuck.”

Abby continued from the story as it seemed Jenn had run out of breath from her recent orgasm. “Gabby and I were excited. We figured something might happen from this, but didn’t know for sure. I dressed in my sluttiest outfit, trying to ensure some sex, Gabby was a little less brazen, but still stunning. When we got there, we saw that it didn’t matter what we were wearing. I opened the door, and Jenn was riding Allison’s face. Allison was shocked, but Jenn just invited us in as if it was completely natural. Anyway, after that, we all started fucking whenever we could. I kind of paired up with Allison and Gabby with Jenn because our personalities just sort of meshed.”

Allison hadn’t spoken since she and Jenn fucked each other, and in that time she was staring intently at my cock. I knew what was on her mind. I still had not fucked her yet. She was horny, and I was incredibly hard. “Well, Abby. I hope you don’t mind if I steal your girl for a while. I think we have some unfinished business.”

Allison blushed at me, but stood up and sexily walked over. This girl might be shy, but she definitely knew how to turn a guy on. She got on her knees in front of me and placed her tongue on my balls. She took a long lick, all the way up my balls, up my dick, over my stomach and chest, and settled on my neck. She began to kiss my neck as she straddled my legs. She kissed up to my earlobe and whispered, “I want to be taken advantage of. I want to be fucked senseless. I’ll do whatever you want.” I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me, grinding her stomach against my pulsating cock. I ran her to the bedroom and dropped her on my bed. She lay out on her back, waiting for me to ravage her.

“No. Turn over.” I snarled at her. She responded like I hoped. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, and slowly did what I wanted.

“I love being the submissive.”

She got in the doggy style position and I placed my dick at the opening of her cunt. She tried to push back against me and take it into her, but I wouldn’t let her. SMACK. “Beg for it bitch.”

“Please, put it in me. I need to be taught a lesson, just fuck me.”

I slowly entered her, allowing myself to feel every intricacy of the new pussy in front of me. As soon as I was fully inside her, I smacked her ass again, eliciting a moan from her. I began to pump in and out of her. I picked up the pace and really fucked her, her tits were swaying with the force of my thrusts. Her ass shook every time I plowed into her tight, wet, hot cunt. She moaned and moaned, continually saying my name. Asking me to fuck her harder. Begging me to spank her. My hand came down on her ass hard. SMACK! SMACK! I paddled her ass until it turned red, afraid to actually hurt her. I continued to pound her mercilessly from behind. Deciding I wanted to see her face as she came, I flipped her over, still buried inside her. Her cunt effortlessly spun around my cock, giving me an intense feeling, almost making me shoot my load. I held on, and continued to fuck her, while she was in the missionary position. Again her tits started swaying, and she started bucking against me. I leaned down to take a breast in my mouth, and viscously attacked it. I licked, sucked and bit down on her nipple as I continued to plow into her.

“OOOHHH! Ty! I can’t take it. I’m gonna…gonna…OOOAAAHH!” She came all over my cock, drenching my pole, balls, and bed. I continued fucking her, but her contracting pussy and increasing lubrication sent me over the edge. I blasted load after load of cum into her pussy, not realizing until then how much I liked being the aggressor in a relationship. I pulled out of her, and she let out a moan at the loss of my cock being inside her. I was somehow still hard. From behind me I heard a whimper. I turned around to see Jenn standing there, with my two sisters fucking each other behind her.

“That’s so unfair!”

“What Jenn? I fucked you just as hard.”

“Well, yea. But you didn’t cum in my pussy. I want it now.”

“Hmmm. I think I can find a way to fix that.”

So? What do you guys think? Part XI?

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Posted 26 Dec 2010 22:24
Amazing how TY can keep it going with these 4. Any normal guy would be draging his ass on the floor by now. LOL. V=5.
Posted 21 Jun 2010 06:48
ANOTHER great part, I love how you give us a nice amount of sex with some character development, Your stories are like lucky charms the grain and marshmallows(Sex and character development/story) great by themselves but even better when mixed together.
Posted 20 Jun 2010 12:04
Most definitely Part XI! This is just so fucking hot! I'd love to have four girls to have any time I wanted.

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